The Sicilian Affair

By Stanlight All Rights Reserved ©

Romance / Drama

Chapter 7 - Skinny Dipping

“Laurie Doncaster Slade, you come home right this minute.” The sound of her mother’s voice of the other line made Laurie cringed.

She hated it when her mother used her full name like that, as if she was guilting her - reminding her that she had given her life.

“I’m not coming back mother, not until you come to your senses and call of this engagement.”

“Call it off! Call it off.” Her mother’s voice hissed in outraged, “Listen, James is prepare to turn a blind eye on your little run away stunt. He’s still considering marrying you. So, stop all this foolishness and come home this instance.”

Laurie ran her fingers through her hair and let out a small sigh. Going back, was not an option. This was her life and there was no way that she’d just let them tell her how to live it.

“I’m sorry mother,” she said, ” I’m sorry but I can’t marrying him. I told you wouldn’t and you’re still not listening.”

“Laurie, tell me where you are?”

She glanced up to the dark sky and smiled as the stars twinkled in the night. It had been a while since she had done this. To sit on the beach on and just stare at the sky with the soft breeze blowing through her hair. This place was really magical. She buried her feet into sand and soaked in the warmth that still lingered within them.

“I’m very far away and safe, that’s all you need to know. Goodbye mother.”


She didn’t wait for her mother to say another word before hanging up. She knew that they wouldn’t give up so easily but she had hoped that some time apart would make them reconsider. She had no intention of marrying James for money. All she wanted was her freedom and not to be constantly reminded how she owed them for the life of luxury that they had given her. It’s not like she had asked them for any of it, if anything had been supporting herself eversince she had come of age.

Laurie watched as a the silent waves softly crashed on the sand when she removed the final piece of clothing before standing bare for the world to see in the middle of Carsingni’s private beach.

She couldn’t remember the last time that she had been this daring but Teresa was right, the side of the beach really was magical at night. The soft sand caress the soles of her feet, the tingling sensation made her lost with words.

The gentle breeze blew across her face, giving her a nose filled a the docile Sicilian air. Before she knew it her feet were moving in the direction of the sea.

Skinny dipping! Yes skinny dipping is what Teresa had offered I exchange for the therapy. But she had been right when she had said that it would be more for Laurie than for herself. Laurie had been hesitant at first. This was the first time ever that she had done this. To be completely nude on a beach was one thing but going in the water at night, her alarm bells had gone off quiet a few times.

However, a deal was a deal. And Teresa had promised her that nobody had access to this side of the beach. The idea of being completely bare gave her a sense of freedom.

Nothing was holding on to her - yes, Laurie felt completely free.

A satisfying moan escaped her throat at her first dive. Nothing could feel as good as this. In honest truth she’d half expected the water to be cold but it wasn’t, it was perfect. This moment was perfect to her and not even the phone call to her dreadful mother could ruined it.

“Hello, Mama.”

Teresa gasped in surprise and a smile spread wide across her face as she absorb the shock.

“Tomasa, you’re home.” She rushed out of her chair grabbing him into a firm embrace.

Tomas frowned lightly wondering whether or not Silvia had told her that he was coming today.

“Didn’t Silvia tell you that I was coming?” He asked.

“She did, but I thought that it was one of her usual scam. I’m so happy you’re here.” She smiled buring her face into his chest.

“I don’t think I had a choice,” he began, breaking out of her hold. ” The reports that I’ve been getting are very... worrisome.” He finished walking over to her bedside window with his hands firmly tucked into his pockets.

“Worrisome?” Teresa jutted a brow at him.

“Si mama. You have to take care of yourself and being stubborn about it might complicate things.” He tilted his head at her, “Is that what you want?”

Her brows touched, “No. What I wanted was to see you. It’s been three years Tomasa. Three... and all I’ve received since then are a five minute phone calls whenever you find the time out of your busy schedule.”

“That’s unfair. I talk to Silvia every month.”

“Si Silvia,” she sighed giving him a sad smile trying to hide the fact her heart was aching inside. “I sometimes forget that it’s just me that you do not wish to talk to.”

Tomas watched as his mother made her way back to her bed, he could see the hurt in her eyes eventhough she was trying hard to mask it.

This is not how he had pictured seeing her again but somehow being in the same room with her brought back too many bad memories.

“I’m didn’t come back for us to fight mama.” He said tearing his eyes away from her.

He stared out into the garden and sighed. The last thing he wanted was to upset his mother and yet it was all he could do.

“Why don’t we call it a night and start over tomorrow?” He heard his mother said.

“Of course.” He replied with his head bent, digesting the softness in her voice that nearly broke his heart.

But it was too hard. This was too hard. Him being in the same room as her without wanting to break down in tears.

So he did what he always did best. He turned around and was ready to walk away.

His footsteps halt as he reached for the door and heard her call out his name.

“Si, mama.” He answered, staring hard into the oak stained door.

“Perhaps a stroll on the beach will do you some good. Remember how you used to love it there? It hasn’t changed one bit.” He heard her say.

“Si, perhaps I will.” He answered with a faint smile.

It was afterall the only place that wasn’t stained with those painful memories.

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