The Sicilian Affair

By Stanlight All Rights Reserved ©

Romance / Drama

Chapter 11 - The Stroll

The day grazed by and before Laurie knew it, it was dark outside. She took Teresa tray and placed it on the kitchen counter. Today had proved to be a very productive day. Teresa had somewhat opened up about her past.

Today she had talked about Tomas’ childhood. She even found herself laughing at how mischievous he had been as a child.

She walked over to the open door and sighed as she leant against the door frame, wrapping her arms around here.

It was still surreal, this place was so peaceful and pure. The soft breeze blew across the garden and she closed her eyes, basking in the cool air as it caressed her skin.

“Oh, Ms.Slade.”

She smiled and she turned at the sound of of Silvia’s voice.

“Laurie, Silvia. We’ve talked about this.”

Silvia merely waved her off with a hand, then said, “Dinner will be ready, ten minutes.”

“Oh. Would it be alright if I have little stroll on the beach?” Laurie asked.

Her phone had been vibrating nonstop in her pocket and she had her suspicions as to who it was. She wanted to go for a walk to clear her head.

Silvia’s brows furrowed, ” I no see why not.” She shrugged, “I have Mario come get you when ready.”

Laurie smiled, ” Thank you, Silvia.”

She made her way out the door and started down the footpath leading towards the beach.

The sea was calm and sand still warm from the midday sun. She stopped and breathed in the fresh clean air. Life was definitely less stressful here. She pulled out her phone and sighed. Twelve missed calls from her mother.

Why couldn’t she just let her be?

She tucked it back into her pocket and continue on her path. Once she was a good mile away from the house, she sat down, running her fingers through the white sand.

She should really call her mother back. It could be important, she thought. Or it could be one of her many attempts to bully her into come back home.

No! She thought, shaking her head.

Let them call all they want. She wasn’t a piece of property to be sold. And for them to not take her feelings into consideration was a total dissapointment. Clearly money meant more to them than their own daughter.

Her heart felt heavy at the thought. Maybe she shouldn’t have called them in the first place.

Her hands travelled over her white uniform and stopped at the loose button over her cleavage area. She chuckled lightly to herself as thoughts of Tomas ran through her mind. She would have to get this fixed.

“You’re not going to get undressed are you?”

Laurie gasped and immediately shot to her feet.

“What? No. I uh- was just going to fix it.” She stammered.

Her cheeks flushed at the sight of him, standing there with the bottom of his trousers rolled up just above his calves.

He was a sight for sore eyes. And what a sight he was. Laurie doubted whether he knew just how dangerously handsome he was.

“Good.” He smiled, lowly. “Silvia said that you had come here, I just wanted to make sure that you didn’t drown.”

“Oh?I’m sorry, I just wanted a moment to think.” She replied, resting her glance onto the open sea.

“Trouble back home?” He asked, walking closer to her.

She gave him sad smile, “Sort of.”

“Boyfriend troubles or family troubles?” He queried, sitting down next to where she previously sat.

Laurie frowned and followed suit.

“Family troubles,” She replied, “Nothing I can’t handle though.”

He hummed, jutting his brows and twitching the side of his lips. “So the boyfriend is okay with you being here? ”

Was this he’s way of asking her whether she had a boyfriend? She wondered.

Laurie tried to suppress a smile. “No.” She said and stole a quick glance at him.

His brows were pulled into a tight knot.

“Oh? But he still let you omega all the way here, alone. He must be really confident about your relationship. It’s very rare.” He told her nonchalantly.

Laurie couldn’t hold it back, her lips spread over her teeth. “It probably is but I wouldn’t know because I don’t have a boyfriend.”

“Would you be offended if I said I found that hard to believe?“He asked, his eyes as before not leaving hers.

“I would,” She answered, then averted his piercing gaze. She could have sworn that she had caught a glimpse of dissapointment flash through them.

“because I really don’t. ”

Tomas’ thick brows lifted, as though entirely convinced.

She heard him muttered something about how those bloody idiots must be all blind.

They sat in a brief moment of silence as they both stared out into the magnificent view before them. The sun had set and a few stars slowly began to grace the sky with their presence. The wind blew, rippling at the hem of her dress as it did so. Laurie lifted her hands and gently rubbed against her arms.

The air was starting to get abit chilly. Maybe she should make a quick excuse and head back inside, she thought.He was probably waiting of her to make the first move to get up.

Her thoughts were briefly interrupted when Tomas spoke.

“How was she today?”

“Teresa?” She asked, then remembered that he had gone in all day to see her. Laurie had found it a bit strange but decided not to make a thing of it but she had noticed Teresa eyeing the door every now and then ; as if she had expected someone to walk in at any minute.

She had to admit, their relationship was weird. Even more so for somebody who spoke with so much pride whenever she talked about her son.

“She’s doing well. She talked about you today.”

He frowned. “What about?”

Laurie drew in a breath.

“We have this thing we do every day where she talks about the things that make her happy and today she talked about your childhood.” She explained, then smiled. She had to ask.

“Did you really pull a fish out of the sea and place it under your pillow?”

“Dios,” Tomas let out an agonising groan, “She told you about that?”

Laurie laughed, “Unfortunately for you, yes.”

He turned and caught the smile that lingered on her face.

“Ms. Slade, I think that you are enjoying this too much.”

“Sorry, I just failed to see how it was suppose to grow wings.” She teased, trying to stifle her laugh.

The sound of her laughter warmed his heart.

Such a beautiful sound, he thought and returned her smile.

The corner of his lips then fell and the smile dissappeared. His mother was talking about him to a complete stranger. His jaws twitched. Would she tell her about that day? The day Paolo died?

His heart pulled at the thought and his hand fisted into a ball. They haven’t even talked about that. It was still too painfully and the memories still haunted him.

“I’m glad that you laughing at my expense, but we really do have to go back before Silvia comes and get us herself.” He said in a more serious tone as he got up to his feet.

Laurie frowned at the sudden change of his mood.

Had she said something to offend him?

Without so much as another word, she attempted to do the same and stopped when she saw him holding out a hand to her. To which she politely muttered a small thank you, before accepting it.

A small gasp escaped from her mouth as her skin touched his. It felt like a sudden charge of electricity and she quickly withdrew her hand. Her eyes levelled to his and his expression mirrored hers.

What the hell was that?

Tomas was the first to compose himself as he began to walk in the direction of the house. Evidently Laurie was more affected by strange sensation of their hands touching. She frowned to herself and slowly began to follow suit behind him.

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