The Sicilian Affair

By Stanlight All Rights Reserved ©

Romance / Drama

Chapter 5 - Interrogation

Laurie sighed sitting on the kitchen stool watching as Silvia chopped lettuce and carrots and placing the into a mixing bowl. She seemed to be in a good mood, humming away to what seemed to be an old Sicilian lullaby.

“How was time in garden?” Silvia asked adding some olive oil to the mix.

“Beautiful, I was hoping to get Teresa to talk abit about Mr. Tomasa but I think I only upset her even more. I don’t get it, one minute she’s all bright and bubbly and then she just turns gloom and disconnected. Is there something I’m missing here?”

“Si. Explanation of bubbly. You mean she look like champagne?”

“It’s not what I meant, bubbly sort of means happy and cheerful.”

“Oh, why you not just say that. It makes more sense, no?”

“It’s just a figure of -- never mind. Did something happen that I should know about Silvia? Its like everytime I mention Mr. Tomas she goes bi-polar.”

Silvia sighed heavily before wipping her hands in her apron, “Maybe it’s best you know then, so you don’t rub salt on wound.”

She made her way the other side of the counter and took a seat next to Laurie.

Silvia took a deep before and began, “You see, before Signore Luigi passed away, Signore Tomas still lived here. He forever ask Tomasa to get married, always tease him to bring him piccolo bambino (little babies) but Tomasa, he no ready. One day Signora Teresa get call from doctor, tell her that Signore Luigi need to come back to hospital, so they went. When they come back, everybody sad, face long and eyes red. We were all told that the Signore he have the cancer. Santa Maria, everybody cry but the Signora, she try to stay strong. She wanted to give the Signore what he was wishing for, to see Tomasa married and the bambinos running around house.” She paused and shook her head, evident that the pain was to raw for her to.

Silvia’s lips tightened to stop them from quivering. She drew a deep breath before she continued, “So the Signora you see, she play the matchmaker. Her name was Nicoletta Colucci, she come from humble home. No have lot of money but good heart and la familia Carsingni they friends with la familia Colucci for long time. It took time but finalemente Tomasa he fall in love with la signorita --”

Silvia came to an abrupt stop at the sound of the door bell ringing, a small frown appeared on her face.

“Escussi, I check who is there.” She removed her apron from her neck and placed it on the kitchen counter.

Laurie’s brows touched in a furrowed line. So Mr. Carsingni is married, but why isn’t he living here with his wife? They are both from Sicili, it only made sense to be here where their families lived. So what possible reason would they have to live abroad? What was the missing part of Silvia’s story?

“Oh, Doctor De Vega, good afternoon. ”

The sound of Silvia’s voice rang through the kitchen walls.

“De Vega?” Laurie’s frown hardened. Why did that surname sound familar?

“Good afternoon Silvia, can I see Teresa?”

A raw masculine voice soared through her ears.

“Signora Carsingni is resting. She usually wakes a little after four.”

“It’s okay, Silvia. I can wait.”

“But Doctor De Vega..”

Laurie caught the slight panic in Silvia’s voice.

“I said I’ll wait Silvia.” His statement sounded definate.

There was a moment of silence.

It made complete no sense for her to eavesdrop, Laurie knew it, not when she only understood two words in an entire conversation, De Vega and Mrs. Carsingni.

Learning Italian was definately going to be a priority.

Laurie couldn’t hear their voices anymore, all she could hear were footsteps and they were coming her way. In a moment of panic, she sprinted from her stool and made her way to the other side of of the counter, afraid that she’d be caught eavesdropping.

She silently cursed at herself for how silly that sounded because she hadn’t even understood a word of what they had said. Placing the knife down on the counter, she decided that she should just go back to her seat before Silvia finds her messing with her vegetables.

“Doctor De Vega,--”

She heard, her head jerked up and she froze in place.

It was too late now to go back to where Silvia had left her sitting.

“-- this is Ms. Laurie Slade. Signora Carsingni’s nurse.” Silvia’s brow shot up when she saw Laurie chopping away the rest of her vegetables.

Laurie’s jaw nearly dropped open when her eyes landed on him.

The man standing before her in a grey suit had the darkest shade of blue eyes that she had ever seen. His eyebrows and hair was mixed with dark and white strands but together it gave off a silver effect. His shoulder were broad and his stance,rigid.

Doctor De Vega, although seemed old enough to be her father, was still undeniably handsome.

For the love of all that is good, these people have all the good genes.

She tried to blink away the hot flush that threathened to creep on her cheeks and quickly wiped her hands in Silvia’s apron.

“Nice to meet you Doctor.” She said shaking his outstretched hand.

“The pleasure is mine,″ he offered her a polite smile then continued, “Would you mind if we spoke for a while, Ms Slade?”

Her brows arched at him. “Of course,” She replied throwing Silvia a confused look.

“Will it be okay if we used the office Silvia?” Doctor De Vega asked looking in Silvia’s direction.

Silvia stood with her fingers clenched around each other, glancing around Laurie then back to Doctor De Vega. She seemed to hesitate for a moment but then nodded her head saying, “Si Doctor but the office has remained close eversince Signore Tomas left, I will have to ask Mario for key. Escussi.”

They both watched as Silvia disappeared through the old wooden door.

Laurie drew in a sharp breath, feeling his eyes of her. She had no reason to feel anxisious but couldn’t stop herself from feel intimidated by him. There was just something about Doctor De Vega and the way he carried himself, she couldn’t quite put her finger on it.

Silly. She was just being silly, she thought trying to calm her nerves.

“You can relax Ms. Slade. I just want an update on Mrs. Carsingni.” He said, giving her an encouraging smile.

She let out a heavy breath that she wasn’t even aware that she had been holding.

“She’s doing better than I thought she’d be actually,” she said, “All except for the lack of appetite and insomnia.”

“Is there anything else? Anything out of the ordinary?” His thick brow quirked up as he moved closer to the kitchen counter.

She dwelled on the question for a few moment trying to understand what he meant by out of the ordinary. Her brows knitted together as she looked at him.

“I’m sorry? I don’t --”

“Is there anything that you have observed that seems out of place?Mrs. Carsingni’s condition is delicate as you must have noticed by now.”

Her frown loosened, “Not specifically. Although I’ve just started but I’ll keep a close eye for it.”

“Good.” He said giving her a hard stare, as if trying to search for something else.

Just as she was about to open her mouth to speak again, Silvia walked into the room with the stack of keys in her hand.

“I have already opened the office Doctor, if you’ll follow me please.” Was all she said before walking away.

“After you Ms. Slade.” He said.

“Thank you.” She muttered following in the direction as Silvia.

Laurie couldn’t help but feel that this little meeting that she was about to have with the doctor was going to be an interrogation.

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