All It Took Was One Look (Blue Moon Series) (Book 1) [Available on Amazon!]

By T. Lanay All Rights Reserved ©

Romance / Fantasy

Chapter 13


It been three day and my stomach still hurts; I think that Brent broke a rib or too. The bruises on my arms and stomach were turning a sickly green and blue color and hurt lie hell. I haven’t been to school since the incident and I didn’t want to go but I didn’t want my grades to suffer from my poor attendance so today I’m going. I kept looking at the pants I threw in the corner from the other night. They still had those pills and I have been staring at them ever since. It was like they were calling me; speaking to me.

‘Come on I’ll make you feel better Aiden.’

‘I can heal all your troubles Aiden.’

‘You’re hurting Aiden let me help you.’

I have been sweating and craving it, I just wanted to feel that euphoric sensation that I always experienced when I used. I knew I was giving in to the drug and you know what? I didn’t care. I just wanted this dreadful felling of weakness and self-pity to go away and what better way of getting rid of it than a drug that can take you away from it all. Making up my mind I just said fuck it and grabbed my jeans taking them out. Popping them in my mouth I flew down stairs and grabbed a glass of water. I chugged it down and waited for my dad to come down stairs. When he did he gave me a shocked look,

“You’re going to school today?” He asked me. I nodded and headed to the front door passing Brent on the way I didn’t even acknowledge him, walking to the car I hopped into the front seat and waited for them to come. Brent was the first to come to the car and sat in the back. It was silent; the air was tense and thick.

“So you’re finally growing a pair and going to school” he said.

“Yeah I grew a pretty large pair, you might get jealous.” I said refusing to cower from him. I heard him growl but my dad just came from the house so he couldn’t hit me. My dad got in,

“You guys ready?” I nodded.

On the way the pain of my ribs were going away also the pain in my arms which meant the drug was kicking in. I was starting to relax in my seat as that unexplainable high took over. This is what I needed all week, this amazing felling right here. Before I knew it I felt my dad shaking me, slowly I looked over to him.

“We’re here, Aiden are you okay?” He asked searching my face. I laughed,

“I’m great thanks dad.” My words came out slow as I opened the door and walked in to my school. I knew I was getting glares from everybody or looks of disgusted but you know what? I could give a rat’s ass. They could kiss my gay buttocks for all I care, I was enjoying my awesome high and nothing could ruin it.

Walking down the hall I think I’d been slammed or pushed into lockers multiple times since I stepped into the building. But it didn’t faze me at all. Once at my locker no one was there, I should be sad that Eric isn’t there but not right now. I guess J was still sick, I should really call her. Grabbing my books I slammed the door closed and barely notice the nice little note someone tagged on it.

‘FAG’ it said. This caused me to bust out laughing, getting weird looks from people as I walked down the hall to my class. Taking my usual seat, again there was a nice little note ‘carved’ into the wood.

‘FAGGOT’ same thing.

‘Hahahaha’ everything was so damn funny. I looked around the room to find everyone’s eyes on me, grinning I stood up on my chair and spread my arms wide.

“Yeah, I’m a big ol’ ‘Faagg’, I like penis, AND!?” I yelled with slurred words. I saw very shock faces, they probably thought I was crazy. Let them, let them think I’m a CRAZY gay FAGGOT!

“Sit down Mr. Walker.” My teacher said looking up at me with a stern face. I turned to him,

“You think I’m a fag?” I asked him suddenly really curious as to what he might think about me. He sighed holding his hand out to me to take. I looked at it for a long time till he just took mine and pulled me down. He took me outside, his face softening,

“You don’t have to be here right now Aiden. I can call your dad to come get you.” he suggested. He was helping me, he felt sorry for me.

“No, I’m not going to run home to daddy! This is my school and I would like to graduate and get out of here!” I told him stubbornly. He sighed again causing me to laugh. He looked at me weird before nodding and opening the door for me, once again I sat in my faggy desk.

So this is how my day went, being pushed into lockers, having balls of papers thrown at me, and being laughed at. I laughed with them but for a whole different reason. By the time lunch rolled around I couldn’t even hold my fork not that I was hungry

‘Okay, oaky I got this.’ I kept saying to myself as I stared intently on my fork. I felt a presence behind me but I didn’t care to look. They sat next to me and I turned to see Liam. A huge smile crossed my face,

“Liam!” I exclaimed excited. He face was worried as he stared,

“Your using again aren’t you” he asked examining my face. I scowled through blurred eyes.

“Shut up, you’re going to ruin my high jackass” I told him going back to my entertaining fork. I grabbed it but it fell again. Dammit!

“Aiden what the hell are you doing?” He asked his eyes moving from the fork to my face.

“Shh, I’m trying to concentrate” I said my gaze still on the fork. Finally, I lifted it up! The table moved as someone else came to sit at my empty table and the fork went clattering on the table.

“Ugh” I groaned.

I looked up to see some guy that looked really familiar,

“You made me drop it” I whined to him pouting and I crossing my arms. I watched as he frowned, turning to give a very confused look to Liam.

“What is wrong with him?” He asked him. Liam shook his head and looked back at me.

“Aiden do you have any more with you?” He asked me casually. I smirked at him,

“You want some too huh, oh my god we can have so much fun together!” I laughed excitedly clapping my hands together.

“Do you?” I shook my head and leaned in close to him, my lips touching his ear,

“I took them already, there gone” I whispered, giggling. His eye were closed when I pulled back,

“Dom” he muttered his eyes still closed. I stared at him in awe, he was so tan, his skin was flawless and I just wanted to lick it. Before I could do just that I felt someone pulling me to my feet. I protested,

“No I want to lick him.” I whined rather loudly, whoever was behind me chuckled. I saw Liam’s hazel eyes snap open and turn to a bright yellow.

“Oh my god” that was so sexy for some reason! “How did he do that!?” I asked in complete awe.

I was being dragged out of the café with Liam slowly following when someone yelled at us.

“Yeah take the fag, we don’t want him here.” I snapped my head towards this medium built guy glaring at me, so I did what any high guy would do.

I attacked him.

Yanking myself from the guy holding me and I ran full speed at the boy tackling him to the floor. I punched him in the face a few times before he got the upper hand and socked me so hard he knocked me off him. But I barley felt a thing. I felt like could have kept going all day but I was hauled in the air. I struggled… a lot but to no avail I was stuck in iron arms.

I saw Liam pick the guy off the floor and forcefully sit his at his table growling something to him. He turned back with a look of rage which turned me on like no body’s business.

“You’ll regret that!” The guy yelled but got a warning look from Liam causing him to shrink back in his seat.

“Yeah, well you can suck on my gay balls bitch!”

“Aiden” Liam warned.

They carried me out of the cafeteria and out to the football field. The guy with the deep brown eyes set me on my feet but I couldn’t stand anymore as my knees gave and I landed on my ass. They knelt down quickly with concerned faces; I just laughed.

“Come here let me see.” Liam said taking my face in his hands gently. There were tingles shooting up my face as I looked up at him yearning for more than this simple touch. I think he noticed because he let go of me.

“You have a busted lip” he said dryly. I heard the other guy laugh,

“You really handed it to that guy” he laughed. I smiled closing my eyes and falling back on the grass my hands moved against it causing an awesome sensation to caress my skin. I think I moaned, I’m not sure.

“Dude he’s so far gone.” a barely audible voice said, I felt like I was being pulled into my own soundproof room. The sky, Liam and that cute guy were spinning and everything began to feel so good now that I was lying down; I couldn’t move. It was calm; a peaceful silence graced my ears. I just wanted to stay like this forever.

I felt the hair in my face being moved back. Slowly I opened my eyes and looked into those deep hazel eyes.

“Aiden you need to go home” I shook my head which probably looked as if it didn’t move. “Yes, your in no condition to attend the rest of school day.” he said to me his voice muffled.

“Take h-” the other guy stated to talk but he cut off when I fell in and out of consciousness. I just wanted to sleep but if I slept, I wouldn’t feel good anymore.

Come on Aiden you got this. I opened my eyes but everything was a giant blur. I tried focusing and when my eyes finally did, I noticed Liam leaning over me, his lips moving but nothing coming out. It just caused me to laugh. I reached up and touched his cheek caressing up further till my hand ran into his soft black hair. Oh my god his hair feels so good! Lifting my other hand I dug it in his hair; combing it with my fingers.

“I love it” I whispered slowly. I pulled him down on top of me, “Stay with me.” I mumble in his ear before the sleepy feeling came again and this time I welcomed it.

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