All It Took Was One Look (Blue Moon Series) (Book 1) [Available on Amazon!]

By T. Lanay All Rights Reserved ©

Romance / Fantasy

Chapter 22


I had this empty feeling in me all day. After the football game and everything that happened yesterday I’ve been feeling like I needed something, I guess as I stared up at the ceiling longing, it was for another kiss from Liam. A blush invaded my cheeks,

‘He stole my first kiss.’ I thought, I should be mad but I wasn’t.

How could I; it was perfect.

My mind drifted back to the game as I watched him on the field. I’m not one for football, I have no idea what the rules in the game were or anything are but from what I saw we were winning but all I could paying attention to was Liam. His hot black and gold jersey with the number one on it and those tight tights that hugged his ass perfectly. Yum!

He had been giving me confusing vibes and signals lately. He had a gorgeous girlfriend, he was straighter than a ruler but for some reason I was getting different impression when he was around me. Especially from that hug and then the bowling alley when he had licked my neck.

I had this weird feeling that he had be ignoring me all day. When I caught up with him at his car I could tell something was off, there was a tension in the air between us that wasn’t there before. I remember reaching up and taking his stupid glasses off and was stunned to see yellow glowing eyes. All I know was that wasn’t normal at all! I wanted to say something but things got out of hand quickly and we began to kiss.

God, that kiss went on forever and I enjoyed every minute of it. Then things got heated and it happened, he bit into my neck. I cried out in surprise expecting pain but instead it was enormous pleasure. The constant tingles I felt being in his arms intensified and I was bucking up him in a moaning mess. Silently begging him to never stop, never wanting to lose this feeling forever. My body was on fire and I just wanted to scream in desire as my fingers griping in his hair tightened and I held him closer to my neck. I was on a pleasure high and I never wanted it to end. But unfortunately he pulled away licking at my neck sending my body to shiver one last time.

He let me slide back down his body and set me down on my feet. The awesome high he gave me slowly fading but that didn’t mean I didn’t feel good still. I watched as he pressed his forehead against mine, his eyes turning from a bright yellow back their normal, beautiful hazel. I lost all I was about to say as he gently burying his fingers in my hair bending down to give me one more kiss, but this one was filled with so much tenderness and…love?

I was brought back to my room by a loud bang. Jumping from my bed I looked at my closed door. Slowly I moved closer to the door, my heart beating erratically and with a shaky hand praying it wasn’t Brent I opened it. I was blessed with the sight of my brother Nash who had a huge smile on his face before giving me a bear hug.

“LIL’ BRO!!” He yelled excitedly before releasing me.

“Nash.” I said happily. I hadn’t seen him in a couple weeks and I missed him.

“Where the hell did you go?” I asked crossing my arms. He grinned before messing up my ‘use to be’ awesome hair.

“I was with Cassie at her parents in Washington.” he said walking into my room jumping on my bed. I glared at him,

“Washington!? As in Washington DC?! Why didn’t you tell anyone you were in another state!?” I scolded with my hands on my hips; mimicking mom. Nash started laughing,

“Sorry mom, I didn’t think I needed permission to leave the state when I’m an adult.” he said sarcastically. I rolled my eyes walking over to him and laying back on my bed.

“Whatever.” I said staring at the ceiling again. It became silent between us and my mind wandered.

I wonder what Liam’s doing, what does that kiss make us? More importantly what does that kiss make him? I started to frown, does this mean he’s gay too? Does he like me or did he want to know what kissing a guy felt like? How weird that sounded.

“What’s up with you” Nash snapped me out of my thoughts. Turning my head to look at him, his dusty brown hair was hanging in his face as his blue eyes staring at me curiously.

“Nothing, why?” I asked. He didn’t answer, his eyes just continued to scan my face.

“Are you sure? Is Brent giving you trouble again?” He asked his face tightening and his eyes narrowing. I bit the inside of my bottom lip. Should I tell him? My bruises were gone now so there was no evidence of what happened but Nash wouldn’t think I was lying.

No I should just keep my mouth shut, just wait till he leaves and everything will go back to normal. Then I thought about it. It won’t be normal, I keep thinking about the pills I took. I haven’t had the urge to use but Brent being here is going to get worse and I don’t want that urge again. I don’t want to fall back into the pathetic old me again.

“No, it fine” I said finally. His lips were drawn in a hard line.

“Don’t lie to me Aiden , is he messing with you? Because I’ll beat some sense into that little piece of shit.” he growled.

My eyes widened in shock at the venoms sound of his voice.

“No Nash, he’s not bothering me.” I said firmly looking him straight in the eyes. His face softened,

“Well if he does gives you trouble you call me and I’ll fuck him up.” he said. I nodded a little disappointed; I guess I’m to convincing. Then I registered something.

“Call?” I asked.

He scratched his head nervously,

“Yeah” he said slowly. “Cassie and I are moving in together.” I felt my stomach drop.

“W-what?” I stuttered. He sighed his face showed his guilt,

“Cassie and I think it’s time to take the next step in our relationship. I know this means I won’t be around as much but I’m still here for you Aiden. All you have to do is call, I’ll be there in heartbeat.” He placed his arm around my shoulder pulling me into his side. “You’re still my little brother and I’m always here to protect you.” He said giving me his hundred watt smile, I struggled to smile back.

This means I’m all alone in this house with a psycho cousin on the loose. I thought that the threat of Nash’s presence would be there to protect me from ‘him’, be my defense but now I was defenseless. This was a reality check; I couldn’t rely on my brother on everything, I needed to fight back. But it scared me to death, ‘he’ scared me.

The next day Nash came by to box his things and dad, Brent and I helped him put his stuff in the car. Mom was crying and making food for Nash to take home. We all stifled our laughs as she smothered him in a lung crushing hugs.

“Mom… okay.” Nash detaching himself from her with a desperate expression.

“Oh, my baby.” Mom cried throwing her arms around him again and squishing their cheeks together..

Nash just groaned and let her hug him for the hundredth time, he didn’t even try to hug her back. Dad just shook his head grinning.

“Alright Grace let my boy go” he said. Mom stubbornly shook her head tightening her grip. My brother grunted trying to escape again.

“Mom, I got to go.” he whined.

“Okay.” she responded her arms not budging.

“Yeah, I got to go.” he repeated once again. She just nodded her head,

“Uh huh.” sighing he pushed her away with a little trouble.

“That requires you to let… GO!” he finally got free and ran behind me. My dad had to wrap his arms around mom to keep her still. Trust me when I say I was dying from laughter. I turned around to face him, wiping the tears from my eyes.

“Oh, you think that’s funny do you?” He hissed. I snickered, nodding.

“Beyond funny, that was hilarious!” I responded doubling over in laughter again. He pursed his lips before giving me a small hug.

“I’ll miss you lil’ bro” he said. This stopped my laughter as a knot formed in my throat.

“I’ll miss you too Nash.” I whispered in his shoulder not trusting my voice. He pulled back, ruffling my hair.

“I’m just a phone call away remember. And it’s not like I’m moving to a different country” he said the last part loudly looking pointedly at my mom. I chuckled.

“I know.” my voice quivering a bit. He looked down at me and his face softened.

“I love you.” he said softly.

I took a deep breath, he was more than a brother to me, he was a friend and the house wouldn’t be the same without him.

“I love you too” giving me one more hug he said good bye to dad and Connie before giving Brent a narrowed eyes look. Brent sneered,

“Watch yourself Brent.” Nash warned but no one seemed to noticed the venom in his tone but me. Brent rolled his eyes and snickered.

“Don’t worry Nash, I always do.” he said with a quick raise of his brows and a smug smirk. Nash growled before heading to his car.

Then he was gone.

Everyone went back in the house all except Brent and me. I glared at him trying my hardest to hide my fear of him. He walked up to me and I took an involuntary step back. Snickering, he took another step closer till he was close enough to where I could smell his minty breath.

“Oh Aiden, are you scare of me?” He mocked in a friendly tone. I noticed I was shaking; his cold green eyes were bright from the fear harbored in mine.

“N-no” I struggled to get out blowing my cover. A creepy smile crept on him face as he leant forward close to my ear.

“Yes you are, Aiden” he whispered my name slowly.

I shivered from disgust. He pulled back patting the side of my face hard causing my eyes to close with every pat. He turned back to the house while I stood their breathing deeply. My jaw tightened with the unexpected wave of anger that was crashing over me.

It was a week after Nash moved out and that mind blowing kiss from Liam. We were at lunch Robin and Caleb a new addition to our table, and so was Dom surprisingly. He was actually a pretty cool guy. He and Eric hit it off, they were like brothers they were so alike. He was also always attached to Jeanine, everywhere she went Dom wanted to go. He was like a little puppy. Robin didn’t seem to like that to much but she didn’t say anything. And Caleb continually tried to flirt with me, not that I had a problem with that he was a cool guy, it’s just I couldn’t stop thinking about Liam.

It’s been a week and I haven’t seen him at school, I was starting to worry. Was he avoiding me again? I started to fidget with the thought. Did I repulse him? I absentmindedly rubbed the mark he had left on my neck with my fingers. I mean why did he kiss me if he didn’t like me!?

“Hey looks like queen Bee’s doesn’t look to happy. I can practically see the steam coming from her ears.” J teased to the table. This caused me to turn and watch as Liam’s girlfriend stomping over to her popular table.

Oh god! He had a girlfriend you idiot, why would he want you? My heart sank, you’re pathetic Aiden. I turned back to look at my untouched food. I noticed Dom giving me a sympathy expression.

UGH! Abruptly I stood and left the cafeteria, I needed time to myself. Huffing, I walked down the halls trying to clear my head. Along the way I noticed I wasn’t getting as much bull from everybody anymore. A few people would try and trip me in the halls or throw something at me. I got the occasional name call here and there but besides that it was manageable… to an extent.

But something weird was happening as I continued down the hall was. I was get confused stares from people as if they didn’t know what to make of me. Frowning I turned up a flight of stairs and out a door that lead to the roof. I took a deep breath of fresh air; the gravel crunching under my feet.

I stood there looking out at the scenery. All I saw was a vast growth of green trees, since we lived close to forestry lands. There were colors of white and red buildings here and there but mostly green surrounding patches of houses.

I remember when I first found this place. It was my sophomore year and I was overloaded with work it was overwhelming. So I ditched class for a break and I came up those stairs and found the door unlocked. When I caught breathtaking view, ever since then this has been my ‘Me time’ space.

I slide down the wall sigh as I rested my arm on one of my bent knees; my gaze lingering on all the trees like always. I always wondered what kinds of animals lived in those trees. I use to wondered if those wolves in those trees.

I smiled, I have always thought that they were beautiful creatures, it would have been awesome to see one. Their long fur and fluffy faces, and those crazy yellow eyes that stare into your soul. I stopped up short as I was brought back to Friday night.

There was no mistaking that Liam’s eyes were glowing a bright yellow.

I frowned, “That’s not possible.”

Was he wearing some crazy type contacts? But why would he be wearing contacts after a game? And why yellow? No, that can’t be right, I’ve see his eyes change countless times and it’s not normal. Did he have a medical condition? I tried to recall all my medical knowledge from class but I couldn’t think of any illnesses that make your iris change colors like.

“Well besides Jaundice but that affected the sclera. Plus he’s too tan for that-”

“What are you doing up here?” I yelped in surprise at a deep voice interrupting me. I snapped my head to see Mr. Simons my anatomy teacher standing by the closing door. I shot to my feet with a guilty expression.

“Um… I-I-I” he chuckled lifting his hand up.

“Whoa, it ok, you’re not in trouble Aiden.” he said walking over to me.

I head the crunch of the gravel as he came to sit beside me. He lowered his head down in a gesture, soI sat back down awkwardly.

‘This isn’t weird or anything.’ I thought. It was silent for a while till he broke it,

“So what brings you up here?” His gaze was focused forward.

“I needed to be alone” I said. He nodded understandingly.

“Yeah I know how that feels.” He chuckled.

“How did you know I was up here?” I asked looking up at him curiously. His green eyes trained on me, they weren’t scolding but bright with delight.

“Let’s say I sensed someone was up here” he said a little mysterious. I furrowed my brows together.

“O….k.” I responded slowly.

He ran his hand through his messy brown hair. Mr. Simons was one of my favorite teachers, he was cool and took time out of his day to listen to problems we cared to share with him. He just had that quality about him that just made you just wanted to spill your gut out to him. Plus he wasn’t that old so he could see your problems from your point of view and help you work it out. He gave you good sound advice and a choice. Unlike older folks who just tell you what to do and that’s it.

And he was hot!

“Come now what’s bothering you Aiden?” He asked turning his head to have a better look. I couldn’t quit look him in the eyes.

“I don’t really want to talk about it… with… you.” I said softly before looking up at him quickly, “No offence!” He chuckled.

“None taken” his smile faded a bit. “I know you’re going through a hard time right now. I know you hardly want to hear someone talk to you about something that they know nothing about but trust me you’re not alone in all this.” Confused I looked up at him.

“What are you talking about?” I asked.

“I can’t tell you that, it’s not for me to say.” he answered confusing me more.

“I hardly see anyone else getting food thrown at them and pushed in lockers.” I said with a short humorless laugh. I looked back out over the roof. “No, I’m all by myself.”

“Aiden-” he paused. “Life can be cruel sometimes and there’s really nothing we can do about that, it’s just how the world works.” I nodded in agreement. “But, life also works in mysterious ways.” I could tell he was leaving out a huge chunk of this conversation.

“Like how.” I pushed.

“Like, you can be the popular guy throughout your school years, known as the Jock. The’ hot’ guy that all the girls fall for and you get everywhere by your looks alone. That guy that bullies the school nerd because he’s weak but when you get to that age where looks and charm don’t matter and it’s all about what you know. That guy ends up living pay check to pay check with a dead end job, he hates living in a rat infested apartment and starts to lose his hair.” he teased trying to get me to laugh. I just smiled.

“What are you trying to say?”

“I’m say the nerd he bullied back in high school ends up to the CEO of the place the jock works at, and he’s a billionaire living the life of luxury; with a Ferrari as his cheapest car in his garage. Do you get what I’m saying now?”

“I get it but that doesn’t mean that’s going happen to me.” I know I’m being super negative but hey who can blame me. My life hasn’t been all unicorns and rainbows.

“Trust me Aiden you have a big future ahead of you; a very important one.” I laughed.

“Well, Mr. Simons thanks for the pep talk but you’re going to have to understand my doubts in it. Life hasn’t always been great to me.” I muttered looking down at my hands.

“You’re only seventeen, I really don’t think that you’ve had as rough of a life as some people.” He said his green gaze focused on me. I bit my bottom lips out of nervousness.

“No offence Mr. Simons but you don’t know anything about me” I told him he looked thoughtful for a minute before nodding.

“You’re right Aiden, I don’t but I hope that changes one day.” He said softly. I frowned, just about to ask what he meant but the bell rung for fifth period to start. Mr. Simons got up,

“Well ready for another day of studying the human body?” He joked enthusiastically. I smiled nodding before hopping to my feet and following him to his class. He got my mind off of things but as soon as I was in class and the subject was on evolution but my mind was back on Liam. Yellow eyes, yellow eyes, yellow eyes… yellow eyes?

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