A Perfect Distraction

By MiDDleBeNCherZz All Rights Reserved ©

Romance / Thriller

Splitting Apart

“This place is so small.” Logan frowned, absorbing the interior of my new apartment. I brought him here only because he insisted that he wanted to see it, but I seriously regret it right now. He obviously didn’t like this place and has been trying his best to change my mind to choose the house that he had offered me earlier today.

Yep, he showed me a freaking ‘house’ for me to stay and of course, I rejected his offer. The reason why I rejected that was he refused to take the rent from me and that house was too big for me to live alone.

“I’ll be living alone Logan. I don’t need a big apartment.” I said. It was indeed a small apartment. But it looked like a home and it seemed comfy too. It has a bedroom with attached bathroom, a living room, and a small kitchen. The color lavender, pink and white dominated the apartment.


“Ugh, enough of your questions. Come, I’ll show you the best part of this place.” I said and took his hands in mine, dragging him towards the balcony. The evening wind blew against my exposed skin forming goosebumps all over my body as soon as I opened the balcony door.

“Look, from here I can see the city.” I said excitedly. I turned my head to the right to look at him, but he was already staring at me with a small smile playing on his lips.

“What?” I asked him amused. He shook his head and looked away, still smiling.

“Why are you smiling?” I asked my hands on either side of my waist.

“Can’t I smile simply?” he asked, looking at me.

“You can. But you were staring at me and smiling. Well, that’s….creepy.” I said. He threw his head back and laughed loudly. I stared at him with a smile on my face. He looks so handsome and young when he laughs. It makes me want to kiss him right now. Wait, what? Did I say that? Kiss him?

Oh god, I’m totally out of my mind. He’s making me go crazy.

His laughter dies down after a while and he grins at me. Then he took a step forward towards me and I took a step back. Soon I was trapped against a wall by his steel form. He snaked his arms around my waist and jerked me closer to him. I gasped loudly and placed my hands on his chest.

“L-Logan, what are y-you doing?” I couldn’t help but stammer. A delicious shudder heated my body and his nearness made my head spin. The desire to kiss him was becoming stronger and stronger as the seconds trickled by. My eyes drifted down to his lips then to his eyes. My breath hitched in my throat and the adrenaline pumped through my veins when I noticed him staring at my lips with a dreamy look. He leaned forward slowly and I closed my eyes, waiting for his lips to touch mine.

“Karolia… where are you?” I jumped suddenly and pushed Logan away as fast as I could.

“Karolia…?” Tyler’s voice came from the living room and I placed my hand on my chest, trying to control my racing heart.

“I’m coming,” I said and looked at Logan, who was frowning at me.

“Why is he here?” he hissed at me with gritted teeth.

“I’ll tell you later,” I said. I walked into the living room and saw Tyler, who was holding a bouquet of pink roses in his hand.

“This is for you, beautiful” he smiled at me and I took the flowers from him.

“Thank you,” I said and gave a kiss on his cheeks.

“Uh-oh,” he said and quickly took a step back. I looked at him in confusion and noticed him staring at something behind me. I turned around and saw Logan standing a few feet away from us with a cold expression. His fist was clenched tightly and he was glaring at Tyler.

“Mr. Watson. What a great surprise to see you here” Tyler said, but I noticed his voice was shaking a bit. But I couldn’t blame him though. Logan was looking at him like he wanted to rip his head off right now.

“What are you doing here and why are you giving flowers to my girl?” Logan hissed at him.

“My girl, huh?” Tyler whispered to me from behind, so that only I could hear him before he cleared his throat loudly.

“Well, I just came here to see Karrie and wanted to give her these. Pink roses are her favorite” Tyler said and Logan narrowed his eyes.

“How do you know she was here?” Logan asked.

“Logan. Tyler is the owner of this apartment.” I interrupted and took a cautious step towards him, slightly warning him not to make a problem.

“Oh, so you will accept the apartment from him, but not from me, huh?” Logan asked angrily. Is he jealous?

“N-No. It’s nothing like that” I said quickly.

“Then what is it, Lia? Are you in love with him?” he asked making my heart skip a beat. What? How can I love Tyler when Im in love with you, Logan?

“Watson, you’re being wrong. I’m not in ….” He stopped talking when Logan suddenly appeared in front of him and grabbed his collar, pushing him against the wall. I gasped loudly, but I couldn’t move an inch. It seemed like as if my feet were glued to the ground.

“How dare you? How dare you take her away from me?” Logan growled while Tyler was smirking at him. Is he serious? He’s freaking smirking right now! He’s gonna die!!

“Hey, leave him alone” I heard a familiar voice and turned around to see Finn standing near the front door, with an angry look. He stormed towards the Logan and pushed him away from Tyler, quite harshly.

Logan stumbled back a little by surprise. Soon he regained his composure and took a dangerous step towards them.

“Are you okay, baby? Did he hurt you?” Finn asked Tyler, taking Tyler’s face in his hands and examining it. Logan stopped dead in his tracks and his body stiffened.

“I’m fine, babe. Don’t worry.” Tyler said and gave a peck on Finn’s lips. Then he looked at Logan and smiled.

“Logan, meet my fiance Finn. We are going to get married this November.” Tyler said and looked at Finn lovingly. Aww…

“Hello,” Finn said awkwardly and waited for Logan’s response. But Logan stayed rooted in his place, looking between Taylor and Finn with a confused face.

“Uh. Hi Finn” I said, trying to ease the tension around us.

“Hi, Karrie. It’s good to see you again” Finn smiled at me and I smiled back.

“Excuse us for a minute. I need to talk to her” Logan interrupted and took my hands, interlocking his fingers with mine. He dragged me out of the apartment and towards the terrace of the building.

“Is he a…gay?” Logan asked me, still confused and I nodded.

“So you don’t love him?”

“Of course not,” I said. His tight expression relaxed into a smile. He looked at me intently, then raked his eyes boldly over me. My heart jolted and my pulse pounded when he moved closer and pushed me against a wall.

“Let’s continue what we had stopped before,” he said huskily and I widened my eyes at the meaning of his words.

“Logan, don’t. They…” My words were lost when he covered my mouth and kissed deeply. One of his hands roamed around my back before making its way, tangling his fingers in my hair gently, yet in a firm grip. I savored his lips and kissed him passionately, our lips moving in a perfect rhythm. We pulled back when I was out of breath. He pressed his forehead against mine and closed his eyes, breathing heavily.

“I’ve never felt this connection with anyone, except you, Lia. I like holding you this close, kissing those amazing lips and I don’t want to loose you. Please don’t go.” Logan said softly and my heart melted.

“I’m not going anywhere, Logan. I’ll always be there for you. And you are always welcome to my apartment.”

“But, why are you moving out. Why can’t you just stay with us in the mansion?” he asked.

“Logan, please... I said you. I can’t stay there anymore. I can’t burden you and Grecia anymore. I need to be independent. Please…try to understand” I said, my voice breaking. He hugged me tightly and kissed my temple.

“Alright. But you need to keep your word.” he said, with a smug expression.


“That I’m always welcome to your place. Even at midnight.” He whispered the last part, his lips brushing my earlobe, sending shivers down my spine. I slapped his chest playfully.


I woke up to the bright sunshine filling my room from the large glass window. I sat up straight and let out a groan when I noticed the mess I’ve created last night. I’ve been packing my things up all night until I got exhausted and slept. I frowned when I noticed I still have some more packing left to do.

I walked up to the bathroom and stared at my reflection in the mirror. I could notice the bags under my eyes. Well, that’s the reward I get for packing all night. Ugh!! I made a mental note to patch them up with some concealer later.

I did my morning routine and continued with the rest of my packing. It was half-past eleven when I was done. I decided to take a short bath before leaving. But it turned out that I stayed in there for about an hour. The thought of moving out made my heart ache. I had never imagined that I would be this close to the Watsons. When I had first met Grecia, I had no idea that she would mean this much to me right now. It’s now almost impossible for me to leave her. She has been like a mother to me for the past few months. I will cherish all the sweet memories I had with her for the rest of my life.

And then there is Logan. I had never felt this kind of feeling towards anyone but Logan. Whenever he is near, I could feel butterflies going on a rampage in my belly. Everything about him is so irresistible. His eyes, his smile, his abs, his lips....everything! Apart from his godly looks, I’ve never met someone who is so beautiful from inside too. Even though he had had a rough past, he is nothing like it anymore. All that he had done was for his family, for his mother. That’s what made him unique.

The way Logan looks at me makes me feel special. His touch creates tingles down my spine. It’s too divine. I don’t think I could resist his mere presence anymore. I need to get away from him as soon as possible. I don’t want this feeling to grow any longer. Longer to the extent that I won’t be able to leave him. But I don’t think moving out is going to be easy either as well. But I’ve to. It’s now or never…

God has always been very keen to take all those whom I love, far away from me. Except for this time, it’s me who is deciding to leave. Leave the ones whom I love. I dressed up in pink print off the shoulder top with soft blue jeans. I did my best to cover up my dark circles. Making sure that I haven’t left anything behind, I strode down the stairs. My chest tightened with each step I took.

Okay. You can do this Karrie. Just breathe in and out.

I took in a deep breath before opening the kitchen door. I noticed Grecia standing near the counter, preparing her coffee. She turned around as I cleared my throat.

“Good morning sweetheart,” she said, her voice as sweet as honey.

“Morning” my voice came out to be lower than I’ve expected.

“I’m actually..uh....l-leaving now” I couldn’t help but stammer.

“Oh honey...come here,” she said, stretching out her arms. I ran into them without any hesitation. I hugged her so tightly, tight enough to hold me together. I couldn’t control my tears anymore. I cried on her shoulder and she held on me until I stopped crying. I pulled back and she kissed my forehead.

“It’s going to be alright. But just remember that you’re always welcome here. You can come back whenever you want.” she said wiped my tears away. I helped her to prepare breakfast and we talked about random things.

“Where’s Logan?” I asked her, after some time.

“He’s in his room.” I nodded and left the kitchen, after bidding a goodbye to Grecia.

I stood in front of Logan’s room, my heart beating out of my chest. I need to make this goodbye really quick. I don’t want to break down in front of Logan as I did in front of Grecia. Then I rarely doubt he would let me go. I knocked on the door and the door clicked open within a second, revealing Logan in his formal clothing.

He moved aside to let me in without uttering a word. I walked towards the bed, unable to face him. I was scared to look at him. To look at those deep blue eyes, which sees right through my soul. What if he finds out I love him? Suddenly he grabbed my wrist, turning me around.

“Logan I-” He cut me off with his lips. The kiss was gentle, soft and almost impossible to resist me from kissing him back. His one hand rested on the small of my back while the other cupped my face. We pulled back to catch our breath. He didn’t let go of me even when I tried to move. I decided to stay in this position for some time. After all, this may be the last contact between us. I wrapped my arms around his torso while my head rested on his chest, listening to his firm heartbeat.

“You can still change your mind, you know” He whispered, his hand stroking my hair gently.

“Logan... I’ve come to this decision only after a lot of thinking. I don’t want to have any second thoughts.” I said, pulling back.

“As you wish.” He said, sighing.

“I’ve got something for you.” He said and I raised my brow at him, silently asking him what is it. He moved to the chest of wooden drawer, before taking out a small box wrapped in a silver wrapper with a black tie on top.

“Here,” He handed it to me. “Keep this as my souvenir” I slowly untied the ribbon and removed the wrapper gently. I clicked open the slit of the box and stared at it in awe.

Inside it was a beautiful silver pendant, with a marvelous Ruby stone in the shape of the heart in the middle. I let my fingers touch the cold metal, feeling its cut. Logan took the necklace before turning my back to face him. He ran his fingers through my hair brushing it in deep strokes before carefully, gently dropping it over my shoulders. He then placed the necklace on my bare neck and I flinched as the cold metal touched my skin. He held the chain in his hand as he trailed his fingers along my collarbone, before pinning it up at the back of my neck. I lowered my head to look at it as a smile formed on my lips. I turned around to see Logan, staring at me with an unreadable expression.

“This is so beautiful. Thank you” I said, standing on my tiptoes to kiss him on his cheeks. We walked towards the main gate, where the Uber was waiting that I had called earlier. I gave him one last hug tightly before entering the car. I settled myself down in the seat and looked at Logan through the window.

“Goodbye Logan.” I whisper as a tear rolled down my cheek.


“Lia, where are you? Why are you crying?” I asked, my heart beating loudly against my chest.

“Logan.....Help me...I need you” she sobbed.

(The lines above is a small incident from the next chapter)


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