A Perfect Distraction

By MiDDleBeNCherZz All Rights Reserved ©

Romance / Thriller


The room was pitch black. I could feel myself spinning round and round, but I didn’t feel dizzy. Everything was crystal clear and in the darkness surrounding me, I could make out an outline of a figure.

A light switched on. I suddenly stopped spinning and everything went blurry. When I opened my eyes and regained my balance, the figure was clear in the flaming moonlight. A wave of fear crashed over me as I realized who it was.

I try to scream, but when I opened my mouth, no sound came out and I felt as if my face was melting. He stared at me, his demonic eyes reflecting my face.

“You bastard, leave me alone” I shouted towards him and I heard him chuckle as he took a few steps closer.

“Oh poor girl, you don’t have anyone to save you now.” He chuckled and tears started to roll down my eyes.

“What do you want? I haven’t done any wrong to you. Why are you doing this to me” I begged him.

“I’m only doing what boss told me to do,” he said as he walked closer with a gun in his hands.

“Who’s your boss. What did he say?”

“To kill you”, then he shot me.

“NO!” I screamed, clawing at my face. I felt my hands shaking violently and for that split second, I couldn’t control my body. Hot tears started streaming down my face. I could hear the sound of the gunshot, again and again, replaying the sound, breaking my head.

“Make it stop, make it stop” I yelled, clutching onto my head, shaking it furiously.

“Lia, look at me. Karolia!!” someone screamed, loud and clear in my ear, overcoming the deafening thumping of my head and throat.

I opened my eyes and looked at Logan. He looked panicked, his eyes wide with worry. A sheen of cold sweat layered my body and I whimpered helplessly. He pulled me into his chest as I started to weep, stroking my hair with his hands.

“It was only a dream,” he said softly.

“I-It felt so r-real. He will kill me. H-he w-will comes s-searching for me” I cried, looking at him, tears making his figure blurry.

“Nothing will happen to you. I won’t allow it.” he placed a kiss on my forehead and wiped my tears.

“I’m scared, Logan. He will-”

He put a finger to my lips, caressing my cheek with his other hand “Don’t speak. You need to rest. It was just some nightmare. Now go to sleep.”

I nodded and laid down on the bed, controlling my sobs. He looked at me for few seconds before he got out of my bed and was heading towards the door.

“Wait.” I stopped him. He turned around to look at me.

“Can you sleep in here for tonight?” I asked hopefully. I can’t go to sleep if I’m alone again. He froze for a second, but then nodded and closed the door. He suited himself on the couch, which was near the bed.

“Do you want a blanket?” I asked him.

“No. I’m good” he mumbled.

“Goodnight Logan and thank you”

“Goodnight,” he said. I hummed in content and slowly started falling asleep knowing that I was protected overnight.

I stayed after the class to help my professor clean up the lab and by the time I got outside, the sky was murky and drizzling.

I was not willing to walk in the rain, so I waited at the front of the university. I searched in the bag for my phone. But then I remembered I forgot to take my phone in the morning. Great!

Scarlet had to run some errands for her mother, so she left the university early, promising me to meet in the club we decided to go tonight. I waited for 15 minutes but there was no sign that rain would stop at any moment. It was beginning to get dark and it was giving me an eerie feeling. I let out a sigh and walked to the main office where a land phone was placed on top of the small square table. I mumbled a greeting to the secretary before dialing Watson landline number. I just hope Logan is home. I always forget to take his number. After six rings, Logan picked the phone.

“Watson here,” he said, all professionally. I rolled my eyes at his bossy stern voice. C’mon it’s not like he gives his home number to his staffs and business employees. Information from Grecia!

“Um... Hi. This is me Karolia” I said chirpily, a complete contrast to his tone.

“Yes? Do you need anything?” he asked me in a bored tone.

“Um...If you don’t mind, um...Can you pick me from my university? But if you’re not free, then it’s totally fine. I can arrange some taxi or-”

“I’ll be there in 10 minutes,” he said, cutting my rambling.

“Okay. Thanks” I mumbled and cut the call. I walked to the entrance and waited for him. Little droplets of rain landed on my head and I crept further into the cave of the building. No other student was in sight and I sat down on the floor.

Exactly after 10 minutes, I heard a loud zooming voice getting louder and louder, quickly drawing my attention to the road. No later a black sports car zoomed in drifting to a stop in front of the building, leaving tire marks on the concrete ground. From the driver’s seat of the car, Logan walked out still in his suit, staring straight at me. He started walking towards me, with an umbrella over his head.

“Come, let’s go,” he said once he reached near me. He placed his hand around my shoulder, pulling me closer to him as his other hand held the umbrella over our head. We quickly walked to the car. He opened the passenger door for me and once I’m strapped in, he closed the door and made his way around the car, sitting on the driver’s seat and started the engine.


Logan’s POV:

I am currently sitting on the couch watching WWE in the T.V. Honestly, I wasn’t even watching. Every time I tried to concentrate on the match, my mind wandered off to other things, frankly speaking, Karolia. Something special in her is attracting me towards her, but I can’t pinpoint what’s that special quality is. Maybe everything about her is attractive. No girl has ever made me feel like the way she does to me. God, I’m such a goner.

Suddenly, my phone buzzed in my pocket. I unlocked the phone and scrolled through Patrick’s text.

Meet me at Starbucks near your house. Urgent!

I glanced at my watch and it read 11:00 pm. I frowned. Why would he want to meet me at this time?

(10 minutes later)

I entered the Starbucks and looked around to see Patrick sitting at the corner table with his head in his hands. I walked towards the table taking a seat facing him. He suddenly glanced at me with a worried expression.

“What’s wrong mate?” I asked him.

“Scarlet isn’t picking my call”

“She might be busy” I reasoned. Even though they had met only two days before, Patrick has already fallen in love with her. Love at first sight!

“No man. I called her several times. Each time I called her, she hung up. And finally, it seems her phone is switched off. I even checked for her in her apartment, but she isn’t there also. I don’t know where she would probably go at this time.” he said clasping his hair with his hands. I had never seen him this worried before.

“Maybe she would have gone to meet her friend?” I suggested him which came out more like a question.

“I guess so, Wait! Scarlet’s only friend is Karolia and she lives in your house. There is no way they could have met without your knowledge.” he said

“But Lia is at home right now.”

“Just call her and ask. She might know where Scarlet could be, ” he suggested hopefully. I took my phone out of my pocket and dialed Lia’s number. Today during the ride, we exchanged our numbers. She isn’t picking the call. I tried again. No answer.

“I guess she is asleep,” I said, putting the phone back in my pocket. He again buried his head in his hands. Right now, more than worried he seemed to be tensed and scared.

“Mate I’ve got an idea. Let’s go and check out all the possible places she could go and also the places that you both have visited date.”

“Sounds right. Let’s try then,” he said with a slight hope.

We both rushed to our cars and drove to the 24 hours restaurant where Patrick and Scarlet used to go past two days. It seems they never left each other these two days, I mean currently we’re in the 7th restaurant they went together. Unfortunately, she wasn’t there in any of these restaurants. Our next guess was her apartment and a café near to it. But she wasn’t there either. Then we searched in all the places where she would go probably

(An hour later)

We are currently in a park, sitting on a bench exhausted and tired out of our mind. The park was our last hope and yet we failed again. I was quite drowsy then but felt pity for Patrick.

“Dude, I’ve got an idea. I know it’s not the time... but” I hesitated

“Just spill it out.” he cut off

“I guess we both need a drink.” honestly I craved for a drink, but didn’t know whether he did.

“This was exactly what I was thinking,” he said to my surprise.


“A beer please,” Patrick asked at the counter. I gave him a nasty stare. I even doubt if the beer is a drink.

“One large whiskey with ice,” I said to the bartender. We talked about random things for a while, before looking around the club in boredom. As we both were about to take a sip from our drinks, both of our jaws dropped wide open at the sight. We both glanced at each other in utter shock. I even noticed Patrick rubbing his eye continuously to check if the sight was real.

We saw Scarlet with a vodka bottle in her hand dancing along with some random guy, whose hand was all over her body. By the way, she danced, you could definitely say that she was drunk out of her mind. You could also say that the guy she was dancing with was taking advantage of her state. I could feel Patrick boil with anger beside me.

Before I could say anything, he stormed past me and harshly separated Scarlet from that guy. The guy protested and tried to pull Scarlet back. Suddenly Patrick’s fist collided with the guy’s face. The guy went flying, hitting the wall and landed on the floor.

I don’t know whether it was because of her heels or because she was drunk, Scarlet lost her balance and fell into Patrick’s arms. I expected him to be mad. But he just lifted her and walked towards me with a rather relieved expression and calm posture.

I stared at him confused. As if he was reading my mind, he said “What? We were searching for her and here she is.” he said rather calmly.

“Aren’t you bit angry?” I asked him still confused.

“I was. But I took it out at that dick,” he said giving the guy a death stare. If looks could kill, the guy will be buried six feet down.

“Well, good punch though,” I smirked

“Okay, shall we leave?” I asked

“Wait, I’m missing something,” Scarlet said, pouting.

“What is it, babe?” Patrick asked. Well, its weird to see him going all soft and caring.

“I don’t know. But I’m definitely missing something,” she said drowsily.

“Not something. It’s someone.” I said as I clenched my jaw trying to control my anger.

“What do you mean?” Patrick asked. I directed my head towards the sight. This was definitely an unexpected sight. Now it was just like a character switch between Patrick and me.

I saw Lia, wearing a strapless dress that stopped at her mid-thigh, with a tequila bottle in her hand, dancing with a guy. She looks equally as drunk as Scarlet. My body shook with anger as I saw the guy squeezing her ass. How dare he touch her?!

I stormed towards them and stood in between them. I punched that son of a bitch right at the nose. Blood oozed out from his nose immediately after the impact. But it wasn’t enough. I clenched the collar of his shirt and slammed him to the nearest wall.

“Touch her again, I’ll rip off those arms of yours,” I said in a cold tone. Then I threw him onto the floor and walked towards Lia. She was still drinking her tequila. I quickly grabbed the bottle out of her hand and threw it away.

“What the hell! That was my drink. How dare you take it away from me!” she pouted like a 3-year-old. I picked her up in a bridal style, knowing that she cannot walk in those heels and at this state. I expected her to protest but she cuddled close to me and shut her eyes closed. I walked towards Patrick who had a smirk on his face.

“Don’t say anything” he warned him as his smirk widened. We both walked towards our car. I said goodbye to Patrick who planned to take Scarlet to his place tonight.

I slowly opened the car door and leaned down to put her in the passenger seat. When I was about to straighten up, I noticed Lia was still holding onto my shirt. Our faces were only inches apart

“Who are you?” she asked, confused. She forgot me. Nice!

Without answering to her, I slowly and carefully removed her hands off me and placed them on her lap. Then I fastened her seatbelt and closed the door. I walked to the other side and got in the driver’s seat. I sensed Lia shifting in her seat and hugging herself. I stopped the car and removed my hoodie and somehow covered her with it. Then I started the car and drove home. During the drive, I was wondering about myself.

This was the third time I was fighting someone just because of her. Why do I feel angry when someone touches her? Why do I want nobody to touch her? Why do I feel like I care for her, need to protect her?

“I don’t know who you are. But you are so sweet, unlike that Hot- head?” She frowned

“Hothead?” I asked, knowing well that she is talking about me.

“Ohh, his name is Logan. He always gets angry. I can’t stand his anger. It’s so boring.” she whined. Oh, she remembers my name, still, she can’t remember me.

I mumbled some curses under my breath. After 30 minutes, we reached home. I got out of the car and went to the other side. I slowly opened the door and unbuckled her seatbelt. She yawned heavily, eyes preparing to close.

“Come on,” I said, leaning down and picking her up in a bridal style, pressing her to my chest.

“You are so warm,” she said softly, burying her face closer to me. I stayed quiet and carried her up the stairs to her room. I laid her on the bed carefully and pressed a kiss on her forehead. Then I came out of her room and looked at her again before shutting the door behind me.

God! Why does she have to be so beautiful that I can’t take my eyes off her whenever I look at her?

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