A Perfect Distraction

By MiDDleBeNCherZz All Rights Reserved ©

Romance / Thriller

A Fighter?

(A/N - Very Very long chapter)

Logan’s POV:

(Next morning)

“Morning mom,” I say as I grab a glass out from the cupboard and fill it with water.

“Morning,” she says as she pulls out some of the homemade sweets out of the fridge and places it on the countertop. As she got busy pouring coffee in her mug, I discreetly tried to grab a sweet as I couldn’t resist myself. But before I could lay a finger on it, she slapped my hand away.

“Ouch! What was that for?” I asked rubbing my hand. Damn! It hurts!

“This is not for you,” she said.

“As if you are young enough to eat all these sweets by yourself” I replied teasingly with a smirk.

“Remember it’s not just you and me in this house right now,” she said with her brows raised. Then I remembered mom consoling that girl yesterday. I know I shouldn’t ask as I’m a kind of person who gives value for people’s privacy, but my curiosity got the best out of me.

“By the way mom, what was with you both yesterday?” I asked trying my best to put an innocent look on my face.

“Look who’s bothered” she smirked making me roll my eyes.

“I’m not bothered mom, just asking” I shrugged though I was curious to know.

“Listen, Logan, I guess you both didn’t have a good start, but she is not a person for you to pick up a fight with. She has been through a lot and now she is in a crucial stage of her life. Her past was pathetic and she is broken. She needs to move on and for that she needs help. I’m not insisting you to make her happy, but at least try not to make her sad. That’s the least you can do.” she said patting my shoulder. Though my mom’s words were filled with sympathy it left me quite confused. But nevertheless, I nodded my head.

“By the way mom, what was her name?”

“You seriously have some memory loss son. She’s been staying with us for a week now and you still don’t know her name” mom said, shaking her head.

“C’mon, you know I never listen to your conversations” I teased her. Her reply was smacking my head!


Hmm... A pretty name for a pretty girl.

I finally arrived back home. Today was hectic. Too many phone calls....meetings.... and idiotic staffs. I walked up to the front door and opened it up. I walked in, throwing my keys in the bowl and headed straight towards the kitchen. There was a small noise coming from the living room indicating T.V is on. I quickly grabbed myself a coke from the refrigerator and headed to the living room. Mom and Karolia were sitting on the couch, their body wrapped in separate blankets with a bowl of popcorn in both of their hands.

“Logan, cwome join us,” Mom said, her mouth full of popcorn. I chuckled at her enthusiasm. Sometimes she behaves like a kid! I shook my head and took a seat next to Mom. But it seems like she had other plans. She got up from her seat and headed to the kitchen to grab herself a glass of juice. When she returned, she noticed us sitting still at both the ends of the couch as North and South pole. She stood in front of me and asked me to move a bit to the side. I raised a brow at her.

“Why can’t you sit in your previous position? Why do we have to switch?” I asked her. She rolled her eyes.

“I feel like sitting here now. So move” she reasoned. I groaned loudly, but nevertheless gave the place she insisted. Now I’m sandwiched between her and Karolia. Karolia’s body stiffened at our close proximity, making me smirk lightly.

“I know the reason why you asked me to move, but it won’t work” I whispered in mom’s ear.

“I just want you both to get along, as friends” she whispered back, making me roll my eyes.

For the next hour, we watched T.V in comfortable silence. My phone vibrated in my pocket and a groan escaped my lips as soon as the caller ID came into my view. It’s Mr. Froz. He wanted to construct a mall, but he needs financial support. At first, I was ready to invest, but as I looked deeper into the situation, I found that he was planning to remove a colony to build this mall, making people in that colony homeless. Like hell, I would support in that!

“This might take time,” I said to mom as I stood up from the couch. I walked toward the backyard, the warm air hitting my body.

I returned back to foyer after an hour talking with Mr. Froz. That man really needs to get his head checked! He seriously doesn’t understand the meaning of ‘I’m not interested’. As I returned I noticed both were fast asleep even though the movie was still running. Guess it’s a dry movie.

I pressed a soft kiss on mom’s forehead and she stirred slightly. She slowly opened her eyes and gave me a lazy smile.

“Come let’s get you to bed,” I said softly. She shook her head and pushed my hands away as I was about to slip my hands under her legs.

“I’m fine. I’ll walk.” She said. She tried to wake Karolia up, but she mumbled something incoherent and snuggled deeper into the blanket. I let out a small chuckle. She and Mom make a perfect pair in cuteness.

“If you don’t mind, take her to her room. She looks tired” she said before leaving the foyer. I looked at Karolia and let out a sigh. I pulled the blanket off of her body and slipped my arms underneath her body and gently picked her up. She mumbled some incoherent words before snuggling deeper into my chest. A shiver ran down my spine as her hot even breath hit against my collarbone. I walked out of the living room with her in my arms and climbed the stairs. It feels like I’m holding a doll rather than a person. She’s not at all heavy.

I kicked open her bedroom door with my feet and gently placed her on the bed. I then draped the blanket on top of her. I know I should leave this instant. But something about her is keeping me root to my position. Maybe it’s way her face looks so calm whilst sleeping or the way her lips are pressed together. I leaned forward and tucked the loose curl behind her ear as I studied her features.

She’s beautiful!

Karolia's POV

“Come on Karrie! Why can’t you just come with me? It would be really really really fun!” Scarlet whined from behind.

“Boxing isn’t something fun to watch. So, No! I’m not coming with you” I mumbled, feeling annoyed. As I was turning the dial of my locker, Scarlet went on her knees and held her hands out together making me freeze midway.

“Scarlet, what the hell are you doing? Get up. People are staring” I snapped at her as I looked around to notice people giving us weird glances.

“Pretty please… please. I’ll buy you your favorite ice cream, a big box. Please come with me.” She begged, giving me her best puppy eyes. I rolled my eyes and sighed in defeat.

“Fine, I’ll come. Now get up” I muttered, glaring at her.

“Yaay,” she said excitedly, getting up from her knees. She pulled me into a bone crushing hug, stopping my air passage.

“Can’t... b-breathe” I choked. She immediately pulled back, smiling apologetically.

“But first you’ve to buy my ice cream you promised. A big one.”

“Sure sure.” She nodded and I hummed in response.

“So, I will pick you up at 11 tonight.” She said, looking at her watch. I choked on my breath and gave her a disbelief look.

“What? At 11? No way. I want to sleep. And who the hell keeps the matches at that time?” I whined.

“Wait, you didn’t actually think this was like WWE, right?” Scarlet laughed as I stared at her confused.

“Then what?”

“Hmm, let’s say these fights are kind of illegal,” She said as I gasped.


“Yep.” She grinned.

“I’m not coming”

“But you promised me. I’ve got a surprise for you”

Oh great! Urghhhh......

(At 11:00 pm)

I tiptoed around the silent house, looking back every second to make sure no one was following me. I let out a sigh of relief as I made to the front door without attracting any noise. I took the keys that Grecia gave me and eased them into the lock, turning slowly so that the loud click didn’t cause anyone to come pounding down the stairs. I shut the door behind me softly before making a dash towards the gate. I thanked God as Watson family didn’t decide to keep a security guard near the gate. That would make me impossible to sneak around. But that doesn’t mean they didn’t have any CCTV cameras around the house. This house is packed with cameras. I even checked the bedroom to mark sure there were no cameras. I know Watson family won’t do such things but hey we should we always conscious. I always wondered why they didn’t keep any servants in their huge house. I mean it’s impossible to clean that house by ourselves. Grecia said they had a butler before I came to stay with them. He left for some medical treatment. One thing I envy about this family is that they like to have their own family time. Grecia said a servant wasn’t necessary to make food for two people since she can manage that. But to clean the house, they had appointed a man. He comes twice in a week. I’ve seen him once or twice.

A car was parked outside the house and Scarlet sat in the car with her fingers scrolling through her phone. Yanking Scarlet’s door open, I hurled myself inside.

“Ah, I thought you forgot about this. I was planning to call you”

“Why are you so persistent in taking me to this stupid fight? I hate these things” I complained, glaring at her. I’m not a fan of blood and she’s taking away my precious sleep. It’s something I can’t forgive!

“Where’s the fun without any thrill.” She replied, winking.

“Yeah yeah... Let’s go before anyone wakes up.” I quickly spoke up, rolling my eyes. She turned the engine on and the car roared to life. It was a 15-minute ride and by the time we reached the place, my throat was sore as we both were singing loudly at the top of our lungs during the ride.

It was silent and dark when Scarlet pulled up into space. I frowned when I noticed that parking lot was full, but couldn’t even find a soul outside. It was complete silence.

“Are you sure this is the address? Why can’t I hear any cheering?” I asked Scarlet, as soon as we started walking to God knows where.

“Just wait” was her only answer. She grabbed my arm and linked our arms together. The floor was littered with dull cigarettes as well as other trash. We walked through some alleyway before coming in front of a large warehouse. A bulky man was standing in front of the shutter which was closed, with his arms crossed. My heart started to pick up as soon as we neared that man, but Scarlet was lively. I just hope she’s not into some drug dealings.

“What’s the code?” the man asked in a gravelly voice. Code?

“Blood and Fire” Scarlet replied. What a weird combination. But nevertheless, the man nodded his head and pulled the shutter up.

“That’s to make sure we’re not some cops” Scarlet explained the secrecy behind the code. Tons of cartons greeted us as walked but I could hear soft faint of cheering coming from somewhere. I spotted a stair at the side and a man nods his head who was standing near the stairs. We climbed down the stairs. Deafening screams bounced through the walls. The air was thick with the smell of sweat, smoke, and cigarettes. There were hundreds of people yelling the names of their favorite player. Even some were offering money to a bouncer, placing bets on their favorite player. My ears bleed because of these noises, but the rush of adrenaline inside me was something else. We weaved our way into the front with a great difficulty and getting a lot of curses from people. No one likes when their view is blocked, but hey we couldn’t see anything from behind.

There was a big ring in the middle and two men were fighting each other ruthlessly. I tried to catch their faces, but the only face that caught my eyes was severely bruised and bleeding. Though I felt pity about the guy, I wonder how the opponent looks like. From the pitiful state of the bruised guy, I understood that one thing was for sure- the opponent was damn strong and really merciless.

I never thought boxing was this interesting to watch despite it being bloody. The merciless guy was shirtless, his muscles flexing at each punch he throws at his opponent. He wasn’t bulky like the other man from what I can see, but he’s damn strong. Suddenly, I heard Scarlet giggling beside me. First I thought that she was enjoying the fight, but later I understood that she was flirting with a guy. This girl....!

All of a sudden the bruised guy was knocked out cold and the opponent turned around, facing by my side as he wiped the blood from lips with the back of his hand. My body became numb with shock at the sight in front of me.

“The king of Evil won, Logan, The fearless man is the CHAMPION AGAIN” the host declared as the crowd cheered loudly. Logan shook his hands with the host and grabbed a towel from a man who was smiling at him.

“You didn’t know Logan does illegal fighting right?” Scarlet asked with a smirk. Grecia didn’t ever mention that Logan does illegal fighting. She only said he does surfing. I mentally smirked. Ah, Grecia doesn’t know about this!

Logan scanned the crowd in boredom as he wiped his arms and chest with the towel. His eyes scanned me for a second before scanning his knuckles. He froze and looked up quickly, meeting my gaze. He froze at my sight and his face went hard. I flipped him off and turned to Scarlet and said “I’ll be waiting outside” and she nodded as her gaze was fixed on the man standing next to Logan. Before leaving, I said her, “And by the way, thank you sweetie”, leaving her confused by my reaction.

Get ready Logan. The game has just begun.

While walking towards the door, I looked at Logan again and mouthed ‘Grecia’ with an evil smirk, even though I wasn’t sure whether he will understand. But his eyes widened with shock. I exited the main door and stood there staring at my watch, waiting for Scarlet. As minutes passed by, more and more people exited the hallway. The cold air bit my skin and I pulled my jacket tighter around my torso.

Suddenly an arm snaked around my waist and pulled me to a hard chest. I squealed in surprise and looked behind to see Logan staring at me. Oh shit!

“You’re coming with me,” Logan growled as I gulped. I squirm under his hold and tried getting away from him.

“NO! Let me go! Somebody help!” I yelled as I kept fighting under his hold. Everyone around us was staring but quickly turned away and acted as nothing happened! Are you all for real?

“Don’t make this hard for you” he said but that didn’t stop me from screaming and punching him where ever I could.

“Now, since you won’t leave in an easy way, we are leaving in a hard way,” Logan growled as my eyes widened. He bent down, picking me up and me over his shoulder, causing me to scream louder. I started hitting on his back. Once we reached the parking lot, he set me down on my feet.

“What do you want?” I asked as I crossed my arms. I watched him as he took out a cigarette from his pocket and placed it between his lips and lit it up.

“Smoking is bad for you,” I mumbled as he chuckled.

“What do you want?” I repeated, getting annoyed by his lack of response.

“Mom should not know about this and you need to keep your mouth shut,” Logan said as he leaned against the wall.

“About what?” I asked acting purely innocent, making him growl slowly.

“About this profession of mine.” He said.

“And what do I get in return?” I asked him with a smirk. He removed himself from the wall and somehow I ended up in between the wall and him. He puts his free hand beside my head and threw the cigarette down to the ground as he leaned closer.

“Anything” He whispered. His breath smelled like a mixture of smoke and mint.

Now it was my chance! “Will you take me for shopping?” I asked him with pure evil. He groaned lightly. He despises shopping and I knew that information from Grecia. Thank you, Grecia!

“No.” He said as he leaned back.

“Then, I will tell to Grecia about your prof--”

“Okay fine. I will take you to that stupid shopping.” He said.

“Na-ah no cursing,” I said smiling, more than a smile, you can say that it was an evil smirk. God! It feels so good to blackmail him. Then he walked past me towards his motorcycle. Where the hell is Scarlet?

I quickly grabbed my phone from my back pocket and dialed her number. Why the hell is she not picking my call. How the hell am I supposed to get home now!

I looked at my watch. It read 2:00 am. Now I can’t even find a cab that’s safe at this time. There is only one option for me to get home safely.

‘Okay Karolia, you have no other option. It’s not a big deal. Just go straight to him and ask him for a ride home. As simple as that’ I muttered to myself before walking towards Logan. He seemed like he was ready to take off.

I stood in front of him, debating whether I should ask him or not. I’m sure I look like a fool with conflicted expression but that was least of my concern.

" Are you just gonna stand there for the whole night or get on the back of my bike?” He asked suddenly. I bit my lip and walked behind him, climbing on this scary monster. I’m scared to ride in this monster, but I got no other option. He passed me a helmet and I immediately put it on.

“Why aren’t you wearing the helmet?” I asked.

“Don’t have an extra” he simply shrugged.

As soon as I took my seat, he sped off. I wrapped my arms around his torso to keep myself from flying off the bike. I could feel his defined and sculpted abs through his shirt under my fingertips. How could he be so fit with a busy lifestyle?

“Geez, slow down,” I mumbled and he chuckled before continuing down the parking lot and out the gates. I pressed my cheeks on his back and closed my eyes, enjoying the wind as it rushed against us. This is the first time we are being this close and our close proximity is sending a hoard of butterflies to lose in my stomach. The first turn came and I leaned into him farther, scared of falling off the back.

“Lean with me! Not against me!” He yells and I nod. The leather of his jacket is warm against my face and when the next turn comes, I do as he says and lean with him in the next turn.

I thought we would arrive home safe and soon. But out of the blue raindrops started to fall. I always enjoyed the rain. It’s a feeling of complete ecstasy.

“Shit” Logan cursed loudly. “Hold tight,” he said and doubles the speed making me scared to death. I wrapped my arms around him as tightly as I can, digging my nails to his skin. I clenched my eyes tightly as we flew past several buildings and houses. I’m not a fan of high speed and chances of an accident are more. That thought itself is enough for me to get scared.

By the time we reached the mansion, we both were soaking wet and shivering. Logan carefully and silently opened the door with his keys. The hall was dark and silent. As Logan and I were about to leave our rooms, suddenly bright lights filled the room, blinding me.

“Not yet sweeties”


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