A Perfect Distraction

By MiDDleBeNCherZz All Rights Reserved ©

Romance / Thriller

Again Alone!

(1 week later)

“Karrie! Wake up!”

I felt someone slap me with a pillow. I let out a loud groan and pushed that person off of me. No one dares to disturb my sleep. I heard the footsteps fading and I smiled thinking I could sleep more.


A bucket of cold water was spilled on me. I jolted up like a lightning, my heart beating like a hammer.

“What the hell, Scarlet!” I yelled at my best friend.

“Haha, you’ve to see your face, Haha. It was like - like you saw a lively ghost...Hahaha.....” she laughed clutching her stomach. I hurled a pillow at her which smacked straight on her head before cursing under my breath and glared at her.

“Get up you sleepy head. It’s 6:00. It’s the first day of your college. I think you don’t want to be late and lose the impression of the teachers on the first day itself right?” She grinned with her hands on her hip. She knows me too well!

“Oh Yes. The first impression is the best impression.” I quoted and jumped out of the bed. I rushed to the restroom and brushed my teeth as quickly as I can without tearing any of my gums. I stripped off my pajamas and took a quick warm shower and wrapped a towel around my body and stepped outside.

I changed into a white flowy dress that goes to about my mid thigh along with a black sweater that hangs to my knees, black tights and high heeled boots. I take no time at all to do my makeup - just my foundation, mascara and lip gloss. I don’t do makeup all the time, but since it’s my first day, I want to look perfect. My clock reads just after 6:35 when I finally finished changing. I pin half of my hair up with a white bow and looked myself over in the full-length mirror. I grab my leather backpack before shutting the door behind me and making my way downstairs.

Andrew, Scarlet’s boyfriend was sitting on the couch only in his boxers. God can’t he wear a proper dress when other ladies * cough, cough* I mean when other girls are here. He’s a complete douche bag.

“Hey, Kitten!” He winked at me.


“I have a name. Call me that!” I spat out. I hate him with all my soul.

“Ooo. Someone is on fire, morning itself. If you want I can warm you.....”

“Shut up.” I cut him off, not in the mood to start an argument. He smirked and winked again. As you can tell, Andrew and I are not at all on the same page. He’s a manwhore. He plays with girls heart and then dumps them later. Now his victim is Scarlet. I tried to knock some senses into her brain, but she is too blind to see it. Once he even tried to seduce me when Scarlet wasn’t around. From that day on, I was disgusted with him. Whenever he looks at me, I can feel him undressing me with his eyes.

I grabbed an apple from a fruits basket placed on the kitchen counter and walked out of the house into the warm and cozy weather of New York and waited for Scarlet to come. We go to the same university. Moving from Worcester to the crowded New York City didn’t seem like a good idea for me. It’s not like I would complain though. I mean I need a way to escape from those horrible nightmares. If I stayed back in Worcester, memories of my parents will haunt me. The days we spent together, everything. It all scattered into millions of pieces 6 months back. The day which changed my life. The day which made me an orphan, my parent’s death.

Since I am 18, I can take my own decisions. I moved, across the sea, leaving everything behind to start a new life in this crowded city. That’s how I came to New York a week before, and staying with my childhood bestie, Scarlet. She came to New York when we were 12 as her father got a new job here. But we still kept connections with each other.

I am also working in a cafe as a waitress as well. I need to pay my university fee, so I have no other choice but to do a part-time job. My mom’s friend who is a police officer said that it will take time for the paperwork to complete to transfer all the properties and wealth of my parent’s into my account because it’s a huge amount of money that’s being transferred. My father was a wealthy businessman and many people had an eye on his wealth.

(In the evening)

The cafe was exactly what I was expecting - a boring establishment with a salary that would satisfy my needs. It was a quaint restaurant, but what I hate the most is the cashier in there, who is also the owner of the restaurant. He is a grumpy manwhore who use girls for his pleasure and needs, even though he has a family.

“Good evening. Today I will be serving you. How may I help you.” I asked with an innocent smile plastered on my face. I took the order from my customer and walked to the next table.

“Karolia?” I turned around and my eyes flickered around the cafe, narrowing with confusion as they searched for the voice that called my name until my eyes landed on beautiful light blue eyes. I walked towards her table, after muttering a small apology to my current customer.

“Mrs. Watson. It’s such a surprise to see you here.” I said, my eyes lighting up. She’s the first person I met in New York and I can’t easily forget her. She resembles a lot like my mom- lively, beautiful and always happy.

“I was craving for some sweet pastries and I saw this beautiful cafe. Do you work here?”

“Yes,” I said, smiling.

“Great. And please call me Grecia.” She smiled showing her perfect teeth.

“I will make sure of that,” I said. From that day onwards, Grecia came to the cafe more often. Whenever she comes it was a like a relief for me. Relief from all the things that was going around. We would talk for hours unless the owner shouts at me to go back to work. One thing I noticed about Grecia is she always has this positive vibe around her which attracts people towards her. I’ve never seen her being cold or arrogant to anyone.

“Karolia, you never said to me about your parents. You know I’m looking forward to meeting them one day.” She said one day making my breath hitch in my throat. The world stopped around me. My body froze. I froze. My parents! What should I say about them?

“Hello! Are you back to earth Karolia !” Grecia said waving her hands in front of my face. I snapped out of my thoughts. Nerves prickled through my skin and the hairs on my nape stood tall, alert at I tried to think of some excuse.

“Oh, sorry, it-it’s complicated about my parents. I don’t like to talk about them!” I said, picking my words carefully, not to spill the truth.

“Oh, its okay, maybe next time.” She said with a smile, though slight disappointment was evident on her pretty face.

Rest of the day was the worst. I couldn’t concentrate on anything. The thought of my parents disturbed me completely. I felt completely drained. I want to scream, scream until my veins burst. But no, I can’t. I can’t scream or cry in front of everyone, the people. I’m a strong girl. And strong girls always face difficulties with a smile on their face. But I can’t. I can’t smile when my world is breaking apart. To Grecia, I am a perfect girl, To Scarlet, I am a strong girl. To myself, I am nothing. A girl who lost her real smile after her parents’ death, a girl who can’t face the difficulties, a girl who is mourning day and night thinking about her parents.

“Hey beautiful”, Andrew whispered in my ear placing his hands on my shoulder, I jumped from my seat in fright. Ugh, what is his problem? Can’t he speak normally without touching my body?

“Where is Scarlet?” I asked, feeling nervous. “I don’t know where she is.” He said shrugging his shoulder.

“But you guys went out together”

“When I thought you will be alone, I came to give you a company. How generous of me right, sunshine?” he said with a smirk.

“Where is she?” I asked with gritted teeth. My heart started to beat loudly in my chest. I have got a bad feeling in my chest that something bad is going to come and his presence is making it worst.

“Okay! Okay! Don’t be furious” he raised his hands up in surrender.” She is still in the party. I got bored, so I came home, which means we are alone at home. Come, let’s enjoy some moment” he winked at me seductively. I shivered in disgust. How dare he think of me that low, sleeping with best friend’s boyfriend, disgusting.

“Over my dead body,” I said with my arms crossed across my chest. “Oh, come on! Don’t be shy. Just one time” he pouted, taking a step forward. “No,” I said sternly, taking a step backward as well to keep a safe distance from him. Each step I took backward, my heart was pounding harder.

Suddenly, he caged me between him and the wall, holding my wrist above the head. Then, out of blue, he crashed his lips onto mine. As I was about to push him away, then suddenly -

“Karolia! Andrew !” We jumped apart and stared at the person in front of us.


“What the hell were you doing,” she asked us, mostly directed towards me. Huh?

“Scarlet it’s not what you think,” I said with wide eyes.

“Oh yeah?” she asked me angrily.

“Don’t deny the fact that you enjoyed it very well Karolia. You were begging me right?” Andrew said, making me choke on my own saliva. The hell!

“What? I didn’t beg you for anything. You’re lying” I yelled at him. “Scarlet, I swear I didn’t do –

“Just stop it, Karrie,” She said, hurt evident in my voice.

“But he’s lying -” she raised her hand, silencing me.

“Just stop making excuses Karrie. Andrew isn’t a man whore” she said and I stared at her in disbelief.

“So you’re saying I’m a whore. That I begged him to kiss me?” I asked her, anger boiling in my veins. How dare she! She looked down, not meeting my gaze and I staggered back, my heart slowly breaking again. She kept silent and interlocked her fingers with Andrew, who’s smirking at me.

“I should’ve known,” I mumbled, as a tear rolled down my cheeks. She doesn’t trust me.

“Where are you going?” Scarlet asked as I walked away from the living room.

“Away from this place. I don’t wish to stay with a person who doesn’t trust me.” I finally yelled at her, tears falling down my cheeks as Nilgiri falls. She widened her eyes and shook her head.

“You don’t have any other place to stay -”

“I’ll survive. If I can survive without my parents this far, I can survive this as well. But let me say you something Scarlet, he’s not worth being your boyfriend.” I said, unable to control anymore. I turned around and ran upstairs to my room and packed my bags as fast as I can. I took deep breaths to control my tears. I couldn’t believe she did this to me. She didn’t even try to find the reason. She blindly believed that asshole. Wow... To say I’m angry at her would be an understatement. I’m furious like hell. She is my best friend. I know our relationship wasn’t that deep since she moved to New York at age of 12. But this ..... I know I’m gonna regret this decision of mine. But I can’t stay here any longer with her doubtful eyes. It’s more hurtful than her throwing me out.

I walked to the living room to see Scarlet sobbing hysterically in Andrew’s chest as he tried to comfort her. I walked down, trying to keep my face void of any emotions.

“Karolia, don’t do this” Scarlet whispered. I ignored her and continued walking with thoughts running through my head. What should I do now? Where should I stay? I don’t know anyone in New York except Scarlet and Grecia. I know I don’t have a place to stay at this night and it would be a bad idea to leave this place. But my pride wasn’t allowing me to stay at this hell hole anymore.

Grecia! Now only my choice is to call Grecia. But I forgot to ask her her number and the one she gave me a few weeks back, I threw it because of my foolishness.

Damn it!!

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