All It Took Was One Look (Blue Moon Series) (Book 1) [Available on Amazon!]

By T. Lanay All Rights Reserved ©

Romance / Fantasy

Chapter 40


Waking up to Liam was the greatest feeling in the world. The nurse was rummaging around checking machines and my IV being as silence as possible. I didn’t pay her much mind I just turned my head to look at my sleeping boyfriend as she left. Usually the smallest sound would wake him but he must be so exhausted. It made me feel bad that I stressed him out so much.

A coma?

How the hell did I hit my head hard enough to end up in a coma? I thought back to what I remembered even though it hurt like hell. All I could recall was saying goodbye to Liam as he was going off to New York for the full moon. After that everything was fuzzy. I whimpered squeezing my eyes as my head began to pound horribly.

“Aiden?” I looked up to see Liam giving me a concerned look. I smiled up at him

“Morning.” He whispered leaning over and kissing my forehead. I scowled at him wanting his lips. Chuckling he moved the mask from my face pressing his warm lips to mine.

That’s more like it.

“I have a feeling that J and Eric are going to be barging in here soon.” I could see the pout on his face making me let out a rough scratchy laugh which caused me to wince. He grimaced guiltily and put the mask back in place.

“Are you hungry?” My stomach decided to answer at that moment and I heard him laugh as I blushed.

“Alright I’ll go get something from the cafeteria.” He made a move to leave and I snatched my hand out and caught his wrist in a weak grip. He turned to me stunned. I was amazed to that I had that much energy and strength to even move my arm like that.

He gave me a loving smile,

“I’m coming back, it will only take a second babe.” Reluctantly I let him go. When he disappeared out the door I turned my head back up facing the ceiling.

How long was I out for? No one has told me, I was a bit worried about that answer. A week or two that sounds reasonable. Right?

J and Eric came by later telling me how happy they were that I was finally awake.

“We were seriously freaking out.” Eric said. I was propped up against Liam even though he demanded the nurse get me more pillow to lean on. I was starting to regain some strength in my body, I was able to hug back. My throat still hurt so I kept quiet; doctor’s orders.

“I know, Robin and Caleb tried to come by and see you but mister troll over there wouldn’t let anyone pass through the damn door.” J said glaring behind me at Liam. I shook my head and slapped his leg lightly because that was all I could do. I heard his chuckle and nuzzled the back of my hair and tightening his arms around my waist.

“So when are you getting out of this creepy place?” J asked me. I gave her a flat look, she knew I couldn’t answer her.

“The doc said he can leave by the end of the week.” Liam answered her for me. Eric shifted in his seat making me look over to him.

“So are you alright dude? Do you hurt or anything?” He asked. I shook my head a little reaching up to took the oxygen mask off.

“W-what happ…en?” I forced out of my scratchy throat. I noticed everyone was giving each other looks. I frowned before I felt Liam squeeze me a little harder than necessary making me grunt in pain. He let go apologizing,

“I’m sorry.” he whispered kissing my hair. I took his hand and sat there, waiting. It was quiet before J sat up in her chair,

“Um… they said that you hit your head from falling off …” she paused making me stare at her expectantly.

“Should we be telling you this? I mean shouldn’t the doctors or your family be?” She asked. I shook my head and narrowed my eyes. Silently demanding her to tell me or else! I knew she was nervous or uncomfortable by the tense way she sat.

Liam rested his chin on my shoulder and combed my hair back behind my ear before gently kissing it.

“Aiden, you fell down the stairs.” He said softly. I furrowed my brows, I did? Liam took a deep breath, letting it out slowly.

“More like pushed, why didn’t you tell me that Brent guy was messing with you?!” He hissed. I turned my head to see him with his eyes closed and I could feel the rage coursing through him. Looking away I gave Eric and J a ‘can you go’ stare. After a minute they ‘finally’ got it.

“Oh right, o…k…. um we’re going to head out. We’ll come see you tomorrow.” With that she got up, dragging a reluctant Eric with her.

“Alright dude, catch you later.” Was all he got out before the door closed behind them.

Sighing, I already knew this was going to be bad. Peering back at Liam, his head turned from me and staring out the open window. It wasn’t much of a view just the parking lot. I stayed still till he abruptly pulled away from me, off the bed and began to pace. I slowly moved myself against the mountain of pillows just watching him because that was all I could do.

There was a knot in my throat and I knew what he was going to bring it up, I couldn’t ignore it anymore. Stopping in the middle of the room he raked his hands through his hair in a frustrated manner.

“Why didn’t you tell me?” He said softly, his back to me and his head once again facing the window.

“I could have help you, I ‘would’ have helped you without a second thought.” His voice was raising as he spun on his heels staring at me with those damn beautiful hazel eyes. I kept a blank face without saying a word. He was quiet for a moment but never taking his eyes off me. He was breathing hard and I watched as he drew his bottom lip between his teeth.

“Fuck, Aiden.” His emotions were leaking from those two words and I almost broke my blank mask. Again he raked his hands through his hair roughly till they covered his face.

“How long?” His words were muffled but I heard them crystal clear. My façade crumbled and I turned my head from him, yanking off my oxygen mask. I bit my lip to try and stop my sobs from coming. I really didn’t want to tell him what I went through with Brent. Seconds later I felt his big warm hand caressing my cheek before capturing my chin gently and turning my face towards him. I kept my eyes down I couldn’t look at him.

“Please.” He paused. “I need to know.” Finally I met his gaze.

“Five years.” I whispered pathetically to him. He closed his eyes shut. A shuttering breath was released from his chest.

“He’s been beating you for that long and you didn’t tell anyone?” He asked annoyed opening his eyes to stare at me. I scoffed ripping my chin from his hold focusing my eyes straight ahead.

“You’d-on’t u-understand.” I forced out of my sore throat.

“No, I understand. You were scared but you could have come to me.” I still stared at the boring white wall in front of me.

“Dammit. I care Aiden, if you didn’t know that before you damn well know it now! I’m never going to not going to care about you. Everything about you I love.” Tears were blurring up my vision but I wouldn’t let them fall.

“And you can push everybody away but there is no way in hell that you’re going to be able to push me.”

“Do you hear me Aiden? I love you too damn much so to lose you, and this fucking cousin of yours almost made that happen. You are the most important thing in the world to me.” Again he grabbed my face but this time he was rough. I glared at him,

“You!” Then the damn tears began to fall.

“And I know that you’re not one on getting help from people but this was something I needed to know, to keep you safe.” His face softened as he brought a hand up and combed my hair back from my face gently. “To protect you because you’re the only reason why I live.” Leaning in he kissed my forehead before pulling me in a hug. He ran his nose along the side of my neck making me shiver. Slowly I wound my arms around his neck holding his tighter.

He really did loved me. And I him.

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