All It Took Was One Look (Blue Moon Series) (Book 1) [Available on Amazon!]

By T. Lanay All Rights Reserved ©

Romance / Fantasy

Chapter 36


My mind was groggy as I slowly woke. Groaning I rolled over ready to reach my arms around my mate when it came up empty. I snapped my eyes open as I realized I wasn’t in the hospital anymore I was in my room at the pack house. I shot up from my bed my wolf crying from the separation of his mate. I rushed over to the door yanking it open to find Wyatt my dad’s Beta standing there, his back to me. He turned towards me,

“Liam.” He greeted. I growled at him,

“Get out of my way, Wyatt.” I ordered. He shook his head,

“I’m sorry son, I can’t do that.” His voice was soft but firm.

“Wyatt, if you don’t move so help me”

“Alpha’s orders.” Was all he needed to say and my anger began to escalate.

“My dad ordered you to guard my room?!” I exclaimed shocked. He nodded once.

Snarling I tried pushed past him but he didn’t move. I wasn’t surprised, he was one of the best Enforcers in out pack.

“Get my dad!” I snapped.

“No need.” His familiar voice came from down the hall as Wyatt move for him to enter. So now the Alpha was blocking my way. I glared at him as he stood just in the entrance of my doorway.

“Why am I here?” He looked at me calmly.

“Because I brought you here.” I fisted my hands.

“You know I didn’t want to be here!” I argued. He nodded.

“Yes, I know.” His gray eyes never blinking as he watched me. Gritting my teeth I stepped up to him,

“Then move.” He shook his head.

“Move dad!”

“I can’t.” Crossing his arms he stood his ground ever the proud strong Alpha.

“He can wake up any second and I need to be there for him.” I said just wanting my mate. I heard his sigh,

“He’s in a coma Liam, he’s been in a coma for over a month now. There is a strong possibility he won’t be waking up anytime soon.” I cut him off with a low warning growl, “I’m sorry to be so blunt with you but you need to hear it.” his words were like acid to my ears. “You need to understand it.”

“You’re stopping me from being with my mate?” I glared at him ready to attach if it came down to it.

“No, Liam I’m not stopping you from being with your mate, I would never do that.”

“You’re doing it now!”

“No I’m not, as much as I’m worried for Aiden who’s going to be our next Alpha and my son in law. I’m more worried for you at the moment. Liam it is not healthy to completely standstill your life like you have.”

“I’m not the one in a standstill.” I forced through clenched teeth.

“I know what you’re going through, I’ve seen it.”

“No you don’t, no one does!!”

“I know I don’t know it personally, but I have seen it Liam. And your actions are the same as them! I don’t want to lose my son!” He exclaimed, a desperate looked trapped in his gray eyes. I was taken back a little, staring up at him before answering.

“You’re not going to lose me, dad.” I felt numb

“I know because I’m trying to prevent It from happening.” He took another step closer to me. I shook my head and backed away.

“Just let me go, dad. I ‘need’ to be with him.” I begged.

“I understand that your wolf’s need are strong but I just want you to stay for a day or two okay. Get some rest and eat. Make your mother and I feel better knowing that you’re alright.” He bargained. I shook my head at him.

“I’m not alright, I will never be alright until I see him open his eyes again, till I know that he is fine. Until I tear that fucking bastard to pieces!” I growled the last part making my dad tilt his head at me and cock his brow.

“Yeah, tell me why you were about to maul a human in a public hospital?” He asked curious. My teeth ground together as I remembered the moments in the hallway.

“It was him.” I whispered so low my dad had to lean closer to hear.

“It was him what?” He asked curious.

“He did it!” I yelled, the rage making my blood boil. I stormed to the door ready to go hunt him down. My dad stuck his hand out and grabbed my arm. Whipping around I growled at him. I watched his eyes change as he glared at me in warning.

“Liam you may be next to rule but you are far from being able to challenge me.” He growled lowly. I knew he was right but I still curled my lips up in a snarl.

“Now tell me from the beginning.” He demanded.

Snatching my arm from his grasp I started pacing the floor when I began to explain.

“I met at him over at Aiden’s, I never talked to him before but he always gave me this weird felling. I was in the locker room with Aiden… doing stuff and right when we were about to leave I caught a whiff of a familiar scent but I couldn’t put name to it. Then in the hospital I would catch the same smell on different occasions and yesterday I decided to follow it and it was him, Aiden’s cousin. He’d been spying on us for who know how long!” I continued to pace as my dad stood there quietly but I could see a fire starting in his eyes. When you mess with a member of a werewolf’s pack it’s like spitting in all our faces.

“I could see the guilty in his eyes not to mention he reeked of it. It was no accident, that son of a bitch pushed my mate down the goddamn stairs!” I was no longer pacing. Instead I was standing in the middle of my room shaking, my eyes a bright yellow and my teeth elongating. The nails on my fingers slowly growing into claws and the heat of the change coming on fast and hard. I was ready to rip the guy’s head off!

“He’s not getting away with this. He was the one to put Aiden in the hospital!” Hair was pouting from my skin.

“Liam remembers he’s part of Aiden’s family I doubt that Aiden would want you killing his cousin.” he said.

“He doesn’t deserve to live!” I growled.

“I know Liam, trust me I’m angry about all this too but that’s not your decision to make, it’s Aiden.” The heat in my body slowly evaporated as I slumped my shoulders in agony.

“How am I to know what he wants if he can’t even tell me what to do?” I dropped on the edge of the bed, my head in my hands.

Dad came to sit next to me wrapping an arm around my shoulder.

“Let his family deal with it Liam, that’s all you can do.” I sighed at his words. He was right but that didn’t mean I didn’t want to rip his heart out.

He patted my arm,

“Come one lets go.” He stood. I looked up at him questionably.

“Where?” I cringed at how pathetic and weak I sounded.

“For a run, you’ve been cooped up in that hospital room for a month now I know you want to stretch your legs.” He said with a pleasant smile. I thought about it for a bit before I stood as well.

“Alright but after this I’m going back.” I didn’t leave any room for discussion, so dad nodded reluctantly.

He was right it did feel good to run. We ran side by side enjoying the wind whipping though our fur, it was a nice day; sunny, not a cloud in sight and a beautiful blue sky. But just looking at the sky caused a tightening in my heart. Dad must have sensed my mood turning because he ran behind me and nipped at my hind legs.

Yelping I ran faster.

‘Stop old man!’ I chided. I heard him bark as he gained up on me.

‘You’re faster than that Liam.’ He teased as he bit at my back legs again. We ran for hours till my dad had to stop and take a rest. I was snickering at him wolfishly as he rolled his eyes at me collapsing on his belly.

‘Oh what pops can’t handle my pace.’ I teased jumping around him like an overenergetic pup.

‘Oh shut it.’ he growled tackling me to my side. I felt like we were both playing around. It reminded me when I was a small pup and we use to do this all the time.

We laid there watching the sun go down slowly.

‘You were right.’ I said quietly through our private link. He turned his head to me.

‘About what, because I’m always right.’ He bragged. I rolled my eyes pawing at his head.

‘You were right, I needed to take a break from that room but it’s hard from being away from him right now.’ His yellow eyes softened.

‘I can only imagine what you’re going through.’ He replied. My gaze wandered over us and. The forest of beautiful green trees were around us and the feel of the cold damp dirt and grass brushed up against my coat. It was then that I noticed we were resting by a lake the same lake I took Aiden to, to tell him the truth about who or what I really was and how I felt about him. My throat closed as I remembered how happy I was then, how bright and beautiful he looked.



‘Do you really accept us?’ My voice was small as I asked him the big question I’ve been scared to this entire time but with Aiden in the state he’s in it all seemed insignificant to hide now. He looked thoughtful for a moment before rolling from his side on to his stomach, his head held high as he looked at me. I mimicked his moves.

‘Why do you ask that?’ he asked me. I frowned at him,

‘Because your son, the son who’s soon to take over you position; if you still what me too is gay.’ I finally admitted it out loud. I was ready for anything he was ready to throw at me.

‘I understand if you don’t want me to be part of the pack anymore’ I added.

‘Never Liam,’ he met my gaze with a hard look. ‘I would never kick you out of your pack, what do you think I am, a coldhearted bastard?’ I didn’t say anything just tilted my head in confusion.

‘You’re my son you have a right to be Alpha I wouldn’t take that from you.’

‘What about Aiden?’ I asked. He chuckled.

‘The Wolf Spirits have chosen this boy for your other half and I respect that.’ His tone was clam and smooth.

’Seriously?’ I wasn’t totally convinced. He shook his head at me.

‘Yes seriously, I accept your mate wholeheartedly, with open arms Liam and so does your mother. I won’t lie to you when I say we were shocked but we got over that real fast when we realized that you were hurting.’ I felt like my heart was ready to fly from my chest. I smiled which came out as a wolfy pointy toothed grin.

‘Thank you dad.’ He inclined his head in welcome.

‘But I must say, that I was a little down that you went to my brother first, instead of your mother and I.’ he confessed frowning. I would have blushed if I didn’t have fur on my muzzle.

‘Yeah, well I was really scared that you would shun me or something, seeing as there wouldn’t be an Alpha female to carry on the blood line.’ I told him. He rolled his eyes,

‘No, I think that having two Alpha males would make a pack stronger. And you always have Kayla to continue the line unless your mother and I have more kids.’ The last part made me grimace.

‘Gross and GROSS!’ He laughed.

We were quiet for a little bit, the sky was dark now, I had to hurry and get back to Aiden but I had one more thing to ask my dad.


‘Yes?’ Gray eyes trained on me, his blonde fur shining in the moonlight. It was a full moon tonight but I wasn’t feeling the effects of it since I was more concerned and worried over my mate then to think about sex. My wolf didn’t care about anything but Aiden and his wellbeing.

‘How is this going to go with the pack?’ I asked him. He licked at his nose and muzzle.

‘If they don’t’ like it, they will have me to deal with it.’ His voice hard and serious. And I knew for sure that no one was going to like what he had in store for those individuals.

My body was warm with gratitude, the thought of my family loving me this much warmed me to the bone.

‘Alright let’s get you back to your mate.’ He said getting to his paw. I did the same nodding in agreement.

Now that I know that my parents didn’t hate me for having a male as a mate I needed to get back to him.

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