A Perfect Distraction

By MiDDleBeNCherZz All Rights Reserved ©

Romance / Thriller

Meeting him

(Long Chapter ahead. Enjoy!)

FLASHBACK (Logan’s and Karolia’s first meet)

The surrounding around me looks actually quite peaceful and warm today, so instead of catching a bus or going with Scarlet to university, I decided to walk. I enjoyed having this time to recollect my speech which I’ve to present in front of my class. Suddenly the climate changed and the blue cloud changed to dark grey and soon after raindrops started falling.
“Great” I muttered to myself and looked up at the grey cloudy sky. I loved the rain when I didn’t have to walk around in it. I pulled my hoodie over my head and started running.

“If only I would have carried an umbrella, I would really enjoy this” I muttered as I turned to the corner. I looked up at the shops that filled the streets and people either running for a shelter or simply enjoying the rain. My clothes were sticking to my body like a second skin and it was irritating me.

There was a small bus stop a few feet away and I made a dash towards it. I stood under the shelter and placed the bag beside me before squeezing my hair. I then sat down on my knees and took out my books and papers from the bag. My grin was so wide when I noticed the pages of the books weren’t wet, but it soon changed into horror as I was suddenly covered in freezing cold dirty water. I let out a small yelp when I noticed my books were drenched in water. I managed to glance up to see a black range rover leave. What.The.Hell!

“Hey asshole, stop the car!!” I yelled in rage. How dare he/she leave without even saying sorry! Urgh....this just made my day. How could I go to the university in this condition?

No way. I won’t let whoever that asshole is to leave without solving my problem. I quickly looked around and found a big stone. I took and aimed it at the car which was currently waiting for the green signal. The back glass of the expensive car shattered into millions of pieces and I pat my back mentally in satisfaction and pride. Didn’t knew I could throw that far!

For a moment, there was silence around me before a man came out of the car. He slammed the door shut and walked towards the back of his car, examining the damage. Then he turned around quickly and his gaze fell on me. He angrily stomped in my direction and my mind was screaming at me to run for my life. But it seems my brain stopped functioning as soon as I saw him. His shirt was sticking to his body showing his sculpted abs and his brown hair was sticking to his forehead. His eyes were bright blue and his fist was clenched tightly. Damn, this man is handsome!

“Have you lost your mind! Don’t you have any manners? How dare you throw a stone at my car like that!!” He yelled as he towered in front of me. Oh God, he’s so freaking tall! My sense started working as soon as he opened his mouth. I narrowed my eyes at him and crossed my arms across my chest.

“You splashed that damn dirty water on me, then you are leaving without even saying sorry! Where the hell is your manners then!” I shouted back at him. At first, he looked stunned, but then quickly masked over with his cold hard stare.

“Look I’m in a hurry. So you better say sorry, so that I can reach my office on time” he said, looking at his watch. I stared at him as if he had grown two heads.

“Why the hell should I say sorry to you? You should be the one to say that.” I said, rolling my eyes.

“Don’t you dare roll your eyes to me,” he growled at me. I rolled my eyes again. No one tells me what to do!

“Look miss. I’m being very gentle with you. I’m only asking you to say sorry instead of taking money from you for causing the damage since I’m sure you don’t have that much money with you” he said and I gasped. How dare he tell me I’m poor? That to straight at my face. My blood began to boil, making me grind my teeth together.

“How dare you accuse me like that? You splashed water on me and now you’re making me late for my university. If it’s anyone, you should be the one paying up.” I hissed. He let out a dark chuckle and looked up and down my body in amusement.

“Me? Saying sorry? That to a small girl like you? Never ever in your dreams”, he sneered.

“I’m not a small girl. I’m 19” I growled at him. It’s not my fault this man looks like a giant in front of me. And also he’s doesn’t look that old. He looks probably 22 or 23.

We argued for what seemed like half an hour. A crowd of people gathered around us, enthusiastic for a fight. Grow up, people! We both knew we are fighting for a stupid reason. One sorry would be enough to solve the problem, but neither of us wanted to be the first one to say it. We blamed each other. Every insult he threw on me was fine, but one. The one which I always avoid from people.

“You better go learn what manners mean. What the hell did your parents teach you?? A daughter who don’t have any manners. It’s such a shame. Go tell your Mom and Dad--”

“STOP!” I screamed, covering my ears with my hands. I felt a quick stab of pain in my heart hearing about my parents. He insulted my parents. It’s more than I could bear.

“I’m sorry alright. I am sorry. But you shouldn’t have insulted my parents. They...They...” I started to stammer. This is getting unbearable. I know he doesn’t know anything about my parents, but that doesn’t give him any right to insult about them, dead or alive. I couldn’t take it anymore.

“What? Sensitive about your parents -” I slapped him on his cheeks as a single tear ran down my cheeks. He stood there in shock and Before he could react, I ran away.

(End of flashback)

“YOU!” We said in unison.

“What the hell are you doing in my house?” He yelled making me flinch.

“Y-Your house?”

“Yes, my house” he yelled.

“Geez, are you trying to make me deaf. Stop yelling at me.” I said, rubbing my ears.

“Tell me what are you doing here” he yelled. This man seriously has some issues with his brain. Don’t he understand the meaning of the word ‘stop’?

“Logan, stop shouting at her”

We turned around to see Grecia standing at the bottom stair in her silky nightgown with an exasperated expression.

“Mom! What the hell is she doing here?” he said, pointing towards me.

“That’s Karolia. I’ve told you about her.” Grecia said.

“What is she doing here?” He gritted out, his fist clenching.

“I invited her to stay with us. Have you guys met each other somewhere?” She asked walking towards us.

“Yes, unfortunately. And I wish I hadn’t.” He replied, making me roll my eyes at him. He glared at me.

“She’s a good girl. She’ll be staying with us for few days” Grecia said and I smiled at her thankfully.

“What? No way” he stared at Grecia in disbelief.

“You got any problem?” Grecia asked, challenging him to protest. Normally a sane person would’ve kept his mouth shut and welcome the guest if it means not to hear moms wrath. But this guy in front of me is insane.

“Yes. I got a problem. I won’t allow a complete stranger to stay with us.” He snapped sardonically, his voice simmering with anger.

“Stranger? For God’s sake, I know her Logan. She is not a stranger to me.” Grecia said angrily.

“You only know her for weeks mom. Not for years !” he raised his voice.

“I don’t care about that. She is trustworthy. ” Grecia asked raising her voice as well. Logan groaned loudly.

“Mom, stop believing everyone. She can be a nuisance.” He yelled, glaring at me. I looked down, suddenly overwhelmed by different emotions. I know when I’m not welcomed. I guess it’s better if I leave this place.

“I’ll leave tomorrow” I mumbled and both turned to look at me. But I still kept my gaze on the wooden floor, scared they will see my vulnerable state.

“No, you’ll leave now.” He said, grabbing my arm. I stumbled as he pulled me forward and started to walk to the front door.

“Logan leave her” Grecia barked at him. He halted in his steps suddenly, making me hit his back. He turned around and glared at his mom.

“Mom, just because you are generous enough to make friends with this girl, it doesn’t mean that you should trust her completely to let her stay in our house. She could be a thief.”

“That’s enough, young man. Whom do you think you are talking to? I’m not your staff to listen to whatever you are saying. I let her stay at my house and I only have the right to throw her out. Not you. So you leave her and go to your room.” She shouted at him. Her words stunned me.

“But mom--”

“No, I don’t want to hear anything from you. She is staying here as long as she wants to.” Grecia said stubbornly.

“Fine. Do whatever you want” he said, giving me a murderous look. He stormed out of the room and up the stairs, most likely to his room. A loud slam was heard a few seconds after and I flinched at that sound.

“I’m sorry Karolia. He can be a bit tough sometimes. But you got nothing to worry about it.”

“No, I’m sorry Grecia. I’ll leave tomorrow morning itself. I don’t want to be a burden to anyone.” I said, looking down.

“No, you are staying here. You won’t leave this house without my permission. He should know he can’t keep ordering everyone. It’s time I teach him that.” she said angrily. She gave me a last smile and I watched her walk down the hall to the kitchen. I stared at the couch stunned at what just happened.

I clenched my jaw in worry. Do I’ve an option?

I looked down at my notes glumly. I’m currently in my economics class and we are supposed to take notes in our notebook. But I simply did not want to do anything today.

A week had passed by since the incident. For first few days there was a permanent scowl on Logan’s face whenever he sees me, but now he just keeps ignoring me as if I don’t exist. It had been so lonely nowadays with no one to talk with. Lately, Grecia had been busy with her work. I hardly see her nowadays. But whenever she gets the time, she spends with me, apologizing for leaving me alone in a such a big house. I also noticed most of the nights, Logan comes home only after midnight.

A neatly folded note hit my desk, snapping me out of my train of thoughts. I looked back in confusion and saw Scarlet smiling at me nervously. I rolled my eyes and turned back. I unfolded the note, letting my eyes scan Scarlet’s neat handwriting.

Can we talk during lunch′ the note read. I huffed. Now, she wants to talk to me.

For what? To insult me again?′ I quickly wrote back and folded the note back up. Making sure the professor was too busy on his laptop, I threw the paper on Scarlet’s desk. Her eyes scanned the paper.

“Please” She mouthed. I sighed and nodded. Let’s hear what she what she wants to talk about!

(During lunch)

“How are you?” Scarlet spoke from behind me. I’m currently sitting on a bench under a tree, munching on my sandwich

“Cut this small chit-chat and come to the point Scarlet. Why do you want to see me?” I said with an annoyed expression.

She sat down beside me and faced me. But I kept my gaze straight, not bothering to look at her. “I know you don’t want to talk to me ever, but I just want to say sorry for not hearing your side on that day. I’m sorry” she said. I looked at her in disbelief.

“A sorry isn’t enough to mend my heart Scar. You broke it” I said curtly. She took my hands in hers and it took everything in me not to snatch my hand away. My mommy has always said to hear what others have to say and then decide the decision. Every person should get a second chance.

“I know. I’m sorry Karrie. I believed him blindly. I didn’t know he was such a liar and a jerk. What you said was right Karrie! He left me once he found a more enchanting girl. I’m sorry. I’m really sorry. Please forgive me.” she burst into tears.

“Don’t cry,” I said as I looked away. One thing about me is that I hate when others cry in front of me. Every anger I had towards them will disappear suddenly.

“I’m sorry. Please forgive me. I can’t lose you. I miss you so much” she mumbled. A tear rolled down my cheeks. Truth to be said, I miss my best friend a lot!

“Hey, it’s okay. I forgive you. Please don’t cry” I hugged her tightly, rubbing her back in a comforting manner.

“You forgave me?” She looked at me surprised. I smiled at her and nodded.

“Thank You! Thank You so much” she said pulling me into a bone-crushing hug. I chuckled.

“But next time you try to do something like this, I’ll kill you with my bare hands and feed your heart to tiger” I threatened and she nodded her head, her eyes widened. One thing about is Scarlet is she’s terrified of Tigers.

“So, where are you staying now?” she asked, pulling back from the hug.

“I’ve told you about Grecia once right?” She nodded as I continued ” I’m staying with her. That day she saw on the streets. So she took me to her house. She is really sweet and kind. But her son is the exact opposite.” I said rolling my eyes.

“Son? How old is he?”

“Maybe 23. Not exactly sure.” I shrugged my shoulders.

“Tell me more about him,” she said, wiggling her eyebrows. I rolled my eyes at her enthusiasm.

“His name is Logan. He is the perfect definition of asshole.”

“Logan...His name is quite familiar. What’s his second name?” she asked, furrowing her eyebrows.

“Erm, Logan Watson,” I said, confused

“What?” she yelled making me jump from my seat. “Logan, you mean you are staying with the Watson family?!”

“Uh.. yeah,” I said, confused. Her eyes widened in surprise. My heart started to beat faster and nerves prickled through my skin

“What’s the matter, Scarlet!” I asked her, tensed.

“You don’t know who he is?” she asked shocked and I shook my head. This is so weird!

“Watson enterprises is the most powerful and dangerous company in New York City. Logan’s dad, Albert Watson actually owned the company. But 10 years back, he died in a plane crash, when he went on a business trip. And Logan took up the seat. You can say he is a bad boy type. You know.. Gambling, fighting and all. Don’t you even dare to make him angry. He is like a nuclear bomb when he gets angry, no one can control him; Not even his mom”

“Woah, from where you got all this information?” I asked, stunned.

“From google, duh,” She said, rolling her eyes.

“So tell me, he’s is handsome right?” Scarlet asked, wiggling her eyebrows. And this time I rolled my eyes at her.

“He’s okay” I lied. Actually, he’s so handsome. But I don’t want to say that to her. She’ll tease me. That’s Scarlet!

" Only ‘okay’? Have you lost your mind? He looks so hot. You should be lucky to stay in his house.” Scarlet said.

“Yeah yeah whatever,” I said, crossing my hands over my chest. But one thing that Scarlet said made me scared.

’Don’t make him angry. No one can control him’. But I already made him angry!!!

My rest of the evening was spent on the computer, searching the entire google, trying to get more information about the Watson family. But unfortunately, there wasn’t much information about them. It’s the same what Scarlet told, but a little exaggerated.

“There isn’t nothing much about Logan here,” I said loudly, annoyed and frustrated for not getting any information. There was only a brief description of him.

Owner of a powerful company, man of his words, devilishly handsome, most eligible bachelor, 23-year-old young entrepreneur’

These were some of the words described him on different websites. There was also a lot of pictures of him. I’ve to admit. This man is a Greek god.

“Do you mind if I come in?” I snapped my head back to see Grecia standing against the threshold. I’m currently sitting in a crossed- leg position, facing the wall behind the bed, giving the perfect view of what I’m doing in my laptop from behind. It seems like I forgot to close the bedroom door in the haste of searching information. I prayed to all Gods hoping Grecia didn’t see anything. It will just lead to embarrassment.

“Oh, h-hello Grecia. Sure, come in.” I replied. Grecia smiles at me as she makes her way to the sofa by the window. I quickly minimized the tab before turning around to face her.

“I just wanted to see what you were doing. It’s been lonely these days right?” she asked, looking apologetically.

“I was just searching about something,” I replied nervously, not wanting to let her know that I was spying on her son.

“I see you were searching about Logan,” she smirked.

Crap! She caught me!

“It’s just n-nothing. I heard that everyone is scared of Logan. Has he always been like this? I asked, quickly diverting the topic.

“Like what?”

“Rough..... and Demanding....?”

She lets out a small chuckle before continuing “At first he seems like the most horrid person to be around, but after you get to know him, he isn’t too bad, ya know. Everyone asks me whether his heart is made of steel or something. Some call him fearless while others call him a man without the heart. But I haven’t even felt that. He is just having a challenging life, and on top of that, he is having a lot of responsibilities and enemies. Don’t let that scare you though. He just finds hard to control his temper around others.” She said.

“Oh” was my only answer. What the hell am I supposed to answer? That everyone is right? That this man is heartless? Then that would make me heartless! No mom likes to hear bad things about their children.

“Enough about him. Now tell me about yourself. Your family?” she said. My breath started quickening.

“You promised you’ll introduce me to them one day. I’ve never seen you talking with them on the phone as well. Is everything alright with your parents?” Grecia said. I swallowed the lump that lodged in my throat, blinking rapidly as I counted to ten. Grecia acknowledged my deflating shoulders, studying me from behind her eyelashes.

“Sweety, are you alright?” She asked as she stood up from the sofa and sat beside me. She wrapped an arm around my shoulder, squeezing him lightly.

Okay, let’s do this!

“I’m s-sorry I didn’t tell you this earlier. My parents...... They aren’t with me anymore” Her brows bunched up together in confusion and I exhaled slowly.

“They died 6 months back.” I hiccup but blink back the tears that were threatening to spill over.

“Oh my god....I’m so sorry” she covers her mouth with her hands and I gave her a weak smile as I trudge on through those painful memories.

“How did that happen?”

“Car accident” I lied easily. It’s always easy to lie than telling the truth. Truth leads to sympathy and fear. I don’t want that coming from anyone. And I’m not planning to tell anyone the truth anytime sooner. It’s better that way. I don’t want to bring others into my problem. Especially a great personality like Grecia. I wasn’t even planning to tell Scarlet. But her dad and my dad have been great buddies, so Scarlet’s dad found the truth.

“How were they like? You know, as parents” she asked softly and I smiled at the question.

“They were the best parents a child could get. They were my best friends. With them, my life was colorful. I learned the meaning of love, relationship, and patience. You know everything I do, it will be a mess at last. They made me laugh whenever I felt depressed. But now, they left me alone. From the day they were gone, my life became a complete hell hole. No one was able to make me laugh the way they did. But now......now.....” I covered my face with my hands as tears rolled down my cheeks. I hate this! I hate being vulnerable.

“Shh.....It’s okay. You don’t have to say anymore” she said hugging me so tightly that it feels like I am gonna explode. But maybe that’s what I needed. A hug so tight that puts all my broken pieces back together.

“I am so sorry Karolia” Grecia whispers into my ear and she just holds me there, letting me cry onto her shoulders as she strokes my hair. I feel really guilty for not telling the truth to her even though she’s the one who provided me with a shelter. And now she is the one who is consoling me too. But I can’t tell her. I can’t tell anyone.

“Mom” Logan’s voice echoed in the silent room, making us pull away. I quickly wiped my tears so that he doesn’t notice that I was crying.

“Can I talk to you?” Logan said eyeing me with curiosity.

“Yes, of course.” she gave a sad smile before leaving the room with Logan following her.

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