The Sicilian Affair

By Stanlight All Rights Reserved ©

Romance / Drama

Chapter 16 - From Blush to Yell

Control wasn’t something foreignly known to Tomas and yet he was having a hell of a time trying exercise it as he stormed out of the bathroom leaving behind a very scarlet Laurie.

It wasn’t like he hadn’t seen her naked before, well there was that time on the beach when they had first met. But this, this was different. Back then it was dark and now, in the light, he couldn’t deny just how beautiful and perfect her body was. His stiff arousal bulging in his pants was evidence of just how much effect she had on him.

He was ashamed, angry and disappointed in himself. This was not how he was raised, how he usually reacted. The beeline he made to the bedroom wasn’t fast enough and it wasn’t helpful that her ugly dog had followed him there.

“I think we should name you Karma.” He said. His upper lip pulled into a sneer as he rid himself of the wet fabric. The puppy gave a little bark and wagged it’s tail as he looked up at Tomas.

Tomas shook his head at him. It was probably his way of thanking him for the suiting name.

After he was done drying himself off, he grabbed one of the white robes that was hanging from the wooden wardrobe and pulled it on, securing the belt into a tight knot around his waist.

He needed to rid himself of those carnal thoughts of Laurie. She was his mother’s nurse and nothing more, he told himself before exiting the room in search of food.

Thank goodness there were canned food in the cupboard, Tomas sighed in relief, making a mental quick note to thank his mother when he goes back home. Atleast tonight they wouldn’t die of hunger, he thought as he emptied the baked beans in a bowl. He had already laid out baby corn and cocktail sausage on the table in the living room, it wasn’t a feast but it would do for tonight.

The bathroom door opened and Laurie emerged out with her hands tightened securely around the front of her robe as if somehow, even with the warm robe on her, she still felt naked. She quietly sauntered into the the small living room and to a seat on the couch. She hadn’t dared spare a glance past Tomas, not when she was still blush so furiously at what had just happened.

It wasn’t like she was a virgin because she wasn’t, but this was her boss and he had seen her completely naked. There was no going back from that.

She gave a quick glance around the room and frown. Her creased brows suddenly jutted up and her eyes widened in fear.

Where was her puppy?

The first thought that crossed her mind was thag Tomas had thrown him out.

She quickly got up, mouth forming a thin line and spare Tomas a piercing glare. He was busy filling two cups with water that he didn’t even take notice to her daggered eyes, her clenched jaw nor her flaring nose. She looked just about ready to throw a pillow, even a lamp at him for breaking his promise.

“Please tell me that you didn’t throw him out.” Laurie finally hissed through clenched teeth. It had been a very long time since she remembered being this angry and the last time was with her boyfriend when she caught him sticking his tongue down another mans throat.

Tomas raised his head at the sound of her voice. At first he thought that he had imagined her almost hissing at him but the look she gave him only confirm that he had heard right. Only he wasn’t sure if she had completely lost her mind.

“Excuse me?” He said, his eyes narrowed back at her as he placed a hand on the counter and the other one on his waist.

Laurie jutted her chin up at him.

She looked like a woman who was ready for battle, Tomas thought. If only she didn’t look cute while doing so.

“The dog, Tomas. You promised you wouldn’t throw him out.” She said, scolding at him.

Her lips quivered as she took long strides to the door, imagining the worst possible scenario that could have happened to it. She had a dog once when she was young and she loved it like it was the only thing she had in this world. But then one day when she got home from school, it was gone. Her mother took great pleasure in letting her know that she had asked their gardener Pedro to put it down and all because she couldn’t stand how attached Laurie was to it.

With time, she eventually forgave her mother but never once did she forget. It was why afterwards she would never openly show her affection towards anything or anyone.

Tomas stared at her as she opened the door, questioning whether she would really dare to go out and look for her so called abandoned pup. And when she did, he gasped out her name but she was already out the door - in fear that she would to this again. Take away things and people that she loved.

The wind blew harshly across the small garden, dragging leaves and small branches all over the place. And the rain - it had only gotten worst, as it poured down like sharp knives. The visibility from the porch was poor, sombre and she knew that it would be hopeless to go out there. The pup would be long gone by now. Hiding in the bushes somewhere - scared or even worst, her eyes squeezed shut; it was probably dead.

Tomas stormed after her, relieved when he spot her standing not too far from the door with her arm wrapped around her, her head bent down and lips pulled between her lips.

She turned when she heard him hiss a curse, catching the worried look he had on his face before averting his eyes.

It was too late, Tomas had already seen the tears that sparkled in her eyes and the long saddening ones that had left trails of their path down her cheeks.

“You’re crying.” He said, taking another step towards her.

It still baffled him why she would show this much of affection towards a creature that she herself had just found.

Laurie quickly wiped the long fallen tears from her face. She hadn’t cried in all long while and hated it when people saw her in this vulnerable state. Pity or even more so, sympathy was the last thing she needed. She had to learn it the hard way by growing with parents like hers and learn she did.

“I’m not.” She whispered, her gaze lingering in the darkness of the storm. She didn’t want to look at him right now. Not after what he had done.

“So you mean to tell me that those weren’t tears in your eyes?” Tomas quiered, tilting his head to the side.

“No.” She sniffed, “just a few rain drops blown in by the wind.”

It was a pathetic attempt of an excuse but all the same it was the only one that came to her mind at that moment.

Tomas couldn’t suppress the smile that grew on his face. Maybe he was going crazy or she was driving him there but he just could help but like everything about her. One minute she was blushing and the next yelling at him over a promise that she accused him of breaking. It showed him alot about her and it felt refreshing for a change to be around somebody like her.

He wanted to let this play out longer and maybe have her admit that she was crying but he didn’t have he heart to do so. Her nose was red and her eyes still glistening from freshly formed tears. It was about as much as he could stand.

“Come back inside Ms.Slade.” He said, his voice was soft and gentle as he now spoke to her. “Your ugly little creature Karma is sleeping in the bedroom.”

Laurie turned to face him, her eyes widened as it held his.

He was smiling back at her. Her heart jerked inside her chest. It was beautiful and warm and for a moment she forgot that they were standing on the porch, with the rain pouring down as if it had no desire to stop any time soon.

“Come on.” Tomas urged her, holding out a hand to her.

She hesitated at first, giving his hand a long stare then smiled before grabbing on to it.

For a moment there she had vowed to stay away from him, believing that he was just a ruthless as everybody else in her life. Determined to crush whatever hope she had of ever finding some sort of happiness.

But he wasn’t.

“Wait.” her brows knitted, “You’ve named him Karma?”

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