All It Took Was One Look (Blue Moon Series) (Book 1) [Available on Amazon!]

By T. Lanay All Rights Reserved ©

Romance / Fantasy

Chapter 29


“Beautiful” I whispered.

Those sky blue eyes stared up at me with the most innocent look I had ever seen and my heart squeezed. His breath was heavy and sweet, this had to be the sexiest I’ve ever seen him and I loved it. In the aftermath of our passion his cheeks were flushed, his lips swollen and pupils dilated under heavy lids and dark lashes. It was then that I could care less of what people said about me, I wanted the world to see he was mine, not that I had a problem with that before it was just my parents. But now I didn’t give a rat’s ass if they accepted it or not. They could take my position away, they could kick me out of the pack for all I cared. As long as I had this sexy crazy beautiful man lying under me and standing beside me.

Combing my fingers through his soft black hair, I got the sudden urge to tell him right then that I was deeply in love with him. That I relinquished my heart as his possession and he could do with it as he wished. But it wasn’t time for that. I didn’t want to scare him off after I just got a little piece of what life could be like with his. Especially getting a little sample of his delicious taste. I could have gone further, made him fall off the edge over and over again in so many different ways.

I’ve been fantasizing all day. How I would steal him away from class. Drag him to any empty room and ravish him till he was completely sated. Or staking my claim on in front of the whole school, daring anyone to mess with or try and hurt him.

I’ve held myself back and not without difficulty of course. To top it all off there was another full moon in two weeks, so my damn wolf was clawing my skin to get to Aiden. It was just not as bad as it was last month, the only problem was that I never finished the mating process with him. So I had two major battles raging within me, but since Aiden did bare my mark I could hold myself back from trying to force him into my bed.

What made me take him like I did was all because he walked into my Uncle Jim’s classroom. His scent was all wrong. Aiden’s usual sweet scent with our mixed essence, was covered in someone else’s odor. The anger that surged through me and my wolf was undeniable and I instantly planned on fixing it. Which brought me back to the locker room as my wolf and I dominated Aiden’s perfect little body.

I had swelled with pride when he moaned that he belong to us. I wasn’t planning on going as far as I did but once I started I couldn’t stop myself. Having him breathless, gasping my name, pushed me over the edge and I had to have a sample as the territorial side of my wolf came out.

I was brought back to Aiden as I heard his breathing begin to evening out. I was still lying on top of him nuzzling his neck lovingly. His scent that was heavily doused in mine and I savored the moment, hating that I had to get off him soon before we got caught. His essence still lingered on my tongue and god help me it was so sweet like candy.

Reluctantly I sat up letting him pulled his pants back up. I groaned not wanting him to cover up that beautiful body of his. I wish I could pleasure it all day but sadly school wasn’t the place for such blissful acts. Reaching out I helped button them up before standing, he looked up at me with red cheeks. I chuckled, he’s so cute. Kissing him once more I took his smaller hand in my large one and brought it up to my lips. His blue eyes widened.

“Go to the movies with me beautiful.” I said breaking the silence. A smile broke out on his flushed face.

“Aren’t you normally supposed to ask me on a date first then get in my pants, pup?” He teased, I sighed in relief that he wasn’t acting awkward and weird about what we did. He is my mate he shouldn’t regret or be embarrassed about letting me pleasure him.

“I don’t do ordinary if you haven’t noticed.” He rolled his eyes at me then sucked in his bottom lip as he took his time to answer. I growled at how he teased me.

“Stop” I warned him keeping my voice low. His eyes sparked with mischief,

“Or what? Are you going to try and take me again?” He challenged. Quickly I rushed him, wrapping my arms around his waist lifting him off his feet against me. With a snarl nipping at his neck.

“Don’t tempt me.” I purred.

He giggled, “So what do you say.” I pressed, really wanting to spend more time with him. Again no quick answer, but soon I felt him nodded against my shoulder.

“Okay.” He said finally, I smiled.

“Good, but it wouldn’t have matter anyway. I would have kidnapped you even if you said no.” I whispered to him kissing at his ear.

“Sure you would, pup.” He retorted, patting my back. Growling I once more nuzzled his neck playfully, sending him into uncontrollable laughter. And what a laugh it was. It caused a crazy giddiness to envelope me.

I’ve never been this happy in my life.

“I think we should leave before we get in trouble.” He told me, wiggling out of my arms picking his shirt off the ground. Quick I snatched it out of his hands and he gave me a ‘what the hell’ look.

“I just fixed that problem, you don’t want me repeating the process over again do you?” I whispered huskily.

“What problem?” He was honestly confused and I smiled.

“I want only my scent on your skin, no one else’s Aiden.” I stuffed the shirt in my locker and handed him one of my own. He flushed as he pulled it over his head; it was so big on him the shirt came up to his top thigh.

“I feel like I’m wearing a dress.” He pouted, make me chuckle. Bending down, I captured his pouting bottom lip between my teeth causing him to gasp.

“I think you look sexy as hell wearing my clothes.” Giving him a peck before grabbing his hand.

“Let’s go.”

We were about to leave the locker rooms when I came across a familiar scent, but couldn’t put a name or face to it. Looking around trying to find them, I knew it was fresh, meaning whoever it was had saw us.


What if they tell the school, Aiden’s going to freak! I sniffed the air again pleading for at least a little hint but Aiden pulled on my hand, dragging me thought the doors.

“What movie are we going to watch?” He asked me oblivious to my concerns so I focused all my attention back on him.

“Any one you want beautiful.

Aiden decided that we should see Rebel Teenagers and he asked to double date with Dom and Jeanine. Of course Dom was down with doing anything with Jeanine.

That night I picked Aiden up at seven giving us an hour together before we met up with Dom.

“So what do you want to do for the next hour?” I asked looking over to him as we drove down the street.

“I don’t know…” He wrinkled his nose up and I had to tighten my hands on the wheel from leaning over to him and kissing it.

“Ice cream!” He squealed bouncing in his seat. I laughed,

“Ice cream it is.” Luckily there was a really good Ice Cream Parlor called ‘Scoops and Things’ by the theater.

Parking we hopped out of the car walking side by side. I was a bit sad that he kept such a large distance between us. Alright, it wasn’t that large, maybe about a foot or so but it was still such a large gap to me and I hated it! I wanted to pull him close, feel his body against mine and hold his hand but I respected his decision of keeping us on the ‘down low’ so no one from school saw us. To be honest, it was killing me! Mates aren’t supposed to be separated like this, it drives our wolves insane. We are a species that needed physical contact. The constant skin interactions with our mates helped us relax and give us the piece of mine that they’re safe. I understand Aiden’s human but he had to be feeling at least a little of this.

I held the door open as Aiden discreetly rubbed against me and my breath caught in my chest. His sly smiled gave away his mischievous motives, the little tease. I soon came up behind him as he looked through the glass at the various kinds of frozen treats, ignoring my presence. Smirking I bent close to his ear and nipped at the earlobe, making him gasp and straighten up swiftly.

“Playing this game with me is not a smart idea Aiden.” I whispered walking to the other side of the shop. Gladly no one was in here to see that little scene. I could feel his glare on me but I continued to look through the glass till a girl came out of the back.

“Hello, welcome to ‘Scoops and Things’ what can I get you today?” She asked a fake smile plastered on her face. She shifted her gaze from Aiden them to me where it seemed to stay. I resisted the urge to roll my eyes; yes we werewolves are very attractive get over it.

“Hi,” she said again this time batting her lashes at me. I supped her with a nod,

“You said that already.” I said looking back down at the ice cream.

“Can I get just vanilla with reese’s.” I placed my ordered. She nodded a little too eager and I had to suppress the smile.

I glanced over at Aiden, witnessing the death glare he was giving the poor oblivious girl making my ice cream. I walked over towards him and peered down at him as I leaned my back against the glass.

“What’s with the death glare Aiden.” I teased crossing my arms. He scowled at me,

“I have no idea what you’re talking about.” He played innocent, turning his gaze back to the glass.

“Uh huh.” I smirked.

“Ah, is my mate jealous?” I harassed in a baby voice just to annoy the crap out of him. He growled at me,

“Oh, I’m so scare.” I gave a fake shiver before busting out laughing.

“Shut up! It’s better than yours.”

Licking my lips I pushing myself off the cold glass and walking to the other side of him. I glanced up at the girl dishing out my order before I bent close to his ear and I let out a low rumbling growl that only he could possibly hear. I watched as a tremor wracked down his spine and his eyes closed. The delicious smell of his arousal was suddenly coming off him in waves.

“I think I got you beat.” I bragged with a smile.

“Here’s your ice cream sir.” the girl said with a flirtatious smile placing the cup down.

“Thank you. What do you want Aiden?” the girls eyes snapped from me to Aiden in surprise like she was just seeing him for the first time. Aiden’s narrowed his eyes as he answered.

“Vanilla and butterfingers.” He grumbled to her. And back to work she went; when she was done I paid her, ignoring her subtle tries at getting my number.

Sorry hun, but I’m team Aiden.

“Come again!” She said to us as we left but a ‘please’ reached me from under her breath. Snickering Aiden and I walked around eating our dessert in a comfortable silence. Looking around there wasn’t much people out tonight so I took advantage and I moved closer to my mate till I was brushing my arm against his. A sigh left my lips in pleasure at the physical contact. He slowly became aware of my proximity but did nothing about it.

Soon we found a quiet place in an alcove in the empty park. The theater was in our sights so we decided to wait for the movie to start alone.

“The moon is big tonight.” Aiden said out of the blue. I looked up to see the almost complete moon shining brightly above us. I smiled,

“Yeah, it is. It’s almost a full moon.” Turning to me he furrowed his brows.

“Full moon?” His face cleared. “Already?” I nodded taking a spoonful of ice cream.

“Is he…?” He didn’t have to ask.

“Yep.” I peered over to him. “Don’t worry I think I can hold him back this time.” I joked.

Aiden cleared his throat and put his own spoonful in his mouth with the spoon upside down. I groaned as I watched him slowly take it out oblivious to what he was doing to me. Alright, it’s all good, I can do this! I can do this. I kept my eyes forward for about two seconds before I snapped them back to Aiden.

“So when you said that your wolf takes over during this time and wants his mate. What exactly ‘does’ he want?” He asked timidly.

“You.” I said without hesitation.

“Well, yeah I know that but-” He peered up at me.

“You, Aiden, we want you.” I cut him off. Setting my cup down I slide off the seat, kneeling on my knees in front of him.

“Liam.” He questioned, looking at me with those damn innocent blue eyes.

‘Mate him!’

My wolf was becoming restless, usually wolves weren’t so talkative they left that to the human side but when they are experiencing extreme feelings like this they will let you know.

“He wants you so much Aiden.” I whispered, “Today was just the beginning of what we wants to do to you.” My hands slide up his thighs till I gripped his hips.

“You mean he wants sex.” He corrected slowly, a bit of fear in his voice. I shook my head,

“No, he doesn’t want ‘sex’. He wants to ravish you,” I began traveling my hands up to his chest slowly making his breath come in short gasps. “Make you feel like the most important, sexiest, handsome man this world is ever going to see. He wants you to know that he’s yours and that’s a reward all its own.” I reached up cupping his neck and bring him down inches from my face. I felt the change in my eyes as images became clearer and I could see my mate all that much better, and what a sight it was.

“We want to make ‘Love’ to you Aiden”

He was panting and I just wanted to take him here. Out in the opened but of course I wasn’t going to do that in such a public place. When it happened and it would it would be special. I saw the spoon full of ice cream he was bringing up to his mouth and I swooped down and devoured it quickly. He snapped out of his daze scowling at me and snatching the spoon out of my mouth.

“No one lays a finger on my butterfingers ice cream!” He exclaimed.

“Well technically, I put my mouth on it.” I teased. His cheeks flushed red as I laughed kissing his pouting lips before sitting back in my sear.

“Funny.” He muttered with a cute angry face. Once I finished off my ice cream I walked over and threw the cup in the trash. I turned back to see him stuffing his face with the rest of his till he looked like a chipmunks stashing nuts in its cheeks. I burst out laughing so hard I was doubled over holding my stomach in pain but I couldn’t stop. Soon he started jumping around yelling brain freeze.

Oh god, this boys going to kill me!

I snicker grabbing his jumping body and pulled him against me crashing our lips together. I swept my tongue in his cold sweet mouth and in no time those moans of complaints were moans of pleasure.

“Better?” I asked pulling back a little.

“A lot better” he sighed huskily. Growling, I stepped back from him.

“Come on its time for the movie.” He nodded as I took his hand.

Dom and J were standing outside the theater waiting for us.

“Aiden!” Jeanine yelled running over to him and throwing herself in his arms. He did the best to keep them both upright but was tilting back anyways. Quickly I reached out a hand against Aiden’s back, and he gave me a grateful look. Winking I went to buy our tickets.

“So you guys seem awfully cozy.” Dom wiggled his eyebrows as he came up beside me. I glanced at him.

“Yeah?” The guy gave me the tickets. We stood to the side watching Jeanine and Aiden getting into a very animated conversation.

“Damn dude,” Dom scrunched up his face looking over at me. “Did you dive in Aiden’s scent or something?” I chuckled.

“Something like that.” I answered gently. Laughing he slapped my shoulder,

“Well, well, well. Is the big bad ‘soon to be Alpha wolf’ corrupting poor innocent little sheep?” he joked. I smiled unable to take my eyes off my beautiful little mate.

“Let’s go in.” I called towards the two. J and Aiden walked over to us and I watched J hold Dom’s hand while Aiden stood close to me. I sighed as I gave the tickets to the employee at the door.

“Theater thirteen is down that hall to the right.” The guy said handing us our studs.

“POPCORN!” J and Aiden said at the same time running into the lines. Dom and I shook our heads.

“Children.” He replied.

Chuckling we again were paced behind them, paying for their food even though I got complaints from Aiden about I needed to stop buying everything. Just rolled my eyes and quietly told him to get his fine ass in that theater. With a playful glare but did as he was told.

I chose the top row in the corner, Aiden by the wall as I sat next to him. Dom already knew that I didn’t want them sitting by us because he knew for damn sure that I wasn’t going to be watching the movie. Aiden was munching on his popcorn as he observed the rest of the people come in. Gratefully it was a small crowd and no one chose the top row, it was just me and Aiden. Perfect! Dom was the closest to us in the next row down, he had his arm around Jeanine chair. I envied them to be able to show public affection.

“So, I’ve been dying to see this movie since I watched the trailer. Can you imagine having a party like that?” Aiden said to me quietly.

“I’ve seen the trailer but never thought much about it. At least it’s not Twilight or some crap like that.” I said watching his jaw drop.

“Don’t bag on Twilight, that’s my movie!” He exclaimed pushing at my shoulder.

“So what are you Team Edward or Team Jacob?” I asked. His eyes grew wide before he slowly looked away, like the wall was that interesting.

“That’s disgraceful.” I muttered, shaking my head at him. He snapped his gaze back to me.

“Hey! That’s not fair, the whole dam saga is about vampires!” he cried defensively.

“But you’re for a vampire’s team, I’m ashamed.” I sighed looking up at the screen as the previews played and the lights dimmed.

“You’re mean.” He pouted, popping a piece of popcorn in his mouth.

“Well, what do you expect from me, you’re mated to a werewolf. I’m hurt Aiden, hurt.” I argued clutching at my chest in false pain. He giggled,

“Fine you know what? I’m Team Liam, how’s that?” He asked his gazed on me expectantly. Putting on a thoughtful face for a minute I shook my head.

“No, you’re just trying to make me feel better.” He smiled rolling his eyes.

“Fine then I’m back on Team Edward” he said keeping his eyes on the screen. I growled at hearing him and a smirk grew on his face but never took his eyes off the screen. Stubborn little…

“Fine, I’ll take Team Liam.” He shook his head.

“Offers no longer valid, sorry.” He responded, I narrowed my eyes at him.

Hell no.

Scooting over towards him I bit at his shoulder.

“Say your Team Liam.” I growled at him silently. He chuckled but refused again while he scooted up against the wall and pulled the arm rest between us. The movie started but that didn’t matter, I want him to say he was mine.

I’m an Alpha by blood I had to have control in something!

“Come on Aiden,” I whispered to him.

“Shh, the movie already started.” He whispered back putting his finger against his lips.

“Say it.”


“Say it.” I hissed.

“Not gunna’ happen.” Ugh he’s so damn stubborn!

“Aiden say it.” I saw his shoulders begin to shake with laughter turning his head to me.

“Fine, I’m Team Liam okay.” He agreed raising his brows at me. I know he was only doing it to shut me up but I was still satisfied. I nodded arrogantly. He shook his head tuning back to the movie.

Half way though the movie I felt Aiden lay his head on my shoulder sending me in a fit of smiles. Somewhere in that first half my hand found his and I’ve been absentmindedly making slow circles with my thumb on the top of his hand. He sighed as he settled on my shoulder chuckling when funny parts would come on. I actually paid attention to most of it even though his scent was assaulting my nose. It was just so heavenly and my wolf was enjoying the contact we were discreetly keeping. Looking out in the audience I made sure there were no wondering eyes before reaching out with my other hand and lifted Aiden’s chin up. His light blue eyes glanced up at me curiously.

So I answered him by laying a soft kiss on those sexy lips. He melted instantly as he responded. It was meant to be soft and gentle but my wolf pushed for more and I couldn’t help but gave in to him. My tongue traced his bottom lip as I asked for entrance, ready for his resistance but he opened. His mouth was a warm invitation with its hint of butter.

He didn’t even try and fight for dominance he just gave it to me causing my wolf and I to rejoice, now demanding more. I pulled back pushing that damn arm rest out of my way. Aiden sat up looking at me as I advanced on him. His back against the wall we were practically on the same seat when I attacked his mouth again much more aggressively.

He let out a soft moan in my mouth. Our tongues in an epic battle this time. I traveled lower kissing his jaw.

“Liam, were going to get caught.” he whispered breathlessly.

“Shh.” I hushed, licking at his neck. I scented his arousal sending me over the edge as he rested his head back on the wall. I nipped at my mark and he moaned out load. Thank god this was one of the noisy parts of the movie. Moving back to my seat I grabbed his awkward arranged body and parted his legs on either side of me. I was between them pulling him further down so he was half laying our seats and leaning up against the wall. Moving another one of the arm rest up so I had room to move back, I rose up and kissed his neck again.

Things were getting brighter and clearer when Aiden gasped.

“Liam your eyes,” he warned, “What if someone see?” I shrugged pulling his shirt up to see his lean flat belly, and his lightly dusted trail running into his jeans. Purring I caressed my cheek against it before giving it a light lick. I felt Aiden’s stomach muscles constrict. Sniggering I kissed along his navel and his skin was so soft I thought as ran my tongue up the middle of his body. I heard him let out a shaky breath. Crawling back up to him I captured his mouth again.

“You taste so good I could eat you up.” I snarled huskily.

“Well, you’re doing just that aren’t you?” He strained his reply.

“I can’t help myself, your delicious, Aiden.” I confessed nipping at his jaw.

He grabbed my face in his hands and kissed me hard, biting down on my lip. I couldn’t help the moan that escaped my mouth as I dove my hands in his hair.

His arousal was so strong now my wolf was almost at the surface, demanding we mate this instant.

‘MATE HIM!’ he yelled.

I tore myself from Aiden with a vicious growl just as the lights were tuning back on. Righting ourselves quickly, breathing heavy as everyone was getting up to leave. I guided Aiden down the stairs where Dom and J waited for us. Dom’s eyes widened when he saw me, hastily he snatched the glasses off his head and ran them over to me.

“Your wolf is saying hello bro.” He warned me before taking a sniff in the air and turned to look at Aiden suddenly.

“Whoa.” Was all he said before getting a warning growl from me.

“Go to your own mate.” I snared. He held his hands up in surrender,

“Sorry but it’s a little hard to ignore something so…strong.” Aiden frowned at him confused till turning those sky blue eyes to me. I exhaled deeply,

“I know.”

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