All It Took Was One Look (Blue Moon Series) (Book 1) [Available on Amazon!]

By T. Lanay All Rights Reserved ©

Romance / Fantasy

Chapter 24


Aiden was lying between my legs as we sat in the grass staring out at the sparkling water of the lake. I was beyond content. My fingers were caressing my mark on his neck lightly in slow circles, sending constant shivers to wrack his body. But I couldn’t seem to stop touching him. He was mine. All mine and no one was going to take him from me. Right now he was asking questions about me and my pack.

“So you’re a werewolf.” he said. Chuckling I buried my face in the back of his hair, I couldn’t get enough of his scent.

“Yeah.” I muffled in his hair. I was still a little amazed at how well he was taking all this. I was ready for him to freak out and reject me. That certainly would have crushed me.

“So are you an Underworld wolf or a Twilight wolf?” He laughed looking at me upside down. I raised my brows up at him.

“Really?” He turned to face me on his knees.

“Well yeah, I’m curious.” His eyes were wide with interest, like he was going to hear a juicy secret. I couldn’t help but smile,

“I really don’t want to compare myself to movies but if I had to pick I guess I would say I’m more of a twilight wolf?” I said halfheartedly. His eyes light up.

“So you’re a huge dog.” His voice filled with awe. I grimaced at being compared to a pet.

“No Aiden, I’m a werewolf and we’re far from being domesticated pets.” I pouted a little annoyed at the comparison. It was no compliment being compared to a dog. I mean yeah wolves are part of the canine family but we’re far from being someone’s pet. We’re wild creature that need to be free. Aiden must have seen the look on my face and became a bit sheepish.

“Sorry, I didn’t mean to offend you.” My wolf growled suddenly, reprimanding me for making him feel guilty.

“No, no it’s fine, I’m sorry.” I apologized pushing him gently to his back on the grass and proceeded to hover over him.

“I’m sorry.” I repeated, kissing him softly. He sighed against my lips looking up at me with his adorable innocent blue eyes.

“How is it, that you can make me feel like this?” He asked tenderly.

“Everything your feeling, I feel it ten times over. We are meant for each other Aiden. ” I answered burring my face in his neck,

“What do you mean?” I pulled back a little gazing down at his him debating on if I should tell him yet.

“You’re my mate, Aiden” I finally said. His eyes widened,

“Your mate? What’s that?”

“It means that, of all the people on this earth the Wolf Spirits picked you for me and no one else.” Aiden just stared at me. “We’re meant to be”

He let out an overwhelmed breath.

“I know this is a lot to take in” he nodded.

“Yeah.” Rolling over I laid on my back, staring up at the dark green leaves of the trees. The bright blue sky and oddly shaped clouds passing over head.

“So, were you changed into a wolf, like with a bite?” He asked his gaze still on the sky.

“No, I was born a werewolf.”

“Oh, can you be turned?” I shook my head looking over at him.

“No, that’s a myth.” I chuckled. He turned on his side to face me, leaning up on his elbow.

“Can you only turn on a full moons?” he smiled.

“Another myth” I laughed. “We can turn whenever we want.”

“Tell me about your family, are there more of you?” He asked excitedly.

“Yes, there are more of me. A lot more.” I chuckled. “My dad he’s the Alpha of our pack-”

“Wait, pack?” He cut me off. I nodded.

“Yeah we’re social creatures and we like to run in packs just like wolves.”

“Your dad’s Alpha? Doesn’t that mean he’s in charge?” He asked.

“Yes, there’s about a hundred or so in our pack, a lot of them go to our school.” I told him. He looked surprised.

“Really? That’s crazy just to think that you’re not alone, there are other species living amongst us.” I smirked.

“I guess.”

“Who else is a werewolf?”

“My mom, some kids on the football team, Dom, Jim-” I started to name off people.

“Jim? As in Mr. Simons, my teacher?” He asked shocked.

I nodded.

“Actually he’s my Uncle.”

“Elder? What’s that mean?”

“It means that he’s a higher ranked wolf. See my dad, being the Alpha, he’s in charge of the pack but let’s say if my dad wanted to start a war against another pack he would have to go the Elders for permission.” I explained.

“Oh, but why is Mr. Simons an Elder? Doesn’t that mean you have be old?” He joked. I shook my head.

“No, you’re born an Elder.”

“Care to elaborate?”

“Elders’ has a special gift; between reading minds to moving things telepathically. If you show these traits, you are automatically Elder material. Plus they are wise beyond their years for some reason.” I scooted closer to Aiden curling my arm around his waist pulling him into my chest. He giggled but relaxed against me.

“What can your Uncle do?” He enquired into my shoulder.

“He’s one of the lucky ones. He’s telekinetic, which means he can move things with his mind.” I told him.

“That’s so awesome! I wish I had a super power.” Aiden exclaimed excited. I shook my head at his adorable reaction.

“So why does he have a different last name than you. Is he your mothers brother or something?” he questioned.

“No, he’s my dad’s bother. Every Elder is a pure blood, meaning they’re from an Alpha lineage. So when my grandparents had my dad and Uncle there was a strong possibility that one would lead and one would rule. When you become an Elder your life is in danger once you’re pledged into Eldersy. There is a secret wolf society that can’t stand how Elders are put on a pedestal. They think it’s against nature and find it unfair that they can use powers like they do. All they want is to destroy them.” I shrugged. “If you ask me they’re all a bunch of jaded, angry, jealous wolves who hide in the shadows.

“So to keep that from happening the moment you start showing your powers you’re reborn. They give you a new name so your enemies don’t try and hunt down your family. Because going after a wolf’s family is the best way to make us crazed and unable to think straight. Especially if you go after our mates. Uncle Jim’s birth records and things like that were destroyed and he was given a new life. Only the main family, and of course his mate along with whoever he decided to trust with the information know that he’s an Elder.”

“Man, that sounds rough.” he sounder worried.

“Yeah so, please keep it a secret Aiden, it can get you in serious trouble.” I warned, just now realizing the awkward position I just put him in and also my Uncle Jim.

“I would never!” he exclaimed. Quickly I reached out and grabbed his hands in mine.

“I know Aiden, I just wasn’t thinking when I told you all that. It’s dangerous for you to know what my Uncle is until he was ready to tell you.” I brought his hands up to my lips. “But I guess you’re safe enough because your part of the main family too.” He tilted his head to the side.

“What do you mean?”

“I’m the future Alpha and since you’re my mate, that makes you part of the main family.” I informed him.

He looked nervous,

“Oh” his voice small. “So do you have any siblings?” He asked quickly changing the subject. I chuckle,

“Just one, my older sister Jewels.”

“Where is she?” His breath caressing my neck as he snuggled back into my chest.

“She’s studying at some music school in New York.” I told him tightening my arm around him.

“You mean… Julliard?” He snickered. I bit my lip to prevent my grin from coming through and I reached over and tickled him. Aiden squealed and squirmed as my fingers ran up and down his sides.

“No!” he screamed, out of breath, fighting with all his might, I laughed.

“That’s what you get for being a smart mouth.” I said burring my wiggling fingers in his armpits.

“S-smart mouth? Really!?” he snorted trying to roll away.

“Fine, smart ‘ass’.” I corrected myself. “Is that better?”

Finally I stopped, giving him times to breathe. I watched him fall back gasping for his life and I snickered.

“You done?” I raised an eyebrow at him. He nodded, “Good.”

There was a comfortable silence between us as we again stared up at the sky.

“This mate thing, can you explain it to me?” He suddenly asked raising his head to meet my eyes anxiously. I smiled

“I’d love to.” I whispered reaching up gently brushing some of his bangs from his face.

“How did you know?” He asked.

“I knew just from looking into your eyes.” He frowned a little.

“What?” I chuckled.

“For a werewolf, the wolf is the one who informs his human half about their mate. That day when I got in that fight, I saw you from the principal office and you were looking at me through the window. I turned and there you were, staring at me with those big blue eyes of yours. And I knew.” I told him etching every single grove and feature of his face in my mind, never wanting to forget his gorgeous features. A blush flooded his cheeks before he averted his gaze.

“You say your wolf told you? So you can speak to him?” I shook my head and smiled at his bashfulness before answering.

“I guess you can say that. All his feelings, moods, they channel into me, telling me what he wants. Like if he wants out to run, or if he’s angry I get a feeling of the words. For an example, when you’re around, he fights me to get out and I have to keep him in check or else he would have his way with you every second of every day.” I told him watching his eyes widen.

“So that’s him whenever your eyes change color?” He asked astonished. I nodded,

“More or less, I still have control, it’s still me but he’s there to.” He nodded.

“And Friday?” I nodded.

“That was a… see, every full moon the wolf becomes stronger, harder to control. It starts two weeks before a full moon and he starts pushing through the bond we share. Every feeling is enhanced, but the main one is wanting his mate even more than usual. Once that moon comes you are no longer able to stop him. I struggled trying to keep him at bay but he won that night. You are my mate and he has to make sure everyone see that you are mine, and no one can take you from me.” I growled possessively. Blinking he tilted his head a little sitting up,

“A-and how d-did you do that?” He asked shyly.

I turned my body to face him as my hand lifted. Softly with the back of my fingers I caressed his cheek down towards his neck, stopping at the bite gave him. His eyes closed and I watched his mouth open in a silent moan as his breathing began to pick up. I smirked at how responded he was to my touch, then bent close to kiss his mark.

“By marking you mine.” I whispered in his ear nipping it playfully.

“Ah” he moaned. Chuckling with satisfaction I laid back down watching him bite his bottom lip. He slowly opened his eyes,

“Now every werewolf who comes near you can smell my scent on you. It tells them to back off.” I stated. He took a deep breath.

“What does this mean for us then?”

“It means you’re my mate…it means your mine.” His browed furrowed and I laughed reaching to sooth them back. “And I’m your, Aiden.” I reassured him.

He looked to the side a bit pensive till he looked back at me, a smile gracing his sexy lips. He flung himself onto me again.

“Yes you are.” he said boldly kissing me.

Groaning I wrapped my arms around him and deepened the kiss. Licking at his bottom lip asking for permission but he refused and kept his mouth shut. Growling I bit his bottom lip between my teeth, rewarded with only a small little gasp but no opening. I pulled back,

“Tease” I growled. He laughed before hopping to his feet and gently kicking my side.

“Show me.” He said peering down at me. I rose an amused brow,

“What?” I asked. Leaning down he grabbed my hand and pulled me up.

“Your wolf, duh” he said. Chuckling I pulled him flush against my body, our faces only a breath apart,

“As you wish.” I purred gazing in to his flushed face.

Quickly I stole one more kiss before taking a couple steps back. Pulling my shirt off I tossed it to him and began slowly unbuckling my pants. His faces turned beet red and he turned his back to me. I laughed loudly,

“Baby, you’re going to be seeing a whole lot more of this soon.” I said smirking.

“Shut up!” He shouted over his shoulder. Snickering, I soon had my pants and boxers off as the familiar heat consumes my body, along with the rush of pins and needles and then I was on all fours.

He was still turned so I trotted over to him licking his hand to get his attention. Gasping he spun around to face me. I was a little apprehensive about what he might think of me. What if he didn’t like this side of me, what if he thought I was ugly? My wolf whined in worry, scared that he would reject him. But it all melted away when Aiden ran his fingers in my fur with a face of amazement.

“You’re beautiful.” he whispered.

My chest puffed out in pride at the tone of his honest words.

‘He thinks we’re beautiful!’ I thought. My wolf was beyond ecstatic. Happily I licked at his face causing him to scrunch his nose up.

“Ugh, gross.” he whined wiping at his face.

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