The Sicilian Affair

By Stanlight All Rights Reserved ©

Romance / Drama

Chapter 8 - The First Nude Impression

Tomas stuffed his hands into his pockets as he walked down the trail leading to the beach. The moon was full, gracing the sea with its elegant ray. As he feet touched the sand, he smiled lightly. Remembering all the nights that he had been out here alone, imagining that the rest of the world didn’t exist. If only it could have been that simple.

He lifted his head up to gaze at the stars, then drew in a lung full of air as he closed his eyes trying to keep the image imprinted in his mind.

He continued down the his usual path as though nothing had changed, then stopped.

A small frown creased on his face as he caught sight of something move in the sea. At first he thought that it might be dolphins because there would usual be lots swimming around this area but the more he remained focused, the more he realised that the silhouette was that of a woman.

His footsteps halted,reathing steadied and mouth clamped shut as he watched her.

There was no sound.

No wind softly blowing in the trees, no waves gently crashing on the beach. Tomas could only focus the rippling motion of the water orbiting around her. The moon provided all the light he needed to capture every bits and pieces of her luscious body. It was more than he could have asked for.

Her golden locks sprawled around her and immediately blanketed her naked breasts as she emerged from the sea. Her faint gasp for air, cause his heart to jerk out painfully against his chest. She slowly parted her lips and allowed them to curve into a satisfying smile.

He could hear his own heart beating as he swallowed the uncomfortable lump in his throat.

Who was she?

He knew that it was wrong to look but couldn’t quiet tear his eyes away from her hourly shaped silhouette.

Nobody dared to use this part of the beach except for him.

His staff knew better, everybody knew that, so the question remained, who was she?

He watched as she dived under for a second time, unaware that he was holding on to his breath, awaiting for her to come back up for air so that he could catch another glimpse of her face.

He was too tired to play guess who, he had half a mind to march over there and yell some sense into her.

Didn’t she know that it could be dangerous to swim out here on her own? Especially if she hadn’t had a sight of what this part of the beach was like in daylight. He jaws flexed at the thought alone.

It felt like an eternity had went and passed and she still hadn’t come back up.

The water was too calm, he couldn’t see her or evidence of her anywhere.

Great, the daft of a woman probably drowned.

Before his mind could register over his own words, his legs were moving into the direction that he had last seen her. Without so much as giving it a thought, he tore open his shirt and carelessly threw it on the ground.

Right before he took another step towards the sea, her head slowly rose from underneath the water into his direction. Her long legs took unhurried steps towards the beach. The warm salty sea water dripping from every ends of her body.

Her head was hung low, barely taking notice of his presence. She seemed to be in deep thoughts.

“Questa è proprietà privata! (This is private property!)” He finally spoke, when all his senses and sanity came back to its rightful place. His voice sounding harsher than he intended it to.

“Oh, damn.” He heard her mutter silently, although he couldn’t quite make out what she had said, her velvet eyes landed on him and momentarily widened in shock.

Her hands urgently scaled over her over exposed private parts. Trying to provide herself some sort of decent coverage.

Her eyes clasped shut as if trying to block him out. Tomas bend and picked up his shirt.

“Prendi questo. (Take this).” He urged his white shirt to her, encouraging her to take it.

She seemed reluctant at first but at a second thought grabbed the shirt and quickly pulled it on.

“Tu chi sei?” Tomas’ eyes narrowed speculatively on her reddened face.

She still seemed to be averting his eyes, her trembling fingers fumbled at the front of the shirt trying to find the buttons that were no longer there. After several attempts, she clasped the front of the shirt securely with her hands.

He towered over her, so she was force to tilt her head to study his face.

“I- I’m sorry, I don’t understand.” She stuttered, blushing furiously.

“Who are you?” He snapped harshly, demanding answers.

“I’m Mrs. Carsingni’s home nurse, Laurie Slade.” Her voice was soft - provocative, reminding him of her long naked strokes in the ocean just now.

Drops of water kept cascading down her face, caressing her delicate cheeks and dripping off the edge of her small round chin. He found himself wanting to wipe them away with his thumb. One touch and he would know what her skin feels like, it was doubtful that he’d forget.

Tomas savagely drew a sharp breath, infuriated by the sudden intimate thoughts he was having for this partially nude stranger.

“Who said you could use this beach?” He quiered, eyeing her from head to toes, ensuring that she was not visibly hurt.

“Mrs. Carsingni. She said that it wouldn’t be a problem, that it was a private beach.”

“Mama said that?” His brows furrowed.

She was the one who suggested that he head out to the beach for a swim.

“Y-you’re... Mr. Carsingni.” he watched her struggle for words, her eyes widening with embarrassment. It was like she was about to faint.

“So it would seem that I am.”

Laurie lifted her head and flushed when she met his hooded gaze.

He knew the cause of it, he had just caught her staring at his bare chest. She was acting as if she had never seen a man naked, or in his case half naked.

“Perhaps we should go inside. We can have a talk once you’re-- decent.” He stated, silently debating on standing here with her.

She quickly nodded and moved to collect her scattered clothes on the beach. Without sparing him another glance, she bolted towards the house leaving him to stare at her footprints in the sand that she had left behind.

Laurie wanted to die.

If the lack of modesty wasn’t enough then to meet your somewhat employer nude should be more than suffice to die of embarrassment. This couldn’t be good, she thought, blushing at the thought of having seen him half naked.

She took hurried steps up to her room and slammed the door shut. She then toss his shirt in the middle of her room before heading to the bathroom for a quick shower. If she was going to seat and have an actual conversation with him, then this time she was going look decent.

Or at least try to feel the part.

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