All It Took Was One Look (Blue Moon Series) (Book 1) [Available on Amazon!]

By T. Lanay All Rights Reserved ©

Romance / Fantasy

Chapter 14


Aiden was lying motionless on my bed and I got up for what seemed like the hundredth times to make sure he was still breathing. I was coming back from my hundred and second checkup and Dom was sitting in the living room, the TV was on low and he was watching me, shaking his head with a chuckle.

“What?” I asked him annoyed falling on the couch beside him.

“You’re going to wear yourself out like that.” He warned me. I shrugged at him.

“I can’t help it. It’s killing me not knowing if he’s going to be ok or not.” I argued.

“Well he’s sleeping right now so he’s fine, it’s when he wakes up.” he paused “That’s the tough part of it all” he said turning back to the TV. “He’s going to have to throw up and he’s going to have a massive headache, he’s not going to be a happy camper” he told me.

I narrowed my eyes at him, “How do you know so much about this?”

He shrugged looking back at the T.V.

“When you hang with a whole bunch of humans you start picking up on new things.” Frowning at his vague answer I let it go and focused back on the TV but seeing nothing.

“Thanks for being here, I don’t know what I would have done without you” I said. He must have seen the worried expression because he put his arm around my shoulder.

“It’s going to be fine.” He comforted me.

It was exactly ten minutes before I got up and went upstairs. Opening my door slowly I silently walked over to him on the bed. He stirred a little and rolled on his side. His hair fell in his face and it took all I had not to move it from out of his face. He looked so innocent now, he still looked innocent awake but sleeping he reminded me of a little kid.

His slowly turned and sky blue eyes focused on me. Propping himself up on his elbow, grunting and wincing with the effort.

“Hey” I said softly laying him back down, “You don’t have to get up” I told him taking a seat next to him. Laying on his back he looked up at me without saying a word.

“You’re at my house because you said you didn’t want to go home.” He nodded his eyes slowly closing again. “Yeah you should sleep more.” I whispered and he was out. Watching him a little while longer I went back down stairs. Dom turned his head to me,

“He good?” He asked. I nodded,

“Yeah he woke up but went back to sleep.”


Dad arrived home with mom a while later and I told them that one of my friends were over and he wasn’t feeling well; since it was a Friday they let him stay. Dom had to gone a while ago, something about his mom needing him for something so once again I thanked him for all his help.

“So is your friend hungry?” Mom asked as she walked into the living room, dad and I were in here watching a football game.

“Um he’s still sleeping” I told her. Which was true but I didn’t have much control over my wolf around him, I was scared that he would try and get out at the dinner table. A wolves eyes were a dead giveaway to his true feelings.

“Well go wake him” mom demanded. Sighing I stood up and jogged upstairs, creeping into my room I knelt next to eh bed. Aiden’s sleeping form was a dangerous temptation.

“Aiden” I whispered.

“Aiden” again I called suppressing the urge to touch him awake. Groaning he rolled over to look up at me with drowsy eyes.

“My mom wants you to come down for dinner.” I told him. He sat up and rubbed his eyes,

“What time is it?” He asked me.

“Eight” his head snapped at me, his eyes wide.

“Eight! Why didn’t you wake me, I have to go home!” He said shooting off the bed. His fast movements caught up with him a moment later and he started to sway on his feet. I caught him before he fell.

“Take it easy” I said sternly.

Straightening him up I watched him carefully, he was so pale it looked like he would be sick.

Oh no.

Quickly I rushed him into the bathroom, kneeling him over the toilet as he threw up. All I could do was sit beside him and rub his back soothingly telling him everything will be ok. Finally he stopped, resting his head on his arm that hugged the toilet bowl.

“I’m sorry you have to see this.” He mumbled to me.

“Its fine” I was still rubbing his back. We stayed like that for a while before he tried to stand. I helped him to his feet and walked him to the sink. Reaching under the sink I found a new tooth brush and handed it to him.

“I’ll wait for you down stairs.” he nodded weakly staring at the sink. “Oh and you’re staying the night.” I told him sternly. He glanced at me but said nothing.

I was pacing my living room floor as I waited for him.

“What is taking him so long” I wonder if he got sick again. I was just about to head up there once more when I spotted him coming down. A relived smile crossed my lips as he looked up at me but didn’t smile back.

“The dining rooms this way.” I said pointing with my hand. I was beyond excited that he was here!

My mate was in my house!

Taking his hand I steered his weak body through the hall. When we reached the dining room I quickly let his hand go even though it killed me to do so. My mom looked up at us and gasped when she say Aiden.

“Oh my, you’re are the cutest thing!” She said running over to him taking his hand and putting him in a chair. I saw him wince,

“Mom don’t man handle him” I scolded her and took a seat next to him.

“Oh hush” she said staring at Aiden with a creepy smile. He looked so uncomfortable,

I patted his knee causing him to snap his head up to me.

“It’s ok you don’t have to be nervous” I assured him. “My mother already loves you” I laughed. The corner of his lips lifted a bit but it still had my heart beating erratically. Tearing my gaze away from him I looked across the table at my dad as he looked at Aiden curiously. Mom hand picked out our food for us causing me to roll my eyes. She never dishes out our food… ever!

“So…” she said looking at Aiden then me.

“Aiden Walker” he told her in that sexy little voice of his.

“Aiden, how old are you?” Mom asked.


“Oh so how did you and Liam become friend? You play football.”

“No… um I meet him in my anatomy class.’ he answered taking small bite of his food still looking uncomfortable. My mom looked confused.

“Anatomy?” She looked at me, “I didn’t know you took anatomy” she said. I shook my head,

“I don’t.” I confessed. “I actually met him there because I bumped into his desk, apparently throwing him into the nurses office.” Mom tilted her head sideways.

“When I got in that fight I accidently hit his desk.” ‘Oh’ my mom mouthed.

“I’m surprised he’s even talking to you Liam” my dad said finally butting into the conversation.

“Haha dad you’re so funny” I said stuffing food in my mouth. Aiden looked up at me with a small grin I returned it with a bigger one.

“So Aiden are you feeling better?” My mom asked him.

“What?” He looked over at me.

“Because you were sick earlier” I added hoping he got the hint.

“Oh, yeah” his voice was so frail but only I could tell, my mom just nodded.

“You do look a little pale.” she said.

“I just got over being sick I’m just tired.” he said with a quick lie. I was impressed.

“Oh okay well your welcome to stay here as long as you need.” She told him.

“Thank you”

So dinner went on mostly about Aiden and his future. Ironically he wanted to be a doctor; I mean if you’re going to be a doctor you shouldn’t be abusing drugs. He’s definitely going to ruin his future that way. After dinner Aiden complimented mom on her cooking even though he barely touched his food.

I was helping him up to my room when he looked at over at me.

“You really don’t have to babysit me.” he said narrowing his eyes at me once I closed the door behind us. I took a seat next to him on the bed.

“I’m not babysitting you. I’m helping you.” He shot up and glared down at me.

“I don’t need your help Liam!” His voice raising. I just sat there calmly as he began to pace. “I don’t have a problem ok, I’m perfectly fine, so quit saying I need help.” I ran my hands down my face.

“I have a handle on this. It was just a harmless little get away.” he continued as he stopped in front of me. “So leave it be.” his eyes were pleading but I couldn’t let him.

“No, you don’t have a handle on this,” I said shaking my head. “You say it’s a harmless get away but that’s the thing! Your using drugs as a getaway, you’re trying to escape your problems by hiding in a pill. I won’t let you!” I stood up looking down at him.

“I can’t.” I said much softer. He sneered at me,

“And who are you to tell me when I can and can’t do something?” He said getting in my face. This would have pissed me off if it had been anyone other than my mate.“You have no authority over me, so I can do whatever the hell I want and there’s nothing you can do about it.” he argued.

We were breathing heavily in anger, well his was in anger, mine was more in frustration. He’s so damn stubborn.

I leaned in close till our noses were almost touching, staring him hard in his eyes, “Try me” I threatened. He growled before pushing me back. I barely felt it but I knew he was trying to pick a fight. I wouldn’t let it happen and it only angered him more; his face scrunched up in a scowl.

“Aiden why won’t you let me help you?” I asked losing all my fight.

“Because I don’t need it or want it!” He yelled. He sank to the floor his face in his hands. I felt my chest tightened at the sight of him crumbling right before my eyes. I dropped to my knees and wrapped my arms around him, he tried pushing me off but I just held onto him harder. Eventually he gave up and hugged me around my waist burying his face in my chest.

“I can’t do it” he cried, “I feel helpless and weak, I want it to go away.” My arms tightened more, my hand caressing the back of his unbelievably soft hair.

“I’m here for you Aiden, always.” he pulled back a little to look up at me.

“Why?” He asked softly.

I stared into his beautiful blue eyes as they filled with tears, tempting me to tell him ‘Because I love you!’ But I couldn’t do that. My wolf wanted that more than anything but I wasn’t ready for that. I just had to help him get through this.

“Because you’re a friend to me now and I always help my friends.” I said instead. My wolf was growled pawing out in anger. ‘I know I’m being an ass but I’m sorry.’ I told him softly.

I saw Aiden’s face fall a little before he quickly composed it. I helped him up and placed him on my bed.

“Now sleep.” I told him heading out to the guess room. I was starting to yearn for him badly, and a man with a horny ass wolf could only take so much but he grabbed my hand. I turned back to him,

“Stay… please” he asked his voice drowsy. I stood quietly staring at him, debating if I should I stay and be tempted to mark him?

I gritted my teeth, no he need right now. So with all the self-control I could muster I nodded. Pulling my shirt off, along with my pants I climbed in behind him, keeping a safe distance between us. The moment I knew he was asleep I closed the gap unable to fight toughing him and wrapped my arms around his waist burying my face in his neck and inhaling his sweet scent before falling asleep too.

A little while later I felt the warmth of another body, it scared me at first. Then I remembered Aiden was here. Opening my eyes I came face to face his handsome sleeping one. A smile graced my lips as I gazed at him. I had him in my bed and in my arms. I tightened the arm that was around his waist while his head was laying on my other. He snuggled closer, moaning as he did it but didn’t wake up. He was so cute. I leaned in and pressed my lips in his hair, inhaling deeply. I struggled trying to pull back; my wolf was fighting to get closer. I finally detached myself from him without waking him up and walked to the bathroom.

Closing the bathroom door I sighed as I leaned onto the sink. Looking up in the mirror I saw my eyes were bright yellow. I can’t keep holding him back, it’s starting to become harder than I thought; even painful at times.

Is it even worth it, holding all this in; keeping my feelings locked up while I watched the love of my life go on living without me? I mean I could be in his life but not how I want to be. I was being a coward and truthfully I hated it but there was something inside me that kept from getting what I truly wanted. I know my wolf was getting stronger the more he was around Aiden.

But I knew it would be harder for Aiden if he was to become my mate, just think, the hold school is treating him like the pelage and it was killing me to not beat the shit out of everybody in that damn school.

But what’s stopping the pack from not being like that towards Aiden? I know if they were to treat him badly it wouldn’t end pretty for my pack mates, that’s for sure. I couldn’t subject him to all that hate. I sat down on the edge of the tub and rubbed my face with my hands out of frustration.

I know I can’t do that to him. I don’t want to do that to him but how am I going to stop my wolf on the upcoming full moon, he would be at strongest. He’s going to bite him and there’s nothing I can do about it. I won’t be able to stay away and he’s going to eventually hate me for what I’m going to put him through. God!

This is so messed up.

I love him, I really do so, I have to protect him from everyone when this is finally completed; even from himself.

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