All It Took Was One Look (Blue Moon Series) (Book 1) [Available on Amazon!]

By T. Lanay All Rights Reserved ©

Romance / Fantasy

Chapter 9


“So I heard that you guys went to see… ‘The Howl’.” Eric said in the same mysterious tone as J used last night. I rolled my eyes as I took books out of my locker. Eric and Jeanine were standing by me waiting. We were headed to English class since we all had it together. Slamming my locker shut we strode to class listening to Jeanine go on and on about the movie, I couldn’t join in because I had no idea what happened anyway since I was too preoccupied with the hunky man behind me the whole time.

“I’m mad at you guys for ditching me and not including me in on this movie adventure you had.” Eric pouted. Jeanine patted his back nodding her head as if she understood how he felt. He brushed her hand off before walking off dramatically. J and I snickered as he strut down the hall,

“Wooo nice switch! Shake it baby!!” J yelled her hands cupping her mouth causing people’s heads to turn. I was too busy laughing to notice I was headed towards someone until I bumped their shoulder. This time I didn’t fall because ‘the’ someone grabbed my wrist.

Why is it that I always bump into him now! I never even seen him let alone to bump in to him before.

I notice there were weird sparks erupting from his touch and I felt like melting on the spot. My heart started beating erratically as I gazed up into his face. His head was slowly but surely getting closer and closer to mine, his hazel eyes again darkening like they had last night. My breath was completely gone when his face was mere inches from mine.

“Didn’t I tell you to watch where you were going last time?” He said huskily causing delicious shivers to run down my spine. I nodded since I couldn’t form a single word to save my life. My eyes were trained on his lips; they looked so soft all I wanted was for him to close the gap.

“I thought so” he narrowed his eyes at me. His jaw was set and his grip tightened on my wrist but not painfully tight though. His hazel eyes were changing as weird as that sounds but they were slowly turning a misty yellow; I was mesmerized by it.

Roughly he pushed me into a locker; his hand caged my head. I could hear J raised voice but I couldn’t make out the words, all I could focus on were his eyes as they turned from that misty yellow to a bright golden honey. His gaze traveled down my body in a very suggestive manner which caught me off guard.

“Are you deliberately trying to touch me?” He asked breathlessly, his face still inches from mine. I shook my head,

“N-no” I stuttered shaking all over from his proximity. His eyes closed briefly as I answered him.

“I really… need you to watch where the hell you’re walking” he heaved.

“O-ok” I watched him bite his bottom lip as his breathing hitched. He was moving closer to me his eyes trained somewhere on my neck and there was nothing I could do to stop him; it not like I wanted to anyway.

“Liam” his head snapped up at his name. I looked to see a tall guy next to him with short dark hair and brown eyes touching Liam’s arm trying to pull him along with him.

“Come on man” he said softly. Liam looked back at me his eyes back to hazel; was I imagining that? He let my wrist go and walked around me with his friend. Jeannine was looking after him with a narrow eyed gaze.

“What the hell was that all about?” She asked me but my eyes were still trained on his back.

“I- I don’t know” my heart was beating faster than a humming birds wings

“Weird, I thought he was going to punch you.” She said taking my hand and dragged me with her.

“He didn’t” I said still in a daze.

“Well yeah, look we’re going to be late because of him. I means seriously, first he hurts you then he’s making you late for class. Rude.” She said dragging me into our class.

The teacher started the lesson while I was brought back to the hallway with Liam inches from my face. Am I weird to say his breath smelt like heaven along with his cool water cologne? It was yummy. Then it hit me, he didn’t look at me like he wanted to kill me it was more of a predatory type look. It was intense but why the hell was he staring at me like that? I need to stay away from him… far away or else this crazy crush on a straight man is going to ruin me. Alright avoid Liam operation is a go. I paid attention for about two seconds to the teacher before I thought about Liam’s eyes, how they change to that crazy yellow. I’ve never heard of someone’s eyes changing yellow before. They reminded me of something but what?


I lost it. I know I did; I seriously didn’t mean to do that but I couldn’t help myself. Or I should say my wolf couldn’t help himself. All I know was that he bumped into me sending sparks through my shoulder making that fire of desire ignite inside me harder than ever, launching my wolf over the edge. His sweet scent wasn’t helping any either.

Once we were out on the football field alone Dom turned towards me, fast.

“Dude you weren’t playing!” he exclaimed running his hands through his dark hair roughly. I shook my head taking a deep breath.

“So he’s your mate:” it wasn’t a question more of a statement. I nodded.


“Yeah, you were ready to tear his clothes off right in that hallway.” He said with wide eyes. “I mean your wolf was there, he was ready to jump out on that guy. You should have seen your eyes, dude they were bright yellow” he told me. I stuffed my hands in my jean pockets.

“Were they really.” I asked hesitantly.

“Hell yeah they were.” He said. I sank to the ground.

“Dude what am I going to do?” I asked. I feel like I’ve asked that question over a million times.

“I can’t ignore him, as much as I try I can’t. His smell is so intoxicating, every time he’s in the same room as me I just want to jump him. Then there’s those damn eyes, it’s like he can see right through me; their like looking into a beautiful summer day not a cloud in sight. I feel like my whole body is on fire when he’s even ten feet from me, he doesn’t even have to touch me to make me go crazy with lust.” I confessed to him as I leaned back on my hands.

“Damn man, you got it bad. And all this is because of this full moon thing?” He asked. I had told him when I went to pick him up this morning.

“It’s more intensified because of it.”

“How long till the full moon anyway?” He asked.

“Thirteen days, why?” I asked looking up at him.

“That’s the day of our first football game.” He said frowning. “You won’t be able to focus, would you?” I sighed heavily.

“If I’m already ready to tear his clothes of thirteen days before this full moon and he’s not even marked I doubt I would be able to focus for a millisecond on the field.” I told him.

“Great” was all he said.

I avoided Aiden the best I could at school even though my skin was tingling all day just because he was in the same building as me. So when I got home I was a whole hell of a lot better but that didn’t me my gag reflex was.

I sat at the dinner table talking to my mom about her day when dad came in heading straight towards her with determined strides. Taking her in his arms and crushing his lips to hers while she wrapped her arms around his neck; I was stuck I couldn’t move or look away it just happened so unexpectedly. I know kids are supposed to be seriously grossed out by this stuff and I might play like I might throw up overdramatically but deep down I think it’s kind of cute that they’re so in love and still going strong after all these years. I’m lucky, unlike some human kids that have to go through their parents getting divorced. Mine will always stay together. And it was also a glimpse in the future for me, that my love will always be strong with my mate. But now that I know who my mate is, I know that it will be a whole lot harder for us in his world and mine.

My dad’s lustful growl brought me back to the present and they were seriously going at it. I thought they were going to eat each other’s face off. Clearing my throat,

“Save that for the bedroom, PLEASE!” I interrupting them. They still hadn’t looked at me but their foreheads were touching and they were breathing deeply. “That was disgusting!” I told them with a grimace on my face. My dad chuckled as he move behind mom and wrapping his arms around her midsection, burying his face in her neck and attacking that area as well causing her to giggle uncontrollable.

“Yeah, I’m still here” I said waving my hand in the air. Mom looked up at me with a deep blush covering her cheeks. My dad on the other hand looked at me with piercing yellow eyes showing that his wolf was more in control at the moment.

“Then leave” he growled before going back to kissing her neck. I gave an exaggerated shutter,

“Gross.” I pushed my chair back leaving them to do whatever the hell they were going to do.

Even in my room I could still hear there growls and giggles and it just kept bringing me back to what happened in the hallway. Groaning I fell back in the middle of my bed, my head hitting the pillows as I stared at the ceiling helplessly. This stupid full moon is going to be the death of me.

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