All It Took Was One Look (Blue Moon Series) (Book 1) [Available on Amazon!]

By T. Lanay All Rights Reserved ©

Romance / Fantasy

Chapter 5


It was Monday, two weeks after the fight and I was amusingly watching J as she was handing out flyers for dance tryouts. She was walking up to random people and started talking as if she was making a drug sell. I could see the awkward faces of the students she talked to. Eric was chilling right next to me at the lunch table munching on a tater tot. I nudged him in the arm.

“Hey man, give me some of your tots.” I asked him. He turned to me with a frown.

“What?” he asked me popping the rest of the tot in his mouth.

“Give me some of your tots!” Then his eyebrows shot up in understanding.

“No, go find your own” he said playing along.

“Come on, give me some of your tots” I pushed.

“No. I’m freaking starving. I didn’t get to eat anything today!” he whined. “But seriously dude if you even think about touching my tots I’m going to strangle you” he said seriously and I laughed.

“We need to watch that movie again” I said chuckling still. He nodded as he smothered his tots in ketchup. I wrinkled my nose I didn’t like ketchup and he just ruined a perfect batch of taters.

“I wouldn’t even want your tots now.” I muttered returning my gaze to Jeanine. She was still running around the cafe.

I got up to throw my trash away and planning to capture J to stop her from stuffing papers in some poor girls face. After putting my tray on top of the trash can I went and grabbed J’s arm, dragging her with me and apologized to the traumatized girl. J struggled the whole way to the table.

“Hey!! She would have made a great addition to the team you jerk wad!!” she screamed catching everyone’s attention. I sighed heavily and forcefully sat her down at the table; Eric had an eyebrow raised to me.

“What?!” I snapped. He shook his head and focused back down on his food.

“Jeanine you can’t just go harassing people to join clubs” I scolded as I shook my head at her. All she did was cross her arms and pout.

“Oh were pouting now? How nice, real mature” I said, throwing a napkin at her face, she gasped mockingly.

“You’re throwing napkins and I’m the immature one?” she said pointing a finger in my face before grabbing the napkin and threw it back. “And don’t be throwing things in my face jackass!” she said with a straight face before we both started to laughing loudly. Eric just looked at us like we were crazies.

“You guys are hella weird” he said stuffing another tot in his mouth. Jeanine reached over the table and hit it out of his hand. It went flying to the floor with a splat, ketchup smeared all over the floor. Silently I handed her the napkin we were throwing earlier. Taking it she smugly wiped her hands, her nose in the air, Eric’s mouth was hanging open and he was staring at J dumbfounded.

“How. Dare. You.” He hissed narrowing his eyes her dangerously. I scooted over knowing he was going to blow.

“Guys” I said hesitantly but it was too late.

“Oh, I dare” she said challenging him with a stare. I scooted over more dragging my bag with me. Slowly I stood up undetected. I backed up far enough just in time for when the food stared flying. I dodged a disgusting ketchup drenched tater as it was heading straight towards my face, whizzing right past my head. I was still walking backwards watching their food fight expand; soon the whole café was involved. Then they noticed I was gone, they both looked in my direction with evil grins, food hanging from their hair and nasty ketchup on their face and clothes.

Oh crap!

I quickly ran away only to find myself suddenly on the floor. I grimaced as my ass screamed in pain; damn what did I hit? I could see black shoes in front of me and looked up nearly having a heart attack. There, standing in front of me was the boy who has been in my head all the time lately. Liam. My eyes widened as I stared up at him. He was frowning down at me as he looked to be deep in thought. Slowly I stood up; he didn’t help me as I wiped my butt off.

“Sorry about that” I said shyly, I couldn’t look him in his beautiful hazel eyes.

He didn’t say anything as I finally looked up at him. His lips were draw in a flat line and his brows were furrowed. Oh god, he hates me! I’m such an idiot. Why am I getting excited about seeing him when he probably knew I was a ‘fag’ and he wanted to kill me for it!

Then I noticed someone next to him, she was beautiful, with black hair and the most stunning green blue eyes. She was gorgeous! I looked down at their entwined hands and felt my hears stop at the sight. My gaze drifted back at up to Liam’s. He looked at me with narrowed eyes and I could see the muscle in his jaw pulsing.

He walked passed me bumping me in the shoulder.

“Watch were you’re going next time” he growled as he left me there staring after him in shock, I heard the girl snicker as she followed him.

He hated me.

I felt my throat close and my eyes burn as I quickly grabbed my bag off the floor and rushed out the cafe.

He had a girlfriend! I’m such a huge idiot!

For the rest of the day I was a moping around while Jeanine and Eric continued to hound me with questions to see what was wrong but I didn’t even look at them. What did I do? I had asked myself that question over a hundred times. He hated me and had a girlfriend. I mean who would be holding hands like that if they weren’t in a relationship. Again my eyes were beginning to burn. UGH!! Why am I acting like a girl!!! Without warning I shot up from my seat and left my classroom, the teacher was yelling for me to come back but I ignore her. It was the last class of the day, it didn’t matter anyway. I just need time to myself. I walked off campus and headed straight home.

I was laying on my bed staring up my ceiling. I had to turn my phone off since J and Eric were blowing it up. No one was at home and that’s just what I needed. I needed time to think about why Liam bugged me so much. Of course he had a girlfriend, I mean he’s hot and definitely not gay.

The sound of my door distracted me; turning my head I saw it was my dad. He walked over to me,

“Hey kid, what are you doing home?” he asked as he took a seat on the bed. I shook my head and turned it the opposite way. I mean I can’t tell my ‘Father’ that I was having a gay crush.

“How did you know I was home?” I asked dully hoping he understood I don’t want to talk about it.

“You left your bag by the door. So what’s up you never ditch school” he asked.


“Uh huh” he said, apparently not.

“Ugh, dad not now ok” I whined to him.

“Come on Aiden, what happened? You can talk to me you know that.” I shook my head and flipped over so I was face down in my pillow. He placed his hand on my back,

“Son what is it?” he asked concerned.

“Let it be dad, I don’t want to talk about it.” I told him, the pillow was muffling my words.

“Is it about a... Boy” he said hesitantly. So he was uncomfortable, maybe if I say yes he’ll leave. “Yes” I said hoping.

“Oh... O-okay, tell me.” He said surprising me. I lifted my head from out of my pillow and looked at him in shock.

“Don’t look at me like that, just tell me what happened Aiden.” He demanded.

It was worth a try.

Heaving a sigh I turned on my side to face him,

“Fine, I like this guy at school, but I think... No, I know that he hates me and I don’t know what to do” I told him. I watched him as he frowned in thought; he was actually going to help me in this even though it made him feel awkward.

‘Go dad!’

“Well is there a reason for him to act like that? Did you tell him that you had feeling for him?” he asked.

“No, but I can see it in his face; he hates me!” I cried

“Hey, hey don’t talk like that! If you haven’t told him how you feel there’s no way he could hate you.”

“But he does!”

“Aiden” he warned.

“He’s the quarterback of the football team, dad. I don’t have a chance. Plus he’s straighter than an arrow.” I whined. I could never be with him. “AND he has a gorgeous girlfriend!” I told him going back to burying my head in my pillow. I heard him sigh while rubbing my back soothingly.

“Dad, why do I have to be this way?′ I whispered I wasn’t even sure he heard me but his hand stopped.

“Aiden don’t ever talk like that!” he scolded me again. “There is nothing wrong with you, you’re just going to have a more challenging time choosing someone to love you back as much as you do them.” He said gazing at me intently hoping I understood him. My eyes were beginning to burn as I slowly looked back at him.

“You believe that? Dad I’m not normal” I said.

He sighed, “Aiden no one in this whole world is normal. THIS family isn’t even close to normal, so don’t even try and knock yourself down, I won’t have it!” he reprimanded me.

I nodded at him, he was right. “Your right, thanks dad” I said to him giving him a small smile because it was all I could muster right now.

“Good and your welcome.” He said standing up and walking towards the door. Before he left he turned to me.

“And Aiden, at the end of every arrow is a crooked line.” And with that he left, I frowned before his words finally clicked.

I laughed as I smiled at the door, leave it to my dad to find a loophole.

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