All It Took Was One Look (Blue Moon Series) (Book 1) [Available on Amazon!]

By T. Lanay All Rights Reserved ©

Romance / Fantasy

Chapter 43


His lips tightened in a line, eyes were swirling with emotions I never knew he contained; fear, anger, sadness, regret, and …. Lust? It all happened to quickly, he grabbed me by the back of my neck and roughly pulled me closer in his arms, smashing his lips to mine. I was shocked, he was kissing me? I stood there shocked and when he tried to open my mouth with his tongue is he moment I snapped out of it. I struggled against him trying to wiggles out of his arms. Finally I got my hands up to his chest which was closely pressed against mine and push him away hard.

I watched him stagger back breathlessly, his eye finally opened but the lustful expression soon changed as his green eyes widened with full on terror. All of this was going in slow motion, his mouth opening to say something as his face contorting into fear as he reached for me but all I saw was that he was getting further and further away. Then it hit me, I was falling. Tumbling down a few stairs, bumping in to the hard edges but weirdly I felt nothing. It was only when I finally hit the bottom I felt the excruciating pain shot from the back of my head.


I heard someone’s scream but couldn’t register who, everything was getting dark and the pain in my head was becoming too much to take. The one thing that came to me as I the edges of my blurry vision darkened.


“Liam!” I screamed as I shot up. My heart was frantic and I was disoriented, was I dead? Did the fall kill me? There was shuffling next to me, then an arm wrapped around my shoulders.

“Shh, I’m right here Aiden, it was just a dream.” He whispered his voice husky from sleep. I inhaled him deeply realizing I was still with Liam in our little get away cabin. I dug my face in the crook of his shoulder hugging him close to me. He was stroking the back of my hair trying to calming me down with soothing words.

“You’re ok, your safe.” I don’t know when I started to cry.

“Oh, baby.” He sighed.

“I-I’m s-sorry.” I whimpered pathetically.

Pulling me up into his lap he rocked me like a child.

“Shh, doon’t apologize. Do you want to talk about it?” He cooed. I shook my head wrapping my arms around his neck tightly, I didn’t want to think about that right now. I didn’t want to relive what I dreamt of.

“Make me forget.” I begged into his neck. He stiffened and I knew he was going to say no so I straddled his naked body never giving him the chance to.

“Aiden.” He warned his eyes were full of concern, but I didn’t need that right now.

“Please.” I rose up on my knees and lowered myself slowly on his already hardening leaking shaft. It hurt but I ignored it, I needed this, the distraction. “Make me forget, Liam.” I demanded this time. His face was contorted into a mask of concern and lust. I could make out the change of his eyes as he fought back his wolf.

“Make love to me.” I pushed nipping at his ear and that was all it took. He thrust into me pushing himself deep into my waiting body.

“Ahh” I cried out holding onto him with a death grip. He gripped my hips tightly trying to take control but I took over, moving up and down on him. The desire rose in my blood as the pain ended as fast as it came. His beautiful grunts and moans were soft and hot against my ear.

My hands raked through his soft black hair, my eyes closed enjoying the pleasure his body was giving me. Soon his hands gripped me harder flipping us around and pushing me roughly into the mattress. His change in hip position reached that spot from before.

“Yes.” I screamed aloud.

“Aiden.” He moaned. “Scream for me again, love.” He growled this time. Opening my eyes I noticed his hazel ones replaced by the entrancing yellow.

“L-Liam.” I whimpered.

“Fuck” he moaned pressing deeper.

“Ah.” I exclaimed. I heard him chuckle as he laid back on the bed again, watching me with clouded eyes and panting heavily. I propped myself up with his chest.

Liam took my hands off his chest and entwined our fingers together, bringing them up beside his head as looking up at me. I watched his stomach muscles flex and his biceps constrict making it hard to believe how perfect he is. How sexy he was with his hair sticking to his forehead.

“Ride me Aiden.” He growled and I whimpered as a shiver ran down my spine at the sound. I did as he asked gladly, my hand tightened in his as I rode him. From this position I felt him hit that same spot over and over again as we moaned together, bringing each other closer to the edge.

“Faster baby.” He groaned, his eyes closed in bliss. I couldn’t help but smile as I moved fast as I could.

“Yeah” he moaned. “That’s it.” He thrust against me once more and I moaned as I felt him release into me. But he took me by surprise when didn’t stop, just rolled us over and started up his hard thrusts again. He had me withering in a matter of seconds as I gazed up at him and his determined face to give me the same pleasure.

I gripped my fingers in his hair holding on for dear life. Then I cried out as the tip of his shaft constantly brushing against the center of nerves inside me. I didn’t think I could hold on anymore when he did thrust into me once more but with that it ended me. My back arched and I climaxed harder than I ever did before. I noticed Liam had joined me hitting his second peak. Our sweat covered body’s pressed together as he collapsed on top of me.

“Oh, that was amazing.” I panted as he rolled off me. I stared up at the ceiling for what seemed like ages. His breathing evened out along with mine.

“Thank you.” I whisper to him. He looked at me in shock before his face softened and pulled me against him.

“Anytime” he joked kissing me long and deep.

Afterwards he told me to shower while he made breakfast. I was grateful for him not asking about happened earlier.

I wrapped the towel around my waist and walked into the kitchen leaning against to the counter, watching him make a bacon and cheese omelets. He was placing them on plates when he got a glimpse of me. Turning towards me he smirked.

“Well, hello there sexy. You come here often.” I snorted moving across the floor in to his warm embrace.

“No, but I would like to.” I said playing along.

“Then I’ll have our own cabin made on the other side of the lake.” He said. I looked up at him and nodded.

“I’d like that.” Smiling he bent down softly brushing his lips to mine and I sighed in delight as the tingle spreading through them.

“I love you.” I whispered against his mouth. He smiled,

“I love you too.” Pecking me one more time he turned me towards the chair.

“Come on, eat.” I sat at the table. “Do you want some orange juice?” He asked and I made a face.

“No thank you.” he chuckled.

“Alright, no orange juice in the future.” He teased placing a glass of water next to my plate and a glass of orange juice by his. I took a bite of food and moaned again.

“Now that’s what I like to hear.” He bit his lip as he watched me and I blushed.

“You’re going to throw me into another orgasm with this delicious food of yours.” I teased, peering at him under my lashes.

“Please do.” He begged and I laughed shaking my head.

“Oh no, you’re not going to be sex crazed, now that you got some are you?” I asked and he shrugged giving me a devilish smirk.

“You make me want you all day everyday babe.” I blushed deeper and took another bite.

“What happened while I was in my coma?” I silently inquired a while later. It make him paused as he looked up from his plate and I saw the reluctance on his face. Sighing he placed his fork back down.

“Like with school?” He asked. I gave him a flat look, he knew I never meant that. “Because Dom said that the school said you had such good grade that they are letting you slide since you were in a coma for that month? So you’ll be able to graduate this year with everyone else along as you keep up the good work like you did before.” He continued. I was a little shock they were just letting me slide with all the school I missed.

Liam stood gathering up our empty plates and washed them. I stood up and followed him, leaning against the fridge. For a cabin in the middle of nowhere it was pretty modern. A fridge, flat screen TV with cable, stove, oven, dishwasher; BATHROOM! I thought I was going to have to bathe in the lake. Gross.

“So, do your parents know about us yet?” I asked him he dried off the last dish and turned to me with a smile.

“Yeah, they do.” I stared at him in shock. Why was he smile? Does that mean that they’re okay with it?

“They accept us” he said and I smiled in awe.


“Seriously Aiden, you have nothing to worry about. We can be together without a problem from them.” I paused at that that.

“What do you mean ‘from them’?” He averted his gaze from me and fidgeted with the drying towel in his.

“Liam.” I demanded him firmly. He sighed looking up at me with guilty hazel eyes.

“It’s the pack.” I frowned at him. “My parents might be cool with this but it doesn’t mean the pack will be.” Fear shot through me suddenly. I didn’t want to be eaten up by big monster wolves. Liam must have seen the fear because he moved quickly in front of me placing his hands on my shoulders looking me square in the eyes.

No one is going to touch you Aiden, no one would dare hurt their Alpha.” He reassured, “Unless they were hoping to die by my hands.” He joked and I grunted humorlessly.

“They’re going to love you. And if they don’t my dad said their going to have to deal with him and that in its self doesn’t sound very good.” He grinned at me. I chuckle softly.

“I don’t want to hide away anymore Aiden, I want to show you off” he smiled. “I’m proud to have you as a mate baby, and if the pack and school doesn’t like it they can go stick it where the sun don’t shine.” He took my hand in his much bigger one.

“So what do you want to do today?” He asked changing the subject.

“What, you don’t want to make love to me all day?” I asked him with a serious face. His face brightened,

“Oh baby I can go for days, weeks even. I just thought I was giving you a brake.” He shrugged. I rolled my eyes pushing him away from me.

“Go take a shower horn dog.” He looked me up and down lustfully.

“Go put on some pants then, or you can join me.” He winked.

I blushed as I realized I was still in a towel but fast as lightning he snatched my towel off making me gasp in surprise.

“I’m going to need this.” Then he ran, laughing his head off as he did so. My face was as red as a tomato as the cold air hit my privates. Giving out a squeal I raced after him into the room. He was already locking the door when I reached the bedroom.

“Ugh!” I exclaimed, picking up a show off the floor and throwing it at the door.

The next morning I shot from my bed as the same dream came haunting me again. I was drenched in sweat, breathing heavily. Liam hadn’t noticed so I slowly slide out of the bed maneuvering his arm from my waist. Slipping on my shoes and grabbing Liam’s big jacket off the hook I headed outside. Closing the front door softly I turned and leant forward on the porch railing looking out towards the water. The sun was peeking up from the mountains, making the sky look pinkish along with the dark blue of the fading night sky.

Liam had told me that Brent pushed me down the stairs. So I understood why I was having these dreams. My amnesia was gone and now I was being tortured by the memory of that dreaded day. Now my head was beginning to pound because of it.

“Damn.” I muttered as I backed up and dropped into one of the porch chairs holding my head in my hands. Remembering about Brent kissing me was not something that sat well with me or then the pain of my fall.

“Ow.” I breathed as my head began to pound even worse. It felt like a sledge hammer was bouncing around in my head.

“Aiden?” Liam’s voice jerked me out of my thoughts as I turned to see him quickly walking towards me and kneeling at my feet.

“What’s wrong baby?” he asked reaching up and wiped a stray tear from my eye.

Suddenly I was transported back into the past again, Brent was getting further away and I hit stairs landing at the bottom.

“Ah!” I cried clutching my head harder.

“Aiden!?” He was much more forceful. “What’s the matter?”

“My head.” I forced out through clenched teeth. Liam shot up and ran back in the cabin and the pain increased. The more I thought about it the worse it got and there was no way I could take my mind off it. The sun was coming up now and the light beamed into my eyes doing nothing to help my headache. Liam was back within a couple of seconds with a glass of water and two pills in his hand.

“Here baby, take this.” I looked at them but it only brought back bad memories. I shook my head which caused me to wince. I didn’t want to go back to the old me, I’m changing for Liam. He looked down at them then understanding cleared on his face.

“I know baby and that’s not going to happen to you alright. This is just your medications the doctor prescribed you for the pain. They’re pain killers.” He told me handing them to me. I scrutinized them for a while till he pushed my hand closer to my face.

“Please.” he begged. Clenching my jaw I took them with a gulped and washed them down with the water.

“Good baby.” He reached for my elbow helping me to my wobbling feet. When he noticed I couldn’t move from the pain in my head he scooped me up and carried me in. Every step jarred my brain till he laid me back down on the bed. The moment my head hit the pillow though I was aware of how tired I really was.

“Sleep beautiful, I’ll be right here” he told me kissing me softly and I was out.


When I woke, my head was no longer pounding. Opening my eyes just a crack I saw Liam lying next to me running his fingers up and down my arms. He looked up to my face and smiled.

“Hey sleeping beauty.” Groaning I turned my back to him.

Chuckling he scooted closer putting his arm around my waist and resting his chin on my arm looking down at me.

“You feeling better now?” He asked, I hummed my answer.

“Are you hungry, you were asleep most of the day?” I shrugged? Pouting he kissed my arm up to my neck,

“Come on baby let me help you.”

“Okay.” Giving me a loud kissing smack on the cheek he jumped off the bed and pulled out some clothes.

“What’s that for?” I asked sitting up.

“Were going into town, there’s a restaurant I want to take you to.” I dragged my butt over to him watching him rummage through the draws.

“Here put this on, it’s a little chilly out.” It was a black turtle neck.

“They still make these?” I asked holding up the torture device to examine it closely. “Who pack this?” I grumbled in outrage struggling to pop my head though the top.

“You mother.” I heard him say. I rolled my eyes,


Once I had accomplished that I threw on the blues skinnies he held out to me along with my hoodie and I slowly followed him outside to the car.

He was right, it was cold today.

We drove in silence and I just enjoyed the sights. It was getting dark as we drove but I could still see all the trees and mountains perfectly and they were so peaceful. There was nothing but wilderness around us until a show of lights from far off down the long rode finally revealed civilization. It was a small little town with the stereotypical market, gun shop I guess for hunting; a gas station and a small diner. Liam slowly parked in front of the diner. I peered over to him.

“This is a restaurant?” I asked him raising my brow. He chuckled,

“Over here it is, now get out of my car.” He ordered playfully hopping out and shutting the door. I gasped loudly. Opening my door I got out and slammed it shut.

“Well I never!” I said with my best southern accent putting my hand up to my chest. “That was absolutely rude!” He shook his head walking over to me.

“Just get your cute ass in there.” He pushed, slapping my butt and I jumped as I shot him a glare over my shoulder. My cheeks darkened when I notice a guy leaning against the diner, smoking, give us a weird look. Liam reached over my head and pushed the door open for me, and the guy who was still staring, now raised a brow at us.

I rushed in quickly and the bell went off as Liam opened the door for me. A middle aged woman with a messy blonde bun came over. She pulled a paper menu out from her apron.

“Hey there darlings, you here for a table?” We nodded. “Alright just follow me”

Sliding into the booth she handed us each the plastic laminated menus.

“I’ll let you look it over for a while and be back but what do you want to drink first.” She asked.

“Coke.” Liam answered. She wrote it down then looked at me.

“And you hun?” I glanced over the drink selection.

“Shirley temple?” She smiled and wrote it down.

“I’m gunna go get those for you.” Once she was gone I noticed Liam smirking at me.

“What?” I asked him he shook his head looking back down to the menu. Huffing I scanned the menu,

“What are you going to get?” He asked me. I shrugged,

“A steak I guess.” I heard him snicker.

“You sure you don’t want chicken nuggets from the kiddie menu?” He snorted before bursting into fits of laughter. I scowled at him kicking my foot out under the table hitting him in the shin but that didn’t stop him.

“This is because I wanted a damn Shirley Temple!? Fine asshole get me a beer!” I turned to search for the waitress I rose my hand just about to ask her over when Liam grabbed my hand pulling back down. His eyes were full of tears from laughing so hard.

“No Aiden, you can have you temple I just couldn’t help myself.” He said intertwining out fingers together. I pouted at him with my head facing the window we were sitting by. I didn’t want to look at him because I’d forgive him too easily. He still held my hand as the lady came over with our drinks. I didn’t even try and see her reaction to two guys holding hands.

“Did you decide what you wanted?” She asked.

“Yeah, two steaks please.” Liam told her.

“How would you like them?”

“Rare for me and medium for mister grumpy pants over there.” I heard her chuckle.

“Coming right up, any sides?”

“Mashed potatoes.”

I went to snatch my hand back in embarrassment but his grip on it tightened. I felt the warmth of something on my fingers and I snapped my head to see him pressing soft kisses on each finger. I gave him a willful look, letting him know that he want getting off that easily. His hazel eyes gazed up at me warmly as his tongue lapped at the pads of my fingers. I gasped,

“Stop Liam.” I demanded but all he did was lip his lips and continued to guide one of my finger in his mouth and suck.

“Mmm.” He vocalized softly wiggled his eyebrows at me. I had to bite my lip from moaning to loudly.

“Liam stop, someone could see us.” I warned him breathlessly, he nipped at my fingertip.

“Let them watch.” He whispered. I shook my head pulling my fingers from his grasp just in time for the waitress to place our food down.

“There you go darlings, and you’re making us women jealous over here.” She winked walking away and my cheeks flushed. Liam let out a cocky laugh and I rolled my eyes at him before taking a sip of my drink. Oh, this is so good!

“So why did you bring me here? Have you gotten tired of cooking for me already?” I teased sliding a piece of steak in my mouth. He laughed shaking his head.

“I’ll never get bored of cooking for you beautiful. I just thought you might need a night out.” I nodded appreciating his thoughtfulness.

“Thank you.” I saw him dip his finger in my drink and tapped my lips with it leaving a drop of liquid on my bottom lip. I flicked my tongue out catching it before it dripped down my chin looking at him questionably.

“I have to ask you something Aiden” he said licking his finger off. I frowned at his sudden seriousness.


“It’s about Jeanine.” My ears perked at that.

“What about her?” I asked suspiciously.

“Well actually it about her and Dom.” I kept quiet.

“While you were in your…coma, Dom told J the truth about himself and she didn’t take it well. She’s avoiding him.” I gasped. “She rejected him Aiden” my heart tightened. No.

“They were so happy before.” I whispered to myself.

“Yeah, now I’m worried for Dom, Aiden. I told you before how we are with our mates” I nodded. “Were going to have to do something; fix it if we can”

“And how do you suppose we do that?” I questioned. “We’ll figure it out. I asked my dad to look after Dom till we head back.”

“And when is that?” I asked. I didn’t want to leave that beautiful cabin.

“We have to get back to school soon, we have to head back tomorrow.” He said. I sighed depressed.

Why couldn’t we stay in paradise forever? Back to my crappy reality I guess. Well at least I have Liam to share it with.

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