A Perfect Distraction

By MiDDleBeNCherZz All Rights Reserved ©

Romance / Thriller

Break the rules

I woke up to a loud screaming coming from downstairs. Guess Scarlet and Patrick are again fighting for something silly. Why can’t they grow up? Yesterday they fought for a small pen drive. Matured friends I got there!

It’s been two days since the accident and I feel much better. Scarlet and Patrick came to stay with us for a few days which I’m so happy about. But what bothered me the most was when I was in the hospital, Natasha didn’t even come to see me. She didn’t even give as much as a call to check up on me. I know she hates me for some unknown reason, but I wish she would at least call me. Even when I came home, she didn’t even spare me a glance and talked to everyone else except me. It’s not like I’m complaining, but it was really rude of her.

The accident was all over the media for these two days. Actually, I would be surprised if it wasn’t a piece of news. Logan is like a celebrity in here! He was all over the social media, giving interviews, photo shoots and what not. He couldn’t even go for a walk outside without a guard because of the paparazzi. It upsets him a lot but can’t do anything. Until this media people get some other exciting news, they will be behind Logan.

Grecia was really upset when she came to know about the news and the fact that I got injured took her to another level. It was Grecia who suggested.... no, ordered to appoint a bodyguard. Logan also said the police found the person who was behind this accident. It’s some guy who has some vengeance towards Logan. He got the information of Logan’s schedule from a staff in his office. Now they are both behind the bars, enjoying their prison life.

I sighed, getting out of bed and put my hair in a messy bun. I went to the washroom for my morning routine. After brushing my teeth and taking an extra long bath, I went to my closet and picked out an outfit. Black jeans paired with midnight blue, ruffled top.

I quickly got dressed and went downstairs. Logan was sitting on the couch having his coffee with a newspaper on his hand and Natasha as usual was sitting beside him, constantly talking.

“Good Morning guys,” I said. Logan looked up from the newspaper and smiled.

“Morning,” he said and Natasha just gave me a glare. Will she ever stop hating me for no reason!? I have talk to her later to know what is her problem with me.

“Wait. I’ll get you some coffee” Logan said, getting up.

“No, it’s fine. Don’t trouble yourself for me” I said.

“It’s not a trouble, love,” He said making the butterflies go on a rampage in my stomach. Did he just call me love!? It sounds so amazing with his deep voice and accent. I could literally die listening to him say love. Wait what are you saying Karolia?

Stupid girl!

Logan was really caring and sweet after we came back from the hospital. He literally acted like my parent - carrying me instead of letting me walk, not allowing me to eat any type of junk food, not even a bar of chocolate. According to his instructions, I’m allowed to eat only fruits and vegetables for an entire week. And also I remember the way he made me drink bitter guard and carrot juice. He pinned me under his body and poured the whole glass down my throat. It was really sweet of him, but it annoyed me. I gagged for 10 minutes.

“Um, by the way where is Patrick and Scarlet?” I asked, looking around.

“Maybe in their room,” He said.

“For what did they fight for?” I asked.

“Something about an actress,” he said, shaking his head and I smiled at their childishness. They both are perfect for each other!

“By the way, you should wear dark colored dresses more often. It suits you” Logan said, winking. I blushed and looked down, making him chuckle. He then left the room, probably to the kitchen to get my coffee. As soon as he was out of our sight, Natasha jumped in front of me.

“What the hell are you trying to do?” She snapped angrily. Huh?

“What are you talking about?”

“Don’t act dumb. I saw the little episode between you and Logan” She said. So?

“Logan is mine. Only mine. You don’t have any right to take him away from me. Stay away from him.” She growled. What is she talking?

“I’m not taking him away. We’re just friends. Now, stop questioning me and get out of my way” I said, annoyed.

“Oh really? And why is that!?” She said with full of attitude.

“Because you don’t worth my time!” I snapped before walking away. Anger started to boil up inside me. How could someone be so rude and stupid! Does she think that I’m a doll who would say yes to all her orders!

I marched towards my room in frustration but soon halted in my track at the sight in front of me. Scarlet and Patrick were making out. That’s not a new thing for me! But they were making out in front of Logan’s bedroom. Scarlet’s back was pressed against the door while Patrick kissed her hungrily.

Rule no 1 - Do not make out outside the bedroom.

Rule no 2 - Follow rule no 1

These two rules were imposed by Logan when Scarlet and Patrick set their foot in the mansion. I’m actually glad he made this rule or else I would have to cover my ears and eyes whenever they both are around. That’s how horny these two are!

Well, coming back to the situation. They both broke the first rule which also means breaking the second rule. Scarlet and Patrick were too caught up in their little bubble, they didn’t notice me. My lips curved up in amusement as I realized they dared to make out right in front of Logan’s room. The one who imposed this rule.

As my mind debated whether to turn around and walk away as if nothing happened or warn them before Logan catches them, I didn’t realize the footsteps coming from behind me. Logan stood behind me, looking at the scene in front of him in disbelief.

“Are you seeing the same thing that I’m seeing?” He whispered in my ear as he stood beside me. His hot breath fanned against my sensitive skin behind my ear and a shiver ran down my spine.

“I guess so,” I said softly, biting on my lip anticipating what’s gonna happen next.

“Oh they are dead” he muttered and walked towards them. He grabbed Patrick’s collar from behind and jerked him back, breaking their kiss. Patrick opened his mouth to yell at the person who dared to break his kiss, but no words escaped his mouth as he saw Logan, who had a murderous look in his eyes. Scarlet’s eyes were widened and lips parted in shock.

“Logan, buddy” Patrick laughed nervously, looking anywhere but him. Patrick’s gaze fell on me and gave me a please-help- before- he-kills-us-and-dump-our bodies-in-sewage look. I can’t blame him though. Logan’s look was really scary and murderous.

“Which one do you prefer - your head or your legs? Because by the end of the day, you’ll be missing one" he said in a dangerously calm tone and their eyes widened in shock as I tried to stifle my laugh.

“Ay, ay Logan. Leave them this time. I’m sure they won’t repeat it. Right?” I looked at Patrick then at Scarlet. They both nodded their head immediately as if they were kids who just got grounded, desperate to get free from Logan’s glare. Logan glared at them for few moments then let out a sigh.

“Fine. But do not repeat it next time” he said. He walked down the hallway, towards his office. But stopped his hands on the doorknob.

“And oh, you both should clean my door with antiseptic NOW,” he said before disappearing into the room. As soon as he left, I broke down in laughter. Tears welled up in my eyes as I clutched my stomach unable to stop laughing. I took deep breaths, calming myself down.

“Man, I wonder how did we become best friends. He’s no fun and his attitude is higher than Mt. Everest” Patrick groaned, glaring at the path that Logan walked a few seconds ago.

“You guys owe me one. I saved your life” I said, another round of laughter threatening to escape my throat.

Well, the day isn’t going bad as I predicted!

At the cafe

“Hey, how is it going?” Tyler asked as he took a sip of his iced coffee.

“Good I guess,” I said as Scarlet was munching on her sandwich. God! How much can this girl eat! We just had our breakfast and she is already up for food!

We talked for a while. About Finn, about our college reopening. It’s been two weeks since it’s closed for the winter holiday. Now only one more week left before it reopens. Scarlet’s phone started to ring, interrupting our conversation.

“Hey baby,” she said, placing the phone in her ear as she licked the chocolate syrup from her fingers.

“Yeah? That’s so cool…..of course, we’ll come….. Okay, Love you too “she said and hanged up, smiling.

“What’s up?” I asked her.

“Patrick got a new contract worth 3 million. So he said we’ll go to the club to celebrate this”

“That’s good news,” I said.

“You coming, Tyler?” Scarlet asked.

“Then to get killed by Mr.Hot Head and your boyfriend. No darling. I want to enjoy my life more” He said and we both rolled our eyes.

“Guess we have to go shopping. I don’t have a dress to wear.” I said.

Scarlet and I reached the mall. We called Tyler to come with us at least for shopping. But he denied it saying he hates shopping. Why does every man hate shopping? C’mon its fun right?

We entered a shop and started searching for our dresses. Scarlet immediately found her dress which fits her perfectly.

“What do you say about this dress?” I asked Scarlet, holding a pink dress in my hand.

“Nope,” she said, popping the ‘p’. I frowned.

“C’mon Scarlet. It’s like the 20th dress. I’m tired” I groaned.

“Your sense of dressing is horrible. Choose some dark color, not light ones” she said. I then remembered what Logan said today morning making me blush.

You should wear dark colored dresses more often. It suits you!

“You wait here. I’ll find a dress for you” Scarlet said and searched through the rack of dresses. I sighed and looked around the store aimlessly.

“I found it. I found a perfect dress for you” Scarlet squealed after five minutes and handed me a dress. It was a forest green V-neck spaghetti strap bodycon mini dress adorned with allover iridescent paillette sequins.

“NO,” I said. It showed too much skin. But despite my protest, I was thrown into the changing room. I sighed and decided to try it on. The dress reached my knee, a bit more above.

I looked at myself and seriously I looked good, opened the door and stepped out in front of Scarlet. Her jaw dropped and she gave herself a high five.

“Shit. You look sexy girl. All the men will be behind you” she squealed like a five-year-old child and I just roll my eyes, smiling. We bought our dresses and went home to get ready.

(3 hours later)

I was sitting on the chair, while Scarlet was doing my makeup. She got ready half an hour before and she looks so beautiful.

“Ready,” she said, turning me around to face the mirror. I smiled in content. The girl staring back was not recognizable. My long dark hair was left open in soft curves falling down to my waist. I had slight mascara on with eyeliner making my brown eyes seemed brighter and my lips were covered in red lipstick.

“Damn, you look hot girl” Scarlet whistled and winked.

“I know,” I said, cheekily. “You look good as well” she was dressed in a dark blue dress, her hair done in an intricate braid
with a few strands falling out.

“Girls, come downstairs. You’re taking forever” Patrick yelled from downstairs. I quickly put my heels and took my bag. We went downstairs.

“What the hell are they doing in-“Logan’s voice was cut off when Scarlet cleared her throat.

“Never knew you girls were this freaking hot,” Patrick said, with his mouth hanging open.

“Close your mouth baby. Insects might go in” Scarlet teased and he immediately closed it and I laughed softly. I looked at Logan, who was staring at me, making me blush more harder. He wore a white t-shirt with black jeans. You could see the outline of his muscles. He was holding a black leather jacket in his hands. SO HOT!

As his eyes trailed down to my body, his jaw clenched making me self-conscious. But he didn’t say anything.

“Come let’s go,” Logan said angrily, turning around and walking out of the room.

“Now, for what he’s angry for?” Patrick groaned and I shrugged my shoulders. I looked at Natasha. She looked so beautiful with a cream shirt and red mini skirt, her natural blonde curls falling down her waist.

“Logan baby wait,” she said and turned around, running behind him, and I roll my eyes.

“C’mon girls. Let’s follow behind Logan baby” Patrick said in a high pitched voice, mimicking Natasha and we burst out in laughter. Poor girl!

We entered the club and it was amazing. It looked luxurious and there was pretty purple lighting. The middle of the room was occupied by a large dance floor, a disco ball was hanging above it. To the left, there was a crowded bar area and to the right were a lounge that offers half-moon shaped leather booths. The music was very loud and after each passing second, the place gets more packed. We walked to one of the booths and sat down. The seats were very comfy.

A bartender came up to us and asked us what drinks we wanted.

“The strongest one you got” Patrick yelled. He nodded and left to take the drinks. I looked around the room and saw girls with messy hair grinding guys with sweaty bodies. Suddenly, I felt an urge to dance and I got up from my seat.

“Where are you going?” Scarlet shouted through the music.

“To dance” I yelled back. I dragged myself onto the dance floor and started to dance, swaying back and forth. I spent about five minutes dancing before someone approached me.

“Would you like to dance with me?” a man asked in a British accent.

“Sure” I smiled. I mean, why not? It’s good to have a company to dance. It’s not like he’s asking to get laid. We begin to dance. Our dance consists of shimmying and moving up and down.

“You are an amazing dancer, by the way” he laughs and I giggle. I didn’t bother to ask his name as I felt it was completely unnecessary and maybe he also thought the same because he didn’t ask mine either. We both were simply enjoying each other’s presence.

“I can say the same for you too” I laugh, shaking my body back and forth. I looked back and saw Scarlet and Patrick dancing together, laughing. I looked at Logan who was sitting at the same table, taking shots. Natasha was sitting very close to him. She was talking to him, but he wasn’t listening to her as his eyes scanned the room. Soon it landed on mine as if he knew well where I was dancing. Was he watching me dance earlier?

“Are you listening?” I direct my eyes back towards the man I’m dancing with.

“Sorry. You said something?” I asked.

“How old are you?” he asked.

“18. You?”

“19” Then he pulled me closer to him his arms going around my waist. I started to get nervous as he was standing very close to me, and his hand caressed my cheeks, staring at me. As I was about to step away from him politely, but before I could do that, I was harshly pulled back into a hard chest and a familiar addicting smell filled my nostrils. I turned my head back and looked at Logan who giving a deathly glare at my dance partner.

“Hey, dude. I was dancing with her” my dance partner said, annoyed.

“Leave. She doesn’t need you anymore” Logan said.

“Let her decide. Not you” he said. Well boy, now World War III will start.

“What did you say?” Logan asked angrily.

“Logan, No ” I turned to look at my partner. ” Thank you for your company. But it would be better if you leave now” I said.

“Are you sure?” he asked. Does he want to get killed?

“Yes, she is,” Logan said, his grip around my waist tightening.

“She can talk, right? Then why are you speaking on behalf of her?” he said and I widened my eyes. Before I could say anything, Logan pushed me behind him and he grabbed the collar of his shirt. Few people around us looked at us.

“Logan, leave him,” I said, holding his arm. He turned his head to look at me, giving me a cold look.

“Please,” I said, finally frustrated and his eyes softened. He released his grip from the collar and turned around, grabbing my hand harshly before he started dragging me out of the dance floor.

He dragged me out of the club, not even bothering to turn around or slow down.

“Logan, slow down” I groaned. It was very difficult to walk with heels. But he didn’t mind and walked faster. He walked to his car and practically pushed me into the passenger seat before slamming the door loudly. He walked to the driver’s seat and started the engine.

“What about others? We only took one car. How will they come?” I questioned.

“I don’t care” was his only answer and I huffed in annoyance. He started to mumble something under his breath and I looked at him in confusion.

“If you’ve anything to say, say it loudly,” I said, my frustration increasing as Logan pulled over in front of the house and I heard him mutter out ‘nothing’ before stepping out in haste.

“Logan, stop” I stepped in front of him. “What’s your problem?”

“You are my problem” and with that, he brushed past me inside and I followed him in, slowly losing my control. He walked inside the kitchen and open the cabinet harshly. He took a bottle of vodka and started drinking straight from the bottle. I stared at him in awe as he finished one bottle within two minutes. He took another bottle and as he was about to take another gulp, I walked up to him and snatched the bottle from his hand.

“Hey give it back,” he said. I just hope he didn’t drink too much just enough to lose his mind.

“You had enough,” I said and placed the bottle on the counter.

“No, I want more” he pouted. Yep, definitely, he’s drunk!

“It’s enough,” I said firmly and he huffed.

“You’re so stubborn” I rolled my eyes at him.

“You’re so childish when you’re drunk,” I said in amusement.

“Oh yeah?” he walked closer to me and I moved back. Soon my back hit the counter and he placed his hands on the countertop on either side of my waist, caging me. He leaned closer to my ears and started nibbling my earlobes. I closed my eyes and clutched my dress tightly, trying to forget the tingling sensation all over my body.

“I can be romantic as well” he whispered into my ears. Then he picked me up and threw me over his shoulder making me squeal.

“Logan, put me down” I yelled, punching his back. He chuckled and walked upstairs.

“STOP!! WHERE ARE YOU TAKING ME?” I yelled at the top of my lungs. He walked to his bedroom and threw me on his bed. He then climbed on top of me, pinning my hands on top of my head.

“L-Logan m-move” I tried to say but my words caught in my throat as I stared into his mesmerizing blue eyes.

“Why are you stammering princess? Am I distracting you?” he smirked. Of course, you are an idiot!

“No, you’re not. Now move” I said finally without stammering. He laughed making my heart to beat faster.

“You’re so beautiful, princess,” he said smiling down at me. I looked away, blushing. He released his grip from my wrist and then cupped my cheek, turning my head towards him.

“And today you looked stunning,” he said and his eyes flicked to my lips and seemed to darken. He started to lean in and I pushed him off me before standing on my feet. He groaned and turned around, facing me, his hands behind his head.

“Logan. You’re drunk. That’s why you’re acting like this”

“Who said I’m drunk?” he asked.

“What. But you-“

“I’m very good at acting. Aren’t I?” he said and I narrowed my eyes at him. I huffed and turned around and started walking.

“Where are you going?” he asked.

“To my room. I can’t tolerate you another second” I said. But as soon as I opened the door, a hand from behind slammed it shut. I took a deep breath and closed my eyes.

“You’re not going anywhere,” he said huskily, causing goosebumps to rise all over my body. I turned around and looked up at him.

“And why should I stay here?”

“Because I want you to”

“What makes you think I’ll obey you, huh?” I asked, crossing my arms across my chest, trying to show his presence wasn’t affecting me. He shrugged his shoulders and walked backward before he sat on the bed. I turned around and grabbed the doorknob. But when I turned it, it didn’t move.


“What happened? Can’t open the door?” Logan asked. I turned around and saw him smirking at me with the keys dangling on his index finger

“Open the door,” I said through gritted teeth.

“Nope,” he said, shaking his head. I huffed in annoyance and pinched the bridge of my nose.

“I need to take a bath. So open” I said.

“You can bath here. I also have a washroom, you know? Bigger than yours. ” he said, pointing towards the bathroom.

“But I don’t have clothes wear. I’ll go to my room, take my clothes and come back.” I said.

“Haha, Nice plan. I know you won’t come back. So you can wear my clothes”

“But that’s loose for me” I tried to reason with him.

“I guess you’ll look cute in my clothes” I narrowed my eyes at him and he just gave me a blank look. But I know very well he’s trying very hard not to laugh.

As I realized I have no escape from this, I let out a defeated sigh and walked to his wardrobe, yanking it open. I scanned it and picked a white shirt and black shorts. Then I walked to his washroom, closing the door so loudly. I ripped off my tight dress from my body and stepped into the hot shower. I closed my eyes, enjoying the feeling of hot shower prickling my skin.

After an hour standing under the shower, my skin turned pink and fingers and toes turned wrinkly. I decided to step out and turned off the water. I took a towel from the rack nearby and dried myself. I then wore Logan’s shirt which reached up to my thighs and then pulled up his shorts which I had to fold a lot to keep it in place.

I opened the door and saw him sitting on the bed, shirtless showing his perfect abs and muscles. A blanket was draped around his torso. He met my gaze and smiled. His eyes trailed down my body, making me uncomfortable as I pulled the shirt further down.

“I thought you were planning to finish the whole water in this house,” he said and stood up from the body. I widened my eyes and turned around blushing hard. He was only in his freaking BOXERS!

“Any problem love?”

“Yes. You’re wearing nothing” I said, biting my lips.

“I’m wearing boxers,” he said and I rolled my eyes. I turned around and looked up at him, trying my best to look only at his face. I couldn’t help but trail my eyes down his body. I found myself in awe of his hard, lean frame. I felt myself wanting to trail my fingers over his six-pack, wanting to trace each one of them.

“Finished checking me out?” he asked and I blushed, looking down. I seem to blush a lot around him nowadays.

“Can you at least wear pants?” I said, still looking down. He walked closer to me and lifted my chin up with his index finger.

“Why? You don’t trust yourself?” he asked, smirking.

“It-It’s nothing like that.” We stared at each other, getting completely lost in our own world of thoughts.

“Stop biting your lips. It’s distracting” he said straightly and stared at my lips. I quickly let it go and looked anywhere but him.

“That’s much better.” He said and walked towards his closet. He picked a track pant and I turned around, giving him privacy.

“Okay, now you can turn around,” he said and I slowly turned around and by God’s grace, he wore the pant, but still shirtless. But hey that’s much better than seeing him only wearing freaking boxers!

He walked to his nightstand, picking up his mobile. That’s when I noticed something was written on his back, near to the neck.

Without thinking, I walked to him and touched his back, letting my fingers trail on the words written with the black ink. His body tensed under my touch.

“You have got a tattoo,” I said, smiling softly.

‘Fear is just an illusion’ I read it out loud.

“You liked it?” he asked, his voice gentle and sweet. He turned his head to look at me and I met his gaze.

“Yeah. When did you get it?” I asked.

“A year back. On my 21st birthday,” he said. I then realized how close we were standing. I blushed and took a step back. He turned around to face me.

“Come, let’s sleep,” he said.

“I’ll sleep in my room. Please open the door”

“Why can’t you sleep here? It’s not like you haven’t slept with me earlier” he said, rolling his eyes.

“That’s different. I had a nightmare that time and I were scared.”

“I don’t care.” He said. I let out a breath and climbed on top of the bed.

“But there are some rules,” I said, pointing a finger at him.

“And what’s that?” he asked, amused.

“The first rule- there should be a 2m gap between us,” I said, stretching my arms a little to show the distance and he rolled his eyes.

“I’ll fall down”

“Second rule – No body touching,” I said, ignoring his comment and he raised his eyebrows.

“Last time, you weren’t complaining. Now, why today?”

“Last time it was different,” I said through gritted teeth. “You know, men lose their control very fast and I don’t want to risk myself,” I said.

“So you’re saying women’s are so decent and they don’t lose their control very fast. That you don’t lose control by seeing this one?” he asked, pointing at his body and I nodded.


“Then, I need to prove you’re wrong.” He said and climbed on the bed, coming closer to me. My heart started to beat wildly in my chest.

“But I’ll keep that for some other day. Now I’m tired” he said and laid down on the bed. Phew..!!

I laid down as well, but I made sure there was enough space between us. He switched off the light and I turned around facing the window, looking at the moon through it. Then suddenly, a hand snaked around my waist and pulled me closer to his chest.

“Logan, you’re not following the rules,” I said, trying to get free from his hold. But instead, he tightened his grip.

“I’ll break all the rules to stay close to you”

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