A Perfect Distraction

By MiDDleBeNCherZz All Rights Reserved ©

Romance / Thriller

Masquerade Ball

A/N - Long chapter ahead! Enjoy!


“Hey, Karrie. I hope everything is set for tonight.” Scarlet’s chirpy voice came through the other line of the phone. I let out a sigh before dropping myself on the bed. My mind was constantly playing tricks with me. At some point, I was pretty sure our plan will work out and I’ll be able to gather as much information possible from Olivier about my parent’s murder. But right now, I’m not having that much confidence to go on with this plan.

“I don’t know,” I mumbled in a strained voice.

“What do you mean ‘you don’t know’?” Scarlet asked. I could hear her rummaging through something from the other side. Guess she is getting ready for the ball whereas I’m still in a dilemma. I took a shaky breath and clenched my eyes tightly before opening.

“I don’t know whether I can do this, Scar. What if our plan doesn’t work? I can’t risk yours and Tyler’s life because of me.” I said as my eyesight became blurry. I held my breath as the other line went silent for a moment before Scarlet spoke up.

“Listen here, Karrie. This is our only chance. We’ve to find the real murderers of your parent’s death and you need to be strong. You can’t let your fear consume your mind and soul. If you don’t do this, you’ll only regret the chances you didn’t take for the rest of your life. You want justice for your parent’s death, for that those bastards should suffer hell.” Her voice became sharp and harsh. Her words were what knocked my senses. So many scenarios came to mind like a slideshow -the bullet being fired at mom’s head, the last pleading look in her eyes, dad’s lifeless body on the floor, that cat-green eyed man with a pistol in his hand, smirking evilly.

I took a deep loud breath. When I reopened my eyes, there was a new determination in my eyes. This is what I want. This is what I’ve been longing for months. I can’t miss such a golden opportunity because of my fear.

Justice for my parent’s death and Revenge.

He might have gotten away with the other sinful crimes he had done. But as quoted, each lie has an unpleasant end. And it’s time for Olivier to suffer for his sins. Everyone in this world has a mission, maybe this is mine. To wipe the tears of those innocent families who were his victims.

We ended our conversation shortly after we exchanged few plans and ideas. By the time I finished showering, it was half past 5. Tyler said he would pick me at 7.30, which means I’ve exactly 2 hours to dress up. I applied lotion all over myself before slipping into my black lacy undergarments. I blow dried my hair and straightened it before tying it in a high ponytail with a black satin ribbon. Scarlet gave me lessons how to put makeup for 1 hour in the morning. To be short, it was really boring than history class! I swear I was about to fall flat on the floor if Scarlet didn’t smack my head with a makeup brush.

I applied face primer and dab a small amount of foundation all over my face. I applied dark smokey eyeshadow on my eyes. I then pulled out a lash curler from Scarlet’s makeup suitcase which she had to lend me saying that she had two more for herself. Yes! She has three suitcases full of makeup products. Weird I know! I laid the curler against my eyes and pressed my lashes, following by putting mascara. I then applied dark red lipstick across my lips. Finally, I spread some silver glitter on my eyes and then finished the makeup by spraying moisture mist all over my face to keep my face fresh and healthy throughout the night. I still doubted whether I was doing everything in the right way since this was all new for me. I then slipped into my dress. I decided to go with a black rhinestone necklace with matching earrings, along with a pearl bracelet. My jaws literally dropped open as soon as I stared at my reflection. I look…different. The reflection that’s staring back at me isn’t the same one from two hours back. The women standing in front of me looks bolder, daring and breathtaking. I never knew I can be this beautiful.

It’s about time to bring out the badass girl buried inside me. Tonight, you’re gonna see another version of Karolia.

A laugh escaped my lips as I thought what would be mom’s reaction if she was here. I can imagine myself being chained in the basement for a month if she somehow finds what really I’m planning to do tonight with Olivier to get information. It’s sure I can’t kill him. But as a woman, there are other ways as well to get information from a man.

Exactly at 7.30, Tyler texted me saying he and Finn were waiting outside. This man is another version of Logan, very punctual at the time. A pang of guilt crossed my mind when I thought about Logan. I know what I’m doing is wrong. I’m breaking his trust in me. Once he found out I’m attending the ball behind his back, I’m sure he will be really pissed off. But hey, he should know I won’t give up until I find something.

I slipped into my burgundy lace low heels which matched my dress before rushing out of the house with the mask in my hand. Tyler’s black Porsche, 2017 model was parked outside the building. You might be wondering how the hell I know the model of the car right. Well, Tyler is having this obsession over new cars and he was talking non- stop about his new baby for the past 3 days.

“Wow Karrie, you look fabulous,” Tyler commented with wide eyes, as soon as I slid into the back seat. Tyler’s and Finn’s head was turned back into my direction, with their mouth hanging open.

“If I was straight, I surely would have dated you,” Finn said and I laughed at him.

“Sorry baby. She’s already taken.” Tyler said and I blushed thinking about Logan. I wonder how he will look tonight with a mask.

“Shall we move ahead?” Tyler asked

“Yes, Sir.” Finn and I replied at the same time. Being with these two, you’ll never get bored. They tease and challenge each other and crack jokes. We can easily feel the love radiating between them and it makes me in coo in awe. I’m really happy for them and now they’ve become my family.

My phone vibrated in my bag. When I found the phone, Logan’s name displayed in the caller ID. My heart started to beat frantically in my chest. What if Logan comes to see me in my apartment before going to the ball, only to find out I’m missing from there. Then I’ve to say goodbye to my plans for tonight because I’m pretty sure I will be locked in a cell of Logan’s jail. Shoving negative thoughts aside, I quickly answered the call.

“Hey, Logan,” I said in a cheerful voice. The car immediately fell into silence as soon as Logan’s name was said out loud.

“H-Hey baby. You sound happy.” Logan’s husky voice said from the other side.

“It’s because I’m happy. Why shouldn’t I be?”

“I thought that you would be angry at me for not taking you to the ball. Well, you were till this morning.” Ah shit! I was supposed to be angry at him. Not all lovey-dovey.

“Ahhh yes. I’m angry at you. Who said I’m not.” I said. Tyler was trying to hold his laughter as soon as he saw my face from the rearview mirror. I was biting my nails, a bad habit of mine whenever I’m nervous. It’s really hard to lie to Logan. He will easily catch it.

“Ohh…I’m so sorry sweetheart. But it’s not safe for you to come. Try to understand it.” Logan pleaded.

“I understand,” I said, trying to end this conversation as soon as possible. If we speak more, I’m sure I’ll spill the truth.

“Really? So you’re not mad at me anymore?” Logan asked with uncertainty.

“Yes and no, I’m not mad at you anymore. I know you are just worried about my safety.”

“That’s great. Anyways I’ll see you soon. I’ll be staying at your place tonight and I’ll try to come earlier.” he said and I smiled little before my eyes widened in horror.

“What? NO, don’t come today.” Words escaped my mouth before I could control it. He can’t come today. By the time I reach home after executing this plan, it will be midnight. And I’m pretty sure Logan will leave the ball early to be with me.

“Why? Got any other plan tonight?” Logan asked, his voice dripping with slight anger. Think something, Karrie!

“Yeah, actually I’m at my friend’s house. We’re planning for a sleepover.”

“Which friend? Girl or a Boy?” he asked sharply. Oh god! Please save me!

“Logan stop being possessive and overprotective. I know how to take care of myself. It’s a girl, happy?” I said angrily. He let out a sigh.

“Okay fine. Guess I’ll see you tomorrow.” He said unhappily. Don’t feel guilty Karrie. Just don’t!

“Yeah. I love you.” I said softly.

“I love you more baby. Stay safe,” he said before hanging up. Pheww! That was close.

“Well congrats girl, you handled it well,” Tyler said.

“Thanks” I mumbled and looked out the window, watching building pass behind in a blur. I’m feeling really bad at snapping at Logan. He was just trying to keep me safe. I know he’s a possessive man, so he will find my whereabouts whenever I’m away from him.

“Can I ask you something?” Finn looked at me from his seat. I nodded my head indicating to carry on.

“Why are you so keen on not letting Logan find out that you’re going to the ball?”

“We had an argument and he told me he wouldn’t take me to the ball. I want to outrun him and prove that I could do anything I want.” I think that was the lamest excuse anyone could bring up but I prayed that Finn believed it. I can’t explain everything to them and put their life’s in risk.

“We reached,” Tyler announced, breaking me from my train of thoughts. Two guards were standing near the gate and when they saw our car approaching, one of the guards made a sign of stop with his hand before he strolled towards our car. Tyler rolled down the window and immediately the cold breeze entered into the car, making me shiver slightly. In the haste of organizing the plan in my head, I forgot the most important thing that I needed during this weather. My sweater!

“Name.” the guard bellowed and I cringed at the harshness of his voice. He was supposed to treat the guest with respect!

“Mr. Hudson” Tyler replied back in a cold tone. Guess he also didn’t like that guard’s tone. The guard looked down at the cardboard that I noticed he had in his hand. He then nodded his head to the other guard who was standing motionless near the gate with a pistol in his left hand. The moment he saw his companion nodding his head, he pressed a red button near him. The gate slowly opened, revealing one of the most beautiful mansions I’ve seen. As we drove inside, I looked at my surrounding, my eyes filled up with amazement. There were what seemed to be hundreds of car parked at a far end of the place. There was a fountain which spurted water towards the crystal blue pool beneath it, sitting right in the middle of the lawn. It was surrounded with bushes which held different varieties of flowers. The mansion loomed proudly behind the fountain. The whole structure was painted in white with grey as its border. From the way it was designed, I can tell it was built by one of the top architectures in the world. There was a medieval touch, with the grey stone wall on either side of the house. In short, the house was really a piece of art!

I adjusted my mask on my face. It was a gold Venetian mask with bead embellishments and golden rhinestones which was held by a golden ribbon and few feathers on its side. As soon as I saw this mask in a shop, I instantly fell in love with it and was sure it would go with my dress.

The car stopped in front of the mansion. We stepped out of the car and Tyler gave the car keys to a guard before we walked towards the large black oak door which is the entrance. The door was being held for us by a butler in white and black work suit who smiled politely at us. Tyler was standing to my right whereas Finn to my left. I grinned at them before extending my arms to both of them. Tyler was wearing a grey suit with black shining tie and Finn was wearing brown suit with burgundy tie. All in all, they look handsome.

“Ready boys?” I asked them, cheerfully. But inside I was far from being happy.

“Yes ma’am.” they saluted before interlocking their arms with mine. That’s how we walked down the hall, a girl with two boys in each of her arm. I probably look like some slut desperate for boys. But that was the least of my worries.

My heart was beating frantically at the thought of seeing Olivier inside. Fear would be an understatement to describe my feeling towards him. I’m terrified of him. If he could kill people without batting his eyelashes, I can’t imagine what all he would do with me if he finds me. I won’t be the only one who’ll suffer. But my friends as well. That’s why I want to do this alone in my own way. Scarlet insisted that we do this great deed together, but I declined her idea.

We walked down a velvet red carpeted path that twisted around as several corners. The side of the pathways was decorated with white and red roses hanging from the side. There was a large black door at the end of the pathway and I assume that’s where we’ve to go. Suddenly I felt like I was walking down the aisle of a hall as a bride, with two ‘man of honor’ on my sides, arm- in -arm. I then wondered how it would feel to be a wife. Logan’s wife. To bear his children and lead a family! I blushed at that thought.

‘Snap out of it women. This is not a time to dream! This is a life-death situation. Either we win or we lose. So if you keep on dreaming, Logan will be attending our funeral, not marriage.’ My conscious snapped at me. I shook my head to clear unwanted thoughts and squared my shoulder to face the present. Let’s do this!

A butler opened the black door for us and I stared at the sight in front of me, leaving me memorized. There was a large spiral staircase leading downstairs where the ball was being held. I’ve only seen such kind of scenarios in movies and now I’m experiencing it with my own eyes. There was a huge crystal chandelier hanging in the middle of the room. Long red curtains were draped from the ceiling at each corner of the room. To the back of the room, many rectangular tables were positioned which held a variety of dishes. Many round tables were positioned to the right of the room. The table was covered in white cloth and the chair in red cloth. Each table had a vase of flowers placed in the middle. To the right of the room, there was a long passage that leads to other smaller passages in different directions. To the left of the room, there were many pianists, harp players, and violinists playing a calm and soothing tune. In the middle of the room, men in expensive suit and ladies in gorgeous gowns, all of them adorned with excessively exorbitant masks, gathered in small groups talking and laughing at their jokes. I smelled richness oozing from every people and I didn’t like it even a bit. There were also a lot of waiters walking everywhere, satisfying everyone’s needs.

As we walked down the stairs, some people stopped their conversation and stared at us while other didn’t even acknowledge our presence and continued to talk like there is no tomorrow. When we reached the last stairs, a man in expensive navy blue suit swaggered towards us. I noticed he wasn’t wearing any mask.

“He’s the one who is holding the ball,” Finn said in my ears. I looked at the man again and noticed he was a handsome looking man in his early 40′s. He gave a small nod at Finn and smiled as soon as he saw Tyler and pulled him into a bone crushing hug.

“Oh my nephew, it’s been long since I’ve seen you.” the man said in the deep voice. My mouth was hanging open at the revelation. This top billionaire was his uncle? Why the hell didn’t Tyler tell me that? I’m surely gonna give him a piece of my mind later.

The man looked at me for a moment and asked: “Who’s this beautiful lady?”

“She’s my friend. You don’t mind that I brought two dates. Do you?” Tyler asked and the man laughed.

“Even if you bring hundred people as your date, I don’t mind at all.” The man said and Tyler hugged him in gratitude.

“It’s a pleasure to meet you, milady. I’m Marshall Adams.” the man said, bringing my hands to his lips and placing a small kiss on it.

“Pleasure is all mine, Mr. Adams,” I said with confidence. I was surprised by myself. Neither did I blush at the gesture nor did my voice waver for a second. Great Progress.

He soon left us before telling us to enjoy our night. Soon Tyler and Finn engaged in some conversations with other businessmen and I took this opportunity to walk towards the rectangular table where all the food was arranged. Desserts, bottles of wine and alcohol, a hot steaming variety of dishes were arranged neatly on the table. I took a glass of tequila and gulped it down. It burned my throat but I didn’t mind. I was really in need of some strong drink as I was losing the courage and confidence to do this as minutes pass by. I looked around the room trying to find Olivier. But it was really difficult with everyone wearing a mask.

Suddenly I felt a presence next to me and I turned my head to the right to look at the person. This girl was wearing a blood red gown with beadings on her chest and a black lace feather mask.

Scarlet! It’s ironical how her dress matches with her name.

“Wow...You look different.” Scarlet said, approvingly. She was the one who selected this dress for me, so it’s sure she can spot me easily.

“That was our plan.” I winked at her and she laughed along with me.

“So how’s the plan working?” Scarlet mumbled lowly and looked around us to see if anyone was eavesdropping.

“So far no progress. I am not able to find him.” I said, disappointed.

“You see the man with a white suit and blue mask standing next to that blue gown?” Scarlet said. I followed her eyes and spotted the same man she described.

“Yeah,” I said, my eyes still on him. His hand was flirtatiously placed on the waist of a girl in a blue gown. As I squinted my eyes more closely, I noticed he was squeezing the girl’s waist harshly as she slightly whimpered helplessly. And he seems to enjoy it. Who’s that Asshole?

“That’s Olivier,” Scarlet said and my breath stopped all of a sudden. Fear started to crawl inside my body and I clenched my fist tightly. No Karrie! You shouldn’t be afraid of him.

“How do you know it’s him?” I asked Scarlet. My voice wavered a little.

“I’ve seen him before. Patrick once introduced me to Olivier during one of his matches. And also today he talked with Patrick about some business matter.” Scarlet said and I nodded my head in understanding. Logan once said me Patrick is a pro at car racing and Olivier is the one who organizes matches for Patrick same like he organizes fights for Logan. But what still surprises me is that Logan and Patrick didn’t know the real face of Olivier in all these years. Logan just came to know that recently because of me and Patrick still has no idea of it.

That is also one of the reasons why Logan doesn’t allow me to confront Olivier by myself. Olivier was able to manipulate Logan and Patrick by making them believe he is a good person for all these years. Logan is so worried about what Olivier might do to me if he finds me again. He says he can’t take the risk of losing me.

But what I feel is that I wouldn’t get any other opportunity to get more information from Olivier and watch him in this close without him knowing about me. And even if something happens I don’t think he will risk putting his guard down in a public place like this.

“Are you listening?” Scarlet nudged my shoulder.

“Sorry.” I gave her a sheepish smile.

“I won’t repeat it again. So listen carefully.” She said sternly. “You should be very cautious around him. We’re not sure what effect the drink will have on him. So if it doesn’t work, immediately back out. Never take your mask off in any situation.” She said and I nodded my head.

“Okay, from now onwards, I’ll text you everything. Don’t want anyone to identify you, especially Patrick and your boyfriend.” Scarlet chuckled before walking away.

Suddenly the room became silent and everyone’s eyes were towards the stairs. As I followed their gazes, my eyes met a man in a three-piece suit and red satin tie, his face covered in Black Venetian masquerade mask with red glittery design on side of the mask walking down the stairs. He walks with both confidence and dominance as his presence fills up the entire room. The black tux complimented the man’s body perfectly, enhancing his muscular chest and wide shoulders. His hair was sleeked back into perfection, something I found so alluring. Beside him was a woman in a peach ball gown and golden glittery masquerade mask, clinging onto him like a koala bear. The couple looked wonderful but something about the man seemed off. The women whispered something in the man’s ear and the man nodded in return.

As they reached the last step, they shook hands with Mr. Adams who was waiting for them with a large grin on his face. They exchanged some words which I couldn’t catch because of the distance. Soon the room filled with noises and everyone went back to their conversations. Mostly they are talking about that alluring man.

‘I’ve heard he is a very serious businessman. His keeps all of his staffs in line it seems.’

‘He looks so powerful and handsome.’

These were some of the conversations about that mysterious man I heard from the people standing near to me. I have no idea what was special with this man except that he looked like a freaking Greek god. I shrugged off the thought and concentrated on my target.

“Karolia, what are you doing here?” Tyler asked as he approached me and I stiffened. I narrowed my eyes and glared at him. He widened his eyes and raised his hands in defense.

“Whoa, did I do something wrong?” He asked.

“I told you don’t call my real name here.” I hissed at him. He rubbed the back of his neck with his hand and gave me a sheepish smile.

“Sorry I forgot....Akira,” he said and I nodded at him approvingly.

“Don’t stand here alone. Come with me.” Tyler said and took my arm in his. We met some people and talked with them for a while. Tyler introduced me to them as his secretary. It’s been two hours since the party started and the entire time, I was looking around cautiously. I haven’t seen Logan anywhere and it was making me scared. What if he changed the plan in the last minute and decided not to come for the ball? And decided to pay a visit to me? Then he surely will find out I lied to him about my stay with my non -existing friend.

I felt my mobile vibrating in my hand. I looked at him and saw a message from Scarlet. I unlocked the phone and read the message.

‘It’s time we execute our plan’- S

’Yes,′ I replied back. I was losing my patience when I didn’t get any reply from her for the last five minutes. I looked to see what the hell she was doing. She is taking to a waiter who’s nodding at whatever she is saying with an empty tray in his hand. After a minute or so, I felt my phone vibrating, signaling I have received a message.

’Take the glass from the waiter who’s coming in your way. Make sure that drink is only consumed by Olivier. I’ve spiked the drink. He won’t remember anything when he gets up tomorrow. That’s how strong the drink is. Be careful.’- S

I looked up from my mobile to see the same waiter who Scarlet was instructing walking in my direction with a glass on his tray.

I looked at Scarlet who was standing next to the rectangular table and nodded at her. I walked towards the butler who was walking very slowly, making me lose my patience. As I reached my hand to take the glass from the tray, the glass was taken by some other man from my right. It was that mysterious man. How the hell didn’t I notice him coming?

“I’ll get you another one, ma’am.” the butler said but I paid no heed to it as I was busy shooting daggers at that mysterious man whose back was facing toward me with the glass in his hand as he talked with some couple. God, didn’t he see I was about to take it? It’s spiked for God’s sake and I don’t want anyone to drink it except Olivier. I took a step closer to him ready to argue with him for the glass, but I froze on my track as soon as I heard their conversation.

“I had a great time working with you as your partner, Mr. Watson.” The man said as the women standing next to him smiled at him gratefully.

“It’s been my pleasure.” the thick familiar voice said. It was the same voice I wish I could hear again and again. So deep and thick. The voice belonged to none other than LOGAN WATSON, aka the person whom I should stay away from for tonight.

I then widened my eyes as soon as I realized the drink was in his hand. Till now he didn’t make a move to drink it as he was busy talking, but it won’t last long. Think Karolia! Think! You’ve to do something quickly. You can’t let him have the drink. God help me!

Since I didn’t have any other choice, I did the one thing that came first to my mind. I walked towards him and purposefully bumped into him from the side while in the process jerking his hand, making the drink spill on his suit. I’m so sorry Logan, I didn’t have any other choice.

“The fuck.” he hissed at me and I gasped fakery.

“Oh my god, I didn’t see you. I’m so sorry.” I said in a thick gravelly voice. I cringed internally upon hearing my own voice. Way to go! You might be thinking I could’ve just run away, but that might seem suspicious and I can’t risk that, especially with this man who knows A to Z about me. I just hope he doesn’t recognize me with this fake voice and my disguised self. My heart was beating loudly and I fear it would jump out of my chest at any moment.

“Are you fucking blind, lady” he growled lightly as he wiped his suit with a towel. I took a deep breath to control my tongue. I am on this verge to back answer him with some sassy comment but refrained from it. Don’t risk it! Can’t risk it!

“I said I’m sorry,” I said in thick voice and he looked up at me, giving me a glare. Our gaze met with each other and I felt myself falling into the deep ocean blue eyes. Whenever I look at his eyes, it seems like I’ve no control over my mind and body as I fall into his mesmerizing gaze and this time was no different. We stared at each other’s gaze for a while before I looked away when I felt like he was seeing right through my eyes. He looks damn sexy and wishes I wasn’t in this position where I just had to stand there and look at him without being able to do anything about it. Snap out of it women, it’s not the time to release your hormones.

I looked up to see the women whom he had come with wiping his suit with a kerchief. I felt smoke blowing out from my ears. Who’s this slut that Logan had brought with him?

“Stop staring women. You have done enough damage here. Get away before he does something you’ll regret.” The lady hissed at me. I looked up to notice Logan looking at me with a frown and shaking his head before turning to deal with his suit.

“Gosh, you are so mean and tempered,” I grumbled in the rough voice, rolling my eyes. Any more seconds with her, I’ll lose my control. I turned to a butler who was serving juice to the guests.

“Excuse me.” the man turned towards me.

“Yes, miss. Do you want a glass of juice? “He asked politely and I shook my head.

“No thank you. But can you -” I cut myself as Logan’s head snapped in my direction.

Please don’t identify. Please don’t! I chanted in my head as I cleared my throat before speaking again in the thick voice.

“Can you please tell me where the washroom is?” I asked and the butler pointed to the right of the room. I thanked him before walking away. Logan was staring at me curiously the whole time making me uncomfortable. Even though I feel bad that I ruined his suit, I couldn’t do anything. This is much better than drinking that spiked drink and being out of mind.

I walked into the small passage which leads to many other passages. I turned left, walking toward a door, hoping that it’s a washroom. I opened the door and my guess was right. I walked inside before texting Scarlet to come and meet me here. I don’t know what to do next since the drink is gone.

I glanced at myself in the mirror, adjusting my dress and mask as I waited for her. After five minutes, the door opened and Scarlet scurried in with a scowl on her face.

“Fuck this place. It’s so confusing. It took three minutes for me to find the washroom.” Scarlet complained and I chuckled. What she said was indeed true. This place is confusing. For the first time I’m seeing a party hall in a basement and that too it has a passage which leads to many other rooms in the right corner of the party hall. This is like wow...

“Anyways, why did you call me?” Scarlet asked and I narrated the whole incident from Logan taking the spiked drink until now to her.

“Damn girl. I was going to text you about Logan being reached so that you wouldn’t bump into him accidentally but looks like you guys already did.” Scarlet mumbled. I frowned as I tried to think of some other plan in my head but got nothing. Scarlet then gave me knowing smirk.

“You’re lucky I decided to bring an extra one for safety,” Scarlet said and my eyes lit up like a Christmas tree. I threw myself at her and hugged her tightly.

“You’re the best,” I said and Scarlet laughed as she wrapped her hands around me.

“Patrick is kind of suspicious about me. He says I’m hiding something from him and all that bullshit. So I’ll give you the tablet. Drop it in the drink.” She then put her hands inside her dress and pulled a small packet from her bra. Best place for women to hide things!

“Yeah, I can manage that,” I said. I soon left the washroom with a tablet safely in my hand followed by Scarlet after five minutes. I noticed Olivier was standing in a corner talking on his phone and I think this is the best time to introduce myself to him. I walked toward the rectangular table and took a glass. I poured some drink into the glass. I then looked around and when I made sure no one was watching me, I dropped the tablet into the drink which immediately busted and dissolved in the liquid. Wow...That was amazing to watch. I then dropped two cubes of ice into the drink.

I then poured a glass of tequila and gulped it down in one go. The drink burned my throat and I shook my head to reduce the effect. I then took a deep long breath. With a fearful heart, I walked towards Oliver. He was no longer on his phone, but staring at a lady’s ass who was dancing with her date.

As I neared his bright green eyes met mine and he tilted his head to the side, watching me curiously. Is there any chance for me to back out now? I don’t know into what mess I’m gonna fall into. It’s a cold-blooded criminal we are talking about. One wrong move, he’ll have my head in his hand.

Okay, Karrie, you can do this! Think about all he had done to your parents and many other innocent souls. You want answers and this is the only way.

I stopped in front of him and gave him a seductive smirk. My right hand which was holding the glass was shaking lightly and I tightened my grip around it. I trailed my left finger seductively up and down his left arm and he smirked at me. I noticed he had six fingers instead of five on his left hand.

“What a beauty you’re sugar,” he said in that deep voice which haunted my memory for the past ten months.

“Want some drink?” I asked him in a deep voice and I’m surprised by my voice. It didn’t even waver for a second. It was bold and seductive. Nice move!

He then took the glass from my hand and slowly brought it to his lips, drinking from it with his gaze fixed on mine. His gaze was lecherous and I tried my best to ignore it. I didn’t even blink my eyes and watched him drink every drop.

“Akira.” I introduced. He took my hand and brought it to his lips, pressing a kiss on it. I gritted my teeth before smiling at him, indicating I liked his move. Whereas to be honest, I felt disgusted. Remind me to wash my hands seven times in holy water.

“Olivier,” he said, his voice slurring a bit. I guess the drug has started to kick in. Time to take the next move!

“Wanna go somewhere private,” I asked him and he laughed. He then gave me those heated look which indicates I’m on the right track.

“Lead the way, sugar,” he said and I smirked at him. I then turned around rather slowly, and put my right leg first showing my thighs as the slit moved to both sides. I turned my head back and winked at him as his gaze was fixed on my thighs. He then walked forward, him following me.

We stopped in one of the many rooms in the darkly lit passage and I twisted the doorknob, opening the door. The room was medium sized with a queen sized bed in the middle, a nightstand beside the bed with a table lamp on it. The walls were painted in brown and white combination.

I closed the door but didn’t lock the door. I’m not stupid. I need to escape if something goes wrong! Taking in a few deep breaths, I tried to calm my nerves down, before turning around to face Olivier, his mask in his hand.

“Let’s have some fun, sugar.” he slurred huskily and started walking in my direction. My heart stopped for a second and for a moment I forgot what I was supposed to do. His gaze was lustful and his body staggered.

“Uh-Oh.” I stopped him away with a finger. He stumbled back. I circled around him for few moments as he watched me amusingly.

“How about we play something different,” I asked him making sure to keep my fake thick voice seductive. He glanced at me and smirked.

“AAs long as it’s pleasurable, I’m ready for anything.” he slurred. Eww...

Pleasurable ... my ass!

“You’ll see.” I grinned and pushed him down to his knees with all my strength.

“Whoa baby, what are you doing?” He asked surprised.

“Something different,” I said, licking my dried, trembling lips rather slowly.

“How about you remove your belt and give it to me?” I asked him.

“Sure.” his eyes lit up. He first removed his jacket throwing it carelessly and then removed his belt from the pant before handing it over to me. I took it from his hand and walked behind him. Since he was sitting, I had to bent down a little. I took his hands and tied it behind his back with the belt with shaky hands. This was for my safety if he tried to do anything like touching me. Naah, can’t risk that!

“Whaat ever you’re doing, I’m looving it,” he said and I rolled my eyes from behind. Oh, how I wish I could bang his head in a wall and get answers rather than trying to seduce him to get answers. The reason why I decided to go with this plan was, it’s always easy to get answers from a drugged person. And right now, Olivier is out of his mind and whatever I ask him he might tell me the truth without thinking twice over it. Now you might be thinking why I am trying to get answers in this way? Well, the answer is simple, whatever I say him to do, he will do it obediently thinking it’s a part of seducement, even answering some questions. It was Scarlet’s idea. That girl is a genius in such matters!

I then tried to remove his tie but was in vain as my hands kept on shivering uncontrollably. Olivier chuckled before wrapping his hands around mine which was on his collar of his shirt. I immediately jerked my hands away. He removed his tie and extended it to me.

“Soo excited to do it, that’s whyy you’re shivering.” he purred and I chuckled nervously and took the tie from him. Excited? I’m scared like shit!

With the tie, I blindfolded his eyes, so that he couldn’t see anything. Then I plucked a feather from his mask and tickled it in his ear before trailing it along with his jawline.

“What’s that?” He asked huskily.

“My hands,” I said in my original voice. I’m sure he won’t remember any of this when he gets up tomorrow, so why to strain myself to make a new voice. It’s so difficult!

“So soft and ticklish” he purred and I rolled my eyes. I then walked in front of him as my heels clicked loudly against the floor. His breathing was labored as he enjoyed the feeling. I stood in front of him and slapped hard on his face. His face jerked sideways and he chuckled.

“Why?” I asked him. I want to know why he killed my parents.

“Do it again, it felt so good!” He moaned and I slapped him again, harder.

“Why did you kill my parents?” I asked him, anger seething in my veins. I decided it’s better to come to the point rather than beating around the bush.

“Come on baby, let’s have fun. Whichever parents you’re talking about that I don’t understand can go to hell. Remove this blindfold, I want to see you.” he said and I clenched my eyes tightly. I should have known he won’t remember who I am talking about!

“Okay, fine,” I said and slammed my hands on his shoulders hardly making him wince slightly.

“Who killed your wife?” I asked him. I’m pretty sure he won’t forget the person who killed his wife even in his sleep. That dreadful night when he killed my parents, he said he was just following his boss’s command. He also said his wife was killed because of me on that night when he caught me in New York. Who is this boss? He is the top one in this chain. He is the one behind all of this!

“Tell me, who killed your wife?” I asked him again as he remained silent. He opened his mouth and closed it again.

“My wife, my love. She’s dead. He killed her.” He mumbled painfully and I huffed. His pain is nothing compared to my pain as well as others. He should suffer more than hell!

“Who killed her?” I gritted out. He’s testing my patience.

“My boss,-” before he could finish, the bedroom door burst open. I quickly jumped from fright and turned around to the door. My heart stopped beating all of a sudden as my gaze met with the one whom I was supposed to stay away tonight.

“What the fuck is going on here?” And boy was he angry! He was furious like hell!

Shit, I’m dead! Prepare my Funeral.


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