All It Took Was One Look (Blue Moon Series) (Book 1) [Available on Amazon!]

By T. Lanay All Rights Reserved ©

Romance / Fantasy

Chapter 39



I didn’t know what was going on but that was all I could see. I tried to open my eyes but it wouldn’t work and I felt uneasy like something wasn’t right. There was a constant beeping that I couldn’t figure out what it was. Where was I? What was happening? Why am I asking so many questions and why aren’t they not being answered?

My body was heavy, I couldn’t move. I felt like I was swimming in a murky lake trying to reach the surface but every time I thought I was close I was dragged back down. What’s happening to me? Was I asleep?

‘Wake up Aiden!’ I yelled at myself but I just couldn’t. There was a faint deep sound murmuring in my ears. What is that? I had a hard time trying to concentrate on it, but it was familiar. My head began to pound when it got too hard to focus. I wanted to scream as the headache formed but nothing was coming out.

The panic started to set in.

‘Someone, anyone help!’ I wanted to say yell out but my mouth felt like it was glued together, my tongue like cotton. It was then that familiar sparks began shooting through my hand up my arm while the rest of my body was numb. The murmuring was getting louder along with the constant beeping.

“…love you.” I heard fade in my ears.

Is that Liam? My heart jumped at the thought of him being so close. He was here so there was no way I was in danger, but why couldn’t I move.

“…iden?” His voice came again. I was being pulled back into the darkness again but I didn’t want to go. I wanted to be with Liam, I wanted to see him but I was so tired. Plus the soft deep mumbling was soothing me back. But I knew if I did go I wouldn’t be able to be with Liam again.

‘Liam help me.’ I needed to tell him this.

‘Come on Aiden speak!’

Soft warm tingles traveled from my hand to my face, my hair was being moved, and my lip was being touched.

Liam help me.

Then the feeling of lips pressing on mine forced me to tear myself to the surface of the darkness. I clung to the pleasant touch of his lips on mine. I wanted to return it, to wrap my arms around him but all I could was move a finger.

Well that was a step.

“I love you.” It was barely a whisper but I heard it. My hand twitched again, I want to touch him. Please I have to see him!

And I broke through, my eye lids heavy but I got them open. The bright light hurt so much I had to shut them for a second before I forced them open again. There was a blur surrounding everything as I looked around the fuzzy white room. The beeping was becoming an annoyance as my senses were coming back. A dark figure made a contrast against the white blur surrounding him. My body was still unmoving but my vision began to clear till Liam’s features became clear. He was looking down at something but I was beyond happy to see him. He was just as handsome as ever,

“Aiden?” His voice was clear and music to my ears to. He looked up to me with those beautiful hazel eyes making my heart beat erratically.

“Aiden!?” His eyes widened like he hadn’t seen me in forever. I saw the deep bags under his eyes as they filled with tears. Wait, why was he crying? I tried to reach up to touch his face but it felt like lead.

“You’re back.” his awed voice confused me as he cupped my face in his warm hands as he moved closer to me.

“Thank the Spirits.” He whispered, kissing my lips my, nose, cheeks, forehead all the way back to my lips again. “You’re here.” I finally got my lips to part a little but nothing was happened.

“Don’t speak.” He rushed, leaning over to press something but I couldn’t take my eyes off him. Why was he so happy to see me?

“I called the nurse okay.” Nurse? He must have noticed my frown.

“Don’t worry right now, just wait a moment baby.” He told me laying his head against mine. “Everything is going to be alright again.” His hand was caressing my hair down.

What the hell is that incessant beeping!

The sound of a door opening came from somewhere making me move my gaze from Liam to the lady rushing in the room. She had blue scrubs with pink teddy bears on it. She looked to Liam,

“What?” She asked rudely making me instantly dislike her. Don’t talk to my man like that bitch! An annoyed expression crossed his face.

“Do you not see lady?” He gestured to me with his hand. Her eyes moved towards me and I watched them widened.

“Oh my goodness.” She turned rushing out the door like a crazy woman. “Dr. Reese! Dr. Reese!” I heard her yelling as she ran down the hall. This was the time I took in my surroundings. White walls, a huge window with an overabundance of flowers and cards along it. I couldn’t move my head much but I caught the sight of a machine in the corner of my eye. Was that the thing that kept beeping? There were wires in my arms.

Soft fingers trailed down my cheek and I looked back at Liam.

“You’ve come back to me.” He said. Nothing was making sense right now. Where were my parents?

A tall man in a white coat came in with a clip board. He had dark hair graying on the sides and a gentle smile on his face as his soft brown eyes landed at me.

“Aiden.” His voice was smooth and deep, making me relax a bit as he got close. “How are you feeling?” He asked but I couldn’t say anything. He nodded like he understood.

“Alright, you must have a hundred questions going through your head right now.” He looked over to Liam,

“Could you go and wait outside, please?” The doctor asked. Liam tensed before shaking his head.

“No.” The doctor sighed.

“Liam I need you to wait outside, you can come right back in when I’m done okay.” He reassured. Liam looked over at me, I didn’t want him to go and he saw that.

“I’ll be back, I’m going to call your family.” And reluctantly he left. Wearily I looked back at the doctor as he took my arm and checked my pulse before writing something on his clip board.

“So, we’re going to put you through some tests and x-rays make sure you’re doing alright. You may not be able to speak or move on your on for a bit but it will pass.” He said more but I was confused as to what the hell was wrong with me. Why was I in the hospital? I wanted to ask him but like he said I couldn’t.

“Do you know your name?” He asked. “Blink one for yes and twice for no.” he told me.

I blinked.

“Do you know that boy that just left?”


“Does your head hurt?”


“Can you feel your limbs?” I focused on that I felt like jelly but I knew they were there I just had no strength to use them.


“Do you know the reason why you’re in the hospital?” I thought about that. Then I realized I couldn’t remember a damn thing and the more I tried to remember it caused a major pain in my head. I squeezed my eyes shut from the pain.

“Do you remember Aiden?” He asked again.

Blink, blink.

He wrote something on his clipboard.

“You might suffer from a small case of amnesia but with time you might come back to you.” He told me. Then he looked up at me and saw my confusion.

“Aiden, you were in coma.” He informed me slowly, watching me carefully. My eyes widened,

‘A COMA?!’ How the hell did that happen?

“You were brought in here with a serious head wound. I’m going to leave the rest for your family to tell you but I need to do the test before that happened.”


The tube was removed from my neck and replaced by an oxygen mask since it was a little difficult breathing on my own. The doctor said it may be like that for a few day till I can do it on my own, along with eating. After an hour or so I was able to move my head which was a good sign from the nurses. They wheeled me back to my room once the tests were done. I was still tired but I just wanted to see Liam again. He hadn’t come back and I was worried that he left. Resting my back against the pillows the nurse so kindly fluffed for me, I waited for visitors to start pouring in.

While I was alone I tried to move some on my body to make the time go by faster. I looked down at my hands, scrunching my face up in concentration as I strained my muscle to listen. My finger began to quiver as I lifted them off the bed about an inch or so. Slowly I made them curl in a weak fist. Now I had to get my whole body to work with me.

The door slowly opened and Connie and Nash came barging in.

“Aiden!” They exclaimed together as they rushed to my bed.

Connie laid herself on me resting her head on my chest while Nash sat on the bed beside me grabbing my hand. I looked from one to the other and a warmth filled me. My family. I love my family with all my heart and seeing those teary eyed made me sad and happy. Sad that I caused them so much worry and happy they cared so much.

“Hey bro.” Nash said his voice tight. It killed me that I couldn’t reply. I felt my body shaking as Connie sobbed on my chest.

“I-I m-missed you s-so much.” She cried against me.

“You scared us man.” Nash told me wiping away a stray tear. My eyes softened showing him I was sorry.

“Come home Aiden” Con said to me looking up with those big blue eyes, her silky blonde hair in a messy unkempt bun with loose strands falling in her face. I smiled at her nodding my head even though it took a lot out of me.

“Mom and dad were so worried about you. And Connie hasn’t had a proper meal since.” I narrowed my eyes at her as her cheeks turned a bright pink.

“Nash hasn’t slept since.” She returned and I turned my narrowed glare to him.

“Well let’s just say that we haven’t been right without you bro.” His eyes down cast. I squeezed the hand he had that held mine causing him to look up at me surprised. He smiled before his face turned stern.

“Don’t ever do that again.” he scolded. Connie nodded in agreement. I nodded my head once more when there was a knock at the door, the both leaned forward and kissed my cheeks.

“We love you and get better.” Giving me one last glance, they left; soon my parents replaced my siblings. My mom rushed to the bed and kissed all over my face while my dad stayed back letting my mom worry.

“Oh god Aiden I was so worried, how is my baby?” She asked but got no response. Tears began to stream down her face.

“Oh my baby.” she cried again. And let me tell you, that went on for about, F.O.R.E.V.E.R!

My dad pulled her off me as she raved about something but like usual I toned her out after the first ten minutes. She finally calmed down and sat in a chair as my dad came up to me and sat on the bed. He didn’t say much just gazed down at me. I looked back at him happy as shit that he wasn’t yelling and crying hysterically like my crazy mother.

“I’m so sorry.” He finally said. I frowned at him. For what?

“I should have seen the signs.” I had no idea what he was talking about.

“This is my fault and I’m going to make it right to you okay.” I watched as for the first time in my life I saw my father cry. I moved my hand over his but that just made him sob. He placed his forehead against mine, his eyes closed, tear tracks on the side of his cheeks as they fell. My dad was crying and I couldn’t hug him, or tell him that I was fine.

He finally kissed my temple before standing, my mom bent to kiss my head.

“We’ll be back tomorrow, the doctor said you will be released in a week or so depending on your progress.” My dad said before he smiled at me, “Liam is outside to see you, are you up for that?” I guess I looked tired, I felt it but I nodded. I got butterflies in my tummy as I thought about him.

“I like him Aiden.” Dad said suddenly as he was holding the door handle, “He’s been here ever since he came back from his trip. He refused to leave your side. Gave the nurses and doctors a hell of a time till they gave up on telling him to leave the hospital. He’s a keeper Aiden” I stared at him wide eyed.

He stayed with me the whole time? Then it hit me how long was I out, no one told me.

“Love you.” my parents said together before leaving.

I’m not going to lie I was about to fall asleep from how exhausted I was. Which is stupid, I was in a coma for god sakes, I should be a awake for a good year after this. I waited for him to come in but my eyes were slowly closing, even though I begged them to stay open. I must have lost the fight but it didn’t matter the moment Liam’s warm tingling caress touched my arm I woke.

“Hey there.” He said softly as he watched me. I smiled at him; releasing a sigh of contentment. I remember feeling this in the darkness. I always had this atmosphere of serenity. Now I knew where it was coming from.

“If you’re tired you can sleep beautiful, so long as you wake up tomorrow.” I knew it was a joke but I detected the hidden serious note it held. I weakly padded the bed and he slowly laid beside me. We were face to face now.

“I missed those eyes of yours.” He whispered and I blushed but refusing to look away from him. It was dark out so the hospital staff was doing night rounds.

“I know that they said you have a minor case of amnesia but I’m so glad you didn’t forget me, even for a moment.” He said cupping my cheek. Tears filled my eyes.

“No one means as much to me as you do Aiden. I was willing to stay here for as long as you had to and even if you never woke, nothing in this world could make me leave your side. Never again am I leaving you Aiden.” His eyes held so much emotion, it broke me and I started crying. He’s been here with me for who know how long.

“I’m going to protect you till the day I die and even then I’ll be watching over you.” He wiped my tears away before tilting my chin up.

“I love you Aiden.” His words clicked. My heart soared at those words as I closed my eyes savoring the lighter than air feeling it caused me. Those were the words that woke me up, those were the words that saved me from the terrifying dark that was going to swallow me back into the nothingness.

They were the words of Liam’s love for me.

When I opened my eyes I saw his eyes were shut as if he were sleeping, his breathing steady. I watched as the light of the moon cast a light on his face enhancing his features. Those dark long lashes fanning over his tan cheeks, his dark hair had grown out since last I saw him, it hung over his forehead now. Those amazingly natural shaped eyebrows and perfect pink lips begging me to kiss them.

He was flawless and perfect.

Slowly I strained my muscles to reach up to remove my oxygen mask and leaned those few inches pressing my lips to his. I pulled back to let out short huffs from the struggle that caused me as I rested back. Peering back at Liam I found find him looking at me. He bit his bottom lips before raising up on his elbow and kissed me back. His tongue broke pass my weak lips massaging mine with his and I whimpered softly. My body was flying with sparks even though I could barely move it. I just wanted to wrap myself around Liam like a blanket.

He pulled back leaving my already breathless body without oxygen. He kissed me softly once more before putting the mask back in place and settling back beside me with a deep sigh.

“I…love…you.” I whispered to his sleeping form, ignoring the pain it caused my throat.

It was all worth it.

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