All It Took Was One Look (Blue Moon Series) (Book 1) [Available on Amazon!]

By T. Lanay All Rights Reserved ©

Romance / Fantasy

Chapter 38


The next day I arrived at the hospital since my mom and dad pretty much made me stay the night. They kept saying that the hospital wasn’t going to let me stay the night. I was walking in when I saw Nash sitting outside on his cell phone. He must have felt my stare because he looked up at me with those damn eyes. I think I have a soft spot for this guy just because of that. He inclined his head in a greeting as he told whoever was on the phone he had to go.

I continued to walk in through the door as he jogged to next to me.

“How’s it going?” He asked. I could see the dark circles under his eyes. I knew the feeling, I hadn’t slept well last night… or any night for that matter.

“I see you have another bag.” He said eyeing the bag on my shoulder. I nodded,

“Yep, I’m ready for a long stay.” I told him as we walked down the hall, some of the nurses and doctors were welcoming me by name. Nash chuckled,

“Wow.” was all he said.

“Have you seen him?” I asked hoping that he would tell me that Aiden was awake and my bag was unnecessary; but nope.

“He’s the same.” His voice dropped to a strained whisper. “My dad was here but he didn’t stay long, he’s taking this really hard and my mom she can’t even get out of bed.” He told me with tears in his eyes. I looked away, afraid I’ll start the water works and I know that it won’t be short.

We turned the corner down Aiden’s hall and the scent hit me before the voice did. My body tensed and my blood hit a tempters that would put the sun to shame. I growled causing Nash to snap his head at me in shock.

“Dude did you just-” I didn’t stay to listen as I tore down the hall and skid to a stop at Aiden’s room. I could hear Nash’s louder footsteps as he ran behind. A confused expression on his face.

“I’m so sorry Aiden. I should have never kissed you so close to the stairs. I shouldn’t have kissed you at all.” Brent’s voice was like nails on a chalk board to me as I hear him apologize.

Wait did he just say he kissed Aiden?

“I’ve been such an asshole to you for everything that I’ve done. I regret ever hitting you and calling you all those names-”

That was it, I burst through the door and watched as Brent shot to his feet as the chair crashed to the ground. His face full of fear as he noticed me standing there furious.

“You’ve been hitting him!” I grabbed him by the neck as my body began to shake all over. My wolf clawed at me to get out and I knew there was no one who could stop me from disemboweling this piece of shit!

His terrified green eyes were huge as he stared at me as I squeezed my hand tighter on his neck.

“Liam, what the hell are you doing?!” I heard Nash yell from behind me but I paid him no mind.

“I’m going to tear you to pieces, till your heart beats its last bit of life.” I snarled in his face as my wolf took over.

“Please,” he choked but it was on deaf ears.

“No one, and I mean on one gets away with hurt my mate!” My claws were extending and slowly digging into him neck, making him scream as his blood started to flow over my hand.

“Liam!” Nash screamed tackling me but all it did was make me turn my head towards him.

“What!” I exclaimed at him.

“What the fuck are you doing, let him go!” He screamed at me in panic. I looked back at Brent, my wolf took full control of my body and my eyes sharpened as they changed. I heard a spine-chilling laugh fill the room and realized it was me.

“Not a chance” my voice deep and deadly. My canines elongated as I glared at Brent’s fear stricken face. I smiled,

“Are you scared you little shit?” This wasn’t my voice, well it was mine but it wasn’t. He began to wiggle trying to get out of the death hold I had at his neck, his face was turning blue.

“Liam you have to let go.” The new voice caught me off guard for a second when I realized Dom was in the room. I shrugged his command off and let my claws grow longer and I knew I would be hitting his windpipe or some major artery soon.

“S-s-stop!” He coughed, blood spewed from his mouth. I felt crazed with blood lust as I experienced this lovely moment of revenge for my mate.

“Let go!” A hand came down on my arm and claws dug in my skin making me drop Brent to the floor with a hiss. With a snarl I grabbed Dom and slammed him in the wall.

“Who the fuck do you think you are!” I growled in his face. With all these damn interruptions, my wolf and I were ready to go on a killing spree

Dom looked shock as he witnessed my wolf possessing my body like this. I could understand his surprise because only rogues let their wolf in complete control. He tried to get me off him but being and Alpha Dom would find it impossible to move me.

But suddenly I felt the aura around him change. I was confused as the mere pack wolf elevated to a Beta, giving him the strength to push me off him and tackle me to the ground, pinning me down.

He won’t be able to do it for long though.

“Liam snap out of it!” He demanded punching my face hard enough to make me freeze and come back to my senses. I pushed my wolf back, realizing I was on the floor with Dom on my chest, Brent was gasping for air with Nash kneeling beside him staring at me in disbelief. I pushed Dom.

“Get off.” I ordered and immediately he jumped to his feet but stood in the way of Brent. I glared.

“What the hell was that?” Nash asked me as he stood. I was breathing hard along with Dom from our struggle. I glared down at Brent as he was wiping the blood from his mouth. I pointed at him with a sneer on my face.

“That piece of shit put Aiden in his coma” I growled.

The room fell silent as we all turned to stare at Brent, he was petrified as he looked from each of our faces. Mine was full of disgust, Dom’s shock and Nash’s was full on livid.

“You did what?!” He screamed down at him. Brent scrambled to his feet and tried to make a run for the door but Nash caught the back of his collar pulling him back.

“You slipped up cuz.” His voice was deadly calm as he forcefully turned Brent to face him. I could see Brent visibly shaking and I couldn’t stop the smile. I didn’t care who fucked Brent’s worthless ass up but as long as it happened I’d be a happy damn camper.

“Nash it was an accident.” He whined as he looked up at his angry cousin.

“I don’t give a damn.” Was all he said before Nash punched his already broken nose. He screamed in agony and fell to the ground holding his face. Nash jumped on him and began to wailed on him. Brent never getting a hit in, all he could do was try and block Nash’s attacks. Dom and I just stood there watching. I wish I had some popcorn right about now.

“Nash!” Brent cried.

“Shut up you no good piece of shit!” He yelled punching him in the gut causing more blood to come out of his mouth. “I’m going to beat the homophobe out of you!” He growled as he began slamming Brent’s head in the floor.

“Aren’t you going to stop this?” Dom asked me. I frowned at him finally taking my eyes from the fight.

“And why in the hell would I do that?” I snarled glaring at him sharply. Dom shut his mouth and went back to watching Brent getting the beating of a life time. My wolf wanted to join but I knew that it was best to leave this in the family, even though I consider myself family to Aiden, I just knew that I’d actually kill the kid if I stared.

Nash slowly got off of the bloody human. panting hard and covered in sweat.

“Good thing you’re in a hospital because it looks like you’ll be needing one.” I heard Dom say.

“Get him out.” I said to him.

Dom nodded and dragged Brent unconscious body out of the room. I closed my eyes getting myself under control so I didn’t go chasing after them to finish the job. Once the door closed I walked over to Nash who was starting to get his breath back.

“You good?” I asked him placing my hand on his shoulder. He nodded as he straightened up to look at me.


There was a quiet silence as I walked over to Aiden. Lifting my leg up I sat next to him reaching down and ran my finger in his soft black hair.

“Hey baby,” I greeted. “We got rid of him for you, beautiful.” I whispered.

“I’m going to go and tell my parents.” Nash said. I didn’t even spare him a glance as he left the room.

“How much longer Aiden?”

I stared up at the ceiling as I laid on the hospital bed. It’s been a week since Brent confessed. Aiden’s parent s were livid to learn what Brent had did and they immediately called his parents. I would have reported him to the police if I was them but I know one thing, Brent was never coming anywhere near Aiden again! My dad comes by lately, ever since our talk I’ve tolerated his presence in the room. I talked to him about what happen to me when my wolf took over like he did and he told me that he’s heard wolves going crazy with rage even though they don’t turn rogue. They can experience it if they’re threatened severely enough or angered, the will take over your body completely for a period of time.

Then there was Dom who had changed his ranking in a matter of seconds. My dad didn’t really have an answer for that one. I always dreaded the fact that Kyle was going to be my Beta since I hate his guts. Dom and I have been friends for so long I always wanted him to be my Beta even when Kyle had been my friend once upon a time.

I sat up and hopped from the bed pacing the room. I couldn’t take it anymore! It’s killed me that I couldn’t do anything to help Aiden in this situation. He had to come back to me. My parents accepted us, we can be together without the thought of them hating us for it. I kicked a chair out of my way watching it crash to pieces against the wall as I stalked back and forth in the small room like a caged animal. Again the constant beeping of the heart monitor grated on my nerves, reminding me that my mate was in danger.

“What happened!?” A nurse came running in the room with a worried expression on her face. She looked from Aiden to me then the chair laying helplessly in pieces. She sighed and gave me a tired look.

“You can’t keep destroying the hospital furniture or we’ll have to escort you off the premises.” She warned me. She was like a broken record, I’ve heard it more than a hundred times already.

“Then quit putting more chairs in here.” I growled at her. She rolled her eyes and pointed at me,

“Just stop.” And left with the damn door open. I gritted my teeth as I stomped to the door and slammed it shut.

“And quit slamming the door!” She yelled from the hall. Jeez she’s worse than my mother!

I rested my back against the door and closed my eyes for a second. I feel suffocated being in this little room but as we all know I can’t leave. I looked back at my mate, what can I do? How do I wake him up?

Walking over to his bed I sank to my knees,

‘Please spirits help me. You matched us together, you can tell me what to do.’ I was begging but I’d do more than that to have him with me. I grabbing his hand between both mine.

“You have to help him, please. I can’t live without him.” My voice was becoming tight. I couldn’t stop the tears when they started to come.

“Don’t take him away from me before I even got to know him, have our first argument as a couple, or come out to my pack. Before he can rule by my side. Before I get to even say… I love you.” Hot tears slid down my face as I laid my head on his chest as I sobbed.


My head shot up at the sound of the heart monitors first irregular beep. I looked at the machine but it was back to its normal pace. I frowned and peered at Aiden. The doctors did warn me that the monitor would have fluctuations and it could mean a lot of things. Like a dream the patients having or if you talk to him. But that’s never happened before. Everyone has tried to talk to him but there has never been a response to our words.

“Aiden?” I said to him but nothing. I reached up with my other hand to comb my finger through his hair.

“My parents want to talk to you, they want to meet their next Alpha.”

“They’re thrilled about it, so you don’t have to be scared about anything, I’ll be there the whole time. We can do this together Aiden, I’ll never let anyone touch you again. All you have to do is wake up so we can move forward together.” My thumb caressed his bottom lip.

“I’ll always be here for you, even if you never want to wake up. I’ll be here by your side ready to leave whenever you are.” I bent close to his mouth so our noses were touching.

“Do you know why baby?” I asked. I pressed my lips to his softly feeling the sparks igniting between us before pulling back.

“Because I love you.” I whispered, my eyes closed and I placed my forehead on his, finally coming to terms with the situation. I will be by his side no matter what, no matter if he’s awake or is asleep I’m not leaving him. I felt something on my hand, looking down but there was nothing but his own still hand.

Then it happened, his hand twitched in mine. My heart jumped at the sight as my eyes widened. Please don’t let this be a hallucination. Again I watched as his fingers weakly curled around mine. I couldn’t stop staring at our hands. Was this is really happening?


I looked up to his face to find sky blue eyes staring at me.

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