The Sicilian Affair

By Stanlight All Rights Reserved ©

Romance / Drama

Chapter 10 - Not Again

Laurie crossed the floor to her bedroom with hurried steps. She was late. And she was never late. If only she had gone to bed early last night instead of staying up all night fantasising about Tomas and how dangerously alluring his eyes was.

Well now was as good of a time to regret it. It was past Teresa’s breakfast and she had missed it.

“Damn it!” She exclaimed, yanking on her white uniform, stumbling to put her flats at the same time.

So much for wanting to prove to Tomas that she was professional and took her job seriously. She was certain that he wouldn’t miss a beat in enlightening her about punctuality.

Once she was fully dressed, Laurie rushed out of her room and hurried down the steps. She reached the bottom of the staircase within seconds and was about to make a dash for Teresa’s room when the door to the office opened. Her footsteps halt in to an abrupt stop when Tomas emerged out. At first she thought that he was going to offer her a smile but it quickly melted into a frown as he strode across the hall to meet her.

He was dressed in a white polo shirt and had on a pair of khaki pants. If heaven was a place callhome then she was there and he was the promised land. No matter what word she picked out in her head it still didn’t do any justice to how incredibly good he looked.

“Goodmorning. “She bit out instantly, releasing the air that seemed to be suffocating her in her lungs.

“Ms. Slade.” He said in acknowledgement, his eyes ran over her uniform in a disapproving glance.

“It there something the matter?” He asked, voice trailed with concern.

“No, Mr.Carsingni.” She replied, creasing her brow at him, “Why?”

He gave her a hard aloof stare and she quickly caught on.

Of course, she was late. She thought giving herself a mental slap in the face.

“Oh, sorry. I know I’m late, I overslept and I never do that. I promise that it won’t happen again, Mr. Carsingni.” She rambled, chewing the inside of her lower lip.

He didn’t budge. Instead he drew a sharp brow at her as if what she had just revealed was news to him.

“It’s probably my fault for keeping you last night. Are you heading to my mother’s room?” He quiered, tucking both his hand in his pockets.

“Uh, yes and no.“She replied, blushing as she tried to avert his eyes.

Tomas felt the corner of his lips as it threatened to curve into a smile but he held it firmly in place. She was obviously still hang up on last night and for some strange reason so had he, but she was making it hard for him to look past seen her naked, not when...

He released a deep breath and scolded at him self to not pry over her.

“Is that a yes or a no?” He asked, clenching both of his hands, desperate to keep his trail of thoughts pure.

His was fighting the urge to allow his eyes to travel down her neck to her...

What the hell was wrong with him? He was acting like a pervert. Like it was the first time he had ever seen a woman naked.

“Both, actually. I need to head for the kitchen first to see if Teresa has already had breakfast after that, she’s my next stop.”

Her voice was meek stained with innocence, he thought. But he hardly doubted if she was, innocent that is. And yet it was still enough to draw him in and put him off at the same time.

She reminded him too much of his ex-wife. Beautiful, sweet and innocent. Only he had been wrong about the innocent part. How else would it explain why she carried out an affair almost as long as they had been married? After he given her everything that she could ever wish for and when that wasn’t enough, he gave her all of him - his heart.

“Well, don’t let me keep you, then.” He said, stepping out of her way.

Laurie glanced up, brows knitted together. She had half expected him to make a rude comment about her tardiness. Knock her down with a few bitter remarks.

“Uh, right. I’ll uh, see you around. I think.” She said nervously, and began to walk past him, holding on to her nerves.

“You will.” He told her and a few hairs at the back of her head stood.

Then he added, ” but you might want to finish buttoning up your uniform. That’s if we’re ever going to have a conversation again.”

Her footsteps froze in place and she quickly scanned the front of her dress. He was right, she swallowed. She had missed two of her buttons and her red lace bra was showing. Mollified, she cringed with embarrassment.

Not again!

She slowly turned around, gathering whatever courage that she still had to apologise but he was already gone.

She allowed her mouth to clamped shut once more, breathing a heavy sigh of relief. At least he was gentleman enough to spare her from completely making a fool out of herself. Once more.

Thank goodness. She muttered, fumbling with the bottons before making her way to the kitchen.

“I have a bone to pick with you Teresa.” Laurie announced as the door closed shut behind her.

Teresa was sitting in her usually spot with her glass of orange juice in her hand. At the sound of Laurie’s voice she turned away from her garden view and frowned.

“Whatever for dear?”

Laurie crossed the floor over to the window.

“Did you set me up last night?” She asked, crossing her arms over her chest.

“Me? How?”

Her eyes closed to slits as she tried to assess Teresa . Laurie couldn’t decide whether she was being honest or not. Teresa was a hard woman to read but something inside her thought otherwise.

“Well, just know that if you did, I’m very displeased with you. But your son, saw me naked last night and I don’t think he was too happy about it and neither was I.”

“Really?” Teresa sounded astound.

Either she really had nothing to do with it or she was a really, really good actress.

“I had no idea that he was coming. Sometimes he says one things then do something else.” Teresa explained.

Laurie blew out a lung full of air and sat in the vacant chair opposed to Teresa’s.

“I was embarrassed.” She admitted, resting her forehead in one of her hand. “I still am, and not too mention that I just gave him a free flash of my breasts before coming here.”

Teresa’s face withered in smiles as she took in Laurie’s flushed cheeks.

“I’m sure that he won’t make anything of this.” Teresa said, in attempts to try and provide her some sort of comfort.

Laurie lifted her head, gazing at her from under lids. “You think?”

Teresa nodded. “I’m positive.” Taking Laurie’s hand in hers and giving it a light squeeze. “Being the gentleman that he is, I’m sure that he has already forgotten about it.”

For her sake, Laurie hoped that Teresa was right.

“Good because I don’t think that he likes me that much. He’s already voiced out his concerns about me taking care of you.”

“He did?”

Laurie gave her a quick nod of the head and Teresa’s smile dissolved, “I’ll have a word with him.”

“Teresa, no.” She bit out. ” I don’t want him to think that I come running to you with all my problems. I’m sure that he has his reasons, you’re his mother and he probably wants the best for you.”

“Are you sure?” Teresa asked, unconvinced.

“Yes. I’m sure.”

“Alright.” She shrugged. “Should we get started on that therapy of yours?”

Laurie frowned. This was actually the first time that Teresa had be willing to start therapy, let alone mention it. It had always been the other way around, with her having to negotiate.

So this - was promising.

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