All It Took Was One Look (Blue Moon Series) (Book 1) [Available on Amazon!]

By T. Lanay All Rights Reserved ©

Romance / Fantasy

Chapter 28


“Are you going public?” J asked on the way to school. I was dead tired after our late night and now it was school time. My dad had a knowing smirk on his face once we came down stairs.

“I told you.” he voiced.

He did tell us not to stay up to late since it was a school night but come on, who listens to their parents, seriously? So now I was suffering from sleep deprivation and a tummy ache. Boo. I turned to look at J with a guilty expression. She gave me a wary look.

“Why are you looking like that?” She asked. I dropped my gaze to my hands that lay in my lap.

“No,” she said already knew what I was thinking. “No Aiden, you’re not?” she said disappointed, her lips drawn in a tight line.

“I’m sorry!” I whined. She shook her head,

“I can’t believe you Aiden, he asked you out and you’re going to hide that?” I hung my head.

‘Does he want to go public?’ I thought back to when he took me home.


After the date Liam drove me home and now we were sitting outside my house in silence. All I wanted to do was climbed over and kiss him senseless.

“I had a great night.” I whispered clutching my hands together. He smiled at me showing his perfect white teeth.

“So did I.” Opening his door he walked over to mine and helped me get out as I rolled my eyes at him.

“Seriously?” I asked annoyed. He just chuckled and walked me up to my front door. The porch light turned on giving me a clear view of his face and I noticed he was standing really close.

“So this was a fun night.” I said timidly. I felt so nervous, I just got done having a date with this sexy Adonis and I was still shaking from nerves. I officially think I’m going to have a heart attack if I stay close to him.

“I guess it was.” he voice was so smooth and deep, I just wanted to be wrapped in it.

“Aiden, can I ask you something?” I looked up at him and nodded.

“Since you agreed to be my boyfriend, should we go public? Because usually in these situations that’s what people do right, to prove that they’re serious?” he inquired, wrapping his arms around my waist pulling me closer.

“Because I want the whole school to know, no, the whole world to know that your mine.” He nuzzled his face in my hair. I know that when you hear those kinds of words coming out of someone’s mouth you’re supposed to rejoice. But my heart actually dropped, and no it’s not because I don’t want to be seen with Liam. It’s because I wasn’t ready to come out in the first place, and now I have a mate (weird to say) and he already wants to go public? I wasn’t ready for all that, and I don’t want Liam to go through the same treatment the school was doing to me.

He must have sensed my mental augment because be pulled back so he could look down at me.

“You don’t want to be seen together.” he stated, a frown taking place on his handsome features. I felt so bad but this is how I felt and I couldn’t seem to shake it. It scared me to be out in the open and I would be more scared to have Liam getting rejected from all his friends. I knew it would suck and I couldn’t let that happen to him. Suddenly, I jumped up wrapping my arms around his neck and buried my face in his shoulder.

“I’m sorry.” My words came out muffled; I was worried he was going to take back asking me out. My heart stopped when he pulled me off of him and set me on his feet, I shut my eyes breathing deeply to stop myself from crying. I waited to hear his footsteps walking away but it never came. Instead I felt the fringe of hair being brushed from my eyes.

My eyes snapped open to see his soft hazel eyes peering into mine,

“If you’re not ready to be seen with me Aiden I’m not going to force you to. Just knowing that you’re mine and no one else’s is enough for me.” He said to me never taking his intense gaze off me. My eyes widened,

“Really?” I asked him my voice just above a whisper. He just gave me a gentle smile and bent down pressing his soft lips to mine for a second.

“Yes really, I’ll wait till you’re ready. Until then it might be fun sneaking around.” He teased causing a blush to rise in my cheeks. I sighed in relief.

“Thank you.”

~End of Flashback~

“Yes but he understands, J” I explained after coming out of my thoughts. She pursed her lips,

“How long are you going to do this to him?” She asked as we pulled into the school. I shrugged,

“I don’t know.” I answered honestly.

“Well, it better not be for too long.” She demanded causing me to smile at her.

“Yes ma’am.” I said with a mocking salute.

Once we were out of the car she was rushed into a hug.

“Damn, Jeanine I missed you like crazy.” I watched as Dom buried his face in her neck and tighten his hold on her. J’s giggled,

“It was only two days”

“Two days, too long.” he whined.

I shook my head as I began to walk to the doors not wanting to get in there business. I had this strange feeling of being watched so I looked up to find beautiful hazel eyes on me as I made my way inside. I bit my lip to stop the goofy grin that threatened to make itself known. He was standing on the side of the school in a group with his football buddies. I had to remind myself, we were supposed to be acting normal and running over to him was a No-No. Reluctantly I tore my gaze from his as I opened the doors to my prison.

I kept my eyes on the floor I prepared myself for being slammed into the lockers. And it came like clockwork as a group of guy shoved me roughly. I hissed in through my teeth as my shoulder began to scream and I slid to the floor holding it close. I hear their snickers as they continued down the hall.

‘What a perfect start for the day.’ I thought.

“Are you ok?” I heard from behind me. I looked up to see Robin peering down at me in concern. I nodded, getting to my feet.

“You want me to go and kick their asses.” she asked glaring daggers at their back. I snickered, that would be entertaining but I shook my head.

“No, its fine” I told her as I reached my locker.

“No, Aiden it’s not fine. You shouldn’t be going through this. Tell the principle of something, get a damn restraining order against the whole damn school for god sakes, do SOMETHING!” She exclaimed animatedly. Her eyes were sparkling with anger so I placed my hand on her shoulder.

“Calm down Robin. This is my last year here, it’s not going to last forever and I doubt that I can get a restraining order against the whole school.” She pursed her lips up and crossed her arms with a huff. I smiled at her before turning to grab my stuff. After a long silence she said,

“There’s a dance coming soon.” I looked up at her,

“Prom?” I asked. She shook her head.

“No just a dance I want to go and I thought it would be cool to bring everyone.” she said excitedly. I thought about it scrunching up my face.

“Dancing is not my forte” I confessed, we were walking to my first class. She shrugged,

“So, you can just stand there and I can just dance on you.” shee giggled, wiggling her eyebrows suggestively. We came to a stop in front my class room where Dom and J were sucking face on the wall. Robin and I looked at each other with digusted expressions.

“Eew hetero make out alert! So gross!” I yelled over at them but it didn’t seem to faze them one bit. Then Robin joined,

“DUDE, there a janitor’s closet down the hall if you guys are going to be ripping each other’s clothes off.” Giving then a loud wolf whistle.

That seem to do the trick as they pull away from each other, panting and giving us death glares. We snickered before running away. Robin ran down the hall with Dom on her tail while I had J chasing me into the classroom. I ran around desks and pushing them in her way to get away from her.

“You’re dead Aiden !” She exclaimed. I stopped on the teacher’s side of the desk with J on the other side mimicking my every move as she tried to get me.

“I’m going to squeeze that little neck of yours.” She threatening through clenched teeth.

“No, J I like my neck.” I playfully whined. Growling she rushed to the left while I went to the right. I giggled as her eyes narrowed,

“Aww poor J, were you not done sucking face?” I mocked in a baby voice and watched her face turn bright red.

“You little fairy!” She growled. I laughed,

“A fairy, really J?” We were starting to draw attention to ourselves as they came in for class. The bell rung but we didn’t take our eyes off of each other.

“Yes, you’re a fairy, a little boy loving fairy.” she shrieked. I shrugged,

“I guess, even though I don’t have the wings to pull that off.” I told her with a smirk.

“Well I thought I was going to be teaching this class but I guess I was wrong.” a deep voice made both J and I look towards the door to see Mr. Simons standing in amusement.

“Simons?” Both J and I said together. He nodded, his head skewed a bit. He stood tall and elegant with a dominate aura around him. I never really noticed till now as I was reminded of the conversation I had with Liam about his Uncle.

“You planning on standing at my desk all period or are you going to go sit in yours?” He enquired cool and calm. Slowly we walked back to our seats, J giving me a shove on the way; I shoved back. Eric was shaking his head as he chuckled.

“Thank you for rearranging the classroom you two.” Simons said taking a seat. “It’s beautiful.” His sarcastic remark had us scratching the back of our necks in guilt, as the rest of our class laughed.

“Anyway, I’m subbing for your teacher today since he’s is running late. So I have work sheet for you all to do.” He said handing them down the row. “Drop them on the desk when you’re done.” With that he sat back in the chair kicking, his feet out on the desk and pulled out his phone.

“Oh and if I see any phones out I’m taking them away.” He smirked, his gaze never leaving the screen. We all rolled our eyes; Hypocrite.

I turned to Eric and J ready to cheat off them, I was too lazy to do the work sheet.

“Hurry and finish J so I can copy” I ordered. She scoffed, giving me a sideways glare.

“You’re the smart one jackass.” She mumbled, taking her phone out hiding it under her desk. I wonder who she’s texting. (cough ‘Dom’ cough).

“So I met a girl.” Eric said out of nowhere. I turned to him as did J, our eyes begging for all the juicy details.

“Ooh, name!” J demanded, scooting her desk closer to him. He was all smiles; she must be special.

“Lillian” he said.

“Who is she, do we know her?” I asked. He shook his head.

“No, she goes to a different school.”

“Is that why we don’t hear from you much anymore? You’ve replaced us!” J cried dramatically causing people to look over.

“Shh!” Eric said rolling his eyes.

“Whatever details, now!” She demanded once more. He rubbed the back of his neck.

“Lillian has the most beautiful green eyes. Silky long black hair, unbelievable soft skin. She’s a bit short but I like short. And she has one of the most awesome personality ever. Oh and-” He went on and on and I smiled. It was good to see Eric happy and apparently infatuated.

Before I knew it the bell rung and we gathered our things ready to leave when Simons called me. Frowning I walked over to the desk but he waited till the last kid left before he stood up from the chair and walked around to me.

“Aiden.” he said looking me in the eye.

“Mr. Simons?” I imitated, frowning at him. He smiled before pulling me in a hug. I froze confused as to why the hell he was hugging me when he stepped back with a huge grin on his face. He took my arms in his strong grasp.

“Welcome to the family son” he said said.

I furrowed my brows and he chuckled,

“Liam said me he told you all about us, also about me as well. Not many human mates accept the supernatural, and with our kind it doesn’t end well on our part.” he said. I smiled at him.

“So what, do I call you Elder now?” I asked him teasing. His smile vanished but his face was still soft.

“This has to be kept secret Aiden. It’s really dangerous for that information to get out.” He warned. I nodded.

“I wasn’t planning on telling anyone Mr. Simons.” I rushed, “I can keep a secret.” He reached out and ruffled my hair playfully.

“You can call me Jim you know, we are family.” he told me. “Better yet call me Uncle Jim.” I laughed,

“Will do.”

Lunch came around and I suffered the begging of Robin as she cried for me to come to that damn dance. She somehow convinced everyone to go but me and she was coming on strong. She crawled over the table to sit in my lap, wrapping her arms around my neck and laid her head on my shoulder.

“Please, please, please, please-” My eye was beginning to twitch.

“Fine, I’ll go!” I yelled tired of her pestering and wanted her off my lap. “Now get off!” I demanded. She gave me an evil grin then started to rub against me very inappropriately!

“Eew! Stop!” All the while she was giggling like a madwoman and rubbed her head against my neck. Finally I pushed her off and stood, everyone was laughing. I growled at all of them and sighed in relief when the bell rung. Liam hadn’t shown up for lunch so my mind was on him all the way. Also though out the day he would give me secret smiles, winks and would sneakily rub against my shoulders, sending those damn tingles to rocket through my body.

I was gagging at Dom and J as they were talking all lovey-dovey behind me. Walking through the class door I saw Liam casually talking to his Uncle, his head snapped up as I walked in and our eyes met. I was just about to smiled at him but as I got closer he frowned. His eyes darkened and I swear he growled at me.

I felt my heart drop suddenly, was he made at me?

His eyes never left mine so I averted my gaze and I sat at my desk.

“You can go to class now.” Mr. Simons told Liam but it sounded like a silent order. I dropped my head but took a quick look through my lashes to see his hard set face glaring at me.

What the hell!!!

“Liam.” Simons sharp tone got his attention and he finally left with a low growl.

Okay, what was his problem? What did I do? He had been giving me smiles and winks all day right? It wasn’t me being delusional. So why was he acting like this?

Simon’s voice was soon drowned out by my thoughts. I guess he was mad at me for keeping us under the radar. Or worse, he finally came to his senses and thought that I was a waste of time.

Now I was nervous to go to PE. The one class I’ve been dying to go to all day. Well, not any longer.


I rushed into the locker room quickly, changing. I walked into the gymnasium, luckily Liam wasn’t there yet. Slowly students started to flow in, Robin and Caleb came to stand by me as we waited for the rest of the class. I kept look out over the door waiting for him to come through. When he did, I quickly averted my gaze before he could see me. I turned my attention to Robin was having an animated conversation about the dance.

“When is this dance anyway?” I asked her. She smiled.

“In about two months.” She told me. I sighed,

“Great.” She practically begged my ears off for something super far away.

“Alright, listen up class, were going to play dodge ball!” The teacher yelled over us. There was a collective groan from the class with a few cheers. I suck at dodge ball, all sports actually.

“Here are the teams.”

He proceeded to call names and of course Liam were on my side. Luckily I had Robin to distract me but Caleb was on the opposite team. He had a mischievous glint in his eyes as he looked at me. I gulped, he’s so out to get me. The shrill sound of the whistle echoed in my ears and the game started. I made sure to stay clear of Liam since he was one of the better players on our team.

Robin was attached to me like glue even though she was capable of catching the ball. I guess she gave up because her brother was blocking all her throws.

I think he was teasing me, I had this feeling like he was saving me for last. Throughout the whole game Liam had a scowl on his face and it would be directed in my direction. Robin screamed and jumped on my back when a ball came flying at her.

As the game continued, I dodged the best I could. It seemed like everyone was out to get me every time the opposite side had the ball. I was close to being out when Liam ran in front of me and caught the ball with one hand before it hit me in the face. He swiftly threw it to back.

“Robin!” I cried, she was making me slow to dodge.

“Shut up and save me!” She screamed at me. I groaned,

“How can I do that when I can’t even move with you hanging all over me!?” I complained.

“Miss Evens get off Aiden’s back!” The teacher yelled. Pouting she slide down and stepped away just as a ball came flying at her legs. She shrieked,

“Out!” someone yelled.

Rolling her eyes she walked over to the sidelines. It was then that I realize it was only me and Liam left. Caleb was the last one left on the other side sporting his signature smug smirk. I looked over towards Liam and saw his face of determination. I was scared for my life. Here were two people out to get me, one wanted to hit me with a ball and the other was a glaring, growling angry wolf.

And personally I think the latter was scarier.

“Aiden get behind me.” Liam ordered with a no nonsense tone. I did as I was told not wanting to make him more cross with me. Like a cowards I did as he said and glances over his muscular shoulders to see Caleb spinning the dodge ball in his hands, swaying his body from side to side.

Oh come on! Just throw that damn thing already! I yelled silently. It came hard and fast when it happened but Liam caught it without difficulty.

I heard him snicker before throwing it faster than Caleb could react and it hit. Caleb grunted as it slammed into his belly when he tried to catch it but instead it just bounced off his stomach. But not before it made him fly backwards and landed on his ass.

“Caleb is out!” the teacher said, “Liam wins!” This caused our side to roar in cheers.

It’s just dodge ball people.

I walked around Liam, keeping my eyes on Caleb while he lay sprawled on his back. I could feel his gaze on me, following my every move. I shivered from the intensity of it before I knelt down next to him.

“You good dude?” I asked concerned as he took deep breaths. He smiled.

“Damn, I really wanted to get you.” he said breathlessly and I chuckled,

“Aww poor baby.” Standing I reached out a hand to him hauling him to his feet.

“Go change everyone.” The teacher told us. Caleb and I walked to the locker rooms together till he left to go grab his clothes.

“See you later man.”

I walked up to my locker and changed, stuffing my PE clothes away. The bell rung for the end of the day and I heard everyone leaving the locker room. So I quickly tied my shoes and stood to leave when I was pushed into the wall. Shocked, I looked up to find Liam standing there and not to happy I might add.


Was he going to hurt me? He didn’t say anything as he stalked closer, and knowing he wasn’t human scared me a lot more that the other bullies in the school. I gulped loudly,

“Liam w-what’s wrong?” My timid voice stuttered as I looked up at him in fear. He stepped closer, pressing his face in my neck.

“I don’t like it.” He growled before pulling back. His eyes shifting to their amazing bright yellow; I stopped breathing.

“W-what?” I asked. I was starting to shake,

“Liam you’re scaring me.” I whispered. His lips tightened as he reached out towards me and I couldn’t help but flinch away. Then he grabbed the hem of my t-shirt and leaned his face to my ear.

“Mine” he growled and a shiver wracked my scared body but this time in pleasure. My shirt was ripped off my body, I gasped in surprise. He threw it somewhere behind him,

“Liam!” He pressed his naked torso against mine and I moaned with the contact.

“You belong to me, Aiden.” His possessive words reached me and I could do nothing but let him pull me into his chest.

“What’s are you talking about?” I panted.

“No one but me.” His tongue licked at the bite mark on my neck and extreme sparks followed. They were electrifying; I felt like I was on an all-time high.

“Ah,” I moaned tilting my head back. His arms wrapped around my waist tightly. Then I felt something hard, really hard!

“Aiden, moan for me, let me hear you.” He whispered in my ear. My breathing was heavy now. Again his wet tongue struck that sensitive spot again.

“S-stop.” I begged but he was far from listening. Before I knew it, I was against one of the benches with Liam on top of me. I looked up with my heavy lids only to find him gazing down at me like I was the most exquisite piece of art; his yellow eyes glowing.

He straddled my legs and ran his hands up and down my chest sending fire in my veins.

“Tell me Aiden.” He said softly leaning down to kiss chest. My breath caught in my lungs as his mouth touched my nipple.

“Tell you what.”

No one has ever touched me like this before. I felt his tongue follow where his lips trailed, my hands immediately buried in his hair urging him on as he traveled further down to my stomach. His mouth reached the edge of my pants and I froze.

“W-what are you doing.” I crocked. He rose back up his tongue wet and hot.

“Ahh!” I screamed as he reached the mark again and began kissing all over my neck.

“Tell me Aiden.” This time his demand came out through clenched teeth. Nibbling on my ear I groaned,

“I-I do-don’t know w-what to tell you.” I confessed barley able to get the words out.

His lips crashed on mine with a growl and I responded by bucking into him. He let out a low moan as our tongues fight for dominance. I bit his bottom lip hard and he groaned loudly.

‘Yeah, how do you like it?’ I thought as we attacked each other’s mouths. My nails scrapped down his bare back and he snarled sexily pulling away.

“Bad dog” I said playfully. I don’t know what came over me but being naughty to Liam was a reward all its self. His canines grew and his glowing yellow eyes raked down my half naked body. Smirking at me I felt his big warm hands caressing down my stomach till he reached the edge of my pants. Panting for him to stop and continue all at the same time.

“I think my little mates a bit excited.” He whispered seductively as his hand ran over the front of my jeans. It had me withering under him.

“These are in the way, don’t you think?” He said referring to my jeans. He popped open the top button expertly and zipping them down and my jeans with them. This was when I started to freak, what he was planning on doing!

“Liam?” I said worried, he wasn’t possibly thinking about taking my virginity in the locker room right now, was he?

“Shh.” He kissed my lips passionately and I relaxed a fraction. Closing my eyes he kissed me down my neck to my chest, his tongue licked at one of my nipples making me buck against him in pleasure. His mouth latched on and suckled as I grabbed his hair with a whimpered. Liam’s mouth began to travel lower leaving a hot trail on my skin. I felt him give a slow lick at the waistband of my boxers and I tightened my grip as he slowly peeled them away.

“God, your scent is amazing.” I head his moan kissing the inside of my thigh. My legs flinched as he nipped at my skin with his canines, a crazy type of desire to swirl in me.

I whimpered.

“Aiden tell me.” He suddenly repeated his earlier demands, his voice husky and deep. I looked down at him seeing him positioned between my thighs caused me to become harder.

“Tell you what Liam?” I strained to say. I’ll tell him whatever the hell he want to hear as long as he never stops!

I groaned in frustration as his lips touched every part but the one I truly wanted.

“Tell me you belong to me, and only me.” his tongue snaked out quickly touching the base of my shaft. I gasped,

“Do it again, please?” I whimpered pull him by the grip I still had in his hair but he resisted.

“Tell me.” He growled.

“Yes, yes I belong- I belong to you.” I groaned looking at him with pleading eyes.

Smiling smugly his yellow burning into mine before he took me into his mouth. I screamed in ecstasy and fell back on the bench as he worked me with his hot mouth. It was like a million jolts running through my body causing the most extreme sensation I had ever felt, well beside when he played with my bite mark.

“Oh god” I groaned. One of his hands came up to caress my chest, pinching at my nipples. I had no idea this would feel so damn good. I knew I wasn’t going to last long from the pace he was going. His tongue ran on the underside of my shaft and I thrust against him forcing myself further in. Liam made me a moaning mess and gasping for breath air.

“Liam.” I warned as I was starting to lose control but he just went faster. Pushing at his shoulders, thinking he didn’t hear me but he was like stone. My legs began to close but he pushed them out wide. The fire in my body was burning hotter and hotter till it was like liquid lava running through my veins.

“L-Liam, Liam…. L-L-L- LIAM!”

And I erupted in his mouth, barely aware the pleasurable groans he was making. My back arching from the bench and my short nails digging into Liam’s shoulders as my release took everything from me.

I collapsed on the bench again, my eyes closed and my heavy breathing echoing in the room. Liam started to kiss up my spent body, his lips touched mine gently as he moved the hair from my sweaty forehead.

“Beautiful.” he whispered softly against my lips.

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