A Perfect Distraction

By MiDDleBeNCherZz All Rights Reserved ©

Romance / Thriller

Shopping with Mr. Hot Head.

We both turned around to see Grecia in her nightgown leaning against a wall with her arms crossed against her chest. I tried to read her expression, but all I got was a blank stare.

“If I ain’t wrong, Logan’s work starts at 8 and Karolia leaves home at 9. Now tell me what were you both doing out at four in the morning?”

“I...umm...me...umm...Logan-” I stammered but I felt Logan grab my wrist in a reassuring manner. Tingles sparked through me like electricity by his small touch. Though according to him it was a reassuring gesture, it tensed me up to spill out the words.

“We were at his boxing -Aaah!!” I groaned in pain as I realized Logan just stamped my foot! Seriously? Grecia raised her brow at our childishness.

“Baskin Robins” I heard him say.

“What?” Grecia asked in a confused tone.

“She meant we were at Baskin Robins”

“At this time? And that too in this rain? You guys really expect me to believe that?” I heard Grecia say in a 'duh' tone.

“Sometimes the truth to sounds bitter mom.” Logan’s words made me giggle under my breath.


“Oh, I’m too tired for this. I’m gonna go to bed.” I noticed Logan acting as if he was really sleepy and slowing walking towards the stairs. But he didn’t realize that he was still holding my wrist and dragging me along with him.

Before I could pull away, “Why are you taking her along with you?” Grecia asked.

I guess that’s when Logan realized that he was still holding my wrist. He released his hold from my hand quickly as if my touch burnt him and mumbled some curses before storming off. Now it’s just me and Grecia.

Just screw this!

As I noticed Grecia staring at me waiting for an answer that Logan didn’t bother to answer, I faked a yawn and mumbled a goodnight though it was a morning and left quickly before she could shower me with her questions.

I woke up from a soft knock coming from behind the door. I looked at the square black and white clock that was hung on the wall and it showed 7 am. I walked to the door and opened to see Grecia standing with a suitcase beside her.

“Morning, Karolia.”

“Good morning,” I reply, a yawn escaping my lips.

“Where are you going?” I asked her, eyeing her outfit and suitcase.

“I’m going to a wedding for a week in Los Angeles”

“A week? That means I’ll be alone here for a week?” I asked her my face filled with sadness as well as in astonishment.

“Not exactly. Logan will be there to give you a company since you both get along well with each other” she said.

What a great company! Only if she knows!

She leaned forward with a knowing smirk “Have fun with him, but not too much.” She winked at me. Grecia pulled me into a hug before leaving. I was too stunned to reply back and by the time I thought of an answer, she had already disappeared down the halls.

My brain works really fast!

I sighed and closed the door before collapsing on the bed. After a few minutes of silence, I drifted back into another dreamless sleep.

I took a long hot shower and bolted down the stairs and sprinted down a different hallway, seeing a window to my left and a veranda to my right. I looked down briefly and gritted my teeth.

Come on! Who needs a three storey house? I mean, it’s been a month I came to this house and still I get lost.

After a long exhausting walk, I found the stairs. I descended down the stairs like lightning, taking three steps at a time. By the time I reached the kitchen, I was tired and hungry. I opened the refrigerator to grab a bottle of water. From the corner of my eye, a blue cover caught my eyes. I closed the refrigerator and when I turned to look what that blue cover is, my eyes lit up like Christmas trees

Oreo biscuits!

It was kept on top of a shelf above the counter top, but that didn’t stop me from grabbing my favorite snack. I climbed. I pulled myself up into the marble black counter and then grabbed onto the shelf. But the grip I had wasn’t strong enough, so I slipped out of the cabinet. I tumbled backward, reaching for the door to the cabinet for support. I squealed in surprise and waited for the impact of fall. But all I felt is strong arms around my waist.

Logan’s arms.

“Are you always this clumsy,” he whispered softly. My back was pressed against his hard chest. Tingles shot through my entire body and my heart started to beat loudly at our close proximity. I stood still in his arms, trying to even my breathing before wriggling out of his hold. I cleared my throat and turned to face him with a tomato face.

“S-Sorry” I mumbled, embarrassed. Clad in white converses, snug black jeans and a navy blue t-shirt under his leather jacket, he looked like a Greek God. I bit my lips at just how sexy he looks in his outfit. It’s hard not to drool in front of him!

“Once you’ve finished eyeing my body, meet me outside. We’re going shopping as I promised you.” He said with a smirk. Redness crept into my cheeks and I looked anywhere but him. He let out a small chuckle and left the kitchen.

“Gosh” I covered my face in my hands and shook my head. What’s wrong with me nowadays! Whenever he’s around I make a fool out of myself. I let out an exasperated sigh and left the kitchen with empty hands.

I quickly rushed upstairs and put on a knee-length black dress and then pulled on my white converse and headed out the door, meeting Logan who was waiting inside his expensive royal blue Bugatti Veyron. Once I’m in the car, I almost moan in content over how warm it is. I marvel at the interior of the gorgeous vehicle as everything is kept in good condition. The car smells just like him. It was one hour drive to the shopping mall. Though we didn’t talk at all in the car, the drive was comfortable.

There was a permanent frown on Logan’s face as soon as we stepped inside the mall. From his face itself I could understand, he hates shopping. I pulled him into a shop and my eyes almost bulged out at the choice of dresses they displayed.

Everything is soo transparent and revealing!

“Bad choice,” he whispered in my ear, so close that I could feel his hot breath hitting the back of my neck. A shiver ran down my body and quickly stepped away from him.

It’s been an hour, and I didn’t even pick a dress till now. Not that I didn’t find any, but I just want to annoy Logan. In the first hour, he ditched me in a store and I had to walk around in this huge mall in search of him for half an hour since I don’t have his phone number. I found him in Starbucks, sipping on his coffee while scrolling through his phone. I made a fit in the shop and everyone was staring at us, either in amusement or annoyance. I threatened him if he ditched me again, I’ll tell Grecia about his fights. So since then, he has been following me like a lost puppy.

“Can you pick something! You’re taking too much time” Logan finally snapped.

“Then help me find a dress,” I said. He looked around the store for a few minutes, eyeing various dresses before walking away from me.

“Here, take this” He reappeared, handing me a familiar beautiful red dress. I saw this dress earlier and instantly fell in love with it. But when I checked the price tag, the price was $1000. Like hell, I would buy such an expensive dress!

“Ah” I gasped. “How did you...” I couldn’t complete my sentence as I was shocked that he picked the exact dress I liked. The dress was so soft and more I look at it, the more I’m falling in love with it.

“I saw you looking at that dress with a longing look,” Logan said in a duh tone.

“I can’t. This is so expensive” I said sadly, my gaze still on the dress.

“I’ll pay” I snapped my head up and looked at him in surprise. I shook my head and started to protest.

“No that’s not necessary. I-” Logan took a step closer and stared directly into my eyes.

“I’ll pay. Discussion over” he said firmly. Though I felt guilty, I nodded my head as I know fighting with him is useless and a waste of time. One thing I learned about him is he’s a very stubborn man. I walked to the changing room to try the dress on. I held it up to the light, my eyes glazing over the silky material and smiled softly.


I slipped the dress on, blinking at the way it molded into my body completely. The dress reached up to my mid-thigh and was sleeveless. Usually, short dresses aren’t my type, but this dress somehow looked perfect on me. I stepped out of the changing room, I saw Logan typing furiously on his phone.

I cleared my throat to let him know my presence. But he didn’t look up. I cleared my throat more loudly

“What is it, Lia?” he asked, not bothering to look up. I looked around and frowned when I didn’t see anyone. Did he call me Lia? A small smile spread on my lips at his new nickname for me.

Lia! Hmm...cute! I wonder why no one else didn’t call me Lia. I hate being called Karrie as it reminded me of the word ‘carry’. But how much ever I protested, my friends and family still called me ‘Karrie’.

“How is this dress?” he asked him, twirling around a little. He looked at me briefly for a second and returned back to typing.


“How is this dress?” I restated, annoyed by his attitude.

“Good,” he said.

Good. Only good! Don’t I look beautiful? I always feel disappointed when I don’t get any compliment from others when I’m trying new dresses. Everyone who knows me knew that and always compliment on my dress even though I look like shit. Weird me and my group of friends!

Hm...I should ask someone how I look! If I’m taking this dress at least I should know I look great!

I looked around the shop and spotted a guy standing a few meters away from Logan, trying to flirt with the staff. I just hope I didn’t make a bad decision by calling him.

“Hey, you..” I called him. He looked around, his gaze meeting mine.

“Me?” he pointed to himself, looking back and side trying to make sure it’s him I’m calling.

“Yes, yes. You.” I smiled at him. He walked towards me, eyeing my body shamelessly. Probably it was a bad idea.

“Hello,” he smirked, kissing the back of my hand.

From the corner of my eyes, I saw Logan looking up from his phone.

“How’s this dress?” I asked him. He surveyed me from top to bottom, licking his lips, which made me feel insecure and moved rather close to me.

“You look rather hot and your body fit-“

“That’s enough out of you.” Logan suddenly appeared behind him before he grabbed the back of his shirt, jerking him back as he fell down in surprise.

“Logan” I snapped in surprise before rushing to help David to get up, but a hand grabbed my upper arm before yanking me back, my body getting squeezed against Logan’s chest. What the hell is his problem?

“Don’t you dare say anything about my girl” he growled at him. Huh?

I could see the color on the man’s face drain away as soon as he saw Logan before he stood up straight, scurrying away before muttering a sorry.

“Your girl?” I jerked myself away and glared at him.

“He was practically raping you with his eyes. You should thank me for saving you.” He snapped at me, eyes blazing with anger.

I huffed and walked back to change. I’m actually glad he saved me from him, but he was just complimenting me. Okay maybe in a flirtatious manner. But that doesn’t mean Logan has to be rude to him

“Oh god! this is the best ice cream I’ve ever tasted,” I said in excitement, earning a small chuckle from Logan. After I finished shopping we went to the food court as we both were starving and brought pizza and burger. After a lot of protesting, Logan finally allowed me to pay for our food. He bought me a dress, the least I could do is this. Then after that, we went to ice cream parlor and ordered a large cup of chocolate chip ice cream for me and vanilla for him.

As we were walking towards the exit, someone bumped into me, causing me to stumble into Logan, his hand wrapping around my waist, steadying me.

“I’m sorry, I- Logan!?”

“Patrick?” Logan asked taken aback.

“Karrie!” Scarlet hugged from behind making me drop my favorite ice cream in shock. I turned around to face her and gave her a deadly glare.

“Scarlet! Stop scaring me!” I screeched, annoyed that I lost my favorite ice cream.

“Oops, sorry.”, she smiled at me innocently.

“Hello, I’m Patrick. You must be Karolia” he said, shaking my hand with his. He’s handsome.

“Yep, that’s me” I smiled at him.

“I’m Logan’s best buddy and this pretty girl is gonna be my girlfriend soon. And I’ve heard a lot about you from these both” he chuckled. Scarlet blushed at his words and looked down. I’m sure Scarlet will say only good about me, but Logan. I’m 100% sure he bad-mouthed about me.

“Nice,” I said, giving Scarlet a look telling her we need to talk.

“We’ll be back,” Scarlet said and dragged me away from them to somewhere private.

“So Patrick huh?” Her face blushed a bright red. Aww...My best friend has a crush on him.

“Do you remember we went to see a fight?” she asked as I nodded.

“I met him there. He’s so sweet and caring.” I let out an exasperated sigh tossing my head back, looking at the ceiling.

“You said the same about Andrew- sweet and caring. Then he ditched you.”

“But Patrick is different. He actually cares for me, unlike that bastard.”

“Okay fine. Just be careful okay. I don’t want to see you cry again.”

“I promise.” she pulled me into a warm hug and I hugged her back gratefully.

“Come, they’ll be waiting for us,” I said.

“Do you like Logan?” Scarlet suddenly asked me.

“What?” I asked in disbelief. She giggled “I just asked. Wouldn’t that be good? The bad boy falling in love with a sweet innocent girl” I shivered at the thought of him liking me.

We said our goodbye and left. We walked to the basement of the mall where all the cars were parked. There were two men standing near the hood of a car, laughing loudly. As soon as I neared them, they looked at me and smirked at each other. Logan has already reached his car, but I was too slow. I looked down and pushed my legs faster, getting uncomfortable by their looks.

“Nice bum,” one of the man said as I passed them. Suddenly I felt a hand smack my butt and they both started laughing. I gasped as I instantly felt furious causing me to know that he had touched me.

How dare he!

As I was about to slap him, I heard a voice.

“What the fuck did you just do?” I was shocked to see Logan, who looked beyond furious as he clenched his jaw marching towards us.

“Is she your girlfriend? She’s sexy.” Logan suddenly grabbed the front of the guy’s shirt, pulling him closer so their faces were only an inch apart.

“Shut your freaking mouth” he hissed, pushing him away.

“Or what?” Before I could do anything, Logan’s fist collided with the guy’s face, causing him to land on the ground. My eyes widened at the sight.

“Hey man, calm down. We’ll just leave” other man said as he helped his friend from the ground. They both staggered away, clearly scared of Logan. Logan looked down at me, rage filling his eyes.

“Get in the car. You always bring trouble” he growled. He ran his hands through his hair, clenching his eyes tight. I walked towards the car and sat in the passenger seat, trying to calm down my racing heart. Logan soon followed me and started the engine, revving out of the parking lot.

“Lia. Put the seatbelt” I didn’t bother to listen to him and looked out of the window. I’m angry at him. It’s not my fault that man slapped on my bum. I didn’t ask Logan to help me out. I could’ve managed myself.

‘You always bring trouble’. As if!

“Put the seatbelt” he raised his voice.

“No” Suddenly the car came to a sudden halt causing me to jerk forward.

“What’s your problem?” I asked him, furious.

“See, this is the reason why I asked you to put the seatbelt,” he said as I regained my composure.

“If you’re driving properly, no need of seatbelt for a short drive. But you always chose to do the opposite”

“Rule is a rule. Seatbelts are for your safety, either it’s a short drive or a long drive.”

“Whatever” I rolled my eyes and crossed my arms over my chest. He let out a sigh and I heard him unbuckle his seat belt. He leans closer against my seat and reaching his hand to pull on my seatbelt. I stopped breathing as his face was inches away from me, his masculine scent driving me crazy. I released a breath I was holding when he finally pulled away, returning back to his seat and started the engine again.

I felt my phone vibrating in my pocket. I reached in my pocket to slip out my mobile, fingers immediately sliding to open Scarlet’s message.

’Meet me tomorrow midnight at ‘Night Club’. Let’s have some fun :p’

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