The Sicilian Affair

By Stanlight All Rights Reserved ©

Romance / Drama

Chapter 3 - What Is It About Old Ghosts?

“Stacey! Dios mio!” Tomas hissed.

“I’m coming Mr. Carsingni.” Her soft yet annoyed voice broke through the door before she opened it.

“Where have you been? I told you I needed those files an hour ago.”

“You also said that you needed coffee, cigarettes, the stock sheets and to book your flight.”

“Don’t be sassy. I don’t pay you good money for that.” He sneered at his secretary who was scrowling at him from under her glasses.

“You didn’t mention that the attitude would be a package deal, I would have explored my other options.”

He deserved that and maybe more.

He had been screaming for her eversince he stepped foot inside his office. The girl probably hasn’t had a chance to have a cup of coffee.

He finally lifted his head and took in her appearance -- her red hair was pulled back into a messy bun, her glasses rested crookedly on her pointed nose, she looked tired, worn out and she still had her coat on.

It was no doubt that she was very good at her job, Stacey was his right hand man or in her case woman. Whatever and whenever he needed something she was always there and had never complained. But these pass few days, he had been working her to the bones.

His calls were infinite and at odd hours, he had completely forgotten that she had a life of her own outside of these doors, a husband and a son at home.

Tomas heaved a heavy breath before addressing her,” I’m sorry Stacey, but I really need to get everything organised before I leave for Sicili. Please, just bear with me.”

Stacey face softened at his words. She walked over to his desk and placed the box of cigarettes on his table.

“It’s alright Mr. Carsingni, I understand and I’m sorry for cocky remarks, it wasn’t very professional of me. It’s just that being awaken at four in the morning tends to make me cranky. I’ll have the files scanned and mailed to you before lunch time.”

“Perfect.” He said and watched her turn to leave, “Stacey...Thank you. You’re the best.”

“So, I’m told.” She mumbled,” Before I forget, there’s a Ms. Lambert waiting to see you.”


“A very persistant little thing.”

Great, exactly what he needed, his ex wife’s lawyer coming to what? Ask for more money? The house in Shenfield? What more could that she possibly want that she hasn’t gotten already?

After three years he thought he’d finally rid himself of her. Why would she risk contacting him after he had made himself perfectly clear the last time that he never wanted to cross path with her again?

The only way he agreed to all her demands were if she stayed on her half of the continent. He’d be damned if she thought that he was still the same man that she married, the one she had easily manipulated.

“Tell her I’m busy and that I call her later on. I don’t want to be disturbed.”

She seemed to hesitate before nodding and walking out of his office.

Tomas dived back into his work, after this he had a meeting with his shareholders. A few of his task needed to be delegated to his subordinates while he would be away.

The sound of the door screeching open and heels stomping into his direction immediately snapped him out of work mode and dragged his eyes upwards.

“Stacey, I told you that I didn’t want to be --” he swallowed the rest of his words.

There she stood with her red hair of fury cascading down her back in her black high waist skirt, silky white chemise and obscenely red shoes. The devil does in deed wear prada and all too well.

“Mr. Carsingni.” Her voice was firm yet slurred with the same provocative tone she always addressed him with.

Like a siren, luring him close enough only to plunder out his soul.

“Lambert.” He said nonchalantly, leaning back against his chair.

His brow quirked at her audacity to pull out a chair infront of him.

“To what do I owe the pleasure?” His gaze followed her leg as it crossed over the other in a lingering motion.

The devil’s advocate merely smirked.

From years of experience with her that could only mean one thing, trouble.

“I’m sorry Mr. Carsingni--” Stacey came rushing in, “-- she snuck pass me.” She threw a deadly glare at Ms. Lambert’s back, to where she sat from across the room.

“Should I call security?” Stacey asked, prickled by Ms. Lambert’s lack of respect for other people.

“It’s okay Stacey.--” he assured her, “-- Since she’s already seated, I might as well hear what she has to say. You can leave us.”

Stacey gave him another glance as if silently asking him if he was sure, Tomas nodded to her before returning his gaze back to Kristine once Stacey had closed the door behind her.

“I see that you in much better shape than when I last saw you.” Kristine purred, as her dark eyes drank in his appearance.

Her lashes fluttered in approval.

Kristine Lambert had no shame. The entire business world knew it, when she was given a hook, she would launch in for the kill. In her book, everything and everyone was fair game, you either bend at your will or get broken down.

The laughter in her eyes was enough to send warning signs to all his senses and help keep him grounded, he knew that she was baiting him.

“You’d be amazed what three years without a torn at your side would do and then again I could say the same about you. How’s the soul sucking business?”

There it was, that smirk again.

“I can’t complain, as along as my clients are happy then I’m ecstatic. You of all people should know the effects I leave on my preys. A bittersweet locus, wouldn’t you say so?”

A small breath rasped from his mouth as the memory of their last encounter flashed before his eyes. It took him long enough to get where he is today, nobody would ever do that to him again.

He carelessly threw his pen over his sprawled out files on his desk. The sooner she stated her business the better, he needed her gone, from his office - from his life.

“Why are you here, Lambert?”

“Right down to business as usual, I see.” She got up and took languid steps over to the window.

His eyes followed her every movement, carefully assessing her motives. He caught a smile as it spread across her face before she turned her head and extended her gaze to the outside view of the morning traffic.

The city was always busy around this time, some people were still making their way to work and others from work to wherever the next destination was.

“My client--” She finally said, the faint irony was there. “-- your ex wife. She wishes to meet with you.”

“No way in hell is that happening.” He snarled, the words were ripped from his lips.

He was unaware that he had spoken until he saw her turned around and lifted a brow at his jarring tone.

Dragging his chair in a forceful push as he stood up, he sneered, “I have no intention of seeing her nor do I have the desire to do so.” His hands instantaneously curved into a hard ball.

“You see Mr. Carsingni, it would be in your best interest to see her. You know she has other ways to persuade you.” She uttered lightly with her back pressed against the wall, as if in no hurry to have her demands met.

It was so - unlike her.

“We had an agreement Lambert. She stays on her side and I do the same, what the fu€k kind of game are you playing at?” His jaw began to flex.

“Its no game, she asked to see you. As to why, I honestly don’t know. I’m just here in good faith to deliver her message. Kinda like playing the mediator, if you will.” She grinned up into his dark blue eyes.

“Yeah? Well I don’t give a fu€k!” He spat, “--now you can climb back in that Mercedes of yours and --”

" Ashton Martin.” She interjected walking over to his couch and dragged a finger alongside it before meeting his gaze.


“I drive an Ashton Martin now.” She corrected him tilting her head to the side.

“Well good for you. Now do us both a favour and run back to her and tell her to forget that I exist because I have. Good day Ms. Lambert.” He said with a firm and sharp tone to his voice.

Tomas’ eyes widened at the sound of her laughing as she made way back to where he stood. Even a sound that’s suppose to be calm and soothing seemed to somehow make him feel guarded.

Kristine took a final step and found herself at eye length to Tomas, the corner of her lip curved into a mischievous grin as she placed her hands on his desk and leaned forward. Tomas had a clear view of her black lace bra, how could he not when she was practically shoving her breast in his face. Retreating backwards was not an option, the woman could smell fear and Lord knows she feeds on it.

“Alright Mr. Carsingni, I’ll leave but here’s my card--” she trailed it to where his pen laid. “-- give me a call when you’re ready to be -- reasonable.”

“I highly doubt that you’ll be hearing from me, but two points for even thinking that I will. You are as always, very entertaining Ms. Lambert.”

“Am I?” Her brow jerked up, amused by his statement. ” You know Tomas, can I call you Tomas?”

He merely shrugged. He couldn’t trust himself to speak. He was man and Lambert wasn’t holding anything back.

“I’m a hundred percent sure that if we had met under different circumstances, you and I could have had some real pleasurable . Where I would have removed my blouse, stripped down to my garter and bend myself entirely to your will for once and let you screw the living squirt out of me. Too bad there’s a strict no-fu€king-your-clients-ex husband policy.”

She pouted seductively as she leaned forward and pressed her lips to the side of his ear, “Oh, the fun we could have had, Tomas.” She whispered and pressed her lips on his bare skin for a light kiss before straightening herself.

“Goodbye Mr Carsingni and please, do call.”

With that she turned and swayed her way out of his office.

Tomas dropped back into his chair and heaved a heavy breath of relief.

Unsure if he was relieved that she had left or that he that he hadn’t ripped her clothes to shreads.

What is it with the ghost of the past and not wanting to remain there?

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