Rebel and Rich boy

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Book 2 of The Rebel series. Camille Roux moved to San-Fransisco to start a new life but she didn't expect her life would take a big turn when she meets Corbin Williams. She hated the world and kept people at arm's length. Corbin's life wasn't as everyone expected, he might be the son of the richest man in town and drive a fancy car but he also has secrets. Will Camille give him a chance? And will she give the world a second chance?

Chapter 1: Rebels' story

Life. A cruel acronym.

Either you are born into a world of luxury or a live that leaves that twisted bitter taste in your mouth. It can give you one heck of a ride that can possibly lead to a good life or your downfall, either way, it totally sucked. For me that is. I was born into a good life with good parents and a life where I had everything a girl can ask for that is until I was ten-years-old when I lost my parents to the ocean. I was afraid of the ocean ever since. My grandmother took me in and cared for me, but six years later, I lost her too when she passed away from old age.

For the very first time in my life, I felt alone. Child services located an aunt of mine in New Orleans. Not that it even mattered, she didn’t care about what I did with my life, whenever I failed or hung myself. I then thought, of hanging out with the bad guy from town, that it would magically heal my broken heart but, in the end, he took my soul. I soon got involved with alcohol, sex, and drugs. I became a parent’s worst nightmare after meeting Tucker. He made it feel like my soul was skinned alive.

I was eighteen-years-old when Jaylin and her father crossed my path, thanks to them I was put in a rehab center and then slowly but surely, I started to put my life together. I started to crave for a second chance at life, I went back to school to rewrite my senior year so that I would gain entry into University. One year later, I moved to San Francisco taking my second chance at life.

I found myself accommodation close to the University, I wasn’t much thrilled with the idea of living at a student house with billion other girls. Jaylin might have considered it but I, on the other hand, had no patience and time for other girls. I was lucky enough to share an apartment with a girl named Mandy, she wasn’t the best roommate a girl could ask for but, at least our class rosters were different and she was always out whether it was for volleyball, or with some guy.

Because I applied for a scholarship, I had fees to pay every month, including the rent I had to pay. Jaylin and her father have already done so much for me, putting me through school and rehab. I wanted to do something for myself for a change. I found myself a job at Mike’s garage, nor did it only pay the bills but it was close to what I wanted to do with my life.

The present day

I got myself a parking space close to the entrance of the University, I looked at my watch and grimaced, when I saw the time. I slipped off my helmet when I got off my bike and tucked it underneath my arm and made my way towards the entrance. The halls were already half-empty when I got there, one would expect of me to hear the footfalls of another person but, I was too caught up getting to class. My forehead made the first impact, I thought I walked into a wall.

That is until they spoke up. “Well, an apology would be nice.”

“Sorry.” I murmured half-heartedly trying to past the person but the person wouldn’t let me go off that easily. I looked up at the person, with frustration. My heart sunk a little when I recognized the face.

Corbin Williams. I stumbled into Corbin Williams. The arrogant, self-righteous Corbin Williams. He has probably been with every girl on Campus. Got what he wanted from them and then just left them without any explanation. He was rich, popular, a total ass (learned that from the girls), and he always got what he wanted.

“What?” I asked tilting my head to the side. “Do you want me to get down on my knees and beg for your forgiveness?”

“I like the way you are thinking.” He said with his signature smirk.

“Seems to me, that you are used to girls getting down on their knees. Now if you will excuse me.” I said shoving him out of my way and hitting him with my bag on purpose as I passed him.

Mr. Thompson only looked up for a brief moment when I entered his mechanical classroom, he didn’t say much only showed me to an empty spot and carried on with his lecture. I can still feel the awkward tension of all the guys in my class, they probably thought I was some kind of weird chick because I was into mechanical engineering. I thought by now they would at least warm up to me after the first semester but, I was wrong. I still received their weird looks.

As weird as it may be, I loved Science. I actually understood science. I was creative with tinkering and designing. I also understood the logic behind maintaining development and the design to operate moving parts. People would have thought that a girl like me, would not be interested in much, that I would want to throw my life away. I already had a taste of throwing away my life and I decided it wasn’t for me. I want to try things, push myself to the limits and see what I am capable of. Even if it is taking on the worst three subjects that a person can imagine, but it was my way of competing with myself and to see if I can actually do something with my life.

Sometimes I think that if people would stop judging people, life would actually become more settled. People would learn to get to know each other by interest, instead of avoiding them and creating this image of someone that is far out of play. We would have more peace.

But all we want is redemption, be part of groups and torture people by ruining their lives and the way they think. We want to control them. Instead of gaining control over our own lives.

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