All It Took Was One Look (Blue Moon Series) (Book 1) [Available on Amazon!]

By T. Lanay All Rights Reserved ©

Romance / Fantasy

Chapter 26


I think that our date went perfect. I remember how he got red in the face when we went back to our seats after the dance to pay. Everybody was staring at us either with an uncomfortable expression or a big smile. I laughed when he wouldn’t look up to meet anyone’s eyes. Dropping him off back home we ended the night with a hot kiss that had me yearning for a whole lot more. Ever since marking him, I wasn’t playing about being sick. I was flipping hot all over for a whole week and to top it off I’ve been so horny. To the point where it was painful, just thinking about him gave me a major hard-on. I had to ask my Uncle what was the matter with me. He had informed me that after marking your mate, you usually mate to finish the mating process. But there was no way I was going to do that to Aiden till he’s ready. So now, not only did I have to go through that hellish full moon problem which there’s another in a couple weeks already, I’m now horny for him like crazy.

My parents have been suspicious of me since after the football game. I think I turned my mom’s hair gray when I was boiling in my skin that day of my game. I just told them I had a flu, which made it worse since weres don’t get sick. I know I have to tell them soon and the pack as well. I’m just getting ready for the rejection that was coming from my parents. I wonder if my dad will take the Alpha position from me. We’ll see won’t we?

I was currently out in the pack training practice, standing in wolf form. Once those mauled pack wolves were found on one of our hunting nights, my dad had finally had it. The rogues were becoming ruthless, so he issued pack training days for those who were inexperienced with war and fighting. So that was basically all of us teenagers. Also we couldn’t go out in the forest on our own, we were ordered to go in groups of fours. It was really annoying since I like to run alone. As much fun as it is to run with a group or the pack, being alone was one of my many delights. So it sucked, bad.

“Alright, I want everyone to partner up with whomever they want to spar with.” Alpha said. He and a few of the Enforcers were here teaching us advanced and basic moves.

The Enforcers were pretty much the experienced fighters of the pack; whenever there was an attack on us they were called.

Dom trotted over to me.

“So if you’re all paired off, BEGIN!”

With that we charged at each other, he went for my feet while I went for his shoulder. I knocked him down with a powerful shove and pinned him on his back, my teeth inches from his neck.

“Good Liam,” my dad praised. “Again!” He yelled to everybody. We were at it for a half an hour till Dom struck up a conversation. I was getting off of him.

‘You smell like Aiden, dude.’ Dom chuckled as we circled each other. I gave him a wolfy grin.

‘We were on a date last night.’ I told him. He made a fast strike at me but I dodged to the left.

‘Oh, how did that go.’ he teased. His teeth were close to nipping at my ear, I blocked it.

‘I asked him to be my boyfriend.’ he barked happily jumping around making it hard for me to take him down.

‘What did he say?’ he questioned excitedly.

‘Yes.’ I knocked him over with my head, he landed on his back so I pinned him again.

‘Now you can be a couple.’ His brown eyes peering up at me with joy. ‘No more hiding.’ my chest tightened a little causing him to frown.

‘What?’ I slowly backed off him and sat on my hind legs..

‘He said he wasn’t ready to be exclusive in school yet.’ I told him, sad at the fact that my mate didn’t want to be seen as a couple. I’m still happy he wants to be together but whatever my mate wants he gets.

‘Why would he do that?’ Dom asked confused.

‘He didn’t say but I know that he doesn’t want what he’s going through, to happen with me. You know for damn sure that won’t happen and I’m sure as hell going to stop this bulling he’s going through as fast as it started.’ Dom nodded.

‘I’m there for you man, especially with Jeanine going crazy over worry for him, I’ll do anything to set her mind at ease. And help my future Alpha’s of course.’ he winked.

I was so glad he found his mate; I could tell J meant a lot to him. I kind of envied his will power. He had the strength to tell him mate to stay home that night while I couldn’t control my wolf, I had to have him.

‘I’m sorry man this must be hard on you.’ I told him. He shrugged.

‘Have you told your parents?’ he asked, I looked up at him guiltily.

‘No.’ I muttered ashamed. Dom rolled his eyes,

‘Dude how are you going to expect Aiden to be cool with being out like that with you, when you haven’t even told the people in charge of giving you your Alpha position?’ he asked irritated.

‘I’m worried of what they might do. I don’t care what they do to me but it’s what they will do to Aiden. They can shun me away, I could turn rogue if that’s what they want but if they try and dishonor my mate I might very well go crazy with fury. He’s had enough humiliation and to have my own pack treat him like shit? That’s not going sit well with me!!’ I growled. Dom nodded understanding my feelings but how could he, when he doesn’t have a guy as him mate? How could he, when he’s not the one next in line to lead a pack? He only understood to the point of protecting.

“Liam, Dom! What are you doing?!” I heard my dad call. We turned to him as he stared at us amused. “Quit talking and get back to practice!” He ordered and we did.

Walking down the stairs to the lounge after a nice refreshing shower; practice went well. Dom left to go meet with his dad for one on one training. I laughed at how he was sad he couldn’t go to J’s. Dropping down on the couch I watched as some of the younger pack members were fooling around. The game was on but I didn’t know which, I think is was old one. I sat there watching when I felt a warm body slide next to me. Way to close if you ask me. I turned my head to see Sadie, an old friend of mine staring up at me with delight. I gawked at her with amusement,

“Yes?” I dragged out.

“You smell funny.” I frowned, she always was a blunt person, not to mention weird.

“I don’t know if that was a compliment or an insult” I joked, a smirk on my lips. She had short brown hair cut in a pixie style, a pale complexion and dark blue eyes. If I could describe her in one word, it would be “Pixie.” She was a year older than me but she still acted like a child and she could pull off being about sixteen, it was kind of funny. That’s what made me like her so much. I haven’t talked to her in a while, but the only thing that kept me from contacting her was, she was Kyle’s sister. And I just didn’t want to get into that.

“You can take it as a compliment if you want but you still smell funny.” I smiled at her shaking my head before going back to the game.

“So how is college life been treating you?” I asked her without looking away from the TV.

“BORING!” She yelled causing a few people to look over towards us. I chuckled throwing my arm around her and squashing her closer to my side.

“Aww poor baby.” I teased in a baby voice. She rolled her eyes and hit my stomach.

“Oof” the air rushed out of me with her superwoman strength.

“Damn,” I coughed pushing her away. “You really don’t need any of this extra training. That hurt women!” I complained. She giggled.

“Aww poor baby.” she mocked me. I shoved her again playfully.

“I missed you Liam.” she said looking up with those big gray eyes. My face softened,

“I missed you too Sadie.” I told brought her back under my arm. She snuggled resting her head on my shoulder.

“Well I’m happy you’re living at the pack house again.” she proclaimed after a long silence. I peered down at her but she was focused on the TV now.

“Yep, I missed it here anyways. But it was kind of nice to have a house to myself.” she nodded.

“Yeah I bet.” I focused back on the game.

We stayed like that till an angry voice sounded, making me roll my eyes and causing Sadie to jump.

“What the hell is this?!” I glared up to see a red face Kyle standing in the door way, his fist clenched at his sides glaring daggers at me. If looks could kill, right? Now you see why I haven’t hung with Sadie? Her asshole of a protective brother is always on our case.

“Oh give it a rest.” I muttered to him in a rather monotone. This just caused him to get angrier and march towards us.

“Get up Sadie.” he growled at her and instantly she was standing. I frowned,

“Oh, so you’re not just a dick at school then?” I said looking up at him with a blank expression. A deep growl rumbled in his chest and instantly my wolf took over. I shot up so fast Kyle had to step back a little, startled. I growled a warning to him so vicious the windows in the room began to raddle.

“Who the hell do you think you’re growling at, Parker?” I snarled low, taking a threatening step closer to him. I could feel my eyes changing yellow from how everything was turning much sharper and clearer. I don’t know what was the matter with me but the disrespect Kyle was showing made me want to rip his head clean off. I never felt like this before it was so intense.

“Keep your hands off my sister Moore.” He barked at me his grey eyes narrowed, glowing a little themselves. Usually if a wolf challenged Alpha blood they would have backed down but Kyle was Beta blood so he wasn’t as skittish like the rest.

“Get your head out of your ass Kyle.” I growled in his face. His upper lip twitched a bit,

“Come on guys stop!” I heard Sadie’s worried tone but it didn’t matter, Kyle was challenging me and I’ll be damned if I was going to back down.

“Stay back Sadie.” Kyle warned without taking his eyes off me. I glared at him ready to claw his face off. The anger was rolling off us in waves, making the other wolves in the room cower away or bow their heads in submission to their higher ups.

“You think you’re tough?” He provoked, I took another step closer so our noses were practically touching. I was itching to sink my claws in his hide. To teach him who was the dominate one, the more powerful.

“Kyle I know I could kick your ass, if you want to go pleeeease try me.” we were starting to shake, a sure sign we were about to shift.

“I can promise you I’ll have you running with your tail between your legs… pup.” he spat the last word out, giving me a push at the shoulders. With a deafening roar that caused the girls in the room to shriek, I tackled Kyle to the floor, my hands around his neck.

He punched me in the face making me loosen my grip. Kicking me off, he sent me flying in the coffee table smashing it to bits. I was up in record time, charging at full speed slamming him in the pool table, the legs gave out, and he rolled us over sending another hard punches in my face. Growling I grabbed his head and head butted him causing him to get dizzy and fall to the side of me. I stood, gripped the back of his shirt and flung him across the room into the huge mirror hanging on the wall.

I was a little shocked that I did that without even a bit of strain, but that didn’t matter at the moment. I stomped over to him but he got up to fast and grabbed me by the shirt, slamming me into the wall. The dry wall was clouding my vision; my anger soared through the roof as I lost my control, I burst free, mid shift and landed on all fours.

I could hear the screams of Sadie telling us to stop but all my attention was on my prey. My lips curled up in a nasty snarl. Kyle smirked before turning into his blonde wolf as well. We circled each other looking for weak spot. Then he charged at me and I quickly dodged snapping at his ear causing him to yelp in pain. I was completely satisfied with that so I attacked this time sending him into the couch making it tip over.

‘Not so tough now are you Kyle?’ I growled to his through our mind link.

‘Fuck you Liam!’ he roared back and I gave him a wolfy grin.

‘I think it’s you who will be running with their tail between their legs. That’s if you still have one by the time I’m done with you, PUP!’ snarling he jumped on top of me but I flung him off with my hind legs. He hit the wall again with a grunt and crumbled to the ground on his side. All I saw was red and went for the kill at his neck. But before I could reach him, someone held me back by the scruff of my neck as I struggled.

“Liam stop!” I heard my dad’s command but it had no effect on me like it usually did, so I continued to struggle. Kyle was now standing now on wobbly legs, shaking himself like a dog. I was growling and snarling, needing him to know who his superior was; who his ALPHA WAS!

“It’s over Liam, he knows alright.” my dad’s voice in my ear was calm as he tried drag me away. My burning yellow eyes glaring at Kyle still. “He knows.” He kept saying. Once he hauled me into the kitchen he started ordering everyone in there to leave. I watched them scurry out and he threw some pants in front of me.

“Change.” he said, I could tell it wasn’t an order. I shifted back grabbing the pants and pulled them on. My dad walked over to one of the stools surrounding the island and sat with a heavy sigh. I stood in the same spot looking at him out of breath.

“When Liam?” He asked me as he rubbed his eyes with his forefinger and thumb. I frowned,

“When what?” He finally looked up at me with tired grey eyes. This rogue thing is really messing him up.

“When did you find your mate, that’s what?” He said waiting for my answer. My heart began to pound, how did he know that?

“I’ve been there, I know the signs and your showing them. Plus I have been suspicious since the night of the game. I know that a male wolf goes through a painful heat where his body is practically on fire. I’ve been there Liam, I’ve experienced it. I’m not mad at you, I’m actually happy for you, I’ve been waiting a long time for you to find your mate so I could give you your Alpha Ceremony.” When he said that I really could see the excitement in his face hiding some of the exhaustion; but the big question was should I tell him now? When I didn’t answer he sighed,

“When will your mother and I get to see her?” I stood there staring at him but not able to open my mouth. How did I do this? How do you tell your own father that he won’t be seeing a ‘her’ but a ‘him’? I licked at my lips ready to respond when… Thank the Spirits! Someone ran into the kitchen,

“Alpha! Rogues have crossed our borders! Some of our Enforcers out there now.” The man said, his voice full of concern. My dad shot from him seat nodding his head with a stern look.

“Get Wyatt, Cam, tell him to meet me by the middle boarder.” he ordered. As Cam ran off I looked back at my father.

“What can I do?” I asked him. He shook his head at me.

“No, you stay here. I don’t want you to get hurt.” he demanded.

“No, I want to help. I don’t need to be babied, I’m going to be taking your spot soon and I need experience.”

He looked thoughtful for a moment till he took a big breath and nodded.

“Alright Liam, BUT I want you to stay back. You’re not ready to fight yet.” he warned and even though I wanted to argue I agreed with a nod.


“Good, now let’s go.”

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