All It Took Was One Look (Blue Moon Series) (Book 1) [Available on Amazon!]

By T. Lanay All Rights Reserved ©

Romance / Fantasy

Chapter 19


My body was submerged in heat as he took over, a rush of tingles spread over my body and hair sprouted. My bones cracked and popped in place, that should have been painful but I was used to it by now. My hands and feet soon morphed into paws; now I was on all fours, a snout took the place of my human nose. My ears perked up at every sound, shaking my body I accepted the change of my wolf form.

I was in the Blue territory which is another name for my packs land. Our pack name was ‘The Blue Moon Pack’, and I could hear all the members that were in wolf form talking to each other. A little thing only Alpha’s or future Alpha’s could do. I remember hearing them when I first turned a couple of years ago so I had learned how to tune them out.

I haven’t given into my wolf for so long now that when I was at football practice I constantly felt on edge. Right now was a perfect time to let him roam free. He tore through the woods enjoying the freedom of the wind whipping through his fur, the soft dirt under his paws.

I needed this after today, after being so close to Aiden and what I could have done to him in that hallway. I sighed, I just wanted to be close to him in some way and playing the friend role seemed the only way to go without crossing that line but I almost ruined it by biting him. But when he touched me I lost it, my wolf was there taking control and pulling him into my arms.

I could hear the thump of my paws hit the forest floor bringing up chunks of dirt and grass. The trees were passing by in a blur; I could hear the birds singing on the tops of them. The stress of the day was melting away a little. But I couldn’t stop thinking about how warm he was and that mysterious sweet smell that could only be his; it called to me. When I felt the heat of his body, the soft skin at the base of his neck caressing my face I knew I would have done it, I felt the ache in my canines as well as my groin.

I took a sharp turn down a little hill till I was running alongside a large rocky stream. The damp air ran through my black fur in a soothing manner. He was moaning my name with those sexy pink lips of his and I was brought back to Georgina’s, when I was wishing that all her moans and whimpers were his. He did make me harden exponentially with those little sounds of his.

I ran across a fallen tree that lay over the stream, and jogged to the other side still along the stream. My wolf had a lot of pent up energy and this was the only things to calm him down, calm him from going to Aiden at this very moment and claiming him as ours.

I took a small rest walked over to the edge of the stream and lapped up some of the crisp cold water.

I had him, my lips were on his soft skin and I could feel my canines extending, It would only take a moment just to sink my teeth into his vulnerable flesh and at that thought I knew I had to leave. So I did, I ran away like an idiot and here I was running out my pent up frustrations. My ears perked up at the sound of the soft crunch of wet leaves. Lifting my head and swiftly turning around to see an annoyed looking Dom coming out of the coverage of the trees.

‘How do you always know’ he complained through our mind link.

I laughed as I watched him come to stand beside me. His brown eyes glaring at me playfully, I don’t know why but only my father and I has the yellow eyes. All Alphas have a certain color to their eyes I guess it has to do with the Alpha genes to show people who their messing with.

’You can’t sneak up on ‘Liam the Great’’ I joked with a wolfy grin as I bumped shoulders with him. He scoffed before dipping his head down to lap some water. I sat on my hunches as I watched him, his dark brown coat shining in the minimal light that shone through the cover of the trees.

‘So why are you following me?’ I asked him.

‘Well I could tell something was bugging you earlier at practice so I came to see if you were alright’ he said still lapping up water.

‘Same old’

‘Aiden again?’ he chuckled. I thought about it for a second but there was no harm in telling him, I mean he already knows my deepest secret.

‘You can say that’

‘What happened this time?’ he asked.

‘I... almost marked him.’ I confessed.

Dom snapped his head from the water and stare at me as he hopped to his feet to face me completely. I almost burst out laughing at the sight of him; droplets of water were dripping from his drenched chin.


‘Yep’ I snickered.

‘Well, why didn’t you?!’ he exclaimed. I just gave him a flat look.

‘Well first off, he doesn’t know what I am.’ I said stomping my paw on the ground with every point. ’Second, that means I have to come out to my parents, and thirdly, how would the pack take it when they find out that they’re not going to have an Alpha female but ‘Two’ Alpha males?’ I saw him shrink back a little as my voice rose. Sighing, I laid down with my paws in front of me laying them over each other as I looked up at Dom calmly.

’Liam you’re the son of Robert Moore, the best Alpha this pack could ever have, so he’s set the bar pretty high for you in the packs eyes. And technically you can’t have two Alpha males, there can only be one Dominant male in the mating process and since Aiden is the weaker and ‘human’ he’ll technically be the Alpha female... in a way’ He educated. I rolled my eyes.

’Yeah, Dom I know that smartass, but that’s exactly what I mean. Where in history have you heard of a ‘Gay’ Alpha werewolf, ever?” he didn’t answer. “ Exactly, never. How would the pack take that? You also have to think about hate crimes and how people get killed for being who they are.’ I told him through gritted teeth. He tilted his head,

‘Dom no one in their right mind would try and kill you, you’re their future Alpha, Liam. They wouldn’t think about hurting your mate either knowing how much that would kill you. Besides they would be scared shitless of your wrath to even think of it.’ he said with a wolfy grin.

’I’m not worried about me Dominic, I’m worried for my Aiden. He’s human, making him weak and an easy target for the pack, or enemy packs. And I would die if he was killed or hurt because of me. It wouldn’t be fair to him if I dragged him into my life. I’m not going to see to my happiness before his.

“I would love to have him by my side, living with me and the pack. To wake up every morning and see his face, hear his voice, bask in his beautiful smile every day. But I know it won’t be like that. I don’t want to be fearful every day scared that I’ll find his body laid lifeless somewhere, or just one day he won’t come home. I don’t want him to be miserable living with me, I want him happy; not scared of his own shadow.’ I ranted, my heart beating fast as I thought about all the possibilities of him being hurt.

I got up and walked over to the edge of the stream staring at the rushing clear water crashing over moss covered rocks. Running into little waterfalls further down the stream. The trees were tall and healthy as they stood side by side on the mossed covers ground, the sun was peeking through them a little.

‘Some of our pack members go to our school and I’ve see the way looked at him and it tears me up inside. If they already feel this way, what’s going change when they find out that he’s there Alpha’s mate?’ I paused catching my shaky breath before continuing, ‘I would rather him live his life with us just being friends. So he could find happiness with some guy with a god job, nice house, who teats him right; normal. And this full moon shit is really messing me up because I can feel my wolf gnawing at the surface, begging to come out and mark him ours. I know it’s going to happen, I could feel it and if that happened then it would be so much harder for me to let him go.’ I turned to face Dom who was staring at me in astonishment.

‘And I know I would shatter in to a millions pieces if he decided one day I wasn’t good for him…and he left me’ I swallowed the big lump in my throat. Dom came to stand in front of me. His eyes were twinkling with pride.

‘Damn Liam, you would put yourself through a life of hell to have your mate be happy and I admire that, I really do; but he not the only one who deserves to be happy. Every wolf has a mate, a person to complete you. And the wolf spirits gave you Aiden; that mean something big. If it’s never been done before there’s a reason for it happening now, right? We were taught to love our mates Liam, our wolves instinctually know who our mates are and automatically love them with their very souls. So the pack would understand you, know it was destine to be. And yeah I bet there will be some members who don’t like it, maybe even hate it but there’s nothing they can do about it Liam. They’re just going to have to suck it up.’ I laughed a little,

’So live your life Liam, ‘with’ your mate and fuck what everyone else think, it’s not about them.’ I nodded let his word sink in and really start to think about this whole situation. And he is right, there is a reason that he’s my mate, I’m meant to love him or else he wouldn’t be my mate.

‘Come on’ Dom said turning down the way I came ‘Let get out of here.’ he said taking off.

We race along the stream, crossing the fallen tree on the other side. We were almost tied but I was a head faster, he tried to cheat by tripping me but I was an expert at dodge all his cheating attacks. A couple hundred feet from my house I suddenly caught an unfamiliar scent that had me skidding to a halt. Dom followed suit looking at me worried.

‘What?’ he asked me trotting closer to my side. I was scanning the trees trying to find its location,

‘Someone’s here’ I told him and instantly he his hackles were on end and he took a fighting stance. We listen to the silence all around us. There wasn’t even a singing bird in the trees, just dead silence. A growl sounded behind us and Dom and I swung around to come face to face with two gray and brown wolves with red eyes.

‘Rogues.’ I snarled. Dom nodded and lowered his head in a growl,

‘What the hell are they doing on our lands?’ he asked.

‘My dad said that there was a rogue problem but they took care of it.’

‘Apparently not’

They cautiously stepped closer to us. With me being the only one with Alpha blood here they knew I was stronger than my partner, and my eyes were a dead giveaway. I move one paw forward and growled, daring them to come any closer. They lowered their heads, unperturbed by my threat and charging forward.

The brown one rushed, jumping to pounce on me but I stepped back faster than he could land. His paws hit the ground inches from me and we glared at each other for a second before I turned and ran making him follow. He did, he was close to nipping at my hind legs.

With enough distance from Dom making sure this would wouldn’t interfere, I attached head on. We were clawing at each other’s faces snarling and growling loudly, trying to get our kill shots. He bit my front leg getting a yelp from me, leaving a deep bloody gash in my leg. Leaping apart, we circling each other again but this time I noticed the pronounced limp in my walk. I knew the position I was in and if I didn’t end this fast I was definitely going to die.

Quickly I lunged for his neck but he blocked easily by clawing my snout. I whimpering I back up and shook my head in pain. He took my distraction as an opening and lunged for my throat. I was backed up against a tree and I realized there was no way I was getting out of this one.

A blonde figure landed onto the back of my opponent making them toppling over, rolling all over the ground growling. I could hear the snap of their teeth until a yelp sounded and a deafening snap. Then it was quiet. I was heaving loudly, exhausted, and I collapse on the ground out of breath and weak from losing all that blood. I felt my blonde savior give a gentle nudge on my side and a concerned whine. Cracking open an eye I glanced back into yellow eyes.

‘Liam, are you ok?’ my dad asked.

‘Where’s Dom’ I huffed.

‘His father’s got him, he’s fine’ I could see his eyes examination me. His gaze trained on to my leg, bending his head he licked the wound causing it to sting, and whimper escaped my mouth. I tried to move it away but my dad pawed at my side keeping me still.

‘Liam let me heal it!’ my dad demanded.

‘Dad stop babying me’ I whined. He scoffed and kept licking. Soon it closed and I tried to stand on wobbly legs.

‘Come on let get you home.’ He said leaning up against my side ready to catch me if I fell.

‘Dad I thought that you got rid of the rogues.’ I stated as our house came into view.

‘We did but more just keep coming’ he growled.


‘I have no idea, but don’t worry about it’

‘How am I not supposed to worry when they start to attack me on my own lands?’ I exclaimed.

He turned to me,

‘We’re handling this.’ he used his Alpha tone so I had no chose but to nod.

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