A Perfect Distraction

By MiDDleBeNCherZz All Rights Reserved ©

Romance / Thriller

In Love?

“Are you sure you want me to do this?” Logan asked for the millionth time. I sighed heavily.

“Then for what the hell we came all the way to his office?!” I snapped. He’s really getting on my nerves now!


“Alright, you don’t wanna do this? Fine, lets get out of here!” I snapped, dragging him away, but in vain. He wouldn’t budge.

“Fine. I’ll say” he said reluctantly.

We walked towards the elevator, pressing the button for floor no. 20, where Patrick’s cabin is. The entire time Logan was fiddling with his fingers, his brows furrowed. I wanted to comfort him, but I knew that he wanted space to think right now. So I kept my hands to myself. Nowadays it seems that I can’t resist myself from touching him. We stepped out of the elevator, walking towards Patrick’s cabin.

“I’ll stay here” I said and he nodded. He went inside the office while I sat on a chair, close to the cabin. I looked around the office and absorbed the interior. Everything was in black and white. Expensive paintings were hung down on a wall and there were about 20 people working on this floor. There was seriousness in their face, typing furiously in their laptops.

Suddenly I heard a loud noise coming from the cabin. Without thinking, I dashed into his cabin.

“This is for being a dick the entire time “ I heard Patrick say. Logan was standing in front of him, his head hung low and fist clenched tightly. I noticed a bruise started to form on his left cheek.

Patrick again punched him on his right jaw saying “This is for threatening my girlfriend “

“And this is for my self satisfaction.” Patrick punched him right on his nose. “Now you’re forgiven “ he said and ran a hand through his hair. I widened my eyes and stared at them as if they had grown two heads.

“I guess I deserved that. But Thanks man for forgiving me” Logan said and they both hugged each other.

Men have a weird way of apologizing !!

“Hey Karolia! Come here and give this man a hug” Patrick said and opened his arms. I smiled and walked towards him, embracing him in a hug. We pulled apart when we heard Logan clear his throat. Suddenly his phone started ringing.

“I’ve to take this. I”ll be right back” he said and left the room.

“Well, I appreciate you Karolia” Patrick said and I gave him a confused stare.

“What do you mean?” I asked him.

“I know it’s because of you that Logan apologized to me.”

“No, it’s not because of me” I quickly lied, making him chuckle.

“Sweetheart, Logan isn’t a type of guy who apologizes to others. I’ve known him my entire life and till now I haven’t heard him apologize except to his mom.”

“He’s changing for good without realizing it. And he’s changing because of you” he said and my heart skipped a beat.

“N-No he isn’t “

“You mean something to him Karolia. You’ll understand it sooner or later.”


The ride back home was silent. I stared out of the window, thoughts running through my mind. Patrick’s words were being played in my mind continuously.

“You mean something to him, Karolia. You’ll understand it sooner or later.” What does he mean? Does Logan have any feelings for me? No, he don’t like me…right? What’s there in me for him to like me? I am just an average girl to him. There’s a lot of beautiful women waiting out there for him, trying to grab his attention.

He don’t like me! He don’t like –

“We’re here.” Logan said, snapping me out of my train of thoughts. I took a deep breath and got out the car without saying a word. When I was about to climb the stairs, someone caught my arm from behind and pushed me into a room. I gasped loudly when Logan suddenly appeared in front of me.

“Logan, what the –“ I stopped in midsentence when he placed his finger on my lips. My heart started to beat fastly when he pushed me to a wall. When I looked into his eyes, I saw something which made me to stop breathing.


“L-Logan, what are you doing?” I asked, my voice barely above a whisper. He licked his bottom lip and butterflies started to dance in my belly. His blue eyes bore into mine before they flickered down to my lips, lingering there.

“Thank you Lia. Thank you so much for helping me to get my friend back.” I closed my eyes as his fingers traced a line on my cheek. Suddenly his arm snaked around my waist, pulling me against his body while his other hand secured the back of my neck. He dipped his head low and placed his lips on mine. I wrapped my arms around his neck and kissed him back. At first the kiss was gentle and sweet, then it turned rough and demanding.

We pulled back breathless. He rested his forehead against mine. I could feel his peppermint breath on my face and his masculine scent.


“Don’t. Please give me a moment.” I said. He nodded and stepped back. I looked down, unable to look into his eyes. This kiss….. It felt amazing, same like the first one.

I took a deep breath and walked away from him, towards my room. I plopped down on the bed and stared at the ceiling. He’s making me harder to move out from this house. He’s making me feel something I’ve never felt in my entire lifetime.


I’m in love with him. I’m in love with Logan Watson.


I stared at my plate as I began fidgeting and moving my fork, not daring to look at either one of their eyes. The dinner is delicious, but to be honest, I lost my appetite. I need to inform them about this sooner than later, but whenever I open my mouth I felt like my throat was being choked and the words wouldn’t come out.

I cleared my throat to grab their attention. “So.... I’ve got something to tell you both.” They both stared at me, confused.

“I’m planning to........ move out?” It came out more of a question. From the corner of my eyes, I saw Logan’s fist clenching. Their silence got me more tensed.

“Please say something.”

“Your kidding, right?” Grecia asked, hesitantly.

“Umm... I’m afraid not.” I said.

“Actually, I’m really grateful that you allowed me to stay here this long without a pay. But I’m sure I will make it up to you one day. I don’t want to be a burden to you anymore. So... It’s time for me to move out.” I finally let it out.

“Oh honey, you’ve never been a burden. In fact your the one who made this house a home.” Grecia said.

“That shows your generosity. But one day or another, I’ll have to go. So why not that be now. The sooner the better.” I don’t know why, but my heart felt heavy when I said that.

“I respect your decision, Karolia. So, when are you moving out?” she asked.

“Mostly next week.” I said and glanced at Logan. His head hung low with furrowed brows, and his fists clenched around the cutlery. He hadn’t said a word yet and that made my heart drop to my stomach.

“Oh” Grecia said sadly. “I’ll just go and bring the desert” she said and stood up, making her way towards the kitchen.

“Logan?” I called him, but he didn’t respond and looked down at his food.

“Please say something” I pleaded. I can’t take his silent treatment anymore.

“What should I say Lia? That not to leave me and go? Will you listen to me if I ask you to stay?” he asked, his tone getting angrier.

“I can’t” I closed my eyes and controlled my tears which were threatening to fall.

He threw his spoon on his plate which made a loud sound, making me to jump slightly.

“You always do this to me Lia. You break my heart every fucking time.” he hissed.

“I like you Lia. I like you so much that it hurts me.” he said and stood up, making the chair fall back onto the ground.

“But it’s your decision. Go anywhere you like, I don’t give a crap.” he stormed off with that being said.


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