All It Took Was One Look (Blue Moon Series) (Book 1) [Available on Amazon!]

By T. Lanay All Rights Reserved ©

Romance / Fantasy

Chapter 31


“I’ll come back as soon as possible.” Liam said wrapping his arms around me tightly and I pushing him away with a smile.

“Go Liam, have fun with your sister and don’t rush it.” I told him pushing him towards his car. “You haven’t seen her for who knows how long right? So go bond.” I opened his door.

“But I don’t want to go.” he whined trying to pull me back into him.

“Oh no,” I scolded jumping out of his reach. “go Liam.” I watched him pout with his head down.

Sighing, I took his face in my hands. Stretching up on my toes I brushed my lips against him. There was a deep rumbling in his chest as he pulled me against him, kissing me till we were breathless. Pulling back, I rested my forehead on his.

“I’ll miss you.” He whispered, his warm breath caressing my face. I opened my eyes to find his hazel eyes staring at me intently, like he was trying to imprint my face to memory.

“And I’ll miss you too.” Giving a gentle peck I stepped away.

“I’m coming back once it’s over.” Liam had told me that his body will go through some kind of heat where he burns up for a couple of days after the moon. It worried me that he had to go through this all alone all because we never finished the making process. I was tempted to forget everything and take him up to my room so he wouldn’t have to go through something like that but he was very insistent on keeping our original plan. He didn’t want to take my virginity because of his selfish wolf.

“Alright.” Kissing me one more time and with reluctance he climbed in his car and drove off. I stood there staring after his retreating car as he drove to the airport.

Sighing, I already missed him. Turning I stare up at my house. The house I use to feel safe in, the house I grew up in, the house that now contained a homophobic cousin hiding around every corner. With sluggish movements I walked inside, catching the sounds of Connie’s loud music upstairs. I could smell moms cooking while she talked to dad in the kitchen. I didn’t know where Brent was, nor did I care; I just wanted him to stay away from me.

With Liam gone I felt vulnerable, just like when Nash left. I made my way in the kitchen where my parents were and sat at the table.

“Hey hun.” My mom said cheerfully.

“Hey.” My voice dull. She frowned,

“What’s wrong?” She asked chopping onions on a board. I shook my head, oh nothing it’s just that there’s a psycho in the house, able to beat me to a pulp.


“Did Liam leave?” Dad asked taking a sip of coffee. I nodded,

“Yeah, just now.” I began to play with the table cloth keeping my eyes cast down.

“He’s such a nice boy.” My mom said, my dad agreed with her.

“Yeah, he’s very well mannered.” Dad implied, I didn’t say anything.

“Where is he going?” Mom asked.

“New York to visit his sister.” I answered.

“Well that nice of him.”

“Have you talked to Nash lately?” I asked her changing the subject. She brightened up at the mention of her first born.

“Yes!” She was so happy she started to shake with joy. I shook my head, my mom was crazy about her children.

“He asked about you, we told him you had a boyfriend!” She exclaimed excited.

“What did he say?” I asked curious.

“He said he would have to meet him personally.” Her eyes focused on her food.

I shivered from the thought. This was my boyfriend, and Nash being the overprotective brother he is I know he’s going to bombard Liam with a shit load of questions, worse than what my dad did.

“That’s my boy.” Dad snicker, I gave him a hard glare and he averted his eyes innocently looking around the room. I rolled my eyes.

“Dinners almost done, go get your sister and cousin.” Mom told me.

I froze before regrettably pushing my chair back and headed up stairs. I went to Con’s room first knocking on her door and barged in since I knew there was no way she would be able to hear me with her music blasting. She was laying on her bed, texting.

“CON!” I yelled making her look up from her phone. I jerked my thumb back over my shoulder before leaving. I trudged down the hall to ‘his’ room, stopping in front of his door and taking a much needed breath. I raised my fist against his door knocking softly. My heart beating a mile a minute, and completely stopped dead when the door swung open and there stood the devil himself. He was glaring at me,

“What!” He hissed. Gulping I stepped back.

“Dinner.” I muttered barley above a whisper. His eyes narrowed,

“What? Speak up I can’t hear you.” His mouth curling at the end.

“Dinner.” I said louder but with a very shaky voice casting my eye to the floor. I saw it too late and before I could stop it, his fist slammed in my gut. I gave a loud grunt and fell against him; he held me up patting my back.

“Thank you.” He said and let me go. I crashed to the floor gasping for air as he stepped over me, heading down to the dining room.

“Ah.” I cried out quietly, wrapping my arms around my stomach. My face was pressed in to the carpet as I waited for the pain to subside. I pushed myself up with shaky arms and staggered to my feet. When I got up I dragged hunched form and struggled down the stairs.

J has been busy with Dom most of the time, Eric with his new girlfriend Lillian. I tried to text Liam but I know that he’s not in the right state of mind to have a decent conversation with me since the full moon was two days ago. Robin however did answer her phone and we talked for a bit but she had to rush off for some reason. To say it in the least amount of words,


I’ve locked myself in my room since my parents aren’t home. Dad was called to L.A for another big case, mom was doing her usual charity and volunteer work. And Connie was at school. So here I am in the same house with the enemy. I wanted to leave but like I said everyone’s busy.

“Aiden,” I head Brent taunting me from behind the door suddenly. I shrunk back in my bed clutching my pillow close to my chest as I looked at the door with scared wide eyes. What the hell does he want?

“Oh Aiden,” he sang some more.

Ignore him!

“Come on, don’t be like that. I just want to say hi.” His voice was sickly sweet sending a terrifying shiver down my spine.

“Open up Aiden.” His voice a little rougher.

Ignore him, ignore him, and ignore him. The bang at the door jolted me in surprise.

“Open the door Aiden, I just want to talk.” Wasn’t he the one that said he can’t stand the sight of me?

“Go away!” I trembled.

“Open the door!” He growled.

“No, go away!” I screamed at him.

I waited for another bang but it never came, finally he gave up. Why was he doing this? Couldn’t he just leave me the hell alone! I tore my terrified gaze from the thankfully locked door to look over at my closet. All the bad memories came flooding back, bringing tears in my eyes but I wouldn’t let them fall. Why was he doing this to me, why did he have to make the cravings come back? Slowly, I slide from my bed, placing my pillow to the side and walked a step at a time towards the closet door. Peering at it like it held the gates of hell behind it. With a shaky hand I touched the handle for a minute before sliding it open.

I could see it, the ominous box sitting on the shelf. Gingerly I took it in my hands and brought it back to the bed. Sitting cross legged I placed it in front of me just staring at it.

This is what I am, this little box right here, everything it contains is my life; my miserable, sad weak pathetic life. I thought I could be strong, fight this but I’m back where I started. Everything I did to get straight was for nothing because this is who I am, a coward. A weak pitiful fag who uses drugs to escape my problems and he lets his cousin beat on him.

In the end it was all my fault that I relapsed. I had kept all my drugs. I should have thrown then away when I was struggling to get clean. I should have said no to my Uncle when wanted his fucking son to stay in our house. I’m so stupid!

I felt the tears streaming down my face, Liam would shake his head in disgust at me right now. I wouldn’t blame him when he came back to find me, the real me. The sudden feeling of rage surged in my blood.

No! No, this in not me anymore! I grabbed the box and threw it across the room, watching it hit the wall with a loud clang. Brent wasn’t going to do that to me! I decided that when Liam came home I would tell him the truth about Brent; about me.

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