A Perfect Distraction

By MiDDleBeNCherZz All Rights Reserved ©

Romance / Thriller

Unexpressed Thoughts

I opened my eyes groggily and it was still dark outside. I picked my phone and check the time. 6:12 am. Great! Why did I wake up this early! Yesterday I barely got any sleep. My mind keeps spinning around everything that happened so far. I lay back down and tried to remember the events of the previous day. The beach, ice-cream, Natasha, watching a movie, Logan getting angry,….. Urghhh! What was up with him yesterday?

“I wish Grecia was here” I mutter to myself, pushing the blanket off my body. I lazily got out of the bed and headed to my bathroom. I took a long warm shower to relax my tense muscles before walking downstairs. I noticed no one was up yet. Of course, whom the hell would wake up this early in the morning? I decided to head to the kitchen and grab a glass of water for now. I gulp down the cold water as I heard a sound across the hallway.

I walked down the hallway as I searched for the sound and end up in front of Logan’s office. Yes, he has an office for himself inside his house. But what is he doing in his office this early?

I knock the door softly. When I didn’t get any response I slowly open the door, peeking inside. He was not in there. I straightened myself before entering the office room. I hadn’t really got a chance to go inside Logan’s office room before. So this was it.

It was a huge room with a big office table set in the end with a black swivel chair and two big shelves placed in the two ends of the wall, filled with files and documents. I also notice there were other doors at the corners, probably some storerooms. I walk towards the table and noticed a lot of papers scattered on it. Some even lying on the ground, crumbled.

My eyes trailed on a red file which was kept open. Curiosity got best out of me and in an instant I grab the file.

‘THIS IS NONE OF MY BUSINESS’ My inner voice said, but I couldn’t ignore the feeling of going through it to find God knows what.

“What are you doing here?” A voice made me snap from my busy inspection on the file. I turned to face Logan who had his arms crossed against his chest with an emotionless look on his face. He looked tired with bags under his eyes, guess he didn’t sleep last night.

“I-I just came to check up on you.” Why do I have to stutter all the time in front of him? I mentally face-palmed myself. He took some steps forward to stand right in front of me. His face was dangerously calm and intimidating. I gulp as he extends his right hand as if asking me to give him something. I stared at his hand debating myself whether to give him my hand or the file. I shift my gaze to meet the cold ones of his. As if reading my mind his eyes moved to the file and then at me.

Okay. I hand him the file, mentally slapping myself. Why did I even think that he needed my hand in the first place? Way to be a sheepish girl.

Get out” The cold voice of Logan brought me out of my thoughts. Wait, did he just say it or I heard him wrong?

“Sorry?” I asked, hoping he didn’t just say that.

“I said ‘Get Out’.” He said in a low yet warning tone. I stared at him, feeling a pang of pain in my chest. It took me a moment to process and I rushed out of the room, straight to my bedroom, locking it before I let myself on the bed. A wave of hurt washes through me. Why is he being like this? Why does he have to hurt me every time?

I don’t know how much time had passed and soon I found myself drifting off to sleep.

(After a few hours)

I woke up with a slight headache and dizziness. Loud voices erupted from downstairs. With a heavy head, I got up from the bed and started walking towards the door. I felt it hard to keep my eyes open and my visions started becoming a blur. I walked slowly through the stairs, catching the rails for support. I saw everyone standing in the hall. Everyone had a serious expression on their faces except Logan and Patrick. They both were looking furious. What happ- Urgghhh! My head hurts. I closed my eyes tightly before trying to open them again but my vision was still blurred.

“Logan,” I called out to get their attention. My voice was hoarse.

“Karrie,” Scarlet called out before my eyes flew shut. I felt myself drift and fall to touch the cold floor.

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