Her Last Hope

By Karrie All Rights Reserved ©

Romance / Scifi


Lake Mavris. A sweet, but under rated member of the Southern Steele Pack. Her family and friends are her entire world. She'd put her life on the line for anyone she cares about and then some. Lake is the happiest girl on Earth as her eighteenth birthday rolls around the corner. This perfect little world of hers completely crumbles when the one she's been waiting eighteen years for rejects her in front of everyone in the pack and wraps his arms around his lover right after. The Fates have chosen her for something special but take their time mending her soul from this tragedy. Lake's patience is wearing thin until the day Drax Kade walks through the hallways.


I stare in the mirror at my reflection, not recognizing the girl staring back at me. Her dark brown hair is in tangles and her light green eyes are bloodshot. Nightgown is torn to shreds and saliva is streamed across her face from drowning the screams in her pillow.

I wince as I move the torn fabric to see bruises from my own hands staining my stomach and rib cage.

This is the third night this week.

The third night I’ve woken up to this pain of betrayal and rage.

It’s not long before the fires begin in the pits of my stomach and the throbs ring around my neck. I’m too far from my bed to drown the screams.

I fall to my knees and scream at the top of my lungs. Tears create pools on the tile beneath me as I begin to tears at my stomach as the night gown falls to the floor beside me.

“Lake!” I feel hands shake me violently as I scream louder. The pain is reaching my back and chest by now.

“My baby!” It’s my mother and father who are now holding my hands to the floor beside my head. I can feel my canines reaching out - wanting to tears into the nearest thing to me.

“Lynne, stay!” My father’s dominant voice rakes my wolf back into her cage for a brief moment before the pain increases.

“Must kill whore with mate!” I scream. My twin brother, Landon, is holding my legs with his strong grasp.

I can feel Lynn’s rage pierce every sane fiber of my being as I feel my mate ravish another female with his touch. Something that should be happening to me.

As soon as the pain had come, it vanished. There’s a dull throb in my head and chest. My family slowly releases their holds on my body. I only stare at the ceiling with no words to say.

“Lake?” My mother puts her hand on my cheek. Tears force themselves out of my eyes as I sit up and welcome my father to hold me gently. My body is heated from my now dull anger.

“Lake, you can’t keep doing this to yourself.” My mother has tears in her eyes as Landon speaks, “He’ll kill you at this rate.” It’s at this moment that I can visually see both my father and twin shaking with anger. My father’s hold on my tightens slightly to reassure him that I’m alive.

“Brother,” I breathe as my voice is shaking, “I’m alright. Nothing is going to happen to me. You know how the rejection process works. The Fate’s told Mother it would only happen a few more times before the tights are broken for good.”

Our whole being is aligned with The Fates. They are our protectors and providers. The Fates are celestial beings who hand choose our wolves and mates. We worship them as Humans do their Gods and Goddesses.

The words that come from my mouth are dull and void of emotion. I’ve already accepted the fact of my one true mate not wanting me as his Luna to the pack.

“Why would they allow this to happen?” Landon erupts and stands, “Lake is the purest out of everyone in the pack. She has the same gift as Mother and they still let this happen to her.”

My mother was given the gift of Spiritual Alignment. It’s the ability to call upon the Fates whenever a crisis happens in the family or our pack. It was realized I had this as well when the Luna of our pack was deathly ill and my mother was away visiting her parents in the north and no one could reach her or my father. The Fates had told me through a dream of how to remedy the illness to save her.

“Do not speak ill of the Fates.” I spoke out in anger, “They have no control over this. Yes, my mate was meant for me and I him, but it was not up to them for him to reject me.”

Unlike me, Landon’s mate had whom accepted him right on the spot. They have yet to mark and mate each other but it will be only a matter of time as they get closer to each other.

“I’m only saying-”

“Enough.” My mother chimed in, her voice mixed with her anger and sadness, “The Fate’s will reconvene and find your sister a new mate as they do for all of those who have been rejected.” Those words ring in my ears until my mother dresses my wounds and lays me down to sleep.

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