Game Changer

By Jennie Lyne Hiott All Rights Reserved ©

Romance / Drama


[Celebrity Romance] Tori never wants to fall in love again. How could she let any man be part of her reality when the pain of her past literally lingers? Danger lurks around every corner. Hides in every shadow and it would be selfish of her to put another person's life in danger in the name of love. Celebrity Playboy ... Seyer Stone is used to being in the spotlight and he enjoys everything that comes with it. That always suited him just fine since no woman could possibly love him for him. He's content to be a player with no plans to settle down ... happy his only serious girlfriend resides in an online game until ... Fantasy becomes reality ...


This is a tale of romance from the lost world of Jenithiyah. an Located inside the Bermuda Triangle, this place is surrounded by magical waters and imprisoned by tall mountains. One way in. No way out ... but life must go on and a new society was born.

The descendants of these lost souls live a life much like or own – Except – Life spans are longer. Laws are less conventional, strange and strict – the perfect environment for tales of passion, intrigue and suspense. While romance is the main plot, this place adds unusual obstacles. Warning: This is not your typical romance.

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