A Perfect Distraction

By MiDDleBeNCherZz All Rights Reserved ©

Romance / Thriller

Regression to the mean - Part 1



I lay peacefully on my bed staring at the ceiling as my mind drifted into deep thoughts. It has been a few weeks since I’ve moved out and to be honest, this isn’t exactly what I’ve wanted. Sure, I wanted to have a new start as an independent and strong person...but I can’t deny the fact that I’m starting to miss Grecia and Logan.

I’m not complaining about the apartment though. This place is comfier than I’ve expected. The neighbors are also really sweet. Even Tyler had paid several visits since I’ve moved in. My life didn’t have much of a change, ever since I’ve moved in. After my classes, I spent my free time wandering around the house or reading any books. Scarlet had also stayed over for a couple nights. I had also started working for an animal clinic which is just 10 minutes from the apartment. The vet of the clinic Maria, a woman of mid-forties, was kind enough to offer me a helper job with a reasonable pay. She is a really sweet lady and I spent most of my time in the clinic.

I rolled over my bed and noticed the photo frame on my nightstand. It was a picture of me held firmly in Logan’s arms. I was smiling widely at the camera, while Logan was smiling at me. His smile was so genuine, so happy and full of love. This one was taken at the beach by Scarlet. I felt myself smiling at the picture. I hugged the frame, smiling at myself as my mind recalled our memories together.

Even though we are not a couple, we surely acted like one.

(A few days back)

The sound of thunder shook me off of my peaceful sleep. I rolled over my bed and walked up to the window. I noticed that it was pouring heavily and the streets seemed to be out of lights, leaving them completely dark. I had always feared darkness ever since my parents died. Darkness reminded me of those horrific days in my past.

I jumped from my stand as another thunder stroke. Guess I’m not going to get any more sleep now. Great!

I slowly walked to my bed, rubbing my temple in annoyance. I heard a soft knock at my door. I glanced at the clock and noticed that it was past midnight. Who the hell is it at this time of the hour!?

My heart started to beat faster as the knocking sound increased. What the hell am I supposed to do now!? What if it is some psycho? Or worse a rapist?

Oh god!! I never thought my life would end this short. I still have a lot more things on my bucket list to be completed. I jumped slightly as I heard the knocking sound once again.

Okay, Karrie...just breathe. You got this.

I grabbed the nearest thing to me, which happens to be a flower vase. I tightened my grip on it and took slow steps towards the door. I grabbed the doorknob but couldn’t help my fingers from shaking. I unlocked it before slowly twisting it. I opened the door, ready to smash Mr. Anonymous with my non-existent smacking skills. I raised the vase I was holding up high before smashing it on him, waiting for the impact with my eyes closed shut.

But I felt my arm being caught midway in the air and my body pushed to the wall. I peeked my one eye open and caught a glimpse of those mesmerizing blue eyes.

Wait - what? Did I say blue eyes?

I opened both my eyes to see the possessor of those majestic eyes, covered in a hoodie and drenched in water.

“Logan?” I whispered out of curiosity.

He pulled back his hood before leaning back, against the door frame with his signature smirk on.

“Really Lia? A vase? Didn’t get anything better?” He teased as I blushed harder in embarrassment. He walked into the room and I shut the door behind.

“So what are you doing here Mr. Creepy Watson?” I asked glancing at the wall clock.

“Isn’t it obvious?” He asked as I raised my brow. “Just thought of paying you a visit”.

“At this time?” I asked, crossing my arms over my chest.

“Yup,” He said, looking around the apartment.

“Give me a towel” he said and I raised a brow at him. Demanding much!

“For what?” I asked, narrowing my eyes at him.

“Can’t you see I’m soaked in water?” He said and I rolled my eyes before walking into the wardrobe, pulling out a towel. I handed it to him and he walked into the washroom. I thought he was just kidding when he said he would crash here during midnight. Uh, well ‘never ever underestimate Logan Watson.’

I walked to my bed before popping down. I held my phone, scrolling through the news feed.

“Hey, Lia. Where’s the laundry basket?” He asked.

“Oh it’s right there,” I said pointing to my right, without darting my eyes off my phone.

Wait a minute. Why would he need the laundry basket?

“Why do yo- holy crap!!” I shrieked covering my eyes as soon as I saw the sight ahead of me. Logan was standing there, only in his shorts, revealing his six-pack abs and toned muscles. Why the hell is he standing there half naked!??

“Logan! What the hell are you doing!? If you have any such plans in your mind, then I swear to god-“ I was cut off by him laughing his ass out.

I slowly peeked through my fingers that covered my face. He was laughing, clutching his stomach.

“You’ve got a filthy mind” he said out of breath. I felt a sharp blush creep on my cheek as I mentally face-palmed myself for what I’ve just said. God! Why does this have to be so damn embarrassing!?

He walked to the laundry bag, before dumping his wet clothes in it.

“I just don’t have a spare” he said smirking.

“But I can’t sleep in here peacefully knowing that you are literally wearing nothing!” I said.

“Why? Is my hotness making you uncomfortable, love?” He said in a husky tone and I felt my stomach twist as heard him call me love.

“N-nop-pe” I couldn’t help but stammer. He took slow painful steps towards me as I darted my gaze to the floor. He came so close that I felt his minty breath fan my face. He lifted my chin with his thumb to look at him.

“But the blush on your cheeks says a different story, love.” he whispered as his lips brushed my earlobe. What’s up with him calling me love!? I pushed him away with my hands. I felt a sharp tingle run down my spine as my hands made contact with his bare chest.

“Okay. You need a spare right. Guess I’ve one.” I said before walking to my closet and picking out the one I’ve been looking for.

I threw it at Logan and he caught it with ease. His eyes widened in shock as he examined the shirt.

“No way. I’m not going to wear this” he said, looking at the shirt with disgust.

“And why is that?” I asked, my hands on my hips.

“Because it’s a girl’s shirt.” He said and I huffed.

“So what? If girls can wear men’s shirt, then why can’t you wear ours” I tried to reason with him and he gave me a blank look.

“That’s totally different. I won’t even fit in this” he complained.

“You should’ve been clever enough to bring a spare one.” I said and he frowned.

“Can’t you just try it on?” I said and he shook his head firmly.

“Alright then, guess you need to sleep on the floor” I said smirking and he narrowed his eyes.

“Just turn around” he mumbled and I laughed.

“Woah, finally someone is self-conscious.” I said, teasing him.

“If you don’t want me to strip in front of you, I suggest you to do what I say.” he said, with a smirk playing on his lips. If his face wasn’t so damn appealing and attractive, then I would’ve punched him. Screw you and your hotness Watson!

“Alright” I said and turned away from him.

“This is so girlish” he mumbled, after a moment

“Stop complaining.”

“I’m done” he said and I turned around. I burst out into laughter as soon as I saw him. Even though the shirt is bit tight for him, he can manage wearing this for one night. But what made me laugh is the way he looks in that pink shirt. To be honest, pink doesn’t suit him AT ALL.

“Yeah yeah laugh how much ever you want” he said annoyed witch made me laugh more. I wiped my tears away and took deep breaths.

A yawn escaped my mouth as I felt my eyes heavy. I walked up to the bed, before plopping in it, letting the comfort engulf me. I felt the bed sink beside me and Logan’s arm being draped around my waist, pulling me closer. He switched off the lamp before kissing my temple.

“Good night Lia.” I heard him whisper and kissed my hair.

“Good night.” my voice came out as a mere whisper as I felt my eyelids droop close, drifting into a deep sleep.


I felt a smile form on my lips as I thought of Logan. He’s totally a different person from what I’ve thought and heard. People say he doesn’t have a heart and don’t have any feelings. But to me, he is a person who understands others feelings, at least he understands me... and can be relied on.

I glanced at the clock and realized that I’m definitely going be late to my class if I don’t get dressed up. I walked to my closet, rummaging through the pile of clothes. Finally, I decided to wear my comfy black jeans with a blank tank top and a converse. I didn’t feel like applying anything to my face. I just combed my hair and put a tint of lip gloss before walking out. I took my books before stepping out of the front door.

I grabbed my stuff from my locker before heading to class. Scarlet and Tyler joined me on my way. Luckily we three had the same class for Accountancy. The class is boring as hell, with the professor constantly blabbering about the accounting details.

We three took our seats in the last row, waiting for the hell hour to begin. The professor began his lectures while I began to get lost in my own thoughts. I was disturbed by my phone vibrating in my pocket. I took it out before opening the message I’ve received.

Where are you?’ - L

‘In class’ - K

’Coming to pick you up. Be there in 10’ - L

‘WHAT!? NO WAY! I’m not coming anywhere until my classes get over’ - K

I was waiting for his reply as Scarlet and Tyler began asking me what’s going on. I handed them my phone as they read the conversation.

“Karrie I think you should really get out of this hell hole and be out there with Logan,” Scarlet said as I gave her a glare.

“Why are you glaring at her? She’s right” Tyler said from the other side.

“Guys you both gotta be nuts! I’m not skipping classes okay!” I said.

“Yeah But-“Scarlet was cut off by the professor calling her name out.

“What’s going on there? Please share with us also.” Professor said, glaring at her.

“I’m afraid whether you will like it, Mr. Kieth.” Scarlet said and we stared at her in confusion.

“What’s it?” the professor asked, annoyed.

“Actually Karolia was asking if you really know how to teach because she doesn’t seem to understand anything you explain.” She said and I choked on my saliva.

“What the he-“

“Two of you. Out!” The professor snapped, interrupting me. Tyler started to laugh loudly which made the professor to throw him out of the class as well.

I glared at both of them while Tyler just winked at me and Scarlet gave me a flying kiss. I stormed out of the class as I felt my phone buzz again.

‘Too bad. I’m already here’ - L

I just sighed in annoyance as Scarlet and Tyler were whistling innocently as if nothing has ever happened. Now I’m left with no choice. I waved back at Scarlet and Tyler, before walking towards the main gate.

I noticed Logan’s Porsche, parked near the gate. I walked towards it, before opening the door and plopping down in the passenger’s seat.

“Morning!” He said with his charm never fading.

“I hate you,” I said, giving him a glare.

“Oh...that’s too bad. I thought you love me. My bad.” My heart dropped to my feet as soon as those words left his mouth. I kept silent for the rest of the ride, my mind struck with his words, because what he said was true.


“Where are we going?” I asked as I noticed we were on the outskirts of the city.

“A place which you will love.” he said and I rolled my eyes. Again a surprise. This man is full of surprises!

I laid my head on the window as I watched the numerous trees pass by. Logan starts to slow down as he goes along a side road and stops the car in front of a park. He unlocks the car and steps out heading in my direction, before opening my door for me.

“Thank you.” I said and stepped out, looking around the place.

“Why are we in the park?” I asked as I noticed there’s nothing special about this park. It’s same as other parks but a bit smaller.

“Actually, this is not where I want to take you.” he said and I gave him a blank look. He took my hands in his and dragged me towards a bike which was parked a few distances away. His bike.

“Now, we’ll be riding on my baby.” he said, patting his bike with adoration. Men and their craze for bikes!

“Baby? This one is a freaking monster.” I said with widened eyes and he rolled his eyes.

“Stop over-acting.” he said and I narrowed my eyes.

“I’m not getting on that thing.” I crossed my arms over my chest.

“Then you’ve to walk 30 km in this scorching sunlight.” he said and I groaned.

“Is this place in some hell or what, that we can’t go in a car?” I said.

“Can you just shut up and get on the bike?” he said, annoyed.

“Fine. But you owe me two ice creams.” I said and walked towards that monster.

“As you wish, baby girl.” he chuckled and I glared at him. He gently placed the helmet on my head and closed the straps tightly under my chin.

“Hop on.” he says as he places his own helmet on his head. He turned his head, eyebrows raised, silently asking me what was holding me up.

“You had already planned this before, didn’t you?” I asked and he smirked.


“Jackass.” I mumbled.

“Buffoon.’’ I huffed and climbed on the bike, grabbing the sides of the seat.

“Hold on to me tightly.” he said and turned the engine on. It vibrated angrily.

“I’ll pass.” I said and he shrugged his shoulders.

“Alright then”. My arms automatically went around him as the bike zoomed forward.

“Dick.” I shouted in his ears.

“Vagina.” he shouted back. WHAT THE HELL! HE IS SO…….UGH (A/N - Please don’t kill me.)

My skin prickled with irritation and I pinched his stomach. He stopped the bike all of a sudden making me jerk forward onto his back.

“Are you planning to get both of us killed.” he shouted at me as he turned his head to look at me.


“Just don’t touch there.” he mumbled.

“Why – Are you ticklish?” I asked and poked him in his stomach, causing him to squirm. I gasped loudly and a huge smile crosses my face.

“Oh god, I found your ticklish spot.” I said, causing him to scowl at me. I poke him again in his stomach and he let out a small laugh, which made me smile more.

“Can you stop that?” he asked but his voice breaks halfway.

“Fine,” I said and wrapped my arms around him more tightly.


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