All It Took Was One Look (Blue Moon Series) (Book 1) [Available on Amazon!]

By T. Lanay All Rights Reserved ©

Romance / Fantasy

Chapter 41


“You can take him home today.” The doctor said. I tensed as I looked over to Mr. And Mrs. Walker. They were happy as they should have been but I didn’t think that it was a good idea.

“He will be weak so make sure that he goes through his physical therapist so he gets the strength back in his limbs. Also make sure he comes back in the next two weeks for a checkup.” He informed us. We agreed and I waited for the doctor to leave as we stood outside Aiden’s door.

“Thank god he’s okay to leave so early! I’ll get the car ready.” Mrs. Walker said while her husband smiled. I hated to do this but I was looking out for my mate, it was necessary.

“Um, Mrs. Walker, can you wait for a sec.” I asked. She looked up at me with a questionable look.

“What is it honey?” I took a deep breath.

“I don’t think that taking him home with you is such a good idea.” I stated hesitantly. Looking from Grace to her husband I kept eye contact with both. I stood straight, all Alpha at this moment. Emmitt frowned at me.

“Excuse me?” Grace said her brows scrunched in confusion and disbelief. I understood because what I was about to say would be hard for them.

“I think that Aiden should stay with me for the time being.” I told them. I heard Grace gasp in outrage.

“Why the hell would we do that? I have been worried sick about my son for too long, to just let you take him away. Are you out of your mind?!” She exclaimed stepping close to me. I didn’t flinch at her tone merely stood there my face composed.

“Grace.” Aiden’s dad called to her. She snapped her head over to him.

“Don’t start Emmitt! I want my son home, now!” She yelled. He sighed closing his eyes.

“I know honey, I do to.” He said. Grace turned back to me.

“You are not taking Aiden! Just who do you think you are?!” Her blond hair was hanging over one shoulder wildly making her look like an avenging angel with her face of anger. She was a very beautiful woman.

“I think I’m the man that loves your son more than anything in this world, and I refuse to let him get hurt again.” I said firmly. She scoffed at me while Emmitt looked at me thoughtfully.

“You what?” Emmitt asked softly.

“I love him, sir.” I confessed.

“That’s all fine and dandy but you are not taking him and that’s finally.” Grace said crossing her arms.

“Is he still there?” I glared over at her. She opened her mouth but shut it, looking away from me.

“I refuse to have him anywhere near that bastard! This is not going to happen again. I have no idea why he’s not in jail right now, where he should be.” I snapped out in rage.

“My brothers flight has been delayed, we can’t do anything till they come. He’s family Liam, even after what he did I have to leave that up to his parents and Aiden. As much as I want to let him rot in jail.” Emmitt growled through clenched teeth. I shook my head.

“Aiden’s not going home until Brent’s gone. Till then I would appreciate it if you allow him to stay with me.” I told them. I knew this was hard on them.

“NO!” Grace yelled at me. Her husband wrapped him arms around her leaning his head close to her ear to whisper words only she would hear. But of course I hear everything.

“I know this is hard but I think its best. Until Brent leaves Aiden would feel safe at home.” She shook her head, tears building in her eyes. He pulled her closer as she wrapped her arms around his neck and buried her face in his shoulder.

“I miss him Emmitt.” She sobbed.

‘I know baby, but he’s safer with Liam then us at the moment.’ He said caressing the back of her hair in a soothing way. After a while he looked up at me and nodded curtly at me keeping his wife in his arms. I inclined my head in thanks and turned to the door and walked in. Aiden was slowly lifting a spoon full of pudding in his mouth. I smiled at him making my way over to his bed. He looked up at me stuffing the spoon in his mouth.

“How are you doing” I asked him. He shrugged at me.

“Pathetic” he muffled around pudding. His voice was better than when he first started. I chuckled leaning over and pecked his cheek softly.

“You are not pathetic.” I scolded causing him to roll his eyes.

“So I can go home today.” He said. “The nurses told me.” I nodded my head.

“How would you like to go away with me?” I asked him. I’ve been thinking about this ever he woke up.

“W-what?” He looked up at me with a frown but I kept my smile on my face.

“I’ve had enough time to think since your coma and I want to have alone time with you Aiden. Have a weekend with just you, no interruptions, no people, just you and me.” I watched him hopefully. He was speechless as he stared at me wide eyed.

“Please Aiden, I need this. We need this.” I added.

He bit his lip looking down at his pudding for a while before looking up at me and giving me a beautiful smile. I felt the relief swarm me.

“Thank you.” I breathed.

“Wait, what about my parents?” He asked suddenly. I ran the back of my fingers over his cheek.

“They said that you can stay with me for a while, it’s for the best right now.” He gave me a questionable look.

“What do you mean?” I sighed.

“He’s…still there.” Was all I said. He was confused a little before his face cleared in understanding.

“I... Do-” he stuttered nervously.

“It’s ok Aiden, this is why I’m taking you with me. Plus I want time with you alone, like I said.”

I left the hospital for a bit to let Aiden’s parents have some time with him as he got ready to leave. They brought him a big bag of clothes with them; I told him I’d be there to pick him up in thirty minutes.

Right now I was going to the Pack house to get my things.

“Liam.” Dom came up to my car as I got out.

“Hey.” I closed the car door and walked up to the house.

“How’s Aiden doing?” He asked me. We jogged up the stairs to my room.

“Good, the doctor said he can come home.” I said opening my room door.

“That’s good man, but you’re going to let him go home with…?” The hesitance in his voice was understandable. I could lose it at any moment whenever I heard his disgusting name.

I turned to look at Dom.

“Hell no, I told his parents that he was going to stay with me till the little shit was gone.” I reached in my closet pulling out my travel bag, grabbing the essentials.

“Where are you going?” He asked as he watched me stuff it with clothes.

“Aiden and I are going away for the weekend”

“Wait?” he frowned, “Is he ready for that?” He asked. I stopped and peered at him.

“What do you mean?” He bit his lip.

“I mean he just got out of the hospital a week ago. Shouldn’t he be taking it easy?”

“That’s exactly what he’s going to do” I assured, “I’m taking him away from all the stress that being here would do. He’s not going to his house and my house if full of werewolves so I’m taking him somewhere special.” I went back to pack. When I was done, Dom was sitting on my bed staring at the wall. Zipping up my bag I sat next to him.

“How are you?” I asked him softly. He scoffed shaking his head.

“I’m doing horrible.” He lowered his head, rubbing his hands up and down his legs. I’ve known him long enough to understand what that gesture meant. He was on the verge of crying.

“Hey, man-” I wanted to say it was going to be alright, you’ll get through this but those where pretty words. A lot of our kind have been reject by our human mates once the truth was out, some come around in the end. But what if Jeanine never does.

“Ha, look I g-got to go.” He struggled to say lifting his head up. He was trying to make me less worried by putting a smile on his face but it was a pretty pathetic attempt. “Have fun with your ‘boyfriend’, you deserve it.” He told me with honesty in his tone. I watched him stand and walk out of the room.

I sighed as I grabbed my bag after sitting there think of what I could do for him. Making my way down stairs I dropped my bag by the door and headed to my father’s office and knocked.

“Come in.” He called out. Shaking my head I walked in. He was looking down at some paper work before lifting his head up and smiling at me.

“What’s up?” He asked.

Closing the door I walked up to his desk.

“I just wanted to tell you, I’m going to take Aiden for the weekend.” His gray eyes brightened at the mention of our little get away.

“Oh good, good have fun.” He winked at me. I shook my head at his childishness.

“Dad, can you do something for me.” I asked him. He put his pen down and leant back against his chair.

“And what is that?”

“I need you to keep an eye on Dom for me.” He frowned.

“You do?” I nodded.

“He’s having a hard time with his mate rejecting him.” His eyes widened.

“She what?” He sat forward. I kept my face straight but I knew that my eyes gave way to how miserable I felt for Dom. Dad sighed heavily and stood.

“I will.”

“Thank you.” I headed back towards the door. “I’m heading out, tell mom I love her when she gets back.”

“Alright, you take care.” I nodded.

Once reached the front door I reached down grabbing my bag on the way towards my car.

“Liam!” Looking over my shoulder and I saw Sadie running up to me.

“Sadie.” I said smiling at her. I hadn’t seen her since the Kyle incident.

“Where are you going?” She asked looking down at my bag.

“Away for a bit I’ll be back though” I told her.

“Oh, well I just wanted to say I’m sorry for the way my brother acted. You know how he is.” I chuckled.

“Yes, I do know. But I’m over it. When I get back well hang alright? I have a special surprise for everyone anyway.” She smiled as she jumped in my arms. Laughing I welcomed her embrace.

“Thank you for being so cool.” She whispered in my neck. “And I’m dying meet the mystery scent.” This caught me off guard. Setting her down I back up.

“What?” I asked her astonished.

“I’m not stupid Liam, I know that you found your mate. I’ve been around enough mated wolves to figure out the obvious. So I’ll be waiting.” She reached up and patted my cheek as I stared at her dumbfounded.

“Now go.” She pushed me towards my car.

Oh right, I had to go.

“See you later Sadie.” I watched her skip back in the house like the little fairy she is. Shaking my head I hopped back in my car.

“I put all his medication in his bag, make sure he take it every six hours, that’s what the doctor told us. Since he was brought in for a head injury he might get really bad headaches. Also I put some ibuprofen I there as well.” Mrs. Walker said handing Aiden’s bag over to me. I nodded giving her a sorrowful look.

“I’m sorry I had to do this to guys.” She shook her head her face tight like she was going to cry. I sighed.

“No I understand, your right. I was being selfish.” She gave me a tight smile.

Just then Mr. Walker came out with Aiden slowly walking by his side. It was amazing how he was getting the strength back in his legs so fast. He was look down at the ground as he stepped.

“Just take good care of him or else I’ll hunt you down Liam and feed you to the wolves.” Grace warned me. I bit my lip trying to stop myself from bursting with laughter. How close she was. Aiden made it to my side smiling up at me.

“Ready?” I asked him. He nodded before turning to his mom. She squealed and rushed him in a hug. I flinched forward afraid she was hurting him but I held myself back.

“Call me every hour on the hour you got that!” She wailed, touching his face and straightening his clothes.

“Mom!” He whined trying to back away from her. I head Mr. Walker laughing.

“Let the boy go Grace.” He snickered. Pouting she let him go and he turned into his dad’s loving embrace.

“Be safe. I love you Aiden.” He whispered to him.

“I love you too dad.” Stepping back he stood by my side. “And I love you to mom.” Emmitt wrapped his arm around his wife’s waist with a small smile on his face.

I helped Aiden in to the car shutting it for him. Waving at his parents one last time he climbed into the car. I pulled out of the parking lot and on to the road.

“So, where are we going?” He asked after a while. I smiled but kept my eyes on the road.

“It’s a surprise.” I teased.

“Oh come on Liam, you know I hate surprises.” He said. This time I looked over to him.

“Actually I didn’t.” He stared at me blankly before rolling his eyes at me.

“Just tell me.” He whined.

“Haha, well aren’t you cute when you beg.” I laughed. Huffing he crossed his arms against his chest.

“Fine be that way jerk.” He muttered. Snickering I reached over and turned the radio on.

“I will.”

I planned to take him somewhere special, somewhere that he deserved to be. Somewhere he can be at peace and away from all the bull he had to go through at school and home apparently.


That still and always will piss me off! To think he was not only being harassed at school but to know the place where you’re supposed to feel the safest was where the worst part of it happened. He needed a vacation and if I was able to give him a break, I’ll damn well give it to him!

I looked over at awhile later to find his head resting against the window fast asleep. Throughout the whole drive I kept sneaking peeks at him, how his black hair hung in his face from the angle his head was tilting. Since the doctors had to put stiches in his head, they shaved the back off but now it had grown out to his nape. So now it was short in the back and long in the front. I could tell that his mom help him fix it a bit before he left with me but I have to say, I loved it on him, it was sexy.

He was still pale but I could see the life coming back in his cheeks. I hope the place I was taking him would help that glow come back.

Reaching out I caressed the back of his head.

Sighing, I couldn’t wait to be alone with him. My fingers were absentmindedly playing in his short hair as I kept my eyes on the road till we finally arrived a couple hours later.

Slowly pulled up the drive way. I shook Aiden slightly, waking him.

“Aiden.” I said softly. He moaned as I shook him again causing him to lift his head from the glass. Stretching he looked over at me a small cute tired smile graced his beautiful lips. I couldn’t help it, I leant over to him and kissed him softly.

“We’re here.” I breathed against his lips. Pulling back he looked out the window and gave a small gasp.

“Wow.” Was all he said.

I guess he liked it.

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