All It Took Was One Look (Blue Moon Series) (Book 1) [Available on Amazon!]

By T. Lanay All Rights Reserved ©

Romance / Fantasy

Chapter 46


I woke with the most precious thing in my arms. His bangs were hanging in his face making him look young and adorable. I kissed his forehead, then his cheek and finally his mouth but by that time I felt his lips moving against mine. I chuckled against his mouth pulling back and looked down into his sleepy beautiful blue eyes.

“Morning.” He said husky with sleep. I grinned and kissed him again.

“Morning.” I backed away as he began to stretch like a huge cat. I pushed his bangs back from his face.

“Ready for a fun filled day?” I asked. He sighed closing his eyes again.

“No.” He whined grumpily.

“I’ll go make you breakfast.” I bribed him. This brought a smile to his handsome face. He nodded,

“Hell yeah, master chef, get your cook on!” He teased. Laughing I kissed him once again.

“Go take a shower.” I said as I got up and pulled out a pair of plain dark blue pajama bottoms. I watched as he pouted at me sitting up.

“You’re not going to join me?” I groaned at the thought as my bottoms became tighter.


“Don’t tempt me beautiful.” I warned him making my way towards the door.

“Fine, guess I’ll shower all by myself, pup.” He said closing the door of the bathroom.

Why must he do this to me! I should just go in there, breakfast can wait.

No I’ll just go make breakfast and give his cute ass a rest. I was rough last night. This thought made me grimace at how he must pain he might be feeling. I reluctantly left and headed to the kitchen. No one was up yet but I knew when they did start their day, it would be really awkward.

I pulled out a pan and grabbed eggs, bacon and waffle mix. I started to mix the batter while the bacon sizzled. Grabbing the waffle iron that my mother had to have, I turned it on then began to cover the plates with nonstick spray and poured the batter. I heard foot step coming down the stairs and I knew they weren’t Aiden’s since they were too heavy. Dom’s scent hit my noes before he came in the kitchen.

“Morning.” I greeted to him, my eyes still focused on breakfast.

“Yeah.” His voice was low and emotionless causing me to looking towards him. I flinched as I saw the dark bags under his eyes and sickly pale skin, even worse than yesterday. I knew the feeling. We were quiet as I finished up cooking. Grabbing three plates I loaded them up with waffles, bacon and eggs placing one in front of Dom.

“Here.” I said.

He looked at it for a while with a grimace. I slapped butter on his waffle and drizzled them with syrup, he was going to eat.

“Breakfast is served my lord.” I joked in a posh English accent. He cracked a small smile but that was all I needed, it let me know that he was still in there. Huffing he picked up a fork and ate slowly.

Aiden came down a few seconds later.

“Oh, yum.” He sang taking a seat in front of a plate.

“Morning Dom.” He said looking over to the zombie like creature. He nodded once in recognition. I watched Aiden frown in worried. Peering over at me, I had the same look as I walked over to him kissing him on the neck as I passed him to the seat next to him.

“So are you guys ready for school tomorrow?” Dom asked monotony. Aiden’s head shot up from his plate.

“What!” Food flew out of him mouth as he stared at Dom in terror. I chuckled as I handed him a napkin. He blushed as he finished his bite of food and wiped him mouth.

“Yeah, don’t worry ‘he’ won’t be there.” Dom told us. Aiden’s body tensed up at the mention at that bastards. I growled at how that fuck still had the ability to cause my mate fear from just the mention of him.

“I’m sorry.” Dom apologized as he noticed it to. Aiden shook his head but he didn’t say anything else the rest of breakfast. I frowned as I watched him rubbing the middle of his brows. He was having another headache. I got up and jogged up the stairs grabbing his pills. I didn’t want him to go through the same pain he did at the cabin.

Back at his side I handed him the pills. He looked at the grudgingly. I pushed his glass of water closer staring at him firmly.

“Take them Aiden.”

“What do you want to do today?” I asked him after he down the medicine.

“Show me around.” He smiled. I thought about it for a while them nodded,

“Ok, let me go take a shower and I’ll take you around the place.” He grinned and kissed me real quick.

“I’m going to hang with Dom until you get out.” He told me. I peered over at said guy and watched him leaning his head on his palm picking slowly at him still full plate. Sighing I nodded to Aiden and went upstairs.

Once I was in the shower with the hot water hitting my back, I thought to last night. The meeting was a catastrophe. Right when I told everyone that Aiden was my mate all hell broke loss. Everybody was arguing with one another and I saw the disgusted looks they held on their faces. I was ready for it though, I knew there would be people ready to tear us apart but I wasn’t prepared for Aiden to stand up to them like he did. I watched him stand there and scold the whole lot of werewolves. That was when I knew he was ready, he may not think so but he was ready to be by my side in this. He was ready to fend off haters and enemies together.

He was ready to be our Alpha.

A smile built it’s way on my face as I thought about after the meeting. When it comes to love making, I notice Aiden’s a whole different person. He becomes bold and courageous and I loved it. The feeling of him is beyond words, out of this world. I’m no virgin but with Aiden I feel like it’s the first time every time were together. I groaned as I looked down at my hard member. Dammit, now this showers going to have to be a cold one.

I hopped out quickly. I wanted to be with my mate, I was apprehensive about leaving him alone right now in the house. Right now Dom wasn’t really in a good place so my wolf was uneasy around anyone who was close to his mate.

I threw on clothes and ran down stairs to the kitchen but he wasn’t there. My worry spiked. The house was awake now and it had my hackles on end. I used my wolf sense and sniffed him out, damn he’s been everywhere! I thought, I felt like I was going around in circles. Soon I found a stronger trail and his scent got closer. That was when I found him outside with Sadie on his arm pointing all over the place. Well I guess I don’t have to show him around after all.

I smiled as I saw my wide eyed mate looking everywhere she pointed. ‘I relaxed, leave it to Sadie.’ I though as I walked over to them. She must of heard me as she turned towards me with a huge grin. I nodded to her putting my finger to my lips. Aiden hadn’t noticed me, he was too preoccupied with his surroundings so I snuck up behind him and quickly circled my arms around his small waist. He yelled in surprise and I burst out laughing.

“JERK!” He screamed at me. I buried my face in the crook of his neck trying to calm my wolf of his concern from earlier.

“Sorry I couldn’t resist.” I whispered. A shiver wracked down his body and that delicious scent of his arousal journeyed up to my nose. A growl slipped out of my throat and I nipped at his neck.

“You’re going to have to calm yourself or I might just have to hole you up in my room for the rest of your life.” I growled to him. He blushed looking over his shoulder at me. The rush of color in his cheeks made him look beyond adorable.

“Aw!” I heard to the side of us. I straightened to see Sadie staring at us all starry eyed.

Of great.

“You too are so cute!!” She squeaked.

“I think we have made ourselves a fan girl.” Aiden muttered to me staring at her in fright. I snickered and kissed his cheek before letting him go but taking his hand in mine.

“So when the hell were you planning on tell me about this!” Sadie growled poking me in the shoulder harder than necessary. I cringed holding my shoulder and glared at her.

“I told you when I came back.”

“No, no, no, no, no.” She spewed out of her mouth. “You were supposed to tell me before everyone else!” She stomped her foot. I know she’s like a 5’3 fairy, but she was a dangerous little fairy with claws. I slowly backed away taking Aiden with me.

“It didn’t know how you would react.” I made up an excuse. She rolled her eyes and stocked closer to our retreating forms.

“Why are you walking away? Is it because you know you’re in deep shit!” Then she ran to us blood in her eyes. I snatched my hand out of Aiden’s and ran with Sadie on my tail, literally.

“I’m supposed to be the one you tell first!” She screamed at me while we ran in circles in the backyard. We were gathering a crowd.

“Why!” I yelled back at her.

“It’s a girl thing!” She finally got me because I was laughing to hard. She tackled me down and started whacking me in the head with her little hands.

“Ow, stop crazy!” I whined. I heard Aiden giggling in the background. Sadie gasped.

“Crazy! Oh now I’m crazy?! I’ll show you crazy Liam Moore!” She bellowed.

And she did. Aiden had to come and try and drag her off but there was no way that was happening. He had other pack members try pull her off as I was staring up at the sky in a daze, my head pounding from her brutal beating. Aiden’s beautiful face soon was hovered over mine, he had a smirk on his face, his blue eyes bright with amusement.

“You should have told her.” Was all he said and I grinned, chuckling before grabbing his face closer and kissed him deeply.

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