All It Took Was One Look (Blue Moon Series) (Book 1) [Available on Amazon!]

By T. Lanay All Rights Reserved ©

Romance / Fantasy

Chapter 27


J was spending the night so we decided to do a movie night. That theme was junk food till we were sick and movies till our eyes hurt. I was going to asked her about Dom and how that was going. Maybe let it slip that that I happened to snag the hottest star quarter back of all time.

“So there is a marathon of the Secret Life of The American Teenager on. You in?” J asked excitedly, we were comfy in our PJ’s.

“I freaking love that show!” I exclaimed.

“Yay! Let’s go!” She exclaimed grabbing my hand dragging me down the stairs in the family room.

“What do you want to munch on?” I asked her ready to go to the kitchen and grab something. She pursed her lips

“Pizza!” she jumped around.

“Good choice.” I said gladly. Quick I pulled up my phone and dialed pizza hut. “What do you want on it?” I asked her.

“Oh, umm, pepperoni, sausage, gummy bears, sour patch kids and chocolate! Oh, oh, oh, and hot Cheetos.” I stared at her like she’s lost her mind. Just then the pizza guy answered.

“Pizza hut will this be carry out or delivery?” The guy asked.


“What is it you want sir?”

“A large pizza” I said catching J flaring her arms crazily. I frowned over at her and mouthed “What?”

“Say it.” she ordered with a huge grin. I covered the mouth piece with my hand.

“No, this isn’t a prank call J, he might hang up on me and we won’t get our pizza!” I whispered to her. She shrugged.

“So! Put it on speaker.” she was kneeling over the back of the couch her eyes bright with mischief. I shook my head rolling my eyes and did what she said.

“Hello?” The guy asked. Sighing I said,

“Pepperoni and sausage… also gummy bears, sour patch kids and chocolate.” I finished struggling to keep from laughing. J was cupping her hands to her mouth failing to keep silent.

“Don’t forget hot Cheetos.” she giggled.

“Oh yes and hot Cheetos.” I told him. There was silence on the other end I was about to check if he hung up when he replied back, sounding a little uncomfortable.

“I… I d-don’t think w-we can do that s-sir.” he stuttered, he must be new, I thought. Oh, what hell might as well go with it..

“Am I buy this?” I asked making my voice firm.

“Y-yes sir” he said.

“I thought so and you asked me what I wanted on it and that’s what I have ordered, so are you going to get it for me or not?” I demanded. The guy was making all sorts of uncomfortable noises on the other line and I was biting my lip hard. J couldn’t seem to take it anymore and fell off the couch with uncontrollable laughter, rolling on the floor.

“But sir we don-” I cut him off.

“You can’t just go and ask a guy what he wants then say you don’t do that. Don’t you have a liquor store or something by you?” I asked him

“Well… yes.” He muttered.

“O….k, then what’s the problem?” Trying to keep a straight face.

“Umm… I think I should ask my manager.” he finally said. That was it, I bust out laughing along with J, as we held our stomachs. Once I could breathe again I put the phone back to my ear.

“I’m just messing you. I just want the first two.” I said.

“Of course.” He let out a nervous chuckle of relief.

After the phone call I collapsed by J. We watched almost a whole episode before I heard the doorbell. Hopping up I got to the door, reaching in my pocket at the same time. The moment I opened my door I got the shock of a life time.

There stood Caleb in a red pizza hut shirt and black jeans, his brown eyes became wide as we stared at each other.

“Caleb.” I whispered.

“Hey,” he paused, “You ordered a pizza.” he asked lifting the box up.

I nodded,

“Yeah, I didn’t know you were a delivery boy.” I joked. Handing him the cash I took the box he gave me a smirk with a suggestive look in his eyes.

“Yeah well, I could be your delivery boy.” he said taking a step closer. A blush spread in my cheeks,

“No, I’m ok.” I cleared my throat timidly. Oh, man if I didn’t have Liam I would have probably- no! Bad Aiden!

“So are you still up for that party with me?” He asked. I shifted nervously,

“Um… no.” I shook my head. I was kind of scared to of parties. Last time I went to a party I wasn’t really in the right state of mind.

“Well the offer always stands.” He shrugged, “I’ll see you at school Aiden.” his voice husky as he walked back to his car. Sighing I shut the door with my foot.

Dropping the box on the table, I grabbed a piece.

“So that was Caleb at the door.” I said nonchalantly. She snapped her head towards to me,

“What, he was the delivery guy?” I nodded taking a big bite.

“Huh” she nibbled on the tip of her pizza, “I’ll have to tease him about it later.” Chuckling I turned back to the TV.

“You know what, Jack gets on my nerves” J growled out of the blue. I looked over to her,


“Well I mean he’s just so desperate it sad, he’s a good looking guy and I bet he could get anyone he wanted but he’s so hung up on Grace. I mean he’s living at her house for Pete sake! She has a boyfriend!” She yelled the last part to the TV, while I snickered.

“But he’s really in love with her.” I argued receiving her crazy look.

“And he needs to move on!” with that she stayed silent meaning that was the end of discussion.

“So how are things going with ‘Dom’?” I bumped her shoulder with mine and her face became flushed. A grin spread on my face as I stared at her.

“We’re fine nosey.” She grumbled never taking her eyes from the TV.

“Uh huh, how did he do it?” I asked. She bit her bottom lip glancing over at me.


“Why ask why? Was he sweet about it?” I watched as she pulled her legs up to her chest curling into a ball; the TV completely forgotten.

“It was beyond sweet. Once the bell rung at the end of the day there was this random kid standing at the door asking for me. He said that Dom was waiting for me out by his car, so naturally I was curious as to why he didn’t come himself. Anyway I walked down to the front and on the way there, these guys were handing me single red roses. I was super confused and every time I asked why the hell they were giving me flowers they just smiled and walked off. Once I had made it outside I had at least a dozen roses and there he was standing on the top step in front of the school with a single white rose, my favorite by the way.”

*J’s Flashback*

“Dom?” She said, her eyes scanning the tux he was wearing. Did he have to be so hot!

“I know that we haven’t known each other for long. And I know I’m kind of being forward here but, Jeanine you are on my mind every minute of every day. I can’t get you out of my head.” He walked up to her. “And when I look at you I see all I can see is the true meaning of beauty and perfection. When I’m near you, I just want to be closer.” He stuck the white rose in the middle of the bouquet of flowers in her hands.

“You are the nicest, sweetest woman I have ever met.” He caused a blush to fill her cheeks as bit her lip to stop from crying. She couldn’t believe he was saying all these things to her, it made her heart swell. Dom reached out to cup her cheek gentle in his hand.

“Let’s not forget intelligent, caring and sexy as hell.” She smiled up at him gazing into his warm brown eyes. They seemed to capture her every time she looked into them.

“Dom” she breathed afraid of her voice shaking.

“Shh, let me finish.” That’s when she noticed how nervous he really was. “You mean a lot to me, you have no idea and I’m a little scared I’ll admit that you won’t accept but here it goes,” he took a deep breath.

“Jeanine Madelyn Clark would you be my girlfriend?” His eyes pleading as he looked at me.

Jeanine peered up at him in shock; did she just hear that right? Did he just ask her out? She must have taken too long to answer because his eyes began to shift nervously. So she put a huge smile on her face and jumped up in his arms and yelled,

“YES!” Wrapping her arms tightly around his neck as he hugged her around the waist, burying his face in the side of her neck.

“Thank you” he whispered against her skin.

*End of Flashback*

“Wow that was so romantic! Your lovesick” I gushed with a wide smile. She nodded her eyes coming back from her daze.

“I know right, he does this to me. A single touch can make my skin tingle in the strangest way; I love it. He makes me feel safe.” She confessed. I threw my arms around her,

“I’m so happy you’re that you’re happy” I told her pressing our cheeks together. She laughed and draped her arm around my shoulder.

From her description with the tingling sensation, it sounded just like Liam and me. I had a strong feeling that Dom was probably her mate.

“What about you, do you have any love interests?” She asked pulling away from me to settle back into the couch. I blushed deeply, I knew this was going to happen. Got to fess up I guess. I nodded slowly as she shrieked,

“Really! Who!?” She exclaimed.

“Liam” I whispered quietly. I looked up to see her jaw just about touching her chest. I chuckled.

“No…way.” She was in shock. Again I nodded,


“How did this happen, I thought he was straight.” She said.

“Me too, until he kissed me and asked me out.” I confessed quickly and again she squealed.

“He kissed you!” I threw myself on top of her and slapped my hand over her BIG mouth.

“Shut up!” I ground out in hushed tones swiftly looking towards the stairs. “Damn.” I sighed in relief when I heard no footsteps.

“Can you be any louder Banshee.” I narrowed my eyes at her and all she did was giggle, trying to look as innocent as possible; it wasn’t working. Rolling my eyes I backed off her and settled back onto the other side of the couch.

“I’m sorry, but you can’t just say you got ‘kissed’ and expect me to be cool and calm. That’s a big deal Aiden. This was your first kiss if I remember correctly.” I blushed looking away from her.

“Ooh, was it good?” She asked wiggling her eyebrows suggestively. I bit my lip before nodding.

“Damn, why couldn’t I have be there?” She pouted and I gave her a flat look shaking my head.

“You’re so weird.” I told her.

“Hey, just because I’m a fan girl doesn’t mean I’m weird, jerk.” She said kicking me with her foot and I chuckled.

“Of course it does.” She huffed before getting back to business.

“So you guys went on a date?” She asked.

“Yes and it was perfect.”

I described to her how amazing my first date was and how it ended.

“Omg! That has to be the sweetest thing, right up there with me and Dom.” She sighed with a shit eating grin. “He really just took you out on the grass and danced with you? Man I’m about to faint from the cuteness.” she squealed. I smiled,

“So do you approve?” I asked her, I mean she was one of my best friends in the world. I needed to know that she accepted my relationship with Liam.

I looked up at her nervously while she scrunched up her face in thought.

One second,

Two seconds.

Three seconds,

Four sec-

“Hell yeah, my dude!” she exclaimed her face bright with joy. Relief swarmed in my veins, thank god!

“Really?” I couldn’t help the smile to come off my face she nodded,

“Of course, he seems to be so much better than the douche psycho he was a few weeks ago. But if he hurts you I’m going to castrate him and shove all his bits and pieces down his throat. I didn’t respond I just looked at her horrified,

“You do know I’m a guy right?” I asked her slowly.


“Well mentioning that isn’t very pleasant to hear; at all” she laughed.

“Sorry, but I’m still going to do it.” She said with a serious face and I didn’t doubting her one bit.

After that, we shut off the TV and run up to my rom blasting the music, dancing like wild people till my parents came in and told us to turn it down. All night we were laughing, she begged to do my hair in pig tails. Don’t ask, please! Besides that embarrassing moment already filed away to the trash ebn in my memory. We stuffed ourselves with junk food till we were sick and went into a food induced coma that knocked us out around four in the morning.

Down side of all this?

We had school in the morning…

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