Fight On (Riders Of Tyr #3)

By AdelinaJaden All Rights Reserved ©

Romance / Action


"She is looking over my shoulder and bites the corner of her lower lip in thought. I want that fucking lip. I want to own it, bite it, lick it. It's mine. " Vik has it all: power, women, looks. Man, he does have the looks! Enough to make women flock to him even if he wasn't a Rider. Vik loves his fucking life. Or he would if it wasn't so empty. Twice already he hit on future Valkyries with no luck. Third time is the charm? Lysa grew up hard so she had two choices: fight or give up. Really, there wasn't even a dilemma. Lysa fought. Hard. It's in the genes after all. Will she put on a fight against the sexiest man alive? Or will she throw a white towel this time? The two of them will be thrown in the cage for a fight till the end against pain and fear. And fight a few enemies along the way.

Chapter 1: Gruff Morning


"Thing!" there’s a knock on my door.

I open my one eye and it is as if all the alcohol I drunk last night is poured on my head. Along with the bottles. Shit, that’s why I don’t drink. I stir and I feel an arm over my waist as I lay on my stomach. I slip away and sit on the edge of the bed and hold my head with my hands. I glance over my shoulder and I see a naked girl, her face away from me, on her stomach and blonde hair on the pillow. She has one ridiculous tattoo of a butterfly on her ass but that does nothing to remind me of her name. Not that I care.

I get up and I make my way to the bathroom. I stand over the toilet and steady myself with one hand on the wall. I feel like I am pissing for hours. Fucking Vince and his stupid bets. When I am done, I go to throw some water on my face and I look in the mirror. OK, I look worse than usual but frankly I don’t care. My fingers go over my stubble and I put my head under the running water to relieve my pounding head.

I cross the room not sparing one glance at the bitch in my bed and go straight to the kitchen hoping some fucker has put on a pot or I’ll kill someone. How do the brothers do that shit all day long? If I hadn’t lost that fucking bet...When I get in the kitchen, I close my eyes to avoid the light coming in from the window.

“Fuck!” I yell. “Shh!” I say to myself. “No loud noises.”

The smell of coffee reaches me and I thank Tyr for the small joys in life. I open one eye to scan the area. Someone is in and judging by the size and the fact that there’s coffee and something is sizzling on the stove I am betting on Iris. Unable to focus I decide to risk it.

“Morning, Iris.”

“Morning, Vik. Coffee?”

“Yes, please.”

I flop on one of the chairs at the big breakfast bar. A cup lands before me and I wait for it to cool down before gulping it. I turn to Iris and gesture a thank you and she shakes her head smiling. Iris is so fucking amazing. How did a motherfucking psycho like Rage landed a gem like her is beyond me.

“Wild party last night?” Iris serves me eggs and bacon.

“It would be easier to name the days I don’t party hard.” my voice is hoarse and I drink some coffee. “That’s so good, Iris. You are fucking amazing.”

“What the fuck, bror?" Rage’s voice damages my eardrums.

“Can’t you be a fucking overbearing asshole in a lower volume?” I sip on my coffee.

“When will you stop that filthy habit of coming onto my woman in the freaking kitchen?” Rage is in my face.

“I wasn’t...Was I, Iris?” I plead for her support.

“Eat your breakfast and head to the Thing before Tor starts looking for you.” Iris knows how to handle Rage.

He walks up to her, takes her in his arms and plants one long kiss on her lips. My forehead creases and I am sure it’s the alcohol speaking but for a brief second I am jealous of him. Not because of Iris. The moment the brother claimed her, she was family, a little sister of sorts. But the way she looks at him...Man! Must be the alcohol. No wonder I hate that shit.

“Thanks, Iris,” I lift my chin to her.

She smiles back at me and then leaves a peck on Rage’s cheek. I narrow my eyes at this cute sign of affection. This shit is not for you, asshole. I head straight to the Thing still in my black sweatpants and the cup in my hand. I sit down and I mess with my hair. Tor is in his seat and talks with Daniel. All the brothers are in but for Erik, that has gone nomad for a while, and Vince with Wood, that are across the Bay setting up a porn studio with the Chinese.

"God morgon, bröder,” Tor always goes back to his Swedish when he is deep in thought. “Daniel wants us to know something. Daniel.”

“I will be away for a while,” Daniel messes with his grey beard. “It’s personal and I’ll let you know more when I am back. Bjorn will take over the shit I do in the club.”

“But I am not going near the escort man,” Bjorn shakes his head.

Bjorn got married three months ago and he will be a father in three more. I scoff but I say nothing. He is pussy-whipped but who blames him? His Valkyrie, Ava, is a drop-dead gorgeous bitch with a killing streak. I wouldn’t mess with her either.

“I asked Ava to help out,” Daniel says.

“You did what? She is fucking pregnant and you want her to run a brothel?” Bjorn fumes.

“Man,” Tor smiles, “did you forget she set up the whole thing. And that two of the biggest earners were her bridesmaids?”

“Hey, fuckers,” I raise my hand, “is there something more? ’Cause I have a willing pussy back in my bed, a dick that’s getting hard hearing you talk about the escort and a raging headache that gets worse by your fucking boring shit.”

“You having pussy in your bed and a hard-on isn’t exactly breaking news, Vik,” Tor flips me. “You are in charge of the Venus Riders Studios, asshole. Some of the girls work on both enterprises and last time I checked, Daniel handled accounting on that too.”

“I’ll talk with Ava,” I empty my cup.

I wasn’t fucking around when I said I had a hard-on. And Tor wasn’t joking when he said I am a spoiled ass when it comes to pussy. I get them all and they all want me. Can’t get enough of me.

"Thing over," Tor declares and I sigh relieved.

Before I leave, I walk up to Daniel. I like the old fucker, he is like the father I lost early in the life. He is usually easy going and cool though rumor says he has killed a few enemies of the MC back in the day. He is the last of the previous generation still in the game. Most have retired, riding for fun, enjoying the fruits of their labor. Those few that are still alive that is. Daniel never had family or a Valkyrie so he has only the club.

“Daniel,” I stand before him, “need any help? Want me to tag along?”

“Nah, man. This is something I got to do on my own. I contacted the Hammers in Arizona and they are expecting me.”

“Take care, brother.”

“Will do, brother.”

I head for my room and find my bed empty but there is water running in the bathroom. I like a clean bitch. I drop on the bed and put my arm over my eyes to relieve the pressure. The water stops and I hear footsteps coming my way. I don’t look at her but my dick doesn’t need to. It goes hard just by feeling her near. The bed creaks under her weight and her hair falls on my chest as she leans over me. If she wants kisses and shit, she lucked out.

“Head, baby,” I fist my cock.

Seconds after a pair of lips are around it and I groan in pleasure. Maybe I should ask the name of this one. She does give a decent head and that is worth something. I fall deeper in the bed while I get the royal treatment with the bitch trying to fit me all down her throat and I smile faintly. I love my fucking life!

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