All It Took Was One Look (Blue Moon Series) (Book 1) [Available on Amazon!]

By T. Lanay All Rights Reserved ©

Romance / Fantasy

Chapter 23


He’s been gone for two weeks now and every time I ask Dom where he was all I got back was that

“He he’s sick.”

I don’t believe a single word that comes out of that guy’s mouth. He’s hiding something from me and I’m going insane with worry. Something inside me just wants Liam near; in plain sight so I know that he’s all right. Him being gone so long is started to make me grow gray hair, I swear I found one this morning after my shower.

“Aiden! Aiden!” Jeanine came running down the hall screaming like the headless horsemen was after her. She came crashing in my arms and I tried my best to catch her.

“What, what happened!? Are you alright?” I fired at her worried that something was wrong. She had the biggest smile on her face and I visibly relaxed.

“I’m great! Guess what!?” She said jumping up and down. I couldn’t keep the smile from my lips at her happiness. I shook my head,


“Dom asked me out!!” She screamed giving me a huge hug. I was happy for her but I couldn’t stop the feelings of jealousy.

“Omg J that’s awesome!” I exclaimed.

I liked Dom, he would be good for her… I mean he better be good to her! Or I’ll chop his nads off!

“I know right, I think he could be the one.” she sighed starry eyes. I laughed at how love struck she was.

“Well I hope he is.” she nodded furiously making her hair shake all over the place.

“He’s waiting for me outside, so I’ll talk to you later.” She squeaked throwing me a whole bunch of dorky thumbs up signs. I nodded watching her practically skip down the hall shoving people out of her way. I shook my head and reached in my locker to grab my bag. Slamming it shut I turned to leave and nearly jumped out of my skin. Yelping I jumped back placing my hand over my crazy beating heart. I glared up at Liam as his shoulder was leaning against the locker next to mine. His arms crossed and his posture was cool as a winter breeze.

“Hey” he said casually. My eyes widened in bewilderment,

“Hey?” I countered. “Hey?! That’s all you have to say to me?!” I yelled causing nosey people to turn our way. He lowered his eyes guiltily. Looking back up his hazel eyes were filled with so much emotion I couldn’t find it me to be mad for long. Shaking my head I had to get it out of here.

“Where have you been?” I said hissed through gritted teeth glaring up at him trying to keep my anger fueled. He sighed his shoulders slumped,

“I’m sorry” he whispered. I shook my head.

“Sorry? I haven’t- you-” I couldn’t get anything out I was so mad. My breathing was heavy. He opened his mouth ready to say something but closed it aback up. His eyes were focused on the ground darting left to right as if he was thinking about what to say or do.

“Aiden, I want you to come with me.” he finally said letting out a long sigh. I raised my brow at him,

“Come with you? Why would I do that?” I snapped.

“Please.” his hazel eyes pleading. I didn’t say anything for a while just stared at him.

‘Should I go?’ I thought.

“If I go you better answer some of my questions.” he nodded eagerly. Leading me to his car, I got in taking out my phone and texting my dad that I would be home later.

-Ok- dad said.

We were driving down a long rode lined by trees when he took a turn on a hidden rode. I kept giving him skeptical looks from the corner of my eyes. Was he taking me all the way out here to kill me or something? When the car came to a stopped I noticed the breathtaking view of a sparking lake in the middle of a large beautiful green forest of trees. He got out as did I but a little hesitantly.

He had his back facing me, looking out in the water, while I walked in front of the car. Leaning back on the hood again wondering why we were out here. Usually this would freak someone out being out in the middle of nowhere with a man you barely know. But somehow I felt completely safe.

I watched him comb his fingers through his hair a few times before his shoulders rose and fell like he took a huge breath. Turning towards me he had a face of determination. I angled a brow at him,

“Why are we out here?” I asked timidly, I vaguely realized my hand was cupping the side of my neck. Liam noticed this and a smile graced his lip as walked closer till he stood in front of me. He didn’t say anything.

“Liam, where were you?” I repeated, my voice a bit firmer now that I remembered that we were supposed to be talking.

“You want the truth?” He said his deep voice causing my desire for him to awaken. I nodded,

“Of course”

“I was in training.” he said not giving away much. I scoffed,

“Training? Dom said you were sick.” I answered callously. He shrugged.

“I was.”

“You were, yet you were in training?” I was getting annoyed he was giving me these crap answers.

He nodded.

That’s it!

“You know what!? I was worried about you for these last couple of weeks and here you are, fine, healthy, and beyond ANNOYING!” I shouted poking at his hard chest. “You confuse me to no end. I have no idea what to think of you! You’re hot and cold!

“First you knock me down in the cafe and act like you hate my guts. Then you give me these heated looks which I can’t decipher, first it angry then it’s full of passion! PICK ONE! Are you angry at me, hate me, don’t ever want to see me again?! Or are you attracted to me, do you like me? Because that kiss you gave me confused the hell out of me and I don’t what to think!” I kept poking at his chest and shouting in his face but he just stood there with a blank expression, which mad me even angrier.

“I can’t stop thinking about you, you’re on my mind all the time and I feel like if you’re not around I’m going to breakdown any minute!” I was breathing heavy as I peered up in his passionate hazel eyes.

“What have you done to me?” I whispered suddenly drained, ready to crumble to my knees and ball my eyes out.

Without warning I was laying on the hood of the car with Liam’s hot lips against mine in a heated fight for dominance and of course he won. He devoured my mouth, his tongue breaking past the barrier of my lips. I moaned loudly in his mouth as the mind blowing electric currents tore through my body from his touch. He was lying on top of me, slowly he pulled back and the air came rushing back in my lungs.

“The same thing you do to me.” he said breathlessly against my lips. I opened my eyes and gazed into his.

“Aiden, you drive me crazy when I ’m around you.” His hand came up to my face, cupping my cheek. “No one has made me feel like you do, I want to hold you in my arms every time I see you. I want to kiss those delicious pink lips of yours every minute of the day. I want to stare into those amazingly beautiful blue eyes of yours. I can’t breathe right when you’re not with me, it’s like I’m barely waking up for the first time since I found you. Everything is so much brighter, smells better and tastes better.” he said giving my lips a small lick and I bucked against him with a moan. He smiled at me his eyes clouded with so much lust, a little bit too animalistic. If I were standing I would have fell from weak knees. “I don’t ever want to let you go. And I don’t think I ever can.” His eyes changed then, to a bright glowing yellow. I gasped.

“Liam.” I couldn’t form a single word after that.

“You make me want to beg.” he moaned.

My heart was beating hard and just looking up at his yellow eyes made me harder than stone. He bent forward running his nose against my jaw till his tongue snaked out and licked along the bite he gave me.

I cried out wrapping my arms tightly around him, clawing my nails down his back. His growl sounded in my ears, and I knew somehow that wasn’t a normal growl. It was a beastly growl, but I couldn’t seem let go of him.

“God you smell so good.” he moaned in my ear giving it a lick. He pulled back to look down at me before hungrily kissing me one last time. Leaving me breathless he propped himself up his eyes closed but I could see the tips of teeth from the small gap between his mouth. I know I should be pushing him off and ran but I was more curious than scared.

“What are you?” I asked softly looking up at him in wonder. His eyes shot open piercing me with his bright yellow stare. He quickly scrambled off and turned his back to me.

“Shit” I heard him mutter to himself running his hands roughly through his hair. I stayed on the hood in wonder. He couldn’t be human I knew that much and yet I could care less.

“Liam” I said softly sliding off the hood and walking over to him. I placed a gentle hand on his shoulder. He jerked away from me making me jump but I stubbornly put it back.


“Get away” he growled.

Shaking my head knowing he couldn’t see I pressed my body against his back and wrapped my arms around his waist. He struggled but I refuse to let go.

“Stop!” I demanded and he stilled.

We stayed like this for I don’t know how long; I just waited for his breathing to slow. Once it had I moved around him to stand in front of him. He looked torn as he refused to meet my gaze. Losing my patience I reached up and grabbed his face forcing him to look down at me. They were still yellow but the teeth were gone. He looked scared as we stared at each other.

“Tell me” I ordered softly. He closed his eyes releasing a deep breath.

“I’m- I’m afraid to.” His voice strained as he peered back at me.

“Don’t be” I encouraged him. “I’m not going to run.” He bit his lower lip thinking for a minute till he finally nodded.

“You have to promise me you won’t, because I won’t be able to take it.” he said, his voice clouded in emotions. I nodded.

“I promise” I whispered.

“I’m… a…. Werewolf.” he refused to look me in the eye.

I was speechless, a werewolf? That’s just a mythological creature… right? I guess I was silent for too long because he tore his face away from my hands with a dog like whine and walked away from me. I spun around to watch him walk closer to the lake.

“Liam!” I yelled running after him. He turned to me, his eyes clouded with sorrow and anger.

“No Aiden, I know you don’t believe me! I mean who would; you probably think I’m crazy or something; that I need a damn straightjacket!” He howled. I stopped short; shocked that he would think that about me. To be quite honest it enrage me.

“No, Liam I don’t!” I screamed. He looked at me, shock etched into his gorgeous face.

Sighing I walked up to him.

“You don’t?” His voice cracked. I shook my head,

“No, I don’t.” I reached up and trailed my fingertips softly down his cheek. He closed his eyes in pleasure which in turn made me pleased that my touch could cause such feelings in him.

“I don’t know why but I believe you. And I don’t care.” I told him standing on my tiptoes and pressing my lips against his soft lips. Groaning he pulled me closer but kept the kiss gentle. I pulled back till we were a breath apart.

“Why me though?” I asked him breathlessly, his yellow eyes gazing into mine tenderly.

“Because there’s no one else but you”

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