By Helen Hyde All Rights Reserved ©

Romance / Fantasy


"I buried my face in the crook of her perfectly tan neck, looking through my lashes to see her face...she looked into the mirror with hooded eyes, her expression cloudy with lust for me. My wolf purred as he basked in her attention. He was so satisfied that she wanted him almost as much as we craved her. Neither of us had felt this before...this uncontrollable adoration. Every single sharp breath that she took was noted in my memory, I didn't want to miss one blink of her eyes. Her existence had become my lifeline- and she had no idea. I had tried to stay away after scaring her, but it was futile. Being apart from her physically pained me - like a pull in my heart that dragged me towards her." . . . Esme is a runt. Hidden from the world all her life, abused by her broken parents. Until she escapes. Cerberus is an alpha. Fuelled by primal desires to hunt, kill, mate. Possess. . He will do anything to take what's his.


Esme is not your average werewolf. In fact, she’s below average. Despite her slight appearance and subservient mannerism, she contains more power than she knows.

Cerberus is not your average werewolf. With a hateful heart and primal disposition, the entire kingdom quivers at his name.

She enlightens, he demolishes.

She loves, he hates.




When Esme ventures too far off of her homeland, fleeing from an abusive past, she comes face to face with the Ancient One. The Alpha King. Cerberus.




Who just so happens to be her mate.



This book contains mature themes, strong language, and triggering topics.

There is smut. There is mention of sexual, verbal and physical abuse. There is extreme violence.

Please do not proceed into this story if you are not mature enough. Any comments saying “Ew” or “gross” about my mature scenes will be deleted. If you find sex gross, you really shouldn’t be reading about it.

Anyway, if you are a dirty minded, thirsty wattpad reader that loves possessive werewolf men and smutty smut, then prepare your loins.

It’s happening.

Also, the beginning is going to seem brief and lazy. But her past will be revealed throughout the story, which is why her experience before meeting her mate is so vague. This is a romance. I’m cutting straight to the chase.

Don’t be a troll and criticize.



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