All It Took Was One Look (Blue Moon Series) (Book 1) [Available on Amazon!]

By T. Lanay All Rights Reserved ©

Romance / Fantasy

Chapter 21


I woke this morning feeling restless and couldn’t seem to concentrate on one single thing. My dad was saying something about coming to see me at my first football game. I could only nod and grunt my answer. My mom and dad gave each other weird looks.

“Liam, are you okay?” My mom asked walking over to me and place her hand on my forehead before quickly snatching it way.

“Liam, your burning up.” she exclaimed. I looked up at her like she was crazy,

“What, no I’m not, I’m fine” but now that she mentioned it I did feel hot. Like some crazy fever, my whole body was burning up and I knew the only way to get rid of it was finding Aiden. Shaking my head I stood up and headed upstairs for a cold shower.

“Liam are you sure you should be going to school?” My mom asked.

“Yes.” I said heading in the shower.

I let the cold water cascade down my body sighing in pleasure. This won’t last for long. I grabbed the shampoo and scrubbed my hair as thought of last night rushed in my head. The feeling of Aiden in my arms and his neck so close to my mouth. A growl ripped from my chest shocking me. What the hell. Rinsing the last of the soap from my hair I stepped out and say my eyes were yellow. SHIT! Why does this keep happening to me I whined.

I grabbed my towel and wrapping it around my waist, I leant over my sink staring at myself, forcing my eyes to go back to normal. They didn’t, my wolf wasn’t going anywhere today.


I got dressed caching glimpses of yellow every time I passed the mirror. Grabbing my sun glasses off my dresser and threw them on and headed down stairs again.

“See you tonight” I called closing the front door and hopping in my car. I arrived at Dom’s just as he was walking down his driveway.

“Hey” he said throwing his pack in the back before noticing my glasses. He gave me a funny look,

“What’s up with the shades man?” Annoyed I pulled them down, showing him my problem. His eyes widened in surprise.

“They won’t change back.” I hisses.

“Oh” he said giving me his ‘sucks- for- you face’. I rolling my eyes I pushed my shades back up.

“I’m going to flip if anybody tries and make me take them off.” I growled.

“Calm down dude.”

“I can’t, everything is pissing me off!” I put my car in drive heading for school.

The moment I parked my car it was surrounded by students, friends, ext., wishing me luck but all I could do was growl. I sat in my car my white knuckled my steering wheel.

“Alright, let’s get you inside” Dom said grabbing our bags. He handed me mine, “You better stick a grin on that muzzle of yours and play nice.” he ordered me enjoying this a little too much. Snatched my bag preparing myself for the swarm of annoying teenagers. And once I stepped out of the car the smell hit me like an eighteen wheeler. Lifting my nose in the air I signaling out his special scent from all the others.

‘MINE’ my wolf growled ready for the hunt.

Pushing past all the shocked faces in my way I advanced to the front doors, my mind only on Aiden. Someone grabbed my arm yanking me back, I turned swiftly baring my canines at whoever dared to interfere with me and my mate. Dom took a safe step back.

“I know what you’re going through Liam but you can’t go barging into school, tearing it apart searching for your mate.” He scolded. I was about to snap at him till what he said hit me.

“Yeah, why aren’t you acting like you’re going to go insane right now, Jeanine is your mate.” He shrugged but I could see the hunger in his eyes. So he was fighting it too.

“I told her to stay home.” he muttered with a growl. I smirked,

“You are going crazy aren’t you?” I said secretly happy I wasn’t the only one suffering here.

“Yeah, as much as I want to run to her house I don’t know where she lives, so she’s safe as long as she stays there today. I’m holding my wolf on a tight ass leash.” I envied his that.

Suddenly I felt a hand slide on my shoulder, then a body press against my back. And it wasn’t the body I wanted on me. Quickly I stepped away from her and turned around, keeping a distance.

“Georgina” I muttered grimacing as flashes of that last night we had. My wolf tried to growl at her but I held him back.

“Hey babe.” she purred closing the distance again caressing her hand down my chest. I grabbed it a little rougher than necessary.

“Hi.” I grounded out through my teeth.

“Where have you been, I haven’t see you since that amazing night?”

“I’ve been busy.” I told her. She looked at me funny till she smiled.

“Why are you wearing sun glasses?” She laughed.

“It’s bright” I a monotone. She frowned,

“You never wear sunglasses. What’s wrong with you today?” She asked. You!

“YO-” I was cut off.

“Hey Gee! Come with me real quick.” Dom said taking her hand and dragging her unwilling body away

“Dom!” She complained as they headed into the building.

After my scenes came back to me I avoided Aiden like the plague. Every time I smelt him near I would change my direction with much difficulty, and Dom’s help to drag me away. I can honestly say that I went around the school like a hundred times to get to my classes. I had no idea how many times we passed each other in a day till today. I think every teacher was out to get me! Every class or in the halls they told me to take my glasses off so my excuse was coming natural to me.

“Mr. Moore take those glasses off.” Miss Carmen ordered as I walked down the hall to bathroom. I smiled at her through my annoyance.

“No can do miss C, I have an eye infection so the lights killing me, it’s the only way I can stand to look at anything.” she stopped giving me a sympathetic look.

“Oh honey, I’m sorry, why did you come to school if you can’t see?” She asked.

“My doctor said I just needed theses and everything would be good. Really Miss C I’m fine.” I told her. She smiled before nodding.

“Well, I hope you get better.” she said walking back down the hall. Sighing I strode into the bathroom going straight to the mirror pulling my glasses off. I was hoping they went back to normal but they seemed to get brighter like they were glowing.


“Having wolf trouble?” My head snapped to the right, I winced as it cracked. When I saw who it was I snarled deeply.

“Fuck off.” Kyle held his hands up in surrender.

“Wow doggy cool it.” he said with a smirk. I rolled my eyes,

“What do you want?” I asked glaring at him.

“Nothing, can’t a guy use the restroom in peace?” He teased. I growled at him my lips pulling back as I did. He smiled,

“Hey, save all that for the field tonight, Moore.” We glared at each other. Just looking at his face pissed me off, and to think we use to be best friend.

“Don’t worry about me Parker,” I told him getting in his face, I could the fear flashing in his eyes as I used the convenience of my wolfs eyes. “And try not to worry about your pathetic attempts to best me tonight.” I growled, I heard the restroom door open and I quickly put my glasses back on pushing past a snickering Kyle.

I ditched PE not wanting to cause a scene; and waited for the bell to ring.

We were in the locker room listening to coach’s animated pep talk. Kyle was giving me glares from across the room and I returned them with just as much malevolence. I couldn’t help but think that Aiden was somewhere waiting out in the bleachers. He was so close and my wolf could feel it, I was getting weird looks from my teammates since I still had my sun glasses on.

“It’s not about winning guys, it’s about the game. Put your hearts in it and go out there and have fun! NOW GET OUT THERE!!” He screamed making us all cheer. We ran out into the screaming crowd, Dom and I walked out, side by side in our black and gold gear.

“MOORE!” I stopped and turned to the coach.


“Get rid of those damn glasses, son.” he demanded. I smiled,

“Will do coach” Dom put his hands on my shoulders getting my attention.

“Alright you’re going to have to concentrate on the game, we don’t want you running into the bleachers in the middle of it.” He teased with a calming smile.

“I’ll try.” I said taking my glasses off and slide my helmet on, running on to the field.

It was about right after halftime; we just got out of a huddle. Some of my teammates were giving me hard shoves yelling at me to get my head in the game, but how could I do that when my wolf was fighting me the entire time. I could feel Aiden throughout the whole game and it was driving me insane.

“Come on man.” Dom said nodding his head harshly. “Get your head out of your ass.” he scolded.

Shaking my head, they were right I looked up at the score board; the score was, home 14, visitor 7.


We all stood in position, Dom in front, ready to hike the ball to me.

“B39! B39! HUT” I yelled.

Dom threw the ball back to me, I caught it looking around quickly searching for anyone open. I caught Seth, one of my pack members, already by the goal line so I backed up readying the ball. I could feel someone closing up on me so I threw it. Watching, it soar through the air landing in Seth’s waiting arms as he continued to run towards the goal, he skid to a stop across the line. I landed on the ground with a grunt as someone collided into me. Pushing the guy off, he gave me a stunned expression when our eyes. Quickly hopping to my feet I turned to look down the field at the ref as he threw both of his arms up signal a touchdown. The crowd was roaring loudly in excitement as the announcer yelled,



A minute left in the game we were at the fifty yard line, the coach signaled in a running play which meant I had to reluctantly hand the ball to Kyle. Dom hiked me the ball and I turned quickly meeting Kyle half way roughly slamming the ball in his gut, pleased with his grunt that followed.

“Run!” I growled loudly.

I watched him dodge two giant linemen and run over the linebacker. By that time Kyle was running at full speed leaving the other team in the dust. I rolled my eyes as he spike the football into the ground dramatically doing his stupid little victory dance. The ref signaled the touchdown making the score home 21, visitors 14. We won.

I received hard claps on my back as we celebrated rejoicing in the sound of the cheering crowd. I gave them halfhearted smiles through my helmet. Leaving before they notice my eyes, I told Dom I was going to change and leave. He nodded giving me a sympathetic expression since I couldn’t enjoy our first win because of the full moon.

He was lucky, he didn’t have the temptation standing in the bleachers; she was at home safe from us sharp toothed weres. I rushed to the locker rooms changing quickly and hurriedly making my way towards my car, fighting the pull the whole way. My wolf was complaining the entire time, wanting to search for his mate. I almost sighed in relief till his scent hit me so hard I moaned. This had my wolf howling in joy; I almost made it. He was standing by my car, his hands in his pockets staring down at shoes like a cute school boy. The light of the full moon was shining on him, he was a breathless sight.

He looked up at the sound of my footsteps and smiled his gorgeous smile making my knees to weaken. I stopped in front of him a tightening in my chest causing my breath come out in gasps.

“Hey.” he said in a soft voice.


“See I told you I wasn’t going to miss it. You were really great out there by the way” he praised his blue eyes gazing up at me brightly.

“Yeah, thanks” I said trying to sound as normal as possible.

“I didn’t see you t-today” he said nervously biting his lower lip. I swallowed hard closing my eyes for a second,

“I’m sorry about that” my voice strained. He shifted and his sweet smell attacked me with a vengeance.

“It’s ok,” he pause before furrowing his brows. “Why are you wearing glasses at night?” He asked me chuckling. I didn’t answer him since I was panting. He frowned,

“Liam?” He took a step closer to me till I could feel his body heat. I moaned loudly,

“Aiden” I struggled out through clenched teeth wanting to warn him to stay away. My wolf was too strong I couldn’t hold him back anymore.

“Are you ok” Aiden said apprehensively.

Reaching up he took my glasses off and gasped. The heat in my body ignited to a burning fire and I lost it. With a vicious growl I grabbed the back of his neck and forced his lips on mine. He tensed up, letting out a stunned gasp but soon relaxed against my chest wrapping his arms around my neck and disheveling his fingers in my hair tightly. His soft lips started to move, meeting my hungry ones. I griped his hips pushing him against my car, attacking his lips with a fierceness. The sparks igniting wildly between us felt beyond anything I felt before. I pressed my hardening lower half against his causing a sweet moan to escape his mouth and I took advantage and pushed my tongue in his mouth moaning from his wonderful taste.

The feel of him pulling me harder to his mouth caused a twinge of pain but I could care less at this point. I finally had him, our tongues fought for dominance and he gladly submitted to me. Grinning against his lips, I reached down to cup his sexy little ass and lifted him up, letting him wrap his legs around my waist still pressing him against the car. He giggled as I did this, I could hear his heart beating at a rapid pace. I could smell his arousal and a growl ripped its way from my throat as I bit his bottom lip, my tongue running over its smooth surface. He moaned loudly grounding his hard-on into my groin.

“Liam.” he whimpered into my mouth.

I reached up and gripped the back of his hair I pulled his head back exposing his neck to me. He was panting my name and the heat in my body went straight to my southern region, making me whimper with need. I ran my nose across his jaw nipping at his skin.

“Ahh” he moaned.

I smiled smugly and licked his neck, his unbelievably sweet scent was so strong here I became light headed. I kissed up to his ear and nibbled on the lobe, his legs tightened around me in response.

“You like that?” I whispered seductively to him. He whimpered nodding weakly. Chuckling I moved my mouth to the base of his neck and suckled,

“How about that?” I breathed loosing myself in the feel of him.

“Yes.” he moaned.

Pulling down the collar I ran my tongue against his collarbone. His hands were pulling me back up to his lips again till I kissed him hard moaning loud. His tongue ran across my bottom lip and I growled loving that he was getting bold with me. It was sexy. My wolf had, had enough; I could feel my canines elongating and I feared he would feel them with his teeth. So I buried my face in his neck once more kissing where his neck and shoulder met giving it a lick before touching his soft skin with my canines. He moved his head away giving me access to him. Panting hard I opened my jaw wider and bit down. He cried out tensing as I broke the skin. To sooth him a bit I placed a gentle hand on his back keeping him still.

‘MINE’ my wolf growled once again.

His sweet blood rushed into my mouth causing me to whimper in the pure pleasure of his taste. I held him tighter against me possessively. As he started to moan uncontrollably, I felt him dig his hands in my hair keeping me at his neck.

The full moon was beating down on me and my wolfs persistence I was unable to resist as I let my essences soak into his body, marking him mine forever. I felt our bond strengthen, along with myself, I felt invincible, everything around me intensified more than before. Smells, touch and most importantly my attachment to Aiden. It felt like if I ever let him go I would crumble into nothing. I needed his just to live and it scared me. Detaching my teeth from my withering mate, I opened my eyes finally getting a glimpse in the car window. My eyes were glowing brighter than usual before turning back.

Licking my bit, healing him with my saliva, slowly he slide down my body to his unsteady feet. He was breathless as he leaned up against the car for support. We were both breathing heavily; I touched my forehead against his, resting my fingers in his long soft hair. Pressing a slow, soft tender kiss to his swollen lips my ears picked up on the sound of his heart as it began to match mine.

I smiled, we were true mate.

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