All It Took Was One Look (Blue Moon Series) (Book 1) [Available on Amazon!]

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Romance / Fantasy

Chapter 15


I woke with a raging headache from hell. I need some aspirin, STAT! I sat up and looked around.

My eyes took in my surroundings as I moved the covers from me and slid out of the bed.

‘This isn’t my room.’ I thought as I stared at the almost bare area. There were two dressers, no T.V, no personal belongings, just the bare essentials and a fluffy white rug on the floor.

Oh right, I was at Liam’s, wow that felt weird to say. Who knew I would be sleeping at Liam’s, in his bed even.

Speaking of Liam, where is he?

“You’re up” startled I spun around and saw Liam closing the bathroom door. He had a towel rubbing his wet hair dry and another around his waist. My eyes traveled down his body and what a body it was. There were droplets of water running down his tan chiseled chest falling across his delicious six pack abs. I watched his biceps contract as he dried his hair and I could promise you that I was drooling. I heard his clear his throat with a smirk on his face. Blushing I looked away quickly.

“Yeah” I finally answered.

“You might want to wipe your mouth there, would you like to borrow a towel? Which one?” He teased me with a smug smirk on his face. I scowled at him and walked past him rudely bumping him in the process.

“I’m going to the bathroom.” I mumbled. He chuckled as I stormed into the bathroom.

“You can take a shower I’ll bring in some cloths for you” he said. Closing the bathroom door I turned the water on. While I waited for it to warm up I turned toward the mirror and nearly having a heart attack. I look horrible! I had dark bags under my eyes, my skin was sickly pale. My bottom lip was split open and bruised. I touched it with my tongue and winced from the sting.

There was a quick knocked at the door, opening it Liam handed me a black shirt with gray pajama bottoms.

“I would give you a pair of pants but I don’t think they would fit and I brought you my towel” he winked at me. Nodding with a small smile since it would hurt if it was any bigger and I took them.

“Thanks” and closed the door. I pulled my shirt off gingerly but grunted with the effort anyway. My ribs were in pain, my whole body was screaming in agony. I looked in the mirror again eyeing my bruised torso and arms from the beating Brent gave me. I didn’t want to do back there; I didn’t want to see his face. But were else was I supposed to go, shaking my head I stripped the rest of my clothes and hopped in the shower.

I stayed under the spray of hot water longer than I had to but it was soothing on my back and was doing magic to my sore muscles.

Sighing I reluctantly got out and dried myself off keeping my gaze from the mirror this time. I shrugged on Liam’s clothes and began to panic. He gave me a short sleeve shirt that was showing off all the bruises on my arms. CRAP! What do I do now? I franticly looked around the bathroom trying to find something to cover them up. Then I spotted a bathrobe, grabbing it I threw it on and picked up my dirty clothes and took a deep breath.

Liam was sitting on the bed waiting for me when I walked out; he got up and grabbed my clothes.

“Here let me wash these” he said before he frowned at me. “Why are you wearing my robe?” He asked. I racked my brain trying to think of a quick excuse.

“I was cold” I blurted.

“Well I can turn the heater up” I shook my head.

“No its fine, I don’t want you running up your bill for me” he just laughed.

“It’s no problem” I shook my head again.

“It’s comfy, I’m cool.” hesitantly he nodded headed out of the room. I just stood there staring at the doorway until he popped his head in the room.

“You coming?”


When we entered the kitchen Liam’s mom was fixing breakfast and his dad was sitting at the table with a whole bunch of papers scattered around him. I snickered a little, it reminded me of my home. My dad was always reading a file of something while my mom cooked.

“Oh Aiden your up, would you like some waffles?” Mrs. Moore asked with a beaming smile, I nodded. “Good take a seat sweetie.” I sat down keeping my eyes on the table. Liam came around the table and sat next to me.

“Your clothes are in the wash k.” he said quietly and I nodded. Someone cleared there throat, looking up I noticed Mr. Moore was staring at me.

“So Aiden what do your parents do?” He asked.

“Uh… m-my dad works I-in a law f-firm, h-he’s a l-lawyer” I don’t know what it is about him but he made me very nervous.

“A lawyer” he said impressed. “He wouldn’t be Mr. Walker by any chance would he?” He said.

“Y-yes sir, that’s my d-dad” he nodded in astonishment.

“He’s one of the most sought after lawyers around here.” I nodded in agreement.

“And your mother?”

“She does volunteer work and things like that.”

“That’s very noble of her” Mrs. Moore intervened dishing waffles on my plate and placing the rest on the table. Liam quickly forked a couple waffles off the plate as did Mr. Moore. I started cutting my waffles. It was quiet for a while, my eyes were traveling all around the kitchen and living room. It was like a scene out of a petty Crocker book or something.

The room gave off homey vibes that made you feel warm and welcomed. The scent of the breakfast Mrs. Moore engulfed the room and soothed me. It reminded me of my mom in a way. She was a stay at home mom and took care of my siblings and I with all the care in the world. Homemade meals were always at the ready for whenever we were hungry, just not as many sweets as when we were younger.

I looked over towards Liam’s parents for a second and saw the startling hungry look in Mr. Moore as he stared at his wife. His eyes were slowly turning a misty yellow and I frowned. That is exactly what Liam’s do to; was that even possible?

“Dad!” Liam said sternly. His eyes snapped towards his sons and they were again a stormy gray. He glanced at me as saw my curious face. Clearing his throat he went back to his food. I turned towards Liam and he just smiled at me.

After breakfast Liam’s parents went upstairs.

“Your parents are very affectionate huh” I said. Liam grimaced a little before nodded.

“Hey come with me” he said walking up the stairs, confused I followed him towards the guest bathroom.

“Why are we in here?” I asked as he guided me to sit on the toilet. “What are you doing?” I watch him rummage through his cabinets and pulled out disinfectant wipes. Tearing it open he knelt in front of me and dapped at my lip. Hissing I backed away,

“Ouch!” I exclaimed.

“Come on Aiden I need to clean it.” he said giving me a puppy dog face.

Rolling my eyes I sighed and leaned forward letting him torture my lip. He had a smug smile on his face as he continued to clean my wound. His eyes were focused on my lip so I let mine roam over his face. His dark brows were furrowed in concentration. He had such long eyelashes that made his hazel eyes pop more, they were mesmerizing. He had full sexy lips with a dark shadow along his jaw and framing his lips, a sure sign that he hadn’t shaved this morning. There was also a little pack of hair at the bottom of his lip. It made him look more rugged than should be allowed. His hair was black as night, not really all that long on the top where it hang in his face but long enough to grab.

He seemed to like styling it up with a flip in the front; while the sides were cut short. And to top it all off it was a perfect contrasted with perfectly tanned skinned.

I noticed suddenly that his hand was still. Looking back in his eyes I saw he was staring at me with a curious look. Oh no, he saw me checking him out. My face began to heat and I turned my head away in embarrassed.

“Sorry” I muttered.

“Its fine” he chuckled turning my head back to face him. It was silent for a while as he dabbed my lip clean before I broke it.

“Can I asked you something?” I said timidly. He nodded,

“Yeah, anything.”

“Why aren’t you disgusted with me like the rest of the school?” I asked keeping my eyes on the floor. His hand stopped now but I still didn’t look up.

“Aiden I could never be disgusted with you.” he said in a firm voice. I shook my head,

“You’re just trying to make me feel better. I’m pathetic.” He lifted my chin up then looking in my eyes.

“Aiden, trust me you are far from disgusting to me.” His face was set in a serious expression. “Your special and don’t let anyone tell you different.” I chuckled.

“You sound my dad” I said. He smiled and when back to cleaning my lip.

“Then your dad is a very smart man.”

“I like to think so since he’s a lawyer and all.” I joked and he smiled back.

Finally he finished, throwing away the wipes.

“I need to put your clothes in the dryer.” he said sprinting down the stairs leaving me sitting in the guest bathroom. Sighing I got up and I walked out back to his room only to bump into Liam’s dad.

“Oh… s-sorry Mr. Moore” I apologized. He chuckled running his hands through his messy dirty blonde hair.

‘I wonder what he was doing to make his perfect hair from earlier so disheveled.’ I snickered to myself.

“Call me Robert” he told him patting my upper arm. I suppressed my wince.

“I’ve been meaning to ask you what happened to your lip?” He asked I frowned. He laughed sheepishly “I heard you and Liam in the bathroom, and it’s kind of hard to hide that since I saw it yesterday.” He told me.

“Oh um, I got in a little fight at school was all, nothing big.” I watched his brows shot up. “I know it didn’t look like the type to fight” he shook his head.

“You have spirit, I can see that.” I nodded.

“Yeah” I said slowly in confusion.

“So are you staying again tonight?” He asked his gray eyes causing me to shift uncomfortably.

“Um... No I think I should go home today” he nodded.

“Well your welcome here anytime” he said with a smile before entering a room down the hall.

I let out a deep breath,

‘Why does he make me so nervous?’ I though as I continued towards Liam’s room.

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