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The Arrangement

By J.R. Rioux All Rights Reserved ©

Romance / Erotica


Selene is a woman who has been living on her own since she was 15. Now, at 19, she works in a popular restaurant making just enough money to make it by and save a small bit for her future. She’s determined to get into college before she’s 25, saving up all her extra money to achieve her dream. She at least has some direction she wants to go, if little else. Selene doesn’t believe in love and has zero interest in attachments. She was strong and independant and wanted to always be sure she could support herself. What Selene wasn’t looking to have happen came barreling into her life in a way she never would have expected. She finds herself indebted to a wealthy man who needs someone to pose as his girlfriend. He takes care of her and she attends public events and goes out on ‘dates’ to keep the tabloids happy. What she doesn’t know is that he has no intentions of letting her go.

Introductions And A Dilemma

Note: This is a 1st draft. There are plenty of misspellings and other errors, including scenes that do not fully follow the storyline or portray a D/s relationship correctly. These errors will be fixed in the near future. If you see something that seems out of place, feel free to leave a comment so I know to look at that area when I go back to do editing. Thank you. - Author

Selene entered the staff door to the restaurant and walked in the back. She hung up her jacket and purse, knowing full well no one would touch her things. Double checking her appearance in the mirror and adjusted her tie. She hated wearing it, but at least her boss had given the option to wear pants or a skirt. She smoothed out the white button-up shirt, making sure it was tucked in the back. That part always came out because of the way she was built. Her butt rested further down, so there was a big dip at the back of her waist that gave her issues with shirts coming untucked.

Once satisfied, she grabbed a fresh apron, some pens, then paused. Selene looked over at one of the other waitresses. “Is the POS still down?”

The redhead nodded with a sigh. “Boss says they have a guy coming tomorrow.”

She nodded and grabbed 2 pads of tickets. Selene didn’t care if they had to do things manually or not. This was a job, not a playpen. Work was work. She checked to see which section she was put on, then stepped out into the dining room, looking over her tables. The girl she was replacing looked tired but had everything under control.

Selene walked back into the employee’s area and checked the time. Only 4 more minutes until she would switch with Jenna. At the 2 minute mark, she clocked in and headed out to start to take over. Now in the dining room, she put on her smile and set to work. Customers appreciated a smile.

Fortunately, they were incredibly busy and it was 2 hours before her shift ended at 11 PM when she finally got to take a breather. She’d gotten herself a soda and sat down, not even bothering to try to eat something. Selene knew there wouldn’t be time between now and closing, then she’d be an hour doing clean-up and set everything up for the morning crew. Selene sighed, sipping her soda. Cheetos and Funny Bones it was.

“Hey, Lee,” the beautiful red-head that served as the hostess most nights started as she poked her head in the back. “Hot guy in a fancy suit asked for your section. He’s in table 9.” She grinned and winked at Selene.

Selene nodded, standing up. She knew the hostess meant well, but this was a place of business and Selene kept her personal life far away from her job. That meant no dating customers, no matter how hard some of them tried and no matter how hard some of her co-workers attempted to push her.

After quickly straightening her clothes, Selene exited the employee area and walked to her section, glancing over the few customers present before approaching the newly seated man. With her professional smile, she stopped at the table.

“Good evening, Sir. I am Selene and I will be serving you this evening. Can I start you off with something to drink?” Her brown eyes briefly took in the man’s strong jaw, aquiline nose, dark auburn hair and hazel eyes as she waited for his response.

“Selene,” he mused in a low baritone voice as if tasting the name on his lips. “What a lovely name,” he stated. His eyes swept over her.

“Thank you, Sir,” she answered politely, though her smile had grown tighter. She hated it when men gawked at her, it made her uncomfortable. When he said nothing else for over a minute, she prompted him again. “Would you like something to drink or are you ready to order,” she asked politely.

“Your best whiskey, neat,” he decided.

Selene nodded and made a note on the pad in her hand. “Of course, Sir. I will be right back with that,” she responded calmly. She turned on her heel and walked away briskly.

“I need our best whiskey neat,” she told the bartender, Thomas, who nodded and finished up the order he was working on for a couple sitting at the bar. When he’d made the drink, he placed it on a small tray that she took and walked back to the man’s table.

Since she was under 21, she wasn’t actually supposed to carry an open container, but she could carry it if it was on a tray. Ridiculous rules, she thought. As if half of all 19-year-olds hadn’t already experienced alcohol for themselves.

Selene placed the glass in front of him and tucked the tray under her arm. “I’ll give you a few minutes if you aren’t ready yet,” she offered, hesitating to see if he would speak. After a long pause where he said nothing, she spun and walked away, replacing the tray in the stack by the bar. She checked up on the other 3 tables she had occupants in, taking away plates and responding to comments from her customers about the food or service, always with that ‘make the customers happy’ smile.

When she returned to the man’s table, she was surprised to find her boss sitting with the man. They were engaged in what appeared to be friendly banter. His glass was empty, so she immediately picked it up.

“Would you like another drink, Sir,” she questioned him first.

“Yes, please,” the man answered with a faint smile.

Her attention flickered to her boss. “Would you like anything, boss,” she asked with the same professionalism.

“Just bring us the bottle of what he was drinking,” he boss said with a grin.

Selene gave him a knowing look. “Do I even need to bother with a ticket,” she asked.

Her boss laughed, shaking his head. “No, you don’t.”

She sighed softly, ripping the top sheet off and crumbling it up before shoving it into an apron pocket. “At least I don’t have to figure out the liquor tax on a $200 bottle of whiskey,” she said with a grin. “I’ll be right back.”

Her boss, Alen Tindal, chuckled at the comment. He looked at his friend, a grin still playing on his lips. “That poor girl has been doing much of the math on tickets and taxes with our POS being down.”

“That sounds like a headache,” his companion responded.

Alen nodded. “Damn right it has been. At least Selene loves overtime, or it would have been a lot worse.”

The man chuckled, his eyes shifting to the girl waiting at the bar for the bottle. “She’s very... professional,” he said slowly.

“Mmm, one of my best,” Alen agreed. “She’s very private, though. Everything is business with her. She isn’t overly friendly, just endlessly polite.”

“Curious. Do you know anything about her?”

Alen shook his head. “Outside of what’s on her application, I don’t know anything factually. I have impressions, but that’s really it.”

“What kind of impressions,” the other man asked curiously.

Their conversation paused when Selene approached, 2 clean glasses and bottle in hand. She smiled and set the glasses next to each other and offered the bottle to her boss.

“I’d pour, but I would not like to get you in trouble,” she said with a grin.

“Yes, liquor control would have my hide,” Alen concurred as he took the bottle from her hand. “I’d like you to meet an old friend of mine,” he continued before she could say anything else. “Selene, this is Nicholas Saber. Nick, Selene.”

Selene paused, her face freezing for a brief moment before she collected herself. Men like him made her nervous. Rich men seemed to think they could have anything they wanted and do whatever suited them without consequences. She prayed her reaction had gone unnoticed. She quickly smiled politely at the man and bowed her head in acknowledgment.

“It’s a pleasure to make your acquaintance, Mr. Saber,” she said formally. “Are either of you interested in eating dinner?”

Nicholas only smirked at her sudden change in demeanor. She had immediately gone stiff with a professional smile on her face. He decided to toy with her a bit.

“I am hungry for dinner, yes. I’m just not quite certain I want it to be food,” he said quietly, looking her over.

Her eyes widened and she suddenly looked down. Her face lost some of its color. Then, her eyes darted around the room as if looking for a way to escape. Curious. Not quite the reaction he was expecting. It looked like she was afraid. He wondered why.

“I think I’ll just have the meatloaf,” Nicholas said smoothly, drawing her attention back to him. “I apologize. I didn’t mean to make you feel uncomfortable.”

Her professional smile returned. “Of course,” she said quickly, then looked at Alen. “Did you want me to get you anything as well,” she enquired, a softness entering her tone.

Alen smiled and waved her off. “The wife brought me dinner earlier, but thanks.”

Selene smiled more genuinely. It lit up her face. “That’s very sweet,” she told him. “I will be back,” she said, her tone changing back.
Nicholas watched her walk toward the back to place his order. He noticed the natural sway of her hips, making him think impure thoughts. He heard Alen clear his throat.

“Don’t you think she’s a little young,” he asked.

“How old is she,” Nicholas asked him, regretting her disappearance from his line of sight.

“She’s 19, to be 20 in a few months, I believe,” Alen answered.

“She’s not that much young but younger than I’d like,” Nicholas mused. “Though, I do have to admit a strange temptation toward her,” he admitted.

“That, my friend, is lust and maybe an early mid-life crisis,” Alen teased.

“I’m only 37,” I reminded him. “Far too young for that nonsense.”

Alen chuckled and poured the drinks. “So what brought you here, my friend,” Alen asked, handing Nicholas one of the glasses.

“I’m taking a break from all the women hounding me. Everyone thinks I should get married, but these women drive me crazy. Every time I have to go to some public function, I get swarmed,” he grumbled in frustration.

“So hire a call girl,” Alen suggested after a pause. “Someone to go to events with to keep the vultures at bay.”

Nicholas shook his head. “The reporters would be all over that in a heartbeat.”

“So find a girlfriend or someone to pose as one,” Alen said with a shrug, swallowing the contents of his glass before pouring another.
Nicholas considered this for several long moments. “I suppose that could work. I mean, finding someone to pose as a girlfriend. Any ideas where I can find someone suitable?”

Alen chuckled. “For that, my friend, you are on your own.”

“What about Layla? Surely she knows someone?”

Alen shrugged. “I can ask, but Layla’s friends are pretty much all married with families.”

Nicholas stared into his glass at the amber liquid inside. “This sounds like a difficult task. It would be better if it’s someone who isn’t anxious to get married or in getting into a real relationship.”

Alen shrugged. “Good luck finding a woman like that. What about a sugar baby,” Alen suddenly asked, the idea of it only just occurred to him. “She hangs out when you need it and in return, you give her money and sometimes give her gifts.”

“Where would I find one of those,” Nicholas asked. The idea was intriguing, to say the least. It sounded like a possible solution.

“Ask around. Someone will be able to offer you something. I would imagine there are websites dedicated to that sort of thing. You know the internet these days.”

“I will have to check it out, then,” Nicholas mused. “Preferably someone who’s mature and can handle pressure in social situations.”
Just a few moments later, Selene appeared and placed his plate in front of him. She smiled, but knowing they had just been talking, she made a hasty retreat.

Nicholas watched her again with a sense of fascination. He idly wondered if a girl like that would be suitable. Yes, she was young, but she clearly knew how to keep her personal and professional lives remain separate. That could be an incredibly useful trait.

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