All It Took Was One Look (Blue Moon Series) (Book 1) [Available on Amazon!]

By T. Lanay All Rights Reserved ©

Romance / Fantasy

Chapter 34


It’s been two weeks since I came home and a whole two weeks of sitting beside Aiden’s unconscious body. His parents told me that he was in the coma a week before I came, meaning the day I was originally planning on going home was a day before he fell. I could have stopped this, I could have prevented him from getting hurt and ending up like this. I stared at his face, the perfectly still plains, his cheeps a chalky white, the closed lids hiding those beautiful sky blue eyes that always made my heart beat fast. And his lips were forced open by the tube helping his to breathe.

Long strands of black hair hung over the white bandage. I reached out and moved them back from his forehead pressing a kiss to his cold skin. The doctors removed the ventilation tube from his throat so it didn’t damage his vocal cords and put a trach tube, as they like to call it, in his neck instead. My chin began to quiver as I pulled back. How many times have I begged him to wake up? How many times have I pleaded for him to open his eyes? The constant beeping of the heart monitor hooked up to him stayed at a steady pace, never fluctuating and of the sound of the respirator filled the room.

I haven’t moved from this room, my mom or dad came by and gave me a bag of clothes. The doctor and nurses have tried to make me leave but soon they gave up, giving me a look of pity. I won’t leave his side ever again! This was just a cruel reminder of how frail he was, how human.

I was lying beside him in the small bed never taking my eyes off him. I didn’t want to miss the moment he finally opened those eyes. If he ever did.

“Baby please, give me a sign you can hear me.” I whimpered taking his cold still hand in mine, rubbing circles against his knuckles with my thumb.

My wolf was whining from the state our mate was in. He hurt seeing our mate this way. He wanted to help him, do anything he could but we both knew there was nothing we can do but stay by his side.

There was a knock at the door; I snapped my head up smelling my parents scent. The door opened and a low rumbling growl built in my chest. They froze a few steps in the room as they heard me. My wolf didn’t like it when anyone besides Aiden’s parents came to see him. I’ve let Jeanine and Eric come in but they were the only one. Robin and Caleb tried but I wouldn’t let them even cross the doorframe.

“Liam.” My mom said in a soft voice trying to get me to calm down but they weren’t getting near him.

“Honey, you need to come home, get some rest, eat something.” She tried again but I growled again a bit more forcefully causing my dad to wrap a protective arm around her waist looking at me warily. She sighed,

“Baby I’m so sorry this happened to you.” She said sorrowfully.

“Just leave.” I demanded keeping my gaze on Aiden.

“I know this is hard on you Liam, but you have to be strong for him which means getting a proper diet and rest.” She pushed.

“I just want to be left alone with my mate.” I told them firmly making her see the hint I was throwing at her.

“No one is stopping you from doing that but we’re worried about your health baby.” She said taking a hesitant step closer.

I shot from the bed fast and growled thunderously that the window in the room raddling, my eyes changing to a fierce yellow, my wolf was out and ready to get rid of the threat.

“LEAVE!” I yelled at them.

My mom shrieked in fear and I would have apologized for scaring her but my wolf was in control. My dad grabbed my mom and pressed her against his back in under a second. He was glaring at me with yellow eyes, taking a protective stance in front of mom. He knew I wasn’t in control and I was a threat to his mate.

“Nancy go.” He ordered her. Mom looked from him to me with frightened eyes.


“Go!” He demanded sharply using his Alpha command, never taking his eyes off me. Whimpering she left giving me one last look.

“I don’t want you here, I don’t anyone here. Now just leave me and my mate alone.” I growled at him. I knew it was dangerous to challenge him but I didn’t care. I was sick and tired of all the interruptions, from the doctors and nurses coming in and out constantly, I had to let Aiden’s family in and his two best friends. But all I wanted was to just be alone with him.

“Alright,” my father said, his eyes shifting back to gray.

“We’re leaving, but she was only worried about you Liam and so was I, but I understand.” He looked over to Aiden and his eyes softened before slowly backing out of the room, closing the door softly behind him. I stared at it for a while. We haven’t talked about the situation yet at how my mate was a guy but I just didn’t want to get into that just yet.

I looked back at Aiden, walking back to the bed and laid back down beside him. Putting my arm across his chest I curled my fingers around his arm pulling him closer. With my face buried in his neck and I cried for the millionth time.

“Come back to me Aiden.”

This isn’t how I wanted to be reunited with my mate after returning home. Now I realized how stupid it was to ignore him for so long. How I took advantage of the sound of his voice. God how I wanted to hear him speak to me again, to say my name, to see him smile at me and his blue eyes shine with happiness.

I was gently stroking his cheek with the back of my fingers.

“I miss you baby.” I whispered to him as he laid there unresponsive to everything. I groaned as the door opened. I looked up to see a tall guy with brown hair step in. I was ready to growl and go on the defensive but when I say his eyes I noticed they were Aiden’s. He looked over at me with the eyes I’ve been dying to see. Even though they were a dull replica compared to Aiden’s they made me relax. This had to be a relative.

“Who the hell are you?” The guy asked. I sat up and narrowed my eyes at him.

“Who are you?” I countered.

“I’m Nash, his brother.” He inclined his head to Aiden.

“Liam.” He nodded as if realizing something.

“Oh, so you’re the guy camping out in here every day.” He said walking to the other side of the bed pulling up a chair. I gave a really weak smile, it was hard to smile these days.

“I guess you can say that.” I watched as he looked down at his brother brushing the hair from his face. I heard him sniffle.

“I try you know.” He said his voice clouding with grief. “I tried to keep him safe. But I failed.” The tears were falling from his eyes slowly and I lowered my gaze.

“It’s not fair, he’s gone through so much and now this?” His were bitter. “What has he ever done to deserve this?” He snapped. I looked back at Aiden.

He was right what did he do to deserve this?

“Come on bro, you’re stronger than this. You can beat it, all you have do is just wake up, please.” He whispered, his forehead pressed against Aiden’s. Slowly I slide off the bed and quietly walked to the door. This was a private moment and my wolf was allowing this boy to be alone with his mate for a while.

I stood outside the room, the back of my head pressed against the wall and my eyes closed. Aiden has been through so much, from the school turning on him, the drugs and now he was in a coma. Was it too much to just want him to be happy.

I want him to live.

I slide down the wall resting my arm on my bent knee. I was trying to settle my wolf as he paced within me, this has been the longest he’s been away from Aiden bedside but he knew he had to let the brothers have their time.

I snapped my eyes open as a smell hit my nose. It was familiar, but where? I lifted my nose in the air taking a big whiff when I remembered; the locker rooms. But it was fading meaning the person left a while ago. I would have followed but that would mean leaving Aiden and I wasn’t going to do that. Not ever again.


I didn’t mean it, I swear! I hadn’t meant for things to end up that way. Sighing I took a seat in the park watching the pond shine in the fading sun. I’m so stupid. I should have never kissed him! But he looked so cute when he’s mad.

Dammit! I’m the biggest asshole in the world. How could I have treated him the way I did? Oh that’s right, because I was scared. Scared of the way he was making me feel, opening old doors I thought I had closed for good. I didn’t want to face it, I didn’t want to feel it. So I hide it away the best I could, by hurting Aiden. You could say jealousy go the best of me. Seeing Aiden with him hurt me more than you could possibly know but it was wrong all of it. That’s what my mom taught me; the feelings, the pain that I mostly caused.

My eyes shut tight as the moment replayed over and over in my head. I remember the way his face scrunched up as he told me off, how sexy he was when he was angry. It turned me on. I remember the way his lips felt against mine, they were so soft. But most importantly I remember when my heart stopped as he pushed me away with all his might. The fear tightening in my body as he staggered back with the force he gave to push me. And I watched him as he slip backwards missing the step below and falling. I tried reaching out for him but it was too late and he tumbled down them till he lay motionless on the hard tile floor at the bottom.

I screamed his name so many times till I was hoarse. My throat tightened at the memory, I’ll never forget how his blood was slowly seeping out from under his head into a puddle. I freaked, I didn’t know what to do. If I called the cops they would ask questions and then they would know that I was the reason he fell. Screw it, I scrambled up the stairs grabbing my phone and dialing 911.

The look on Aunt Gracie’s face made the guilt eat at me. Her cries caused my own shameful tears to come.

I didn’t mean it.

The paramedics came to take him away, they all had grim faces as they examined; rushing him into the ambulance. I rode with Aunt Gracie to the hospital looking out the window biting my lip keeping from crying out loud.

We stayed in the waiting room all night and when the doctor came out I knew nothing good was going to come out of his mouth.

“Mrs. Walker?” She nodded at him hope in her eyes. I stayed in the back with my arms wrapped around myself, my heart beating at a crazy speed as I waited for him to tell us what was wrong.

Taking a deep breath he said,

“I’m sorry to inform you but your son has gone into coma.” He said his face grim.

A coma? I made him go into a coma. My legs were shaking and my breathe was nonexistent. What have I done? Is this Gods way of punishing me for loving another man? Or his way of punishing me for treating Aiden the way I did?

“No!” Grace cried almost falling to the ground but the doctor caught her. “No, no this can’t be happening, I just talked to him not even an hour ago!” she sobbed against him.

“I’m so sorry.” He whispered again as I just stood there.

“When will he come out of it?” She asked him hopefully. The doctor closed his eyes tight.

“He fell from a high distance not to mention hitting the stairs on the way down. From the amount of blood loss and head trauma I’m not able to give you a date, all there is now is to wait until he awakes… if he does.” he said timidly.

“What, are you saying my son might never wake up?!” She screamed. Sorrowfully he helped her back in the chair and bowed his head.

“I’m so sorry ma’am.” With that he left.

There were tears running down my face as the pond I was staring at became blurry. I’ve tried so many times to go and see him, to say how utterly sorry I was for the way I acted. But that guy Liam won’t let anyone in. I always see him in the room every time I came to the hospital. I couldn’t face him, if I even tried, I would be caught from just the guilt I know he would see in me. But I deserved it I guess, yeah, I deserved to be beaten to a pulp.

I dropped my face in my hands and I wept.

I’m truly sorry Aiden.

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