In His Reflection

By SkylarSaitou All Rights Reserved ©

Romance / Scifi


He’s My Mate Prequel/ Side Story Before the Keaton twins Evan and Rhyan, were living with the Alpha and Luna and getting caught up in another person’s mess they couldn’t even begin to understand, they had their own messes they had to deal with; their childhood and how they fought tooth and nail to get to where they were. This story will show the hardships of trying to accept yourself and overcoming all obstacles to be with the one you were born to love. He’s My Mate Prequel/Side Story but it could be read completely on its own without HMM


″Stop Rhy.″ My palms were sweaty as they pushed at his chest.

″I can’t.″ No. He wouldn’t.

His muscles were pulling and bunching as I grabbed his biceps, the dragon tattoo that he had gotten grounded for still healing as it looked like it slithered across his chest and beneath my fingers on his right arm every time he tensed his muscles.

Sweat rolled from his forehead to his dark full brows, past his deep brown eyes, rushing to trace his thick, kiss-swollen lips and spill off his strong jaw and onto my bare, lightly tanned chest below.

We were both sweating, adrenalin fuelled us both, pumping through our veins as our home’s grandfather clock chimed its last bell that signalled midnight and the start of November 4th; our 16th birthday.

″I’ve waited so long for this.″ His deep eyes bore into my slightly lighter ones, his fingers brushing the sweat matted dark blonde hair from my forehead.

″Stop Rhy.″ My fingers mirrored his, combing through his blonder, shorter, hair and coming to rest on his defined cheekbone. ″Please.″

I should have seen it coming when his eyes turned golden, or at least when his canines descended almost piercing his parted bottom lip that my thumb was gently ghosting over. But I didn’t.

″I can’t.″

Before my eyes could even widen in horror, his teeth were already in my neck; marking me his for life.

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