Once in a Blue Moon

By Sapphire Naylor All Rights Reserved ©

Romance / Fantasy


Lexie's life consisted of protecting and leading those who cannot defend themselves. As Luna of the all female Artemis Pack, her life wasn't the normal female wolf. Bound to an oath Lexie made in her youth with the goddess Artemis, she and her pack sworn off looking for their mate, instead they would protect those women and children who cannot defend themselves against the males of any pack that have lost themselves to their inner wolf. Following a lead, Lexie leads her pack back to her home, Greece, in hopes to protect her old pack from the worst Alpha King ever known. While gathering information, she runs across a wolf that's barely alive. Compelled by a force greater than she's ever known, she orders her pack to take this wolf into their care. Nothing could prepare her for the overconfident, possessive, Alpha male that is Damen as soon as he awakes. Despite the fact that she cannot stand him, something inside her refuses to kick him out of her life and annoyingly there's a chance that she might not be able to save her old pack without his help.

Epigraph: The Legend of the Blue Moon

One night in every month the moon is full,

illuminating the darkest shadows,

the wolves come out feeling it's sinful pull,

hoping the sun doesn't bring tomorrow.

How fitting the Alpha King be chosen,

that he finds his beloved Luna Queen,

on the most special night ever spoken,

true rulers of their country in their genes.

The blue moon shining once in a few years,

the goddess Artemis casts her vote,

on whomever gives the pack the best care,

a pair of mates all can truly denote.

Every hundred years the true rulers show,

even if the whole country doesn't know.

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