The Caged Princess

By Yusra Sajjad All Rights Reserved ©

Romance / Drama

Chapter 1

The strong gust of air passed through me, making me regret my decision to come to the royal garden alone in a freezing night with nothing else but my fur robe. It was being my habit to walk alone and spend my time just on my own, I don’t know why I have started doing it, I think because of the feeling in the pit of my stomach that there is going to be something wrong.

So wrong.

Whenever I am with somebody or alone these days, this sick feeling just won’t leave me. Sometimes I think that I should just warn my father about this or even tell my this feeling to Alice, my personal maid but I am just worried that they would laugh at me, that I am warning them with something that I just feel these days. But again this never happened before.

Moreover I don’t want to stress Alice nor my father. My intentions for my father will always be good because he is the one that has raised me and I respect him too much not only because he is my King but because he is one of the most kind, caring and loving person I have ever met. But Alice, she is more than a mother to me. When I was left alone in this dark world with nothing but my father, she was the one that protected me with all her might and took me out of the dark and deep valley or I don’t know how deeper I would have gone in the valley only to find myself lost at one point.

So I took the idea of telling this feeling to my father and Alice at the side, because I don’t want them to worry, they already have a lot of things to handle. This feeling started at my 18 birthday, I don’t know but my father seemed to be worried that day too. Normally I would be happy on my birthday but after ‘accidentally’ eavesdropping on my father’s conversation I couldn’t do anything but to think that, what they meant by all of this?

I am just again roaming around the castle, it is almost midnight and I couldn’t sleep because of the excitement that I will be turning 18 tomorrow, it is then I heard my father’s voice from down the corridor where his room is situated and because of the curiosity of him being with someone at this time of the night made me, to went near his room and listened to what he is saying.

"You know he is coming, because it is the time now, I don’t know what should I do?”

“I know it is hard for you but you know we can’t do anything about this, you know we can’t defeat him”

The other man finished while sighing at the end. I don’t know who he is, because if he is someone from the castle I would have recognized his voice. I didn’t know what they were talking about until...

“I can not let anyone take my light, my angel, my daughter from me”

I gasped loudly after hearing that, digesting the news I had
heard, it is then I heard some shuffling from inside, I quickly gathered my thoughts and exited that part of the castle quickly, before anyone could see what I was doing. But that didn’t stop me from thinking their words. Someone is out there to get me and I didn’t had a clue about it until I heard my father talking about it.
Capturing my thoughts for the rest of the night, I had nightmares that I had not even imagined before.

I still don’t understand who will try to take me away from my father, he and Alice is the only family left for me after my mother’s death and I can’t even think of leaving him or Alice but why was he talking about that someone will take me?

My birthday was celebrated with great love, by my father and all of the people of the kingdom, the next day. But all of my thoughts were wandering towards father’s conversation, those mere words has still left me in thinking. From that day I couldn’t rest. Its almost had been one week since my birthday and that sick feeling is still there, I think that’s just because I don’t want to leave my father...
That is the only thing I can think of , because of my sudden weirdness.

Little did I know that I should have paid more attention. Because that mistake, changed my life, for forever.

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